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Best Hammered Poems

Below are the all-time best Hammered poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hammered poems written by PoetrySoup members


Metallic city howls like a wounded animal
scraped by nocturnal vigils
of grandchildren and elders
emaciated like tuberculosis lungs
gasping from chug-chugs of tobacco soot...
and the face of a...

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Categories: hammered, anger, angst,

Premium Member The Accolade
 Fighting mid the strong and bold,
His eye and blade were keen;
Marching like a thund'ring storm
On foes of Faith, his queen.

Now returned in victory
Upon his...

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Categories: hammered, christian, faith, love, me,

Still Out Back
Hints of warmer days and barbeque dreams
filter through the last gasps of winter air
cold drinks and late nights soon to be seen
through tiny openings of...

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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hammered, body, creation, love,

Premium Member Unlike Thee Athenian
Those rarer men I once fondly 
knew...                  ...

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Categories: hammered, philosophy,

Premium Member He Arose
Long ago Man soaked alters in blood,
while sacrificing animals to God.
And ever since Noah and the flood
plows got hammered into sword and rod.

Civilizations grew and...

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Categories: hammered, bible, easter, faith, feelings,

Premium Member Beauty in the Wind

On the rise of a hill, overlooking the bend
Where the old gravel road, seems to narrow and blend
Stands your bony remains, weathered timber and nails

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Categories: hammered,

God Answers Aunt Kate-repost
For the last few days
     her depression had weighed
          heavy, a thick...

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Categories: hammered, adventure, depression, funny, hope,

Premium Member The Color of Love
How to describe the color of love?  Might you frown in surprise if I spoke of brown?  Dull, pockmarked, ocherous brown. 
A tarmac...

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Categories: hammered, home, nostalgia,

The Kreutzer Sonata
(In 1807, Beethoven wrote a piano/violin
piece with this title.  Count Leo Tolstoy
followed in 1890, with a short novel of the
same name, in which he...

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Categories: hammered, relationship,

In pleasantries, orchestrated on our screens,
We live the lives of many men and women,
As if sex could be! We grow, composed of well-cooked pablum
Eaten between...

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Categories: hammered, philosophy, political, science fiction,

Premium Member The endgame
The endgame 

And the cemetery was
nowhere to be found
yet was so present
in the shallow depth
the graveyard of the mind

No tombstone unturned
fragmented torn and twisted 

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Categories: hammered, death, depression, emotions, grave,

Premium Member Tilted Dahlias --The Artist
The sage green wall had worn a blank look
until, slightly askew, with a tilt to the left
dangling helplessly, without a complaint 
is the pride of...

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Categories: hammered, art,

When hurt is embedded, so deeply within
how does one remove it, where do they begin?

The decay begins slowly, when a life starts a-rotting
and it cannot...

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Categories: hammered, hope, pain,

Premium Member My Gee-Gee

Looked up this morning, no clouds overhead
So happy I screamed like a banshee
What greater seduction than smelling fresh air
With the breeze caressing my gee-gee

As I...

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Categories: hammered, humor,

Premium Member Haunted
The night holds such gray, when beating wave and tortured sky compete
      "Still round the corner there may wait, a...

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Categories: hammered, lost love, lost, lost,

The reigning monarch's hammered earth,
my foot upon controlling girth
nature alone encircles worth
as I go on to capture hurt!

Oh stop, the chiding from the Church
the fault...

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Categories: hammered, art, devotion,

Neon (9/11)
When dulled down shock painfully became
a pickaxe ache behind shimmering eyes,
the bludgeoning screen hammered memory cells
repeatedly, over and over.
Tears exploded, soft rain dampened flame,
the grumbling...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hammered, death, history, people, uplifting,

Premium Member Jael
by Valerie D. Staton

Jael, Heber the Kenite’s, fearless wife, 
concocted a formidable plan.

With hammer and nail she’d shorten the life,
of King Jabin’s top military man.


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Categories: hammered, religious, war,

Premium Member Dragon A Wild Adventure
Dragon Anguish

Adam clenched his fists attempting to block his senses
from the growing growls that hammered against his rib cage.
The thousands of millenniums he had lived...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hammered, anger, bereavement, death, fantasy,

As we met by the park in the dark then went to the alley where we sparked up some grass and began to get paly...

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Categories: hammered, age, anxiety, rap,

Premium Member Proof in Lock of Hair and Baby Tooth
Proof in Lock of Hair and Baby Tooth

‘Love you mama’
Shouts a fairy’s
baby tooth
set long before
in a violet velvet box.

‘Miss you lots’
whispers mama,
eyes fixed as she

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Categories: hammered, death,

              HURRICANE HATTIE         ...

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Categories: hammered, earth, nature, rain,

Premium Member A Jealous Heart
you figured me out.

My smile has become crooked,
hammered down upon guillotine pedestal.

Her strands of tormented wishes,
now caressed by singer’s ebb & flow.

Baritone lyrics glide out...

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Categories: hammered, friendship, introspection, sadme, smile,

Wrought liquid metal, hued in the fire's of hell,
Pored into a castings shell, then hammered well,
By the angry fists of Satan himself, behold the skeleton...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hammered, evil, fantasy, gothic, halloween,

Premium Member The Sweet Faced Ones with Nothing Left Inside
My path beyond the shores of time
from life to there are maritime ripples.
Harrowing blades of rain
hammered from storm-clouds shatter puddles
of glass to rolling streams of...

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Categories: hammered, depression,