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My Sri Lankan sweet pea by Adeite, Adeleke

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My Sri Lankan sweet pea

It’s now crystal clear… I need not be told
I am falling for a Sri Lankan sweet pea. I can’t hold
My feelings… she’s a darling dame, a beauty to behold
She’s got a guy, but to me she’s more than gains and gold

How I wish I could live forever in her singing sky,
Her rhymes and rhapsodies ring… giving me wings to fly
I have promised my self that I will not love for now… it turned a lie
My heart is hot for a buddy I have not seen… I need an eagle’s eye

I have never seen, held or used a Sri Lankan rupee
But I am dying for this colorful… cute Asian sweet pea
I’m caged in thy colorful cell oh Crystal… you’ve got the key
Give me thy love, life and all; please do this to set me free

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2009

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My love for...Cystal Koelmeyer

Do you think love is real?
I do not know how funny I now feel

For a girl I have never seen… silent still,
Oh, I think I am climbing the highest hill

I have hated love as hell
I think it’s a cruel, colorful cell

But how on earth did I fell into this well
…With a Sri Lankan blessed bell? I can’t tell.

We all need someone to hold tight
All through the day and the darkest night

But I’d never wanted to fall in love … is it right?
Oh! I want her to be my might and me her knight

Love has given me the flu… 
My heart hurts, I have got feelings that’s blue

I can hear her sing, seducing me with a clue
Yet Crystal may not have known that this is true.

Love like a flower will fade at night 
Yet my love will be thy stars… a saintly sight

The stars may fade at the sight of daylight
But my heart will be with you both day and night

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2009

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What is the third world war?-
"I don't know about the third world war but the fourth,
To fight the fourth,there is no an Earth"
Replied,Albert Einstein,a leraned of worth

The world is ready and armed with bombs
Saying no to all the lives in wombs

"Like cures like"-
The Aborigines of the Australian
The Onkays of the Andaman
The Gond and Koitur of the Indian
The Veddha genes of the Sri Lankan- 
Oh,the tribes of ancient,
Come,for God's sake,in the name of God,come,come!

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2014

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Leaders are born

A fox really wanted to poo,
yet it was not in a national zoo.

He looked around for a washroom,
but he sat on something like a mushroom.

The sprout quickly shot him up,
and he landed down like a frightened cop.

He crept slowly toward the brat
that shot him up like a sprat.

For his wonder,
there was no thunder. 

A sprout stood with only two petals;
He hotly clattered his teeth like two metals. 

Then high and low, he declared,
“a growing tree can promptly be said
simply by its two petals”. 

(The above dramatic narrative is based on a Sri Lankan proverb.)

Copyright © Newton Ranaweera | Year Posted 2016

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The death of dreams

I sit and talk with men, women and children
but my mind, is always in a far off place.
I once drank black tea under Orion's Belt 
with Nubian's, slowly sailing on a felucca
down the river Nile,
though my feet yearned for well trodden summer
paths of the Pennines in the English countryside.

I sit with men and they talk about their football team
that hasn't won a championship in decades,
their cars that they clean every Saturday morning, 
their wives who are 50 pounds heavier,
fishing in the Gulf of Mexico,
hunting deer in the Fall,
their miserable jobs, 
their idiot bosses, 
the price of gas, 
the price of beer,
these men were once determined and optimistic 
about their futures and how they were going
to change the world,
now, they shave once week, have paunch bellies 
and have a frustrated idealism. 
I sit and listen, make grunting sounds and 
agreeable noises,
while thinking of a leisurely saunter I once had
thru a tulip market in Amsterdam,
as I gazed upon a myriad of colors, reds, oranges,
yellows, greens, whites and pinks, as my
mind recalled a double rainbow I stood under
somewhere in southern Ireland. 

I sit with women and they talk about their
lazy and bad tempered husbands,
their daily routine and servitude to their children,
their friends who are hypocrites and bitches,
their favorite reality T.V. show,
a movie star that makes them fantasize,
what groceries they have just bought,
what needs fixing around the house,
how their children are the best a mother
could ever hope for,
that their husbands are always tired,
or watching the game or drinking beer
with their friends in the back yard,
and how much cleaning they do,
and how they dread seeing a grey hair,
with glistening eyes they fondly recall old
love letters fading from their hearts,
and voices quiver of remembered carefree
days, before children and wedded bliss.  
I sit and listen, make consoling and agreeable noises,
while thinking of a romantic walk I once had 
beside the River Seine in Paris, carrying a glass
of Beaujolais with a Sri Lankan beauty, 
who had black hair growing on her back.

I sit and talk with the children of these men
and women, and their simplicity and imagination
fills my heart with joy.
They tell me they want to be astronauts, firefighters,
nurses, doctors, police officers and soldiers,
but some say they want to be like their 
mommy and daddy......and I cry.

Copyright © Chris Peers | Year Posted 2016

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ICC 20

Finishing the game,
Starting happiness
ICC 20 overs-
Winning the purpose of game,
Putting the hands of might on the shoulders of fame
Twenty million Sri Lankans hands played,
Twenty million Sri Lankans hands prayed,
To bring victory to all the Seven billion people
On this planet
Up and down,
Right and left,
In all the directions in air,
Fled the ball like a jet
In tired and in pain the Ball, hitting it's head on the bat 
Every bit of soil of Dhaka kissed the ball,
Rolled all over it's chest,in proud
Dhaka in delight and in full of light
As the moon and stars came close to the Earth,
To witness the game
Sun found a hide out fearing the mighty Earth!
Small and beautiful, Sri Lankan Island,
But,very big it's heart,
Give me time,enough time
To portion the victory,
To every man,every woman,every boy and every girl on the Earth
Look at your right shoulder,the right foot,
Look at your left shoulder,the left foot
Of the champion,SANGAKKARA!
Hats off,Sri Lanka,

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2014