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Supermarket check-out

Had she looked back at me
Even for just a second ...
Our encounter might have been the stuff of tabloid frenzy. 
But she left quickly a coffee in one hand, 
A shopping bag in the other,
And I waited for my turn next in line.

Copyright © Charles Hamouth | Year Posted 2015

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Dueling Would Be Violins

The vegetable orchestra was about to play Fred and Ted had to have their way Both the same, stubborn twins These two dueling string bean violins “I’m the lead violin” said Fred “No you’re not” said violin Ted “My strings are taught and so fine” “So what” said Fred, "so are mine" “And you’re warped in the middle” “Get lost” said Ted, “You’re just a second hand fiddle” “I'm as good as a Stradivari, don’t you know?, And I have the finest bow” “That doesn’t matter, you’re still a buffoon, Oh, and you’re always out of tune” “Look I’m lead violin, I won’t be thwarted” An angry Fred String bean, retorted The argument went on, it never diminished Until the concert was over and finished So who won?, that’s another story Roger the roobarb stole all the glory
For contest 'Show Me The Funny'

Copyright © Gary Wayne Hill | Year Posted 2013

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Daily Thoughts

Everyone thinks they can relate to me
but nobody really understands,
they lie just so you feels as if your not the only one with problems.
the only people that feel as if you do
are the ones that have experienced
what you have.

have you ever felt suicide flowing 
through your veins?
or the sickness thats in your blood
it just drips out of your scars
and spreads to your fellow friends.

have you ever had a kiss of venom
from someone you cant have?
or the touch of someone who wants you 
so much that they have killed
your heart all together.

not understanding yourself so you
go to your friends to council you,
then you just close your eyes
and forget all your feelings?

did you ever hold your tears in so hard
that your eyes start to burn?
or make out as if your smiles are
it is easier than answering everyones 
questions over and over.

what about when you see your desire
and your hands start to tremble and
tears fall like nothing before?
you try to imagine what life is like
but when you start it kills you

your hell is my heaven
but im just an illusion of your god
and a prediction of the devil.
have you looked so hard that the star
has burnt a symbol in you?

no one cares about your life just whats 
in it.
the talk can lead your head to desicions
you dont want to make.
but like you make your own thoughts 
and everyone disagrees anyway.

if i could stop everyone 
for just a second or a half
i would hate it to tell the truth
but for me to stop my own life
would be a pleasure.

they say listen to your heart but for me
its too late,
because my heart has already stopped.

Copyright © Kelsey Kopec | Year Posted 2007

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From Friends to Forever

You walked into the room, my heart began to pound, 
Your hat cocked off, your clothes just right, your scent all around. 
You took the seat behind me, eye contact as you passed. I think my heart stopped for just a second, a moment I wanted to last.
Time goes by but the day finally came when our paths they did cross, My palms were sweaty, my body numb, my brain suddenly shut off.
Talking on the phone to going on dates to you making me dinner, It all lead to a forever love we both came out a winner.
Friends in the beginning , today husband and wife, No matter what we go thru, with you I will spend my life.

Copyright © Poetically Numb | Year Posted 2017

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Holding Space

Amazing in its glory to feel such thankfulness
As I finally came to recognize not once but many times
The all of yous who so willingly held space for me
During all of my darkness and all of my lightness to see.
What an expression of love to feel pouring forth,
Even if it were for just a second some meaningful encounter that held so much worth.
Maybe it was just a moment and we helped one another grow.
What if we all held space for each other until outwardly we glowed?

Copyright © Gale Greenwood | Year Posted 2012

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Just A Second In Time

As I lay my hand on my womb
I realize you will be here soon!
My pains come on quick and I could feel your patience 
wearing thin..
Like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon 
my dear you arrived very soon!
You looked up at me with your beautiful big blue eyes
and I could feel the rays of love beaming from your eyes!
You were my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow..
The first day I seen you walk my heart beamed with pride..
The first time you talked I cried tears of joy!
When you graduated from kindergarten I realized that day
you could be anything you wanted to be!
As time has passed each and every achievement you have ever achieved 
has been my pot of gold..
My little angel sent from above..
Now as I lay you down below the ground...
My tears fall and I wonder how this could be?
This was not suppose to happen to me...
As I lay my hands on my womb
I think back to the moment you arrived with those big baby blue eyes..
Just a second in time you were here
But the lord says have no fear
An angel i let you borrow and a angel in time, my dear child she was always mine...

Copyright © amber gil | Year Posted 2011

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Clever Insanity

It’s another day, yes, another day
Another day to watch my cronies wandering around
meandering around aimlessly, flippantly like
they have no care…no care in the world
and just like that…bludgeoned by a badly worn cowboy boot!
Guts all over!

One time I dated one of those giddy ones
and I tried to warn her!
She thought she was too cute to be bludgeoned
Too cute…can you believe that?
After about 28 minutes of blissful dating
I left her alone for just a second
and just like that…clobbered by a red stiletto!
Guts all over!

I guess to say it tactfully...
Most of them fall short on the intelligence end of things
They tell me I’m lucky to have lived this long
They all bow to me

I am one of the lucky ones 
I am far more clever than most of them
I stay out of sight during the day
and just watch all of the guts
Don’t get me wrong I try to warn them 
but they just don’t listen!
They love to go out in the daylight and
scurry around…scurry around the first floor
over the Persian rugs…across the tile foyer
Right in the daylight, can you believe it?

It’s almost like they are asking to be stomped
Stomped just like that by a Skechers Shape-up
Guts all over!

The darkness has settled in now
and alas, it’s now my time to play
I engage in my recreation at night
At nighttime I can crawl through 
his jungles of chest hair and mangy mustache
and in and out of her furrows and crow’s feet
I only come out to frolic and meander 
when all the badly worn cowboy boots, red stilettos and ugly Shapeups 
are safely tucked away in the closet

I swing on the curtain tiebacks like Tarzan
I skate circles over the newly polished hardwood
I dance an impressive Irish jig atop the granite 
I merrily skip atop of the flat screen tv 
and nestle into the VHS tape opening
I’m so glad they have a VCR
‘Cuz those slots on the DVD players
are tough to get through

I am all alone but it so much fun to play
I bathe in a refreshing pool of milk 
left in a tall tumbler in the sink
It’s good for the skin they say
I feast on tasty crumbs in the bottom of the toaster
I’m so glad they don’t ever check there
I’m having such a blissful time
If only my pals would listen to me 
and come out and play only at night
when it’s safe
Ohhh noooo!!!
Devastated, I eye the newest addition to the family
I notice his long whiskers from a distance
As he stalks me with malicious delight 
I run as fast as I can but ultimately...
It's my guts all over!

Copyright © Natalie The Rogue Rhymer | Year Posted 2011

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A Flame Once Burned

                              The Flame Burnt Hot.
The air was thin, standing looking out of the small window
Flying to Tunisia through a cloud level that was low
Stretching my legs and peering down the fuselage 
From the flight deck, appeared the man who was definitely in charge.

His dark good looks struck me, they hit me like a blow
He came and stood in front of me and then he said “Hello.”
Dark limpid brown eyes, dressed in a uniform so smart
If we had been there longer, he may have stolen my beating heart.

Holding in his hand, a bar of dark chocolate
Broke a piece off it, and asked me if I’d like to partake.
Not being a fan of chocolate, but I am a fan of a uniform so grand
I let him feed it to me out of his large, strong, tanned hand.

The flame was burning bright as we looked deep into each others eyes
When my husband tapped him on the shoulder much to our surprise
The pilot turned and offered him a piece of chocolate too
I think you may guess the answer, and what he told him then to do.

The flame that burned oh so hot, was snuffed in just a second
A warning to all those girls, for whom a uniform may beckon
When a tall dark pilot offers to feed you from his hand
Make sure there’s no one around round so that flame can then be fanned…

© 27/11/2012~GG~

Based very loosely on a true story lol 

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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The Perspective of a "Blind" Man

Nature's best attempt
at painting pictures in the sand;
the brilliant colors understood,
the wondrous shout lost in the noise,
was made quite clear to me today:

In just a second
Life had passed me by.
I dreamed of turning back the time
to search myself for deeper meaning,
yet the words came out the same.

I noticed not the casual wave,
nor the indignant flick of hair,
but dread had filled my head as I
watched naught but just my mind
and soul as they fell to the ground again.

Despair! was what he yelled to me,
that cackling lord of luck and fate,
and as I sank down to my knees
my best was just to stop and breathe.
The world would not turn back for me.

And then the scene turned dazzling white...
From there, to shades and brilliant hues
of all the colors, omnipresent,
as I heard this from somewhere new:
"She's never coming back to you."

Copyright © Joshua Michael Dolezal | Year Posted 2010

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Love is a beautiful thing

Whoever said love was a beautiful thing  left out a few parts...
Yea it's an amazing feeling, but it hides the monster  deep in the heart..... 
They say If you've never felt jealousy you've never been in love.... 
You see  jealousy is the  monster that shows it's face and engulf you in green despise hidden 
behind loving eyes that make YOU seem so heaven sent.... 

They make you believe that love is the most powerful thing.... There right 
But not for the hallmark reasons or the pictures defining love.... 
That's just a second in time, 
Right place right time, 
And you tell me this, you show me this and I'm supposed to think your right? 
Love is powerful because it can drive you to do the most outrages things that shadow the 
monster u hide inside waiting to emerge and bring a beautiful destruction to light. 

So it's just  easier to forget....
All the fights 
All the words that penetrate your mind And bring u down to micro size.... 
Love is a beautiful thing.... But only if you can tame your monster who seems to be 
multiplying and recruiting.. so now pride joins in and brings with him a sense of cocky I'm 
right attitude.. Rage is right around the corner listening and waiting while verbal abuse is 
making his way over to get in on the fun.....  
Your monster is the reason you question this emotion the reason your going through motions 
that make you seem like a horrible person.... So let's put jealousy away and tell his new 
friends that he's not coming out to play...
Instead,Reminisce on the moments that made love be what they told you.... Let's live in a 
frozen moment and extend it and see what it brings.... 
Cause then you can say with a smile LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. 

Copyright © jennifer cruz | Year Posted 2010

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Caregiving About An Add

- See this!
Illegal Alien
-Just a moment
That's fine! You made it?!
Illegal Alien
-give me just a second,
-Can You Guys See This-


(I wonder how many hours I have to put in for the add-Illegal Alien thinking- and then how many more to fill in the add target -2nd, Illegal Alien- I am wondering how can I pay my fraudulent electric bill with no stamina to argue-3rd, Illegal Alien I wonder where to go next, this guy is disrespectful I need to relax I am having a mental breakdown 4th, Almost Legal Alien Is that a good investment?, 5th, Resident Alien (Green Card Holder) What exactly do you want with that? 5th American Citizen "Can you let us work, I mean can you let's do our job Boss! Go see a Movie, Do something positive for yourself!)

Copyright © PEDROS FERNANDES | Year Posted 2013

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Beyond the asteroid belt

From on top of a sharp hill
My feet have molded the dirt,
oh I am wandering still 
How long does it take to fall again?
it's too late this time, I'm afraid,
The ship's already gone,
The fire from the engine is led,
The words for them never can be said,
Taunting images of the new that passed
are provoking these incredible feelings
to emerge and leave me speechless,
completely baffled.
Now I am outside of the blue Terra,
Moving with great speed but to no aim,
The ship has reached the belt 
the asteroids are plenty, enough to alarm me,
So I kept silent, one more minute,
Now I exit the danger and face the miracle,
My heart is filled with confusion, 
too many planets, to many choices,
But I know now, It took me just a second
to understand, to grasp the space,
and now I have the answer,
To Mars shall I go, if There I can fall again.


Copyright © Ana-Maria Bituna | Year Posted 2014

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A Cold Day

Cold day? 

I am not fazed or dazed By
Winter’s fast approach because In such cold days
I just indulge in the comfort of Clinging onto my curvaceous wife’s  gorgeous Cleavage
It’s like mind over matter as Minutes turn to hours and hours into days 
I mean,  Under clean sheets as our bodies collide and slide ,
as we twist and turn , till we both get burnt like we are laying naked on the sun’s surface.
our hearts mingled as one in a body to body out of body experience it seems  we fracture the space time displacement
because you see , indulging in such a pleasure would have you think and feel that two hours is actually  just a second

For Men and women who are unified in marriage as I , winter is not to be feared ,
Coz you see, My wife’s tender loving care
Completely  covers me like the luxurious fur of a polar bear
It is As though she’s Whispering kisses, when her soft lips make contact with my skin, they bring adrenalin driven warmth to my cold ears.

While others get dressed up  / with Boots , coats , scuffs and gloves
We get  cooped  up
close our eyes and but open minds to new ways of love

We conquered a cold day
With a much Coveted foreplay

Bongani Malete , Ronny Madonsela 

Copyright © RONNY MADONSELA | Year Posted 2014

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just when i needed a time...
a warm hug to comfort my frail mind
to free my self from anguish..
hidden beyond the light of wisdom,
succumbs to aggravation
where journey to hope is rejected
hinders thy first steps...
need soft winds to whisper my citations...
just a minute console
should you turn and listen
even for just a second...
whimpers inside without tears..
i cant see anything

Copyright © harris medrano | Year Posted 2012

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An Old Abandoned Cabin

Nestled in a valley in a clearing of large oak,
while sunlight touched but treetops where the baby robins woke,
stood an old abandoned cabin that had seen some better days,
had once seen better fam'lies and had once seen better ways.
A little stream meandered by with water clean and pure
that seemed to say, "Come drink from me.  Your problems, I will cure."
And sparkled bright, the diamonds that had glistened in the sky,
as did the dew on God's green earth that blessed the patient eye.

Hither, yon the squirrels worked and did what squirrels do.
They shared their ample spacious trees where little finches flew -
where trees wore brilliant yellow, red and golden colored suits
where leaves had wiggled in the breeze among leftover fruits.
But when the sun had cleared the hill and peeked above the trees
exposing all the guilt of man and sin that Heaven sees -
it brought to light the darkness deep inside those timbered wall,
where dust and cobwebs fought a war and won man's mighty fall.

Now just a second, let's step back and tell me how they can -
how tiny little spiders beat the big and mighty man?
Just maybe, man with ego big, was thought too big to fail -
and now the dust and spiderwebs own every board and nail.
That cabin once was filled with 'men', with love and life and health,
but now sits there abandoned and long gone his pride and wealth.
I once knew well the fam'ly who had lived inside those walls
of that abandoned cabin where our Savior's voice still calls.

If mighty man's big head was pulled along with his conceit
from clouds so he'd descend back down and settle on his feet -
then maybe he could still enjoy the cabin in the trees
and persevere through patience with the autumn colored leaves -
that dance above the cabin roof, that seem to taunt en mass -
to each and every one of us until possessions pass -
that man was beaten down by bugs who haven't any clue
that God is still in full control over me and you...

©2012 louis gander -

Copyright © louis gander | Year Posted 2016

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blind rage

judge i know i broke the law
i killed my love
in a blind rage of passion

judge i stood and fired the gun
in a blind rage of passion
because he killed my ma

judge he shot her dead
she was beautiful 
.....and she was dead

the blood rained down 
upon her face like tears

i killed my lover in a blind 
rage of passion

i ask no forgiveness
i ask no help

i just want you
to know what

it was just a second
out of a minute
in a blind rage of passion

he thought my ma
took his dad from
his  mama
without asking

now i live knowing
i killed my own love 

blind rage of passion

by janetta

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2009

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It's not easy being homeless, have nothing to put into your yawning feeding entrance
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but how do you do it!
Just keep up with the same '****' in the mean time and later you'll clean it all neat.

Sideways, back and forth, you are hit with all sort of staff that aren't spiced with honey but lemon
you and we wait for the sunshine so we stay indoors, for how long are we going to hide under our blankets while we can wake up, walk straight, pick a sword and bring a muscular, brooding presence to the can of worms!

I might sound crazy coz I've been going back and forth on life
but don't you think that we're dreading on what we can't fight and that's why we feel the storm tearing and cutting like knife!
you walk and if there is a bump on your way, you fuzz and break on the ground
It's our time to stand and walk (frown)

Not all will sign in present in your times of struggle and success; Never mind!!
make today your better day by picking from it, beat it and joining it; well that makes sense!
life can be so cruel, in just a second it can run you down. there's no much we can do than to work with what we have to reach our crown and gown
It's up to you how you take it, cherish you don't break it, you'll find a way
It's either you stand tall and firm or with it you'll sway
but if you know you can beat it, then why don't you join it! in this you'll be working with faith because faith is when a fisherman believes a carpenter to show/ teach him how to fish.

Copyright © LEE REUBENS | Year Posted 2013

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No fears, little vulnerable heart!
Why do you hide?
Why do you hide behind the railings? 
Why do you hide behind the railings of the golden cage when however the wicket is open?
When however the wicket is gone?
Shake off the shiver and open your big round eyes.
Just a second ago you jumped around, you flew!
Lightly as a butterfly.
Together with this elegant golden bird.
There! There outside over the fields of flowers.
Come! Come with me!
He is just sitting there, watching the sun.
He is strolling up and down in his mind forests.
Through the brush-wood he goes in swishing leaves collecting sunbeams.
You own them too, little heart, those mind forests with exotic blossoms and birds composing your inner melody.
Listen! See!
Do you see the tie?
The tie out of shimmering spidersilk?
It is you two, the bird and you!
Trust in the tie, it will carry you.
Open your deep saucer eyes and let them be the birds mirror.
He loves you during his walk through his own heart.
Don't be afraid of him, don't be afraid of your tears. 
You will learn to trust your love, that blossoms and clears.

by Lotte

Copyright © Lotte Lo | Year Posted 2015

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Doomed Death

Her blank expression soaked up anger at an eccentric pace,
Tension built up as the devil inside of her deformed her face,
Her scream sent chills shooting down my back,
Instantly my ears blocked out the wale that made my skull crack,

The darkness engulfed the everlasting echo as a whole, As if a hungry beast,
I would never get released... 
Silence stretched and the night muted my desperate call, again she screamed!
Then followed the ear piercing car tyres screeching,
 With me screaming off my head,
The lights of the cars beamed,
The sudden rush of adrenaline reminded me that my life was hanging by a single thread,
In a matter of seconds- we were in mid-air,
Driving off of a cliff, as we hit the curve,
With no moments to spare,
I learned over to conserve,

The only being that meant more to me than me,
That she... that she, who screamed at the truth of me,
Only when she could clearly see the real me,
I realised that she, Could not bear with the cruelty held within me,
The cruelty within me is overruling,
The more I accelerate the more I begin drooling,
I drool as I can’t stop myself, I’m too weak,
Within a strong person, comfort I seek,

The confidence and reassurance in each of her movements,
The glide in personality and unbeatable perseverance,
Make guilt lay eggs in the centre of my brain,
 As it’s a fact that I don’t deserve her yet without her I’d turn insane...

 Lost in a world that’s falling apart, 
All that’s left is one last beat of my heart,
 Not because in seconds I’m doomed to die,
 That would just be another lie, 
But because in just a second, 
I know her life will end,
 And as her heart beats, 
Mine repeats...

Copyright © Maria Kyriacou | Year Posted 2014

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One Night Only

It’s been crazy these past few days
You’ve showed me so much
As your smiles pass my glance
And reunite with your soft, tender touch
Against my cheek you drag those hands
And press your finger against my lips
Come in for the temptation
Closer… Closer….. And fall back from the kiss
I but smile, and keep staring…
Into those gorgeous blue eyes
Look away for just a second
And softly apologize…
You chuckle… and grab me from my hair
Pull me over for a long, overextended kiss
Passionate as always...
Am left in awww…. And with no way to resist
How you weaken me
When you run your fingers …
Along the top side of my shoulders
While the rest quietly linger.
Caressing the skin….
Arousing and heightening the senses
How you give me Goosebumps
And break through my defenses
Legs tightly gripped against my thigh
As you u lean your head back
As if alluring me to a death stricken invitation
And I but only whisper in your ear… Relax …
As I make my warm, exuding body
Over your soft, well poised figure
Lowering my head as to instill the first move
But abruptly intercepted by your wild vigor…
With a quick step am turned over
You… now playing the dominate role
No time to question the outcome
In this embrace of heated souls…

“Only Takes One Night to Imprint a Passion That Burns Forever”


Copyright © Eliel Vasquez | Year Posted 2013

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Stop, wait just a second. Is your life far
too busy for normal entertainment?
Do you talk on your cell-phone in your car?
Give up your precious little sleep for lent?

Then this is the right amusement for you!
Sonnets are compact, always nice and short.
Fourteen lines and done, then move on to do
other things of a more important sort.

Poems contain short tidbits of stories,
humor, romance, and horror saturate
each line for a burst, refreshing to please
the reader’s appetite, and so it sates.

So hurry and buy some sonnets today.
It's entertainment’s most efficient way.

Copyright © Brittany Reynolds | Year Posted 2012

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Reprieve Scattered

A golden sun tops cobalt clouds
That treasure at day's start
Wispy clouds hang suspended~still
No breeze disrupts the art

Summer days filled with chores unending
Just a few minutes here
When will life give a playful note?
Opportunities appear

Just a second here and there, scattered
Along the warm, sunny day
A Redbird in flight, a Jay's delight
Seems like an hour of play  

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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A Review of Justice

What is justice? What is right
In a world consumed by greed?
What can we do when justice is gone
and the law can't intercede?

We need to heed sound instruction.
We require the power to trust.
We desire a new dimension.
This directive is a must!

So sack the politicians;
The judges should all go.
Disband committee meeting;
Quangos are a 'no'!

Innuendos and intentions
must fully be explored.
Appointing Peoples' courts;
Should, at first, not be ignored.

Heh! Hang on just a second,
I've just thought of something new:
Human rights will be denied.
Let's forget about this review! 

Robert Cartwright-Davidson Jan. 2011

Copyright © Robert Davidson | Year Posted 2011

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My Ailment

Such a tormenting and hateful act,
In the heavens a very accepted fact, 
Love torments more than a tormenting plague, 
With such meaning awfully obscure and vague,

Once so pure thought to be,
Used in anger plaguing eternity,
Now a sin tormenting a pious fool,
A sin so aloof and used as a tool,

Tool of humans used as a weapon,
To lure, trap, and massacre in just a second, 
With nothing to lose but their own empathy,
Making hearts so sore existing solely for cruelty.

Copyright © Andrei Manzon | Year Posted 2016

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My Silent Voice

Im frustrated, so I go workout,
usually some music, cardio,and pushups get it out,
That silent voice upstairs overpowers the mp3,
This whole job and money situation really bothers me,

Checked my email,
American Express lowered my limit,
A result of Thursday.
Stock market took a huge pivot,
I know all good and bad times pass, 
Predicting the next few years will be a rough patch
Over and over I hear one person never really matters,
A bluff to justify debt earned on a degree to climb corporate ladders,  

CEOS learned to hypnotize their populations,
to follow like cattle and obey to their regulations,
They promote  Equal Opportunity Workplace and Open Door Policy,
If you dare be different or question you're laid off, such hypocracy,
Businesses have libraries of secrets conveying ambush, betrayal, and theft,
Not an ounce of integrity or dignity, not a thread of honesty left,
The Elite, AKA top two percent, would fail every employment personality test,
But those new hires are expected to work long hours at their best,
Laid off, get same job later, economy is excuse to pay less,
Your lack of income makes that CEO feel he's got more muscle on his chest. 

Plenty bought arms wanting the American Dream,
Banks made their bucks and made a mess of everything,
National rating goes down, credit limits suffer, they're left untouched
They still have customers, we're making an *** of us,

Time to stop the pendulum...
Dissect this for just a second,
It shocks me the public hasn't learned it's lesson. 
We own them entirely and we give them our money freely,
They wouldn't exist if we acted on our values properly, 
These fortunes act like pre-madonnas,
acting untouchable they backhand us,
over and over, and we continue to flock,
We must not have the brightest kids on the block. 

Anyone think to start from scratch,
Develop a new formula begin a new batch, 
The importance of love, life, owning yourself,
Recovering values and humanity, all you'd need is help,
remember that millions feel just the way you do,                                                      
Power in numbers could perform corporate voodoo,  
There's so much more to this than whats in this song,
One by one stop being lazy and fix whats wrong. 
Next time you buy milk, clothes, or some produce,                  
Better be “Made in America”  otherwise our profits reduce. 
Wrong mentality what you dont see doesn't effect you,,
results will be engraved in your life like a tatoo. 


Copyright © Lynn Dolly | Year Posted 2012