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Best Hydra Poems

Below are the all-time best Hydra poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hydra poems written by PoetrySoup members

Where trees grow tall
Where stands a turret and stone wall
Where in autumn leaves fall
Where birches sing ballads older then all

Where volcano spits fiery magma
Leaves seven...

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Categories: hydra, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme

In the PixiS climb to Hydra
Lynx is next just past the Lion
Take a dip into Ursas Major
Come and ride the Leos Minor
It’s a Primer she...

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© Izzy Gumbo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hydra, friendship, health, history, life, mystery, nature,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Abominable Alliance

Thru horrendous acts of lore within the aperture of the Earth’s core
Lays Evil of a wrathful whore to which you find stimulating and abhor
Within frozen...

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Categories: hydra, dark, evil, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
Hideous Foe
There's a viscerally vial creature loosed,
Which is heinously hideous and vicious.
This barbarian monstrosity destroys people's vitality and flesh,
By raping and pillaging their lives,
Killing and ravaging...

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Categories: hydra, sin,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When Demons Awake
My soul has seen the depths of hell
For I have sailed the seven seas of blood
Immortality tortured beyond consciousness
The tears of man begin to flood...


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Categories: hydra, angst, dark, deep, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme

Pluto Slam It Planet
       Pluto Slam It Planet  

It was Aug. 26, 2006 in Prague
Some guys got together for grog
Astronomers by...

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Categories: hydra, abuse, betrayal, celebrity, hope, image, truth,
Form: Rhyme
The World Inside Smart Phone
Everyone, from children to grownups, 
carry the world in their hands, they see the past 
and the future simply by the move of their thumbs...

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© Su Ben  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hydra, culture, technology, world,
Form: Free verse
Have you swam the forests      under the seas
glided it's waters          ...

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Categories: hydra, boat, creation, earth, fish, imagery, nature,
Form: Verse

I walk this earth, unbeknown to human kind
an heir to Legends, men of mighty deeds
who through the force of fire and stars we find
those such...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hydra, humor, myth,
Form: Rhyme

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Categories: hydra, allegory, art, political,
Form: Free verse
Mythology: Mendusa
Not the same races, but we can be one of a kind 
Do you realized, when I see you, I lost my mind 
Perseus, Perseus....

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© Loic Tran  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hydra, cute love, funny love, hero, myth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pretension
You're no different, just the same old thing.
You built your success
on the backs of slaves and women.
Just like Greece, just like Rome.

You're no different, you...

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Categories: hydra, dedication, destiny,
Form: Quatrain
Soulful eyes. Unbearable headache –
like my head’s on a pike,
The pain digging into my
temples like a pair of spurs.
Lift to the 13th floor. I hate...

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Categories: hydra, life,
Form: Verse
Delirious Philosophies
When we are delirious 
with the delirium of sickness 
we begin to ask those ?'s
what is the meaning of life?
Is there a God?
Heaven and Hell?

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Categories: hydra, introspection
Form: Free verse
Return to Sender
The wind is bickering with the night
My poor house caught up in the middle
Pawing and retreating then pouncing like a cat
It drums at the windows...

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Categories: hydra,
Form: Free verse
Waking from a catnap
the maple's 
veined hydra of a
tounge stretches out 
in fall to taste the midday 
mist, to sate its chronic thirst.
How like a baby in...

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Categories: hydra, nature
Form: Fibonacci
First Stanza

Clear was the day
Bright was the sun

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Categories: hydra, warcity,
Form: Epic
In the sea beer
Those two submarines are playing cards on their lunch break,
Suddenly a boiled egg passes and say:
-Hi five what you guys doing?
-We are playing cards
-Can I...

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Categories: hydra, dedication, humor, humorous, metaphor, science fiction,
Form: Prose
Premium Member The Warlord Wars No More -2
Pay heed to those deeds from whence the heart must confess...
You're far from Rome Proconsul Caesar...
As they say, "All roads lead to Rome" Ariovistus
and all...

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Categories: hydra, history,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Face of Medusa

Wicked is, wicked does
Wicked do evil
Evil don’t know love
Stony dead eyes,
with living hair of snakes
Medusa seduction ...
femme fatale embrace
Don’t look in the mirror,
she might be...

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Categories: hydra, allusion, dark, gothic, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Hydras - A Rhythm Ride
I come not to enlighten you 
but in my way destroy; 
embellishment of personhood 
gives me such little joy. 
The dark I bring on wings...

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Categories: hydra, horror, universe, write,
Form: Ballad
Sand box - I'm confused
What is a sand box? I'm getting confused
A hydra of meanings that's much overused

A Soviet missile that goes very fast
A hollow shaped mold - hot...

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Categories: hydra, funny, word play, words,
Form: Verse

beneath blue depths they train
it feels a lot like home no gravity
you see
moon shine and ripples
floating bloated bodies
and airtight head gear
of steel

here they speak...

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Categories: hydra, fantasy, metaphor, solitude,
Form: Light Verse
Stupid Disco
who knew who knew?
The story ends
hands clean and messy
someone stupid like you?
indecently in the mirror i see

bullets blue dont you know
flies know what you are

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Categories: hydra, angst, imagination, music, heart, heart, me,
Form: Free verse
Hydra-headed monster, corruption
The master of our nation
In our face and all facets
Our progress' pace, it dictates.

Now it's normal, by christening
Made formal by rebranding
Existing laws are...

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Categories: hydra, africa, corruption,
Form: Rhyme