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Best Stimulant Poems

Below are the all-time best Stimulant poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of stimulant poems written by PoetrySoup members


Feeling I got so doubtless
Which absorb me as delicious
Which I belief one can't do sans
It has helped me a lot of times
Passion   ...

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Categories: stimulant, adventure, appreciation, , cute,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member My Drug of CHOICE
Man-made drugs
Induce an altered state
A psychedelic paradise
Of euphoria
A burst of colors
Impaired reality of dreams
A fix of blissful forgetfulness
Married to ecstasy

What need have I of these?

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Categories: stimulant, addiction, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A "Highly" Debated Issue
From glaucoma to chemotherapy
Medical marijuana has its place
But you won’t find any prescribed
In the conservative Sunshine State

Chris couldn’t eat while under treatment
Watched him lose one-hundred...

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Categories: stimulant, healthpeople, people, drug,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Integrity v Hypocrisy
What exactly is our primal and primary agenda?

To optimize ecological health
endosymbiotically and ectosymbiotically,
both within and without,
yet nondually;
two Yang/Yin
faces of our universal permacultural love project--
sometimes rather...

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Categories: stimulant, culture, environment, love, nature, psychological, science,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member For Instance
Suffering, stress and sadness weigh the mind
so much effort and sacrifices yet cannot find.

For instance, having a terrible fall from climbing a small hill
making bad...

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Categories: stimulant, adventure, life, spoken word,
Form: Couplet

Demon that Stalks the Addict
I see you there, lurking in the shadows of deceit.
You rear your ancient head to strike and oh your prey tastes sweet.

Demonic grin, the damage...

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Categories: stimulant, addiction,
Form: Rhyme
dirtiest demon dining

a hunger

that thrives

momentary lapses
of reason

split second starvation..



finally have possession 
of you..

So I
sit here and 
watch you sleep

Satan softly serinades
the air..

you can dream

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Categories: stimulant, romance, , Lullaby,
Form: Alliteration
Let us play holi holi.....
With the color of saffron,
to inject stimulant 
into the vein of every Indian,
to raise voice against monopoly,
to trigger rifle against terrorists,

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Categories: stimulant, patriotic, integrity,
Form: Rhyme
I gonna have this Tea , made up of  ‘T’
Aromatic beverage sounding tee
 leaves of the Camellia sinensis thee,
Evergreen shrub of this earth is...

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Categories: stimulant, cheer up, day, drink, fun, good
Form: Haiku

Crystalline dreams 
come rushing
on glitters of sensation 
in her blood…
this pure night changed
 into a dizzy maze , 
a heady ride on the gush 

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Categories: stimulant, addiction, drug,
Form: Free verse
Ego needed inflating
adoring beauty 
caresses deflated ego
familiar groping hands
inflames jubilant kisses
masterfully nurturing
open passionate responses
quietly subservient 
tongue unforgivably violates 
waiting xerostomia*
yearning zedoary**

* abnormal dry state of mouth

** drug...

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Categories: stimulant, sensual, drug,
Form: ABC
A comforting shoulder to rest upon; 
to absorb the trickle of sadness. 
Encouraging words to ease your struggles; 
a loyal friend you will have in...

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Categories: stimulant, poems, poetry, poets, self,
Form: Free verse
The chemistry of a fear
Pore your heart out on the table
I’ll tear fear from the mind’s steeple
Fear is not real, it doesn't exist 
Well if it’s not real then...

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Categories: stimulant, dark, death,
Form: Rhyme
Virgin in the Flesh,Harlot in the Spirit
Convicted as a teen
Never exposed to the elicit jeopardies of Babylon
Spirit filled
Tongue uttering
Never defiled
Little did I know that my biggest enemy was right inside this...

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Categories: stimulant, religion,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Coming of age, then coming down
*an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling.

* slang  3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine; MDMA: a powerful drug that acts as a stimulant and can...

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Categories: stimulant, childhood, happiness, imagination, teen, body, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Anecdote of a Waking Nightmare
A student hunched over a Macbook Pro gone mad with overachievement, 
Typed away at a fifty-page essay with aid from sleep's bereavement. 

As his fingers...

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Categories: stimulant, addiction, anxiety, dream, horror, psychological,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The persistent Suitor
He’s the best in care but still like a friend online
tops every strategy to beat all other’s design.

Despite his wide fresh waters, my heart stays...

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Categories: stimulant, adventure, boyfriend, i love you, i
Form: Couplet
Mary Magdelen
Imperial rose, 
surrender not 
embattled warrior 

her temple protect, 
enhanced by her love 
queen of heaven, 
star of the sea 

the divine one, 
spiritual committment,...

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Categories: stimulant, passion, woman, self, love, self, truth,
Form: Lyric
A Conversation With God

I'm appreciating it very much what you try to accomplish and that is
Very good indeed, nevertheless, what is the point here, my...

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Categories: stimulant, love hurts, marriage,
Form: Free verse
The Prospect
The approbation for approval of a bountiful elicitation.

An evocation that is a stimulant. 

As it  calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behavior.


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Categories: stimulant, mystery,
Form: Light Verse
Glorious Spring

Spring is here!!........ its very name, sets our hearts aglow,
all dormant life springs into action, after Winter's icy blow,
the harsher that frosty Season, the more...

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Categories: stimulant, happiness, health, life, nature
Form: Free verse
Bandy Legged Drunk
There he stands outstretched arms that offer relief
Causing our weary hearts to yearn and strive for a little more.
Always a little more.
The glittering jewels of...

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Categories: stimulant, hope, memory, body, may, memory,
Form: Free verse
the building of the wall
into the world comes a brand new life &
regardless of whatever consequences brought it
the little one now breathes this air 
the little one now feels...

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Categories: stimulant, life, world, child,
Form: Free verse
Cleanse, to plant 'a seed of virtue'
Cleanse - To plant 'A Seed of Virtue'...!

Cleanse my mind, cleanse my heart 
and cleanse my thought I pray;
seething anger, insatiable desire
and pangs of fear...

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Categories: stimulant, anger, emotions, fear, feelings, hurt, introspection,
Form: Free verse
and what
let's get one thing clear
or irritant
I'm here
and I'm not going anywhere

It will take more than a few hash words
laced with lemon
and dipped in piss
to deter...

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Categories: stimulant, funny,
Form: I do not know?