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Best Hypothetically Poems

Below are the all-time best Hypothetically poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hypothetically poems written by PoetrySoup members

Hypothetically Speaking Vol.III
If you knew my struggle would you try to 
convince me that I'm gone make it
If you knew how bad I was hurting would 

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© Corey Ross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hypothetically, faith, life, passionlife, me, thanksgiving, life,
Form: Personification

Hypothetically Speaking Vol.II
Ya know like any other Christian I go thru
my hardships & troubles and I start to question
this tug of war, this spiritual warfare of right...

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Categories: hypothetically, devotion, faith, inspirational, lifeprayer,
Form: Personification
Hypothetically Speaking Vol.I
If I told you I loved you would you believe me
If I said I cheated on you
would you just up and leave me
if I came...

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Categories: hypothetically, imagination, life, on writing and wordsme,
Form: Free verse
Two Days Ahead
I must try and lead my dreams,
to where the lost and unforgiving answers,
rejuvenate their circle.

Two days, have somehow passed
and my eyes are half empty.

I still...

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Categories: hypothetically, confusion, hope, life,
Form: Free verse
Computer Love
Daydreaming of you is all I seem to do.
Staring at your picture on my computer screen, wishing you were here staring back at me.
Your my...

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Categories: hypothetically, boyfriend, desire, fantasy, feelings, friendship, girl,
Form: Light Verse

Heart you are the destroyer
Heart you’re a killer
Why are you doing this to me?
Why don’t you do your functions? 
Stop to interfere with my other...

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Categories: hypothetically, abuse, allah, anger, baptism, baseball, beautiful,
Form: Elegy
I am 
I am the nice guy, I am the one who forgave you 
But you were too busy to even notice, 
I am the...

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Categories: hypothetically, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member PolyCulturing Education
Polypathic conversation with David Holmgren:

Today it is common to hear the suggestion
[cooperative] education and [therapeutic] training
is the [mindful] key to allowing people to contribute
to a...

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Categories: hypothetically, culture, deep, destiny, earth day, education,
Form: Political Verse
Grammatically Speaking
love was a lonely Syllable 
Embedded hypothetically  in the 
syntax of the
Story of
You and 

We quoted ,
I love you
And you , sic [loved me]...

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Categories: hypothetically, analogy, confusion, love, relationship, riddle, word
Form: Free verse
I hate you!
You Irritate me,
But I like you,
For No Reason I'm Falling for you.
I don't know Why,
I don't know How,
But I like this Feeling,

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Categories: hypothetically, first love, heart, poetry, romance, teenage,
Form: Free verse
Intellectual Foreplay
Even if we will never touch 
Or see the other one just as much,
Our conversations still takes a tone,
Between the whispers and after moans...
As soothing...

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Categories: hypothetically, love
Form: Light Verse
A woman I knew
There was a woman I knew once
Her beauty was awe inspiring
And she wore her pride on her head like a crown
She wrapped her confidence around...

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Categories: hypothetically, black african american, inspirational, introspection, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?
Alphabetical Conflict
Adolescent apparitions aquiring apathy.
Beaten bloody, broken, battered belligerently.
Crystal clear causes craving compassion consistantly.
Domimating demons drive desire diligently.
Even emitting echos escape everyones empathy.
Forgeting fatalities frantically follow...

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Categories: hypothetically, life
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member EcoPolitics of DNA-ReProductivity
Imagine with me that A regenerates Adenine,
B reproduces  ConVex-Yang Uracil or Thymine,
depending on whether you are a plant or a person,
C bilaterally represents EchoConCave-Yin(Yin)...

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Categories: hypothetically, america, health, humanity, humor, metaphor, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Brownian movement writ large
Akin to daffodils got to puff the magic dragon GoDaddy seed achieve
visibly absent pride and prejudice where aggrieve
ment unseen, as careening human bits believe
where forebears...

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Categories: hypothetically, adventure, age, allusion, conflict, confusion, humanity,
Form: Dramatic Verse
My Journey
 If you are great let it show, for who will know?

Your the "Master of the Ceremony", your job is to serve.

Nobody has a clue...

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Categories: hypothetically, adventure,
Form: Free verse
The Four Emotions of the Body: 3-14-17-228 Words
All these voices babbling,
Now the body is trembling.
In horror it awaits,
the terrible fate that is waiting for it at the end of the tunnel-
hypothetically, I...

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Categories: hypothetically, anger, confusion, emotions, feelings, happiness, sad,
Form: Narrative
What If Destiny
What If Destiny... 
Deeded Mine Singular Default Mode To...

Communicate (temporarily,
     strictly and hypothetically)
     merely allowing me to...

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Categories: hypothetically, 12th grade, absence, betrayal, child, goodbye,
Form: Elegy
Hopeless hopes of courage (unfinished lyrics)

My eyes a truly blessed
To see such elegant manifest 
In charismatic eyes

Words quiver as timid thoughts leap for risk-free skies
My wit was lost beneath the...

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Categories: hypothetically, words,
Form: Lyric
insain thoughts
Lost in space lost in time with a dream of a world to take as mine one hand full of wishes the other hand filled...

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Categories: hypothetically, cry, death, depression,
Form: Epic
harmonic convergence

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Categories: hypothetically, life, mystery, philosophy, science, sound, sound,
Form: Free verse
Trust no one they say
Well ive been trusting you every single day
Ive been holding my head up high
Just so you can have your way
Ive been...

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Categories: hypothetically, abuse, betrayal, conflict, heartbreak, how i
Form: Free verse
part 1 of 2...feed back needed...for my book...if you'd like to colaborate...message me...
hypothetically I know the reason you telling me that I'm the reason... the real reason you
telling me that your sick of straight missing me it’s...

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Categories: hypothetically, lifeme, people, me, people, sick, time,
Form: I do not know?
what is destiny is it all about the success
or the Triumph underneath the adversity
or the obstacles projected as we create our journey of life
hypothetically we...

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Categories: hypothetically, absence, america, community, depression, fantasy, pain,
Form: Free verse
Dilema Of Wisdom
Tragically I'm trapped, hypothetically speaking,
I'm stuck between two worlds.
Hidden behind a mountain of secrets and lies,
my silence was never heard.

Am I ready to take that...

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Categories: hypothetically, imagination, life, mystery, passionwisdom,
Form: Lyric