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Best Superpower Poems

Below are the all-time best Superpower poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of superpower poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member MY SUPERPOWER

I have little control
over the world's travesties
I have power
over little more
than my thoughts
my words my actions
so put away that sharp tongue
so as to never sting...

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Categories: superpower, heart, integrity, introspection, life, smile, spoken
Form: Free verse

Premium Member All You Need is Cheese
The humble cheese has a secret superpower
Its gooey glory conquers cauliflower
The melted cheddar of fried baloney
The better half of macaroni

The sharp-dressed suitor of apple pie

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Categories: superpower, appreciation, food, funny, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Nuclear leak
I am the nuclear ,the unwanted power,
i pay you according to you  care:
for how long have I served you?
Provided you the energy to carry...

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Categories: superpower, care, pollution, science, technology,
Form: Verse
Stick to HIS rules, HE not Human actually rules
( On backdrop of current JAPAN tragedy. 
Dedicated to all who lost lives and property in worst devastation ever. 
Our sincere prayers for their salvation,...

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Categories: superpower, natural disasters
Form: Free verse
Premium Member oh civilization
it’s wonderful,
amazing the world dwellers are
civilized they’re as well as I’m really!

with them-

my language is English
I’m civilized!
my language is Arabic, Mandarin, French, Bengali etc
I’m civilized!

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Categories: superpower, how i feel,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member In this World
In this world
beside me I was
I left my soil, 
left my sand, my fire, my water, air, breeze, wind
I left my cuckoo songs
I left my...

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Categories: superpower, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Listener
I'm the original Super Hero
Called the "Listener", I hear every word
I'll let you talk for many hours
What you say will always be heard

There are many...

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Categories: superpower, friend, love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member You're a Super Hero - Poetry Contest
It was time to sit little Timmy down
It was time to have "The Talk"
"Timmy" I said "Timmy your daddy is the super hero known as"

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Categories: superpower, child, kids, giggle, hero, humor,
Form: Narrative
The incredible super-power of Bacon
The incredible superpower 
of the aroma of bacon frying
And the pungent scent 
of fresh brewed coffee…
To me, this shouts out 
…“Sunday morning!”…
It has the power...

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Categories: superpower, appreciation, food,
Form: Ode
The Blame Game
The world wants to attack 
England, for invading 
other countries,
You invaded America,

Again let's play
The blame Game,
Your Ancestors  
Invaded Australia,

Your Ancestors
Invaded America,
your Ancestors
Invaded New Zealand,


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Categories: superpower, culture, discrimination, england, humanity, violence,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Beary Tales Episodes 15-24, More Poet's Notes
Note to Readers of Previous Versions:
There are so many new vignettes scattered throughout the poem that I hope you will reread the whole thing! There...

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Categories: superpower, adventure, beauty, friendship, innocence, love, mentor,
Form: Quatrain
Cuba…Mamma Mia…like most of the Caribbean; part of the 1492 slam…
Slavery, sugar plantations… invasions, upheaval, independence…
Then the American kisses; with a slight twist…who initiated the...

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Categories: superpower, inspirational, international, political,
Form: ABC
                   you've shown me the truth and...

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Categories: superpower, black african american, imagination, inspirational, love,
Form: Light Verse
waiting on the Lord
Beat model, the truth

I just defeated a temptation see
Deal was soo good but then I thot o revelation
Fought it to the ground like a superpower...

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Categories: superpower, christian, life, god, me, heart, faith,
Form: Light Verse
The Eagle, the Dove or the Turkey - Which Bird
The Eagle, the Dove or the Turkey: Which Bird?

In January 1784 Benjamin Franklin said,
That “The bald eagle…[was] of bad moral character”; 
Called him poor, lousy...

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Categories: superpower, america, bird, culture, history, political, religion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member More For Me
I sold the oven and bought a microwave
I can't even make a pot roast
(You took the cookbook with you)

It's like my torture chamber for refrigerated...

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Categories: superpower, humorous,
Form: Lyric
The world trade towers,
The pentagon and the white house.
Attack THEM, they are evil.
The government that protects the oil corps.
The American Government uses its military to...

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Categories: superpower, politicalpeople, people,
Form: I do not know?
I, Oracle tool of eternal, placid in mental state. 
High-intellect mortal, dropping parables to educate. 
Special emotional properties, concepts of four elements. 
Fire; earth; wind;...

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Categories: superpower, imagination, inspirational, mystery, passion, philosophy, religion,
Form: Quatrain
Stories dared not whispered, legend of great thinker. 
Artificially created Atlantis, maze search for law-giver. 

Hushed lips speak no evil, silly little monkey cliche. 

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Categories: superpower, faith, history, imagination, mystery, natural disasters,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Common Sense
If I am such a wicked person as to go on a mindless killing spree, do you honestly believe that taking away my gun is...

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Categories: superpower, america, corruption, philosophy,
Form: Dramatic Verse
To Fly
If I ever had a superpower,
It would be to fly.
To fly high above the trees,
and to soar around the world,
To fall without ever hitting the...

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Categories: superpower, creation, feelings, imagination, travel, uplifting, wind,
Form: I do not know?
Babe I need you at this hour
And there is always some pressure
People causing depression
There is the ghost of failures
And the burdens of future
I want to move a bit babe
They have hold...

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Categories: superpower, confidence, depression, motivation, together,
Form: Lyric
My superpower sucks, it’s given up and gone, I feel like a flower, without the sun, energy said bye, motivation disappeared, even standing up, makes...

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Categories: superpower, anxiety, confidence, fear, hurt, loneliness, recovery
Form: Rhyme
Dyslexia is our superpower;
And from know-it-alls we never cower.
They torture one's head with tortuous talks;
Dyslexics instead think outside the box....

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Categories: superpower, celebration, encouraging, graduation, smart, success,
Form: Rhyme
A superpower some claim it to be.

Turning yarn into a cardigan or doily.

Click clack go the needles in a flurry.

Beginners wonder why the hurry.

“Onto the...

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Categories: superpower, art, fun, funny,
Form: Couplet