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Best Millipede Poems

Below are the all-time best Millipede poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of millipede poems written by PoetrySoup members

She's a black cigar
when i touch her crawling body
she curls, like my fist

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Categories: millipede, animals,
Form: Haiku

I really didn’t mean to
Btu I stepped on the young millipede
That lay in the path
Of my foot
I hadn’t seen it
I just heard the crunch
Then felt...

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Categories: millipede, animals, death, forgiveness, heart, heart,
Form: Free verse

Rushing millipede of rain down my window pane
sadness drifts, glided uninvited ounce reef.
Unruffled even from billowing strain,
solitude steals unnoticed like a thief.


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Categories: millipede, emotions, growth, life, light, love,
Form: Verse
Weird Mathematical Knots (a Phone-Call Poem)
so last night I was just sittin there, right?
and outta nowhere this huge, like, 
demonic-millipede devil-thing
was right there on my computer desk, like wriggling towards...

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Categories: millipede, lost love, loveme, me,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Beauties and cuties
Hey,Miss cute little jumping spider;
you are a skilled under leaf hider.
Wow!The crown like eight tiny eyes!
or you the princess in disguise?

Hello, Mr. Handsome Hawk moth...

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Categories: millipede, animal, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Free verse

Be a queen that you are
Darling, my darling baby,
Why do you not dance while I sing?
Why do you coil  together like millipede?
Stretch out to me your satiny hands,
Lean your...

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Categories: millipede, inspirational, psychological,
Form: Verse
New Shoes For Mike And Molly
Millie Mable Millipede was worried by the news.
Mike and Molly Millipede would soon need winter shoes.
Their itsy, bitsy, tiny feet, until now free and bare,

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Categories: millipede, children, giggle, humor, mother, nature, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Circus Is In Town
Come join the unraveling circus
quite soon to be passing our way,
with the clowns in a clamor to twerk us -
line up as they lead us...

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Categories: millipede, humor,
Form: Quatrain
Slaughter of the innocents
Millipede eating baby cockroach
An innocent victim
I feel no sympathy 

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Categories: millipede, abuse, allegory, baby, feelings, how i
Form: Haiku
The sky bear me witness
The soil knows my gut and willpower 
Since its my home in the next phase of life
And the air could read...

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Categories: millipede, dream, grief,
Form: Prose
My Shed
A ball of twine, a washing line
A bag of peat, an old dust sheet
A rope
Some wire
An old flat tyre
A roller-skate, a garden gate

Some dry grass...

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Categories: millipede, funny, old, garden, old,
Form: List
Premium Member Poetry: The Voice Of The Soul
The Soul!
Enveloped in flames of a burning Heart
suppressed by the strong will of the mind
and silenced by the dynamism of the body's actions.

The Soul!
Morbid with...

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Categories: millipede, faith, fantasy, nature, passion,
Form: Imagism

On one daring day, when the bruising sun was yet to set
And unfold the opportunities of an anticipated and hopeful day.
A bystander sprouted out from...

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Categories: millipede, people, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Slower than Slow Motion
Still clinging onto the hangover of colonialism
with mental independence weighed to a pathetic size of almost zero.
You are a beautiful woman, yet low esteemed like...

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Categories: millipede, africa, political,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Only the disturbing wings of the fly
Hissing at the corners of the gravy room
Who died still a puzzle
Straight heads would pass for a lecture room

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Categories: millipede, betrayal, leadership, power,
Form: ABC
hollowed out but holding heavens
Stone set unblemished unworked faces create hardship floors on which to sip out of rock puddles. Such luxury. In a fine art landscape one must...

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Categories: millipede, beach,
Form: I do not know?
Pet-sit Panics
The Millipede Parade

Left home pet sitting, I felt unlucky.
One dog got sick and days became yucky.
Vacation in Portugal
Fun loving dreamy dazzle –
Then came the millipede...

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Categories: millipede, funny, travel
Form: Limerick
Lyric Man
It was atlantic beach I went
In search of pearls and cowries
Sad, to voidness I return:
I do not see him, Dave my Lyric Man.
My darling Dave,...

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Categories: millipede, friend, missing you,
Form: Free verse
correctional distillation
Millipede. Multitude. Millionaire damson. When elevation is caused by an unauthorized z code a b could be an m an an m could be a...

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Categories: millipede, art, assonance,
Form: I do not know?
And what to choose
Coffee or tea?

Fragmented frogs frolicking fruitlessly freeing flavoursome fairy freckles,
But what of the speckled hound in the bin?
Well he growled,
He snarled,
The sole paw pilot pivoting,

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Categories: millipede, bangla,
Form: I do not know?
The Funky Train 1
 Marauding through the suburban
 Merry-go-rounding through the  city landscapes,
 Marauding through the city ghettos;
 Merry-go-rounding through the Metropolitan,
 Marauding through the...

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Categories: millipede, urbancity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member no where but here
on a velocipede against traffic pedaling hands free texting cyberspace
at the last minute the millipede with its mani pedi went to the stratosphere
to meet the...

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Categories: millipede, death,
Form: Free verse









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Categories: millipede, adventure, nature,
Form: Classicism
Song of Nature
Song To Nature

Today it was bright and the sun shone above
 The sky was an azure blue
 And the breeze from the east made a...

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Categories: millipede, america, anxiety, appreciation, art, autumn,
Form: Free verse

     I was mooching in the bedroom..
     When I heard a tapping sound..

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Categories: millipede, life,
Form: Blank verse