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Best Hurst Poems

Below are the all-time best Hurst poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hurst poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Poets I Hope to Meet in Heaven - A Tribute to Chan Hurst 1979-2014
A few poems written by Chan Hurst, (Just That Archaic Poet)

I hope that we can find some comfort in them at this sad time.

"A Rational...

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Categories: hurst, dedication, farewell, friend, miss you, poets,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member For Chan Hurst - A Life Too Brief

With these twelve words...

art has no restrains 
there is nothing that can chain it down
no fabric that can not be broken from.

WHAT duz iT reSEMble

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Categories: hurst, bereavement,
Form: Free verse
In Memory Of Chan Hurst-The Archaic Poet
Brother,you were a human torch

in a melanchonic orbit

of undefined wars

Now you are a pentagram star

mystical and magical

Pouring light and love

from a happier place

from behind heaven...

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Categories: hurst, absence, angel, beauty, bereavement,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ethel Hurst 1889-1918
Ethel Hurst

1889 – 1918

I saw the town rise up
Like a single blade of grass after a spring rain.
I played a multitude of hop-scotch games
With my...

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Categories: hurst, death, old, graduation, halloween, day, me,
Form: Epitaph
Chan Hurst is my voice, I hand you my torch
I hand you my torch, while I play the guitar

Tolkien am I, in my euphoric voice

Artistry, artistic, dramatic and poetic are my strings

My musical notes,...

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Categories: hurst, art, deep, leadership, poetry, poets, power,
Form: Free verse

For Abby Hurst
A beautiful girl is what you are.
You have your demons, but so full of love
We have yet to meet, but that does not bar
Our friendship...

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Categories: hurst, cute love,
Form: Sonnet
One Year Ago
Well, it has been one year since I joined Poetry Soup.
I smile now, because I have met this wonderfully diverse group.

August 7th, 2013 was a...

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Categories: hurst, anniversary, appreciation, friendship, inspiration, poetry, poets,
Form: Couplet
Another Day
A torch carried on forever, indeed,
for the aggressive rhymer in me,
is alive again, unshackled and freed,
rising to challenge another day, I see.

As I found myself...

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Categories: hurst, art, life, poets, success, time, tribute,
Form: Quatrain
PoetrySoup Heroes
The best advice came from my hero
since our very first days on the Soup,
he said to me true to yourself
don't try to blend into...

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Categories: hurst, encouraging, friend, hero, inspiration, mentor, poetry,
Form: Quatrain

I press my hand on a montage
and dream about all Star War's plights
when words flit along zones, alive
and retrace memories enshrined.

On peaceful isle of your...

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Categories: hurst, dedication, friend,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Jesse Forbes 1893 - 1911
Jesse Forbes

1893 – 1911

Black Canyon.
Now, there was a place to be!
It is true I was born a brute in a Quaker Town.
Born a bad-tempered brute...

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Categories: hurst, death,
Form: Epitaph
Star Wars Lullaby
             Star Wars Lullaby

Sing to the skies a Star Wars lullaby
Stay clear of...

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Categories: hurst, adventure, conflict, farewell, fun, leadership, life,
Form: Free verse
Memories of Mother
Mirthful memories of stitches and axel grease,
Kennel Clubs and snicker doodles.

Memories like colors, collected on an artist’s palette,
Stirred with southpaw patience,
Finding her backward child upright,

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Categories: hurst, motherday, care, care, day,
Form: Free verse
A tribute to Chan
A tribute to Chan

Getting euphoric,
Million things to do...
while I am alive,
Time is short yet
the torch still glows !

Collecting toys and vintage boxes,
I am a geek,

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Categories: hurst, tribute,
Form: Free verse
clearly clueless
Still unemployed.
traveling to fill that void.
Steady pains, no reason to complain.
Everything is so clear.
This vision is so strange.
Leading my life, heart first.
Thanks to gods grace,

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Categories: hurst, song-lyriclife, heart, heart, life,
Form: Rhyme
Severed Family Ties
In this game of who gets who worst. 
Its about getting even , regardless of if feelings get hurt.
So what if this has escalated ,...

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Categories: hurst, angst, brother, depression, family, life, loss,
Form: Free verse
Healing Hearts
A tender touch excited breath of being
Emotions surged beneath a breat of love,
Romance began as two hearts gently beating.

One special look felt deep within each...

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Categories: hurst, lovelonging,
Form: Terza Rima
Did You Know Love Was In An Accident
Did you know, Love was in an accident?

What! When? Where? Wow!  My, my. Tell me it’s a lie.
Can we pause for a moment of...

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Categories: hurst, allegory, dedication, devotion, faith, fantasy, friendship,
Form: I do not know?
He rests in a calm smooth envoriment
Rests his back on the soft grass
There no violence or governments here
He look to the friendly blue sky
The clouds...

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Categories: hurst, adventure, beauty, bird, care, poetry,
Form: Imagism
If Only You Knew
So we hadn't seen each other for a while
The past kept on keeping us apart
I just didn't realise the past
And my anger for I felt...

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Categories: hurst, angst, death, sad, me, me, time,
Form: Free verse
In love
When i am around you,
I am in love,
I like your cute face
Your smile,
The way you tickle me,
The way you make me feel,
The way we flirt.


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Categories: hurst, love, , cute,
Form: I do not know?
Ya Got Me
Blood shot eyes falling to the floor
Always due to wanting more
Cascading lips speak of pleasure
Whispers digging for treasure

Turmoil is water from which I sip
Scales of...

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Categories: hurst, confusion, depression, introspection, life,
Form: Rhyme
Restless Sleep
I lie in my satin sheets
So cool against my skin
Slide my hand to the side
You are not there for my touch
I miss your warmth beside...

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Categories: hurst, lonely, me,
Form: ABC
Makes you think
sought of makes you think
Life can pass you faster then you can blink
Worries; They can stack up to piles

Sought of thing,that makes you smile
When you...

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Categories: hurst, god,
Form: Rhyme
Rejected Love

Love bursts through every vein
Leading to my beating heart
Free for the taking
What are you afraid of
See the passion in my eyes
To my soul that aches...

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Categories: hurst, love,
Form: ABC