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Best Homespun Poems

Below are the all-time best Homespun poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of homespun poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member A Hundred Springs
Some days I feel so damned old
Like my zest is starting to mold
Seems my feet are always cold
My golden years ran out of gold

I'm sitting...

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Categories: homespun, age,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member O' Cenobite, Dar'est Thy Soul Await
O' Cenobite, Dar'est Thy Soul Await

Alas! By what right is such assailing
amidst uproar, then half-truths a'telling
Does not morn gift upon grass falling dew
yet truth perseveres...

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Categories: homespun, creation, humanity, metaphor, perspective, symbolism, voice,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lady Kathleen
She crossed a wide ocean, during war times, in danger
A life of adventure, of courage, of fear
Yet, nothing reveals the hint of the years
that have...

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Categories: homespun, friend, history, people,
Form: Epic
Silver Jubilee
Celtic courtship ended
nineteen eighty-two.
Marriage nuptials blended
"us" from me and you.

Seaside lovers heading 
to the Irish Sea
showcase Christmas wedding, 
silver jubilee.  

Touring without hassle -

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Categories: homespun, ireland, marriage, travel, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
I was a runner
fleeing from homespun horrors that
wrapped around my delicacy like a tourniquet

Only a child attempting to bestir
the warrior dormant within;
having no idea the...

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Categories: homespun, abuse, beach, deep, feelings, home, imagery,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Tale of The Asp
Burlap marinated in back water ponds,
that's what the spirit of truth often dons
always forever and mahogany strong... 
pillar of marble in cyclones of neglect
hold tight...

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Categories: homespun, life, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When The Blues Are Fun

You consume the whole of me constantly,
Fair drafts ensure flight of our loyal tryst,
Though all known plans bear out uncertainty,
Our center grants said goals to...

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Categories: homespun, childhood, friendship, life,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Summer's Withered Bloom

The carcass of beauty spent and done
picked clean by scavengers of time,
whose sated memories of summer
ask for no quarter and offer none.

Winter winds tango with...

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Categories: homespun, 10th grade, 11th grade, autumn, change,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Harris Tweed
Look deep within these loosely-woven layers to find
Primeval land with ocean, sky and wind entwined.
Skilled hands and eyes of generations gone before
And peat smoke mingling...

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© Peter Rees  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homespun, god,
Form: Rhyme
Carbonated Sizzle Stop
Carbonated sizzle STOP 
me ....before I start!
I feel the vrrrroom in the room
take me to your carburetor
drop me into first gear
headed... where? .....Homespun 

Oil buster

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Categories: homespun, death, life, sexy, slam,
Form: Free verse
Ali'i Drive
Famed gold crepuscular rays angling down
Knifing in between, through volcanic haze 
Hualalai and Mauna Loa’s crowns
Fire Goddess Pele greets fresh island day

Fuchsia blooms explode, steal...

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Categories: homespun, beauty, flower, humanity, nature, ocean, paradise,
Form: Quatrain
Pellucid pachyderms wade across
the purpling River Manjees
and Tozzath watches from the bank, 
the seat of his maroon pantaloons soaked with mud,
his nostrils flaring with the...

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Categories: homespun, death, fantasy, girl, magic, word play,
Form: Free verse
A poet's need
Poetic flesh transparent to the bone
heart on a sleeve, emotions on display
they find a world that has much to atone.

Verbal skills and persuasiveness to hone,

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© Wayne Sapp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homespun, introspection, on writing and wordsmay,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Summery Personality
Serendipity happened
As the dancer communed
Poet's scintillas and muse
Enchanting poetic expression
Dances like wind-tossed Dandelion
Fragrant perfume infuse
Summery, sumptuous person
Gifted poet whose poems not homespun
Whose words hearts seduce___...

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Categories: homespun, friendship, inspirational, life,
Form: Tail-rhyme
The Watcher
The Watcher 
The Watcher 
When the seventeen men neared the end of the bridge only one remained in 
sight all the others were lost in...

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Categories: homespun, education, faith, imagination, mystery, parody, people,
Form: Free verse

To watch the early nightfall peep, as I
Relish the scent of air passing nearby, 
While verdant grassland breathes of newborn hay 
Unwinding the busy haze...

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Categories: homespun, day, happiness, daffodils,
Form: Couplet
A Balcony Over Venice
There’s a balcony over Venice
Somewhere outside Dallas, Texas
Through a sliding glass door

A couple sits toasting to the croons of Elvis
With paper cup chalice
Upon their European...

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Categories: homespun, adventure, dance, family, fantasy, father, romance,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Face
Coyly smiling at the sun				
with brightly colored face,				
a demeanor quietly homespun			
garlanded with ruffled grace;			

wherever planted, sheds crisp cheer	
all about the garden plot,			
sophisticated peers may proudly...

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Categories: homespun, flower,
Form: Rhyme
Emma was my granny, German born gal, 
from Alsace-Lorraine, her will was homespun.
Her mom had six young children to corral -
emigrating in eighteen eighty-one. 


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Categories: homespun, grandmother,
Form: Dizain
Memories, Someone Asked
Memories, someone asked?
Here’s one. Let me pull it out from the past,
Let me set it next to the grandfather clock in the parlor,
That used to...

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Categories: homespun, family, mother,
Form: Verse
Pointing Forward to Jamaican Interlude by Karl Parboosingh
Let me show you the perimeter first Diamond with cool edges like water
Upon the shroudless sunshine of thirst That is the constellation he was after

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Categories: homespun, political
Form: ekphrasis
Christmases Past on Mantel Hung

Christmases Past, on Mantel Hung

Three stockings line the hearth, each one a "tail"
of warm Christmas past, of love
hand-knitted, chewed by pup!

submitted by Susan Buchel for...

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Categories: homespun, family, holiday, love, pets,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member The Duchess I Once Knew
She's pouring from a pot of tea
    as we relax on the quiet porch
Honeysuckle vines encircle the posts,
   and webs...

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Categories: homespun, adventure, dedication, dog, family, life, water,
Form: Narrative
Lets See More
Well folks, 
Les C. Moore is back
Once again to ready to offer
his unique brand of homespun populism
Let's see what he has to say ...
Les C....

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Categories: homespun, perspective, satire, society, truth,
Form: Light Verse
free range chicken
...she kept her heart on a chain
never let it run mad like it was born to do
she kept her head in a box
never let it...

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© mark junor  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: homespun, august, character, desire, dream, heart, poetry,
Form: Free verse