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Best Hooks Poems

Below are the all-time best Hooks poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hooks poems written by PoetrySoup members

Space-Age Hooks and Barbs
It has been DECADES!

And yet, for some ridiculous reason, we 
still choose to TIE our shoes and
BUTTON our trousers, ZIP our

How ridiculous.

When Man first invented...

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Categories: hooks, philosophy
Form: Free verse

Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 1
Ghosts of the Sun Dance

1. The Path

A quest dating back through our history
Surpassing the flesh, a spiritual path
Human endurance, road to mystery
Dark trail winding through...

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Categories: hooks, spiritual, sports, endurance, drug,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member Dad's Workshop
A clutter of wood and dust and cobwebby corners,
And dappled sun shining through dirty windows;
On his work table a drawing; a project in progress,
And tin...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hooks, father daughter,
Form: Free verse
Where The Woods Open
There's a path I always take
down to the river where the woods
are dressed down open
The light of the sky
doesn't shine in your eyes
but leads the...

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Categories: hooks, autumn, imagery, inspirational, lonely, nature, solitude,
Form: Free verse
Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 2
8. Transformation

Yielding to those who have mastered the art
Of grasping one's place in existence's grand scheme
Life’s constant challenges never depart
But humble diligence will grow the...

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Categories: hooks, spiritual, sports,
Form: Crown of Sonnets

Confessions of a Baby Snatcher
This is my last confession; there will be no more.

I am impercipient and slow from last night's sleeping pill,
wincing away from the harshness of day.

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Categories: hooks, baby, dark, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The New Robbin Hood

The New "Robbin'" Hood

This guy I describe can have many names.
He’s greedy and mean and likes to play games.

I’ll just call him Robbin’ with double-b,

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Categories: hooks, corruption, drug,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Living Love Fire
Take a look my Love
do you see how the diamonds of our dreams
are burning so brightly and violently
silhouetting the lips of our wishes against the...

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Categories: hooks, inspirational, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Welcome to the Bijou
Welcome to the Bijou

Sometimes the creepiest places are old.
There’s a smell to them of stale nicotine
and rancid oil.

The denizens are often as ancient
as the peeling...

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Categories: hooks, age,
Form: Free verse
Existential Reprise
Before I scarred the page
Raging what your letters cannot invent
Let me invite you to other books
I wrote before you owed me wage
For all maladjustment and...

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Categories: hooks, philosophyme, old, me, old, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Manger Shadow
Manger Shadow

A shadow lurks behind the manger bed
 Swaddled by indifference,
  Creeping behind
 Lowing cows 
Bleating sheep,
Power without power raising up a hoary...

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Categories: hooks, christmas,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Our Limited Understanding
What did he mean
when he said
turn the other cheek?
Does it mean
violence isn't the answer
and peace is always the way?

Is it to deny the natural
carnal response?

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Categories: hooks, bible, christian, peace, philosophy, religious, violence,
Form: Rhyme
A Cocktail of Kaleidoscope
Cows milked: mitigated mooing in the meadows then
Weaving on the warp, some workaholic women

Harvest of hapless halibuts on hooks
Bookish book-worms buried in books

A palomino...

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Categories: hooks, imagery, poems, writing,
Form: Alliteration
It's One of Those Fabulous Poems

It’s one of those poems
full of whimsical stuff
when you’ve read a few lines
you’ve had more than enough. 
it triggers...

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Categories: hooks, fun, humorous, light,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member An Unpoetic Hustle
Because my brilliant hooks read indirect,
But bait directly one illiterate,
They likely slip stripped fish-net intellect,
Thus, now, I’ll lure completely different:
Just like the redwood trees that...

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Categories: hooks, parody,
Form: Sonnet
Loch River Valley
Where the forest is still virgin and the lyrebirds often call,
the bronze-wing comes to drink, and the ferns are growing tall, 
there are deer prints...

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Categories: hooks, nature, river,
Form: Rhyme
Going Fishing on a Summer Day (Nonet Trilogy)
          Going fishing with a cane pole and

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© Betty Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hooks, happiness, life, nature, old, fishing, old,
Form: I do not know?
Virginia's abound with hills that roll off her shoulders
Wet rocks glisten on the edge of the lazy water 
Translucent fish arching through the cold channels...

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Categories: hooks, beautiful, old, summer, old, summer,
Form: Free verse
Tod Und Frau 1910 (Death and the Woman)
As death creeps out of the darkness,
  A mother becomes the rope in a (Tug of war.)
A child reaches to help its’ mother in...

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© Abe Lopez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hooks, art, death, lifemother, child, death, child,
Form: ekphrasis
The Reluctant Christmas Tree
I’m so nervous, it’s that time again
     Gotta get ready, go out there and shine, shine, shine!
And I don’t have much...

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Categories: hooks, christmas, humorous,
Form: Personification
The Elected
            The Elected

Sharks leave the water to campaign on land
Drink Champagne at political parties

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Categories: hooks, abuse, addiction, corruption, future, identity, image,
Form: Free verse
A Childs Wisdom (short)
If I 
a fish,
I'd tell
all my
that worms
come on
with sharp


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© Kevin Pace  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hooks, funny
Form: Couplet
A New Stage
Her innocence was gone
Maturity was her mystique 
And she wore it like makeup as in clinique

She smiled and looked through deep eyes
Seeing through the disguise

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© Lara Wash  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hooks, dream, smile, truth,
Form: Bio
Crocheting Granny
I am the crocheting granny,
the one who carries ample hooks
within a floral bag and yarn-a-plenty,
making baby blankets from how-to books.

I am the crocheting granny,
who looks...

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Categories: hooks, creation,
Form: Rhyme
A Mother's Love
A Mother’s Love tender, sweet
At least that’s what we’re told isn’t it?
To think the one to love us most is nowhere to be found
you scream,...

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Categories: hooks, 12th grade, abuse, mother,
Form: Free verse