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WRITTEN IN THE SAND The Big Five—Africa’s pride in the vast open wild Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Leopard and Lion Their prey—scattered Impala, Kudu and Waterbuck On hardened dust… their footprints prevail and stand WRITTEN IN THE SAND The proposal day--- carefully planned- a beautiful beach Red Roses, a Picnic, Sunrise and Diamond ring The petals—scattered on the soft damp sea tabloid Lover’s plea….a stick his pen, “Marry me—take my hand” WRITTEN IN THE SAND Early one morning--- He entered the dusty temple to teach Scribes and Pharisees brought her in—an adulterous Large stones…scattered for all to throw and accuse Jesus bent down… wrote with His finger on condemning land What was His message…..? WRITTEN IN THE SAND

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

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Unicorn's Gala

Invitations to the Gala
issued by a grave impala
were highly sought out missives 
by the bold and the submissive 
Those omitted uttered curses
shook angry fists or heavy purses
Had they but known that
the price of  admission
was not by stealth nor definition;
would it have improved their disposition?
Oh bother, “what a bitter tea to hold and drink”
some might say.

Pink quartz was the mantle 
white marble were the floors
Hieroglyphic runes and shapes 
were etched upon the doors
Windows ledged by flowered flats
walkways edged by shrub
Trees of auspicious piety
contained by sanctum tubs
Tapestry paneled galleries
wove ever-changing scenes
Templates of the biosphere
wrought into silk spun screens.

Ivy garlands draped sandstone walls
Indulgence infused the banquet hall
Cinnamon rods, spiked spurs of clove
mulled cider sipped from crystal globes
Lychee lobes, hot peppered scones
clotted cream starched weary bones
Soft music swirled like autumn’s mist
about the heads of chosen guests
Violin, lute and harpsichord      
mild minstrel flanked by troubadour
Harmoniously moved, were the hearts
and heels of man.

The unicorn, a gallant host
on ivory hooves, an ethereal ghost
An entity of truth and faith
a creature of astounding grace 
Awestruck by sharp brindled eyes
white pristine coat, his stately guise      
The neck that sparked irised flame
a glowing arch of lucent mane
Prismatic yellow, red and blue
dipped then peaked to other hues
Entranced by visual rhapsody 
Morpheus clapped soporific hands.

The sun reached up to touch the dawn
orbs of dew satured the lawn
Spectrum arcs held trailing mist
The peaceful calm of morning’s kiss. 
Silent chambers backed by barren walls
the flameless hearths of empty halls
Awakened by the muted hum
steps echoed off like Celtic drums                                               
They left a wake of red and blue
gold flecked green, and pink accrue
Floral spills of cornucopia
wiped away their paisley prints.

He raced across the bridge of night
propelled by dreams in astral flight
Pulled outward on a comet thrust
long tail ablaze with motes of dust
He touched down in a stellar sphere
Grew stronger when the skies were clear
Weaned on equinoctial astral surge
galactic lights that dim and merge 
No more arabesques, no Devon cream
no drowsy thoughts, no symphonies
He fondles hearts with cosmic charm
Monoceros, The Unicorn.  

Copyright © Michelle Mac Donald | Year Posted 2012

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Why are you not where you belong?
This situation is very wrong?

I do not mean to pry,
Yet still I wonder why?

Some beautiful birds and a lake,
Would not at all be hard to take.

Fish swimming up and down,
Colored like the circus clown.

Striped red, white and cerise,
They bring such poetic peace.

Such a beautiful place to write,
A poetess’s heavenly delight. 

Evergreen trees buzzing with bees,
Geese honking with expertise.

With colorful gardens all about, 
Beauty in your heart and without.
Nowhere now to feed the birds,
Confused and can’t find the words.

Your poetry now in plastic bins,
No longer heard sweet violins.

The new rooms have high ceilings,
Yet lack the homely feelings.

Your heart longs for absent friends,
On whom your happiness so depends. 

A magical world you see all around,
Describing it with words that astound.

The cat with a fiddle and a bow,
A heated passion for warm Bordeaux.

A unicorn hosting a Gala,
Invitations delivered by Impala.

A Loon’s call in the still early morn,
And a puff ball on toast before dawn.
Dear lady stay the whole course,
Write again, ride that white horse.

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2016

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I Remember Grandma

I remember Grandma’s   beauty
  The way she’d grace her smile at me
I remember Grandma’s duty
  Holding family together

I remember the old large home 
  A large yard with a cyclone fence
I remember no small kitties
  Couldn’t afford the extra expense

I remember no TV set
To watch Dragnet or Lassie shows
I remember a radio
Latin Music she always chose

I remember the Impala 
Cool 1950’s model rove
Crazy grandma behind the wheel
Had to close your eyes when she drove

I remember her   kindness
Her home was your home to visit
Stacks of warm homemade tortillas,
Tamales, warm food in the skillet

I remember gradually
With small tremors, slurred speech, stiffness, 
She had uncontrollable shakes
Parkinson’s disease her illness

    I remember Grandma’s   beauty 
        I remember Grandma’s   kindness 
            I remember Grandma’s    caress
                I remember Grandma’s   illness 

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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The Land of the Brave

Drink the Namibia Countryside 

Namibia a West African country, on the Atlantic coast
Namibia’s beauty is wonderfully surreal and alluring,
With endless savannah and bushland 
With most stunning landscapes in Africa, 
with acres of ocean shores, woodland savannas,
With game-rich grasslands and a semi-arid Central Plateau
lonely desert roads where mighty slabs of granite rise out of swirling desert sands
Land of swirling apricot dunes and shimmering white flats, mirages and dust devils,
With large expanses of arid and semi-arid land

Namibia`s young population is ambitious and ready to forge ahead 
With highest literacy rates and one of the most stable democracies
Friendly, natural people with 14 ethnic groups, 26 different languages 
two million people share the vast spaces of Namibia
With rich heritage and traditions

Namibia `s desert landscapes, volcanic mountains, desolate salt pans, giant sand dunes
Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world
Dunes are incredible, and are the tallest dunes in the world;
Amazing landscapes of red sand dunes, fascinating rock formations, vast plains, bizarre coastal dunes,
Bleached whalebones and ancient shipwrecks
organ pipes are a unique series of quartz-dolerite pillars
With lush floodplains and picturesque deserts.

Namibia mighty gash in the earth at Fish River Canyon
plankton-rich coastal waters support an extraordinary array of marine life
Tenderness fetching flora and fauna.
Long the Namibian coast lays the Namib Desert,
A spectacularly barren, brilliant red sand landscape 
Divided into the Skeleton Coast and the Diamond Coast 
Most famously, it is the richest source of diamonds on the planet, 
The coast, with its productive fishing grounds and the deep water harbor 

Namibia an amazingly diverse animal world,
The wildlife utopia of Etosha National Park.
One of the world's greatest wildlife-viewing spots
Offers an exceptional range and abundance of wildlife. 
Boasts the largest free-roaming population of black rhino in Africa, 
and the largest cheetah population in the world.
Black-faced impala and crimson-breasted shrike.
Remote, wild and astonishingly beautiful with cascading Granite Mountains, amazing azure skies

Namibia with a wide variety of rock paintings and rock engravings
With a technicolor dreamscape, 
World’s most captivating desert regions, 

Namibia biota is rich, by global standards, and relatively well-preserved
containing both karroid and tropical elements

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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Whispers of an African River - Mana Pools National Park

Ripples of blue and silver dance
impala males jump and prance
In a land where imagination roams to and fro
and the waters of old eb and flows

Dust holds memories from near and far
The sky, escarpment, and water beat out a rhythm of 
The dreams of many, the thoughts of a few,


Deep is the current and long is the stride of Him who taught you as a child O ZAMBEZI,
where your banks and streams will go. 
Were you there at the beginning?
To see His plan, hear His words, savor His counsel.
Take heed to give life as He has given you so much life.

The sound of life echoes long and hard through this valley below the falls and the open sea.
Elephants, hippos, and lions create and compose an elegant cacophony.
Animals play on the banks,Birds dance on the wind. 

The escapement sits and watches. Ever still, but never stagnate
Mana Pools, place of meaning. Where water parted mountains a mellinia ago.
Escarpments looking north and south, watching, waiting, guarding.

Life here moves at leisure, no race. 
The life of hustle and bustle has no place.
In a way, even time and space seem pleasantly married together 

So whether you a travel from far or near, they meet you and greet you and treat you. 
Here on the flood plains.
Where a recollection of memories are locked away in the safe of sentimentally. 
To a feast of the soul, spirit, mind, and body. 
Where you can relax and let worry be forgotten. 

Copyright © Tim Marks | Year Posted 2012

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permit me

Permit me if you will to speak of 
this great obscurity called love
I am not here to preach or feed 
your preconceived clichéd ideas 
of linguistic and rhythmic words 
live above and dove.
I am here to invoke what is 
already deeply embedded in the 
very Fabrics of your soul.
I want to insight that traitorous 
smile that creeps in on a long 
day When the sanity of your 
heart won’t let your mind be 
whole.I am not talking about 
the rushing waves that caress 
the contours Of her body as you 
stare into her eyes  and make 
love to her entire being with 
just a single kiss. 
It is  that silent completion that 
just her mare presence is 
enough And to hear her speak 
is simply pure bliss.

I am enraged by the notion that 
love is only an emotion,a feeling 
A state of mind that comes and 
goes like a headache.It surely 
makes my head ache when I 
see so many emotional 
Structures fade because the 
foundation were built on 
temporary Infatuated bricks.
It is not the desperate 
yearnings of companionship nor 
the loneliness but the blind 
ambition to attain love that 
most angers me.
we settle for a good perception 
in place of perfection t o ease 
our conscious.
If could open your eyes then I 
would eradicate your illusions 
and place love in your hand for 
you to taste it.I said  If could 
open your eyes then I would 
eradicate your illusions and 
place love in your hand for you 
to taste it. 

It is not a feeling of butterflies 
in your stomach when they 
appear.Hell it isn’t even in the 
silent whispers as  you attempt 
to gather your breath from the 
sweet wrath of her bosom.
Its more refined like 1953 
corvette or a 1960’s chevrotte 
impala you would love to own 
one but settle for a 5series 
BMW instead it is not the value 
but the overall cost that most 
frightens you.
So instead of saving we invest 
in physical pleasures and 
material things. We become 
luminary in satisfaction and 
perfectionists in pleasure.

It is best to detach from all lust 
and desire if it will only pro long 
the joy and serenity of soul 
matched beings what are we in 
the end if we have all we desire 
and lack the love we need? 

Copyright © john. M diketane | Year Posted 2011

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Absent Smile

And the cemetery was still and serene
A palette of muted greens, browns, tans and warm gray scene
Fence-post with barbed wire surrounds the garden
Seashells and caliza, sage brush, cactus, and mesquite trees harden
Tall cold stones erect sentries
Standing on sacred ground granting entry
In the garden of seashells and sage brush

A cemetery of generations of families
Grandmothers and grandfathers
Their parents and family before them
Tugging at our memories
Whispering shadows of their secrets
All lie with crowns of stones
As their names are etched on marble stones
While others with ceramic photographs of the dearly departed
So they, won’t be forgotten
All with stories to tell

My head down with sadness
My heart skips a beat in my chest
I stand and look at the headstone of my once beautiful grandmother
And lay a bouquet of red roses at the feet of the stone
I kneel and clean the surroundings of weeds that have sprang up
And dust of the ceramic photograph

Wistful thinking

Her smile with a flicker of spark in her eyes
All the good times we used to have
She taught me not to be afraid,
To drive her white 1958 Impala

And the cemetery was still and serene
I know it’s an empty vessel that lay in the sandstone
As her soul grew wings long ago
And in heaven she’s watching over all she has left behind


Free Verse Form
Contest:  And The Cemetery Was   
 Sponsored by: Broken Wings 

    Spiritually Fulfilled

Gazing at the sky
Spiritually fulfilled
Cherished memories

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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Arizona Heat

Arizona Heat, packing it hard
Deeper then the deepest Chocolate Windows 
Framed by long lashes, ebony compassions
Dying souls oppressed by more than the hotness of the night
Mocha Skin in Summertime
Let’s Roll
Impala,  Hydro, wood grain and leather
Hot, baby, Bump it louder
Stolen speakers bump it best
West Coast, East Coast, Southwest
Greenback, wetback 
Brown on Brown
Murder, it’s a homicide
Of the cruelest kind

Dark Reactions
Light is no longer required here
One cannot see what isn’t supposed to be seen
Here on the borders of AZ, the grim reaper
Reaps openly
Fluctuating from victim to victim
Cherry Red Silvery distain
Drips from guns

			Bang, Bang, Bang

Pull the Trigger 
Drugs are no longer sins but saviors
Sell them, deal it
Steal it all
Survival Of The Fittest

Mm, it’s hot, so hot, hot
Steamy sweaty Sin
Sultry music, sexy women
Tequila, Tecate, Paradise for some
The Heat doesn’t come from the sun
But the struggle to stay alive 
To survive, and thrive
Every Pancho Villa needs a Lady by their side
Right? Dolled up, complexion perfect 
Hyna, Ruka, Sweet Vixen, Mami Sexy, hit it and quit it, baby

He grabs my chin
Blowing into my face, scent,  full of toxic fumes
Drunk off victory from this week’s dealings 

“Money is my first love, not you, she made me RICH
So get the hell away from me, trick”

Plunges into my chest
His heart, belongs, to no one
But success 
Cold steel, cold hearts, cold money
That’s all he wants, honey
The hottest thing is the tears burning down my cheeks
Weak, suppressed, the insides of me
Tearing down
I need to find a way..out

Hustling my own
using my own
devices to succeed
My soul, heedless, shall always belong
To what shaped my tough skin
Intimate Beginnings

I belong

To the Arizona Heat 

Copyright © Bella Cardenas | Year Posted 2007

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beatnik to vietnam to hippie stand


At the beginning of “64” - I packed up my uniform
And walked out the door- it was the beginning of
The Vietnam war.
By August of that same year
President  Johnson started the draft
Under protests and jeers.

Then he made it a full scale war
And sent our soldiers to Vietnam shores.
The Beatniks in Greenwich village
With their long hair, beards, and 
Flip flop sandals - wrote their poetry
About this undeclared war, and why 
Our men were going to those shores.

This created a new generation called ‘HIPPIES”
The hippie generation was groups of protesters
Against everything that they found wrong
The draft , the war , pollution
And loved to stay high with pot, hashish
Coke and acid (lsd) which kept them blasted.

This also created the “ flower children”
Who like the hippies loved to be high
And on certain flowers they would fly.
But they spoke of loving one another
And gave out flowers as a sign of peace
Which to the president was a relief.

They all started painting this “53 Chevy impala”
With the words “ flower power”.
Now the “ flower children and hippie movement
Was in full swing, and everyone was doing their own thing.

They had  Greenwich village under their control
And not one coffee shop would ever be sold.
Every coffee shop had a poetry night
And going there was such a delight.

Then in AUGUST of “69” 
The WOODSTOCK festival was on the rise
Over half a million people drove to that farmland
And set up tents , hammocks, sleeping bags and such
And the police found it was much to much
So they had no choice but to see it through
Because there was nothing else that they could do.

The WOODSTOCK  festival had become world wide
And to this day it still thrives.

© L . RAMS

Copyright © louis rams | Year Posted 2012

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Amber Coloured Rivers

The rolling farmlands
That feeds our tribal children alike
And fertile vineyards abound
A tawny of sapphire seas
A prodigious floral kingdom
Amber coloured rivers
That plunge into an ocean
Of mercurial moods
Roaring with stealth silence
Tranquil beaches and lagoons
Rocky shores and enchanting seasides
The imposing cliffs and highlands
Flanked by towering mountains
Highvelds dry as sand
Rough as a rasp
Around the vast arena of the bushveld
Lies a stealthy leopard
A slouching serpent through the tawny grasses
An impala lolling in a shade
The pungent breeze of a dangling buck in a lion's mouth
The swiftness fling of a cheetah's wrath
My humble abode
My South Africa 
Land of scenic splendours....

Copyright © Nthabiseng Moraba | Year Posted 2015

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Thirteen Quart Weekend

There once was a time when that car wasn't mine.
And as far as I was concerned that was just fine.
But then I grew up and I wanted to drive.
And that first weekend made me feel so alive.

A 66 Chevy Impala, four door.
By a young man's standard's, it was something to adore.
But the engine leaked oil.
But my fun it wouldn't spoil.
13 quarts, she did drink those two days.

I know you would think that my heart would just sink.
But my Dad fixed her up in a blink.
An oil sending unit was what she did need.
To stop the incessant oil drinking greed.

I made some nice memories in that splendid car.
Just driving round town, didn't have to go far.
I sold her for just as much as I paid.
That car did me right, to just get betrayed.

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2012

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GREEN Chapter Five

Taking their leave the Black Crime 
Syndicate top raking members wanted to
know what Malik and Jade was talking 
about.  "Just stay in y'all lane and let
me and Jade handle things" getting into 
his car Malik pulled off.  Malik lived alone
in a one bedroom apartment and drove a 
1996 Impala.  Malik wasn't a big spender 
show off.  He liked to stay under 
everyone's radar.  Only a few members of 
The Black
Crime Syndicate knew where Malik lived.  
Mecca was one of them.  So seeing 
slumped over on his doorsteps was some 
what a surprise.  Looking at the figure 
Malik could
tell that it was a woman.  "Who could this 
be?"  thought Malik as he got out of his 
Malik's brain was racing a hundred miles 
per hour.  Reaching out his hand to touch 
the woman
that's when he noticed bloody money 
stuffed into the woman's mouth.  "What 
the ****?" 
Malik's jaw dropped.  Looking into the 
dead woman's face recognizing who she 
was.  "Damn
Violet who did this to you?" taking step 
back he saw folded paper in Violet's right 
hand.  Taking the paper out of Violet's 
hand and reading it.  Malik couldn't 
what he was reading.  "It's in the best 
interest of The Black Crime Syndicate to 
stay out
of the escort business.  The Green Nation 
don't like The Black Crime Syndicate 
planting flowers in our flower bed.  The 
city of
Green Haven is our flower bed.
We had to uproot Violet to show The Black 
Crime Syndicate how serious The Green 
Nation is.  Thank you
and have a nice day".  
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The 
Green Poet aka Red Seven aka The Brown 

Copyright © keith baucum | Year Posted 2014

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Inconsequential Cosmos of Us

Homeboy’s got it going on
Swagger tighter because of the stash of money
Tied in rubber bands underneath his bed
Modern Day Romeo, with hints of Mercutio trailing
Right into my ear, easing honey on my lips
Imprinting his fingers on my thigh
Sliding his soul into mine
Fluent in the language of me

Thinking he’s bad because he’s got me sitting in his 1976 Impala
Spicy Latina Dime with the red dress on
Thinking he’s hot because he has some heat strapped to him
Cold, hard steel sizzling against his skin
Thinking he owns the world

Baby boy you ain’t got nothing
You ain’t got nothing outside of this city

Because by the end of the day your just a tragic hero
In Shakespeare’s play, felt for a moment
Forgotten the next day
Laying in some shallow grave that nobody had the desire to dig
All the way
Remembered vaguely in some sort of calamity
Drowning, death by folly
Stabbed in the heart, poisoned by a friend
Moments like you aren’t hard to come by

Men like you die everyday

Seconds by minutes, gunshots by the hour
His life is slipping through his fingers
Granulated dreams, grains of the hourglass
Flipping and disoriented by the vast
Uselessness of his universe

In the context of it all
He is just a speck of matter
Floating in onyx voids
But in our story, Romeo lives forever
With my hand on his face and lips pressed against
Warmth transported through heated gazes and the most abandoned of touches
Our souls on each others fingertips

He means the world to me

Copyright © Bella Cardenas | Year Posted 2007

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Love Hertz

Remember all those tea ads with the chimps on?
We’ll prostitute the Prague of Gustav Mahler
and desecrate the divas of La Scala.
Would Bart betray begettor Homer Simpson
(he’s not so much a whoreson as a pimp-son)
to get himself a Chevrolet Impala?
You bet he would.  This is the Grab-It Gala.
The cripple pawns the plaster that he limps on.

In Pasadena, Pimlico and Perth,
the only thing we´ll go without is girth.
Where JP Morgan’s played by Colin Firth,
we airbrush self-awareness, muffle mirth,
and drown in plenty, blink at moral dearth.
We're always prizing price-tag, never worth.

Copyright © Michael Coy | Year Posted 2017

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The land of Baobab and Acacia sassa trees
The proud land of our forefathers.
The home of the fastest animal on earth - Cheetah
The oldest inhabited territory on Earth, 
Who handed treasure of wisdom down to us
The most-populous landmass. 

The place of origin of humans and the Hominidae clade.
The land of the the most abundant antelope, the impala 
The land of sunshine and bird songs
Cut almost equally in two by the Equator

It straddles the equator and encompasses numerous climate areas
Hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages
Africa's has landscapes of many changes. 
With beaches, rain forests, islands and dunes, 
its climate keeps you guessing all afternoon 
Contains an enormous wealth of mineral resource and 
largest numbers of megafauna’s species

From her Warthog to her Giraffe, 
from her Impala
to her ground, bound Ostrich, 
Africa's home to so, much wonder, 
that it's hard to leave this land, down under!

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2018

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When in the mainland Tanzania I stood,
My eyes lifted up to the mountains,
And cast on the vast beautiful valleys;
When I enjoyed the sweet smell of vanilla,
While walking in the famous bamboo forest;
When I saw the impala leaping majestically,
And the zebra smiling to me in the park-
When gracious birds sang their favorites,
In the natural trees of Mount Mbeya;
I gratefully thought I had seen it all.
But when I visited the island of Zanzibar,
I stood on the sand of the sea shore- 
My curious eyes cast on the waters,
As a gentle breeze was softly blowing,
To bring relief and take my exhaustion away.
I saw the mighty water come tide after tide,
And waves crush repeatedly on the beach;
It was a real thrill to be out there!
Oh how I thank God for His majestic creation!
Yes for the hills and the green valleys,
For the tiring mainland and relaxing island.
God is the creator and sustainer of all things!
He made them all; He’s a lover of the beautiful.

Copyright © Christopher Mwashinga | Year Posted 2017

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Who's there?

Dawn knows not of my weary wake 
night has never caressed my body's slumber
Do the ruddy Martian winds break for lunch
can you buy crushed ice on Europa
Is an atomic reaction a human tragedy 
or just another mysterious spot on the Sun
hmm, have another drink of water 
Who's needlessly dying 
beneath the suffocating clouds of Venus
would they commit suicide, in a Vesuvius ash, '64 Impala
Next time you see Mercury, steer clear of tomorrow
the table is set, a Red Giant is coming to dinner
If green is the pigment of envy, why is the Earth so very blue
isn't chlorophyll the Color of Money 
Shh...don't tell photogenic White Dwarfs
their acting days too, are atomically numbered
Is irony consciously painting, an infinite abyss 
or a finite existence, unconsciously as radiant as Saturn's rings
Relevance isn't ignorance, if you never check the clock
time is inevitability, inevitability the universal knock

Copyright © Xavier Keough | Year Posted 2005

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     Parties in vast, secluded fields,


             Kegs of beer...

                   Unwitting parents believing we were

                       God knows where...


        Your touch so gentle, stroking

             My golden brown hair,

                  Driving me home ~ majorette practice...

    The intellectual jock in the souped-up

                Dark green Chevy Impala ~ so splendid...


     Listening to "Sister Golden Hair"..."Daisy Jane"...

             Funny how the Night Moves in woods...

With pounding rain...our omen

            To hasten home,

My dad waiting...door opened...


       You walked miles to see me

                            By my pool wearing but a tiny white

       "Do Not Tailgate" string bikini...

                                  Our initial gateway to passion...

                   I wonder...

Was it love, or simply raging pheromones..........................

Written for Timmy...................

Copyright © Tamiviolet Manchas | Year Posted 2006

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Super sexy brothers
Usually chilling in a car,
Particularly a '67 Chevy Impala
Entertaining the ladies and having fun.
Really creepy monsters,
Never doing anything good,
Angels don't even care,
They're too concerned about God being missing.
Usually a character dies
Really, it's like every episode this happens.
At least Sam and Dean don't ever die
Lol, that's a good one

Copyright © Megan Angel | Year Posted 2016

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All of the Above

You're like the powdered sugar on top of my funnel cake
The chopped fresh fruits inside my favorite milk shake

The bowling ball candy paint on my Super Sport Impala
The sweet surprise when I bust my piggy bank and find a crisp, folded dollar

The sharp creases in my slacks when I'm dressed to impress
The pardon from the priest after a Catholic confess

The blue ribbon around my neck after a first place victory
The record breaking home run, "baby, you just made history"

The lights around the Big Apple
The crackle sound during a tackle

The Golden Anchors on a yacht
The back arching feeling when I've hit that spot

The "Home Sweet Home" mats at the door after a hard journey far from home
The best Travelocity deal ever presented by the "Roaming Gnome"

The one Golden watch in the case with the Silver chains
The Remedy, not just the anesthesia that cures your aches & pains

The Platinum record on a new, young musician's wall
The Red, Yellow and Orange colored leaves that pleases those in love with Fall, 

The crackle of the fireplace on a snowy winter evening
The realization that you've made the right choice after hours of difficult reasoning

The joy of watching your son graduate
The joy of knowing peace after dealing with hate

The 4 to 2 & 2, summed up for a child
The gentle breeze of a summer's eve... Soft, caressing and mild

You're sweet, you're sexy, you're smart, you're fun and you're funny
You're the only bee's hive around for a bear addicted to honey

Like this fiend's latest hit
Summed up, girl YOU are the "ish"

You're hard for me to hate, and easy for me to love
You're more than just amazing.  You're all of the above…

Copyright © Marcus Thompson | Year Posted 2010

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The nucleus of a pin cushion is akin to the internal mechanisms of a sausage. A big massive drama but don't tell Dalai Lamar and the turtle doves will sing and swing in the breeze. A damsel in distress is a fruit pie filling times ten. Or perhaps twenty? But never pickle a grape drop from a left handed swing. Butter melt circumference could stand over a crevasse and stand tall in any glowering wind. But a flowery jacket that tangoes with a nice tiara is a gatepost of which there omits a smell of strawberry flow. Flee frames who arrive in hallways. And chatter no more than five minutes with a towel. Heard hedgerows having heated heaters. Implacable inner impala. And a sixty foot dog woofing to a tree. The tree woofs back for woofs are woods and woods are woofing. Great.fantastic. Circular c I a in a cake clapping. And an itemised phone bill is a book beyond a bongo. Bing bong butt. And a moronic mutton motor going broom broom brum. Fishcakes can be dangerous so put hazard lights on. Merely a fable. A saucepan. And a dish. Meeting. Meringues moving. Hahahaha tea towel trowel. Haha haha xxxxxxx restitutional p y q q yp. Xxxxx horizontally z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Early morning, we go for a drive,
An awesome feeling as we arrive,
At our camp gate which, opens 
At 6 o’clock, 
Now we are in the African bush
Which, will unlock,
Moments that we have missed and
Remember from our last trip, and
Treasures recorded by camera, some
Happy, some bring a tear,
With some we recall our fear,
One should not get too near,
For this territory is wild animal land,
It would be a mistake to let a situation
Get out of hand!
The maximum speed allowed in
The Kruger Park,
Is 50 kilometres , but we slow
Down to 30 and embark,
On a weekend adventure we so love,	
Yesterday, I put our binoculars into the glove
Compartment, we are ready to experience
Africa’s wildlife
Of which we never tire, 
My husband puts his hand
On my knee, so proud I’m his wife!
Suddenly we see a pride of lions, sprawled
Across the road,
We jostle with other cars, for a good view, 
And place ourselves advantageously.
My heart is racing, they are my favourite
To spot,
The lions aren’t in a hurry to leave
And nor are we,
We make a mark on the map with a dot,
As when we get back, 
Reception would like a report
What animals and where they have been seen,
We do not want to fall short!
Abruptly a lioness, his majesty, king
Of the park‘s queen,
Stretches and disappears into the bush, 
Followed by 2 lionesses and one cub,
I feel privileged to share this time
With them, and quickly bring my camera up,  
For just across the road is a leopard
With his kill, among some branches,
My husband puts a finger to his mouth shhhhhhh,
But I am so excited I can’t keep the
The camera steady,
Fortunately he has his set and ready!
The leopard gets the jitters, senses my thrill 
And jumps down,
Vanishes into Africa’s bush leaving his kill
In the tree, 
Ingraining in us an unforgettable memory!
He’ll be back, to finish off
A small impala buck,
Which the Leopard hauled up
With exceptional ease,
If you please!
We have seen two of the big five,
Are hungry, forgot our lunch, so drive 
Back to Berg-en-Daal, our camp
Eat what I’d packed and take a short nap.
The sun is scorching, the temperature is 41 degrees,
Not even a breeze,
Gratefully, our rondavel is cool thanks to air
Conditioning and a thatched roof, 
We sleep like babies, knowing the fence
Around the camp is absolutely full proof!
We set our alarm for 14.00 hours, and leave
Once again,
Our morning trip was short, we were very lucky in 
Spotting of game.
Our afternoon trip we plan to be longer, and 
Drive alongside a river,
We stop,
When we spot,
Hippos and crocs,
We zoom in, get a great shot, but the croc’s
Razor-like teeth and the hippo’s enormous jaws, 
Make me quiver,
And shiver!
We turn around, hear an elephant’s trumpet,
Keep a good space between mom and calf,
Certainly if we get between them it will
Be no laugh!
Amazed, we watch a dung beetle collecting and rolling,
Elephant dung,  
He is laboriously pushing
His prize, whilst his mate lays her eggs,
In transit – she’s got it right the male is the worker,
In fact they are co-workers, she is no shirker!
A green mamba slithers across,
On a mission, glad we are in the car,
Seeking to ambush a squirrel, wonder if
The mamba will kill it, I think it’s cute, run
Squirrel, far!
Next, we see a buffalo, too close for
Comfort, a loner, maybe dangerous,
Prefer to keep our distance, not get too near
Its wary eye,
He’s a bad tempered guy!
We cut short our afternoon trip and 
Decide to call it a day.
Go to reception and extend our stay.
We collect coals and wood at the 
Shop in the camp, go start our braai,
Under a clear night sky,
And see constellations of stars
Imagining what it could be like
To one day live on Mars!
During the rest of our short stay,
We see rhinos,
And a pack of wild dogs who we
Catch unawares.
We park on the opposite side 
Of the track,
And watch them as they 
Tear apart their
Afternoon snack!
If any meagre remains are left,
The vultures and hyenas will scavenge,
And ravage,
With savage
Until, no morsel is left in sight.
On our last day, we see two baboons
Quite horrific, it was quite a sighting
A tad frightening!
Our windows are open half way,
A precaution
As we travel with caution,
A foul smell reaches our nostrils, a
Kilometre away, we see upwards of 
30 vehicles vying for a spot,
An elephant carcass has been around for
A while, 10 lions are having a feast,
Oblivious of humans, his majesty graces
This orgy of eating,
The odour takes some beating,
It was stinking,
No animals will dare come near,
The Lions want it all,
There’s no competing!
We were engrossed,  
Forget to look at the time,
Two giraffes pass, 
We brake fast, 
They look alluring with their tall legs and 
Long sexy eyelashes,
They stare at us, eyes trying to seduce,
Us, but in fact all they’ve done, is reduce
Our time to arrive at our gate,
We make it through, will enjoy our
Braai a little late.
We light our fire, settle down 
Whilst meat grills, foiled potatoes crackle
And the cob turns a golden brown,
My husband says hush, don’t move, a
Snake was creeping over my foot, I freeze, 
Did not move a muscle,
Imagine if we had got into a tussle,
I would certainly be the loser
And the snake the abuser!
This was our last night, 
We left early morning
Had glorious weather and, one after the 
Other wonderful sighting,
Just around the corner is another
Unexpected exciting
Surprise at the top of a tree,
The best sighting my husband could wish
To ever see,
A Fish Eagle perched right at the top,
Ready to swoop down and catch an
Unsuspecting dung Beatle with his long and
Sharp talons,
Poor little chap,
He was enjoying a casual stroll,
Fate, catches up with him, he dies
All because he is slow!
We see herds of wildebeest, zebras
And a few warthogs,
And say au-revoir to the Park
Which I compare, 
To an eternal Noah’s Ark.
We travel back, get home late	
My husband whispers in my ear,
The Kruger Park brings out the wild
In me, says, 
He found me even hotter,
And an excellent spotter,
As excitement also brings out 
The child in me!

Copyright © JENNIFER PROXENOS | Year Posted 2018

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Poached over within my chair crying tears of vulnerability 
Mind racing while my thoughts refuse to form
So beautiful she was,
Solid individual disappeard like mist in the mist of hardship
Faith in her character was rewritten 
Good music plays throughout the room of a empty house 
Feeling as low as an impala below sea level 
Drowning for days in a pool of anguish 
Was blind to the truth but was rocked abruptly 
Eyes wide open ,but not in time 
Echoes of "I love you " play thoroughly in my head 
Turn the station, I don't like this song anymore ...

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2016

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Love Is You

That fresh taste of mint,
That reminds me of you.
That gray on a passing Impala,
That reminds me of you.
That song "Love" by Musiq Soulchild,
That reminds me of you.
That little boy laughter,
That reminds me of you.
Those two spots in the Meijer parking lot,
Those remind me of you.
Those two apartments where I work,
Those remind me of you.
I Am Legend,
That reminds me of you.
Ruby Tuesday,
That reminds me of you.

Is you.

Dedicated to a very good friend of mine. Love wasn't the result, but our friendship is worth it 

Copyright © Stephanie Whitley | Year Posted 2008