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Pink Tennis Shoes


I mother always pride galore
 until the words from daughter abhor.

Her gentle heart and loving embrace
smashing to pieces. She fell from grace.

Her untied tenny shoe, wrapped and tight
around her bike, could free no might.

Mommy checking faithful each half hour
found her daughter helpless, no power.

Down the hill mommy went
no time was wasting nor was spent.

The wind passed threw my long hair locks
when shock took over from what I got.

Not what I thought from bike I bought
but cruelest words, my life distraught.

From those lips kissed each night to bed
not once, nor twice, but thrice to head.

“Hurry up old lady” from my daughter
 how my heart bleed of tears and water.

For no words crueler ever sere spoke.
My shame, the horror on face neighborhood folk.

My tail between my legs indeed
got there, put there by my third bore seed.

And mothers day and birthday too
three days from now turn 45, BOO-HOO!

Never knew my aging beauty fade
would be this hard for the lies I’ve made.

Lies I’ve told to self each day
that children’s love fulfillment may.
So on this very special mothers day
this “old lady”  family f--- off  say.

Copyright © catherine Reinke | Year Posted 2009

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No mother would fill up her eyes with tears of woman...
if it weren't for God performing a miracle at dawn,
as she cried out in joy and held her baby in trembling arms
but shed many sweet tears hearing his laughter so loud;
oh, he couldn't see her mommy's face through his tiny eyes,
and it will be long before he'll will utter the first word, " Mom." 

Now that baby sleeps under the attentive look of his mom,
who's too young to become a mature woman;
many visions of this birth crossed her gleeful eyes
she dreamed of the very same words whispered at each dawn,
repeating them in her silly head as if they sounded too loud...
while cradling a pretty doll in her folded arms.

Will she be welcomed home by her parents opening their arms?
Will they reprimand her and not consider her a legal mom?
Perhaps they will not be angry and speak not so loud:
girls are supposed to be girls, not suddenly turn into woman...
So this innocent girl, deceived by a bad boy, must wake up at dawn
when her baby cries and feed him with scary, childish eyes?

Nights seem longer for her, trying to stay awake rubbing her eyes,
what she beheld in those exciting eyes, now it's a burden in her weary arms;
she remembers that pain was too unbearable, but joy more sublime at dawn...
how will she learn how to care for the infant by watching her mom?
She must have seen a nursery or read a book how to think like a real woman,
and can anyone imagine how she keeps that secret instead of revealing it loud?

She must gather enough courage inside to feed her baby who can't cry loud,
but for now she must carry that baby without sighs of distress into her bright eyes;
and her parents can see the changes making her a loving person already woman;
they may ask questions to why she has gained weight and holds dolls in her arms...
no, they aren't anticipating great news and in doubt, they await a splendid dawn.

Mother and daughter closely together amazed by the coming dawn,
any concealed secret can be easily spoken...somewhat joyful and loud;
they imagine the infant's futures will be part of grandma and mom!
Their reunited hearts come together to show love in their delighted eyes,
and they'll take turns feeding the new-born, tenderly lulling him in their arms;
what if forgiveness hadn't been there to deny her all of the joys of woman?

Would a mother deny her daughter compassion as a good woman?
Even God hurried dawn to offer that gift into her gracious, tender arms...
and those arms accepted it with the gentleness and kindness of mom.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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the bad mother

there once was a bad mother
she forced her daughter
to do all kinds of things
that she did not want to do
she thought she knew how to  help
but she only made it worse
what she didn't know
is that the daughter knew
all along what she wanted
but she was young and helpless
her mother told all the doctors
and all the therapists
that her daughter had a problem
and that she was suffering
but she didn't know why
the problem was that the mother
was too intrusive in her life
and she thought that she could
change the way her daughter thinks
we all know this is not true
her problem was that
she simply did not

so one day
the daughter
found help in another town
she sent them a letter
saying she wishes to leave
and they sent her back
a train ticket
to come live with them
the daughter was happy 
and lived happily
ever after


Copyright © Jessica Spiegler | Year Posted 2008

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The Umbrella

Raining, sloshing go all the kids The bus stop blocks away But a dear mother stands with her umbrella For the daughter on that rainy day She walked all the way over there That day the rain did fall She cared enough and gave enough For her Kids this mom gave all But the daughter was very rebellious And cringed to see her there For her reputation she thought was ruined The embarrassment she could not bare She was only thinking of herself Not caring about her mom So insecure of what others thought She got off and just stomped on Few words she said to her precious mom She didn’t want her there She walked right by without saying much The thought now is hard to bare For yes I was that spoiled young child And 40 years have passed I think about how wonderful she was And how our time didn’t last To have that day back with mom To hug her as I should And thank her for all the love she gave Tell her now that I understood For I have children of my own And mom is home with God I have that love a mother feels For her child and the path they trod Stepping back and looking at this It’s an example of Gods love For many times we walk right by Not knowing this love from above He is so precious, He is always there With an umbrella of mercy and Grace But as a spoiled child so many times We turn from his loving face Our Father in Heaven is by our side Through all the storms of life He calls our name to come to Him Few come and soon face strife…. “It’s not the right time for me right now” “My friends will not understand” “Just leave me alone this embarrasses me” “Hang on to your Great Plan” But Oh dear friend there will come a day When troubles around you flow Or His call you will not hear anymore Will you cry for His love to know? Oh mom was always there for me Even though I was so wrong Our God will always be there for you When you find where you belong Just as my mom stood there for me So much more God loves us so Oh get under His Umbrella of Love and Grace And His Mercy for you will flow

Copyright © Linda Etling | Year Posted 2010

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Potty Training and Capitalism

Potty Training and Capitalism

“My Bobbie was potty trained by 13 months”
The wicked lady drawled

As she cast a sideways glance
My direction

The glance
~was noted!

My 2 year old daughter toddled around
The palpable silence
Conspicuously diapered

My wounded motherhood
Bled silently
As I vowed to the sky,
“…as God is my witness
My daughter will be trained!!!”

I worked

Potty Training is a Myth!!!

when she finally
the diapers disappeared
only because she wanted the cool pull-ups
on TV

Two points for capitalism
And motherhood loses in overtime…

As I smiled slyly
When my second daughter was born

And waited patiently
For the TV to work its magic…
I’m not a bad mother,
I’m just a devoted capitalist!

Copyright © Kim Irvine | Year Posted 2009