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Best Raping Poems

Below are the all-time best Raping poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of raping poems written by PoetrySoup members

Raping of that Virgin Drop of Rain
So pristine each drop wrapped tenderly
by clouds as air into water processed.
Why a diamond shaped of natures play
or of gravity earth awaits, greedily
life yearned for...

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Categories: raping, abuse,
Form: Free verse

Politics and Poetry - is hate really the answer

Politics and Poetry – is hate really the answer

Why write a poem of hate about Trump
He’s been there just over a week
Though Hilary Clinton the...

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Categories: raping, angst, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Letter Sent
I am writing to you because I know you have a wish.
I have been thinking diligently about your wish. It is not
going to be easy...

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Categories: raping, love,
Form: Narrative
Self inflicted blues
This day I grow tired
and so incredibly weary.
My heart holds only dreams
of a Life unfullfilled
A Life not nurtured,
yet barely a glimmer
of the spirit that once...

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Categories: raping, hope, life, me, age,
Form: Free verse
I look at the world horrifically,
With depression and disgust,
As the masses enjoys in poverty
And fear.

I look at the world horrifically.
Every places, full...

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Categories: raping, racism,
Form: Free verse

One in Four Women
Terror seizes you, and it isn't kind. 
 You try to go somewhere peaceful in your mind.
But the pain rips you right back to here...

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Categories: raping, angst, life, peace, sadme,
Form: Couplet
My father's abeng blew up my mother's womb
And I was chained there
Nine months in darkness drinking blood
Longing for my resurrection from the tomb
Longing to break...

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Categories: raping, politicalme, history, me,
Form: Free verse
over and over agin
sometimes i talk to myself, 
my mind is racing,
i dont know what to do...
so hard to explain.
depression isn't a stage
or a faze some kids go...

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Categories: raping, childhood, dark, daughter, death,
Form: Free verse

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Categories: raping, horror, innocence, sad, teenage,
Form: Prose Poetry

The raging beast of fear in darkness was
Its father: Terror  
Its mother: Ignorance, 
With the black milk of hate was it
By wrath was...

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Categories: raping, fear, freedom, god, love,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Tainted Hearts
So many people suffer 
as they condemn others with extreme hate
raping hearts violently shredding inner purity 
inside deep council cries as ugly visions hurt
tainted with...

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Categories: raping, christian, cry, death, emotions,
Form: Free verse
El Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain 1936
Look how they fall like angels to the earth!
But no soft landing down amongst those rocks.
Those devils on the bridge with gleeful mirth
Terrorised the townsfolk...

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Categories: raping, conflict, death, history, horror,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member Tree Rape
Scarlet and golden etched,
autumn leaves reflect summer's apprehended glory
incised in deep veined images.
Released, they sigh earthward like final breaths.

Sharp pungence ripens , musty tang,
a piquant...

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Categories: raping, autumn, change, nature,
Form: Free verse
She wailed her way into the world...
An avatar they said, Goddess Lakshmi had taken birth...

Her parents' pride, her brother's delight...
She loved and shone her brightest...

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Categories: raping, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
All We Can Abolish
Horrid hellion hunger that rips apart the soul
Sadly starving siblings where death takes its toll
Crippled children crying a mother lives in hell
While wicked ways of...

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Categories: raping, abuse, anger, corruption, death,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Why - Genocide Contest
 I lay in my hospital bed after giving birth, Could hear the murdering, raping 
Hutus approaching my bed
My baby was no more. They ravaged...

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Categories: raping, life, murder, , memorial,
Form: Prose Poetry
Devils only walk straight lines...
devils' cannot go round corners' 
evil cannot bend- 
it is mostly found in madmen many cases
"some married men"
they all wear bare face masks,...

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Categories: raping, passion, god, me, women,
Form: Lyric
Diary Entry
Daddy was… I don’t even remember but he wasn’t there
I don’t even remember why you were so angry
I got back home that night and my...

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Categories: raping, daughter, mother, night, dog,
Form: Bio
The Bleeding Smoke Of Love
Under the cloud where the velvet smoke bled,
'Love's a curse' the smiling soul said;
The blood in the dwarf's heart then froze,
When an indecisive liar presented...

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Categories: raping, beautiful, dedication, imagination, jealousy,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Least We Forget The Girls' Killing Cry: Apropos The Boko Aaram Girls
(Apropos The Boko Haram Girls)


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Categories: raping, africa, bereavement, conflict, daughter,
Form: Prose Poetry
The battle between body and spirit
The battle between body and spirit

Housed as I am,
in this earthenware vessel
I witness,
the raging between body and spirit.
My mood- sullen and morose,
a telling sign-
a flashing...

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Categories: raping, evil, faith, health, hope,
Form: Free verse
Holiday Season
Tis the Holiday Season
To shop for no good reason
It is for Him,  we are told
But those tales are getting old.
They want you to actually...

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Categories: raping, atheist, betrayal, bible, conflict,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member the foothills of civil war
we're in the foothills of a second civil war
the divide between left and right
burning and widening 
peace undermined by the rich behemoth... indifference
the uneven eye...

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Categories: raping, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Does My Life Matter To You
IF My Life Does Not Matter To You, Then NO Singing, Shouting, or Dancing Will Change that.

IF My Life Does Not Matter To You, Then...

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Categories: raping, america, black african american,
Form: Free verse
Hideous Foe
There's a viscerally vial creature loosed,
Which is heinously hideous and vicious.
This barbarian monstrosity destroys people's vitality and flesh,
By raping and pillaging their lives,
Killing and ravaging...

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Categories: raping, sin,
Form: Free verse