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The way home

From where I am I now begin
So over my head, so over my self
How can the future be my home
When I’m not here now?
I need to make a detour and return to my home.
The reality I have now,
My heart pounding, am still breathing.
But if I just have now, will I go overboard?
Will I indulge and loose it all?
There has to be a place that makes them whole
All in one and one in all.
Where is that place that I call home?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Is it here?
Is it there?
Is it now?
Or was it then?
Will I get to it
And give my mind some rest?

Me Me Me
Don’t block the way 
I need to find my home today
I see it now from far away.

But the past has gone to rest
And the future has not come yet 
So what is left is all present
Where the heart finds what it needs 
Not looking beyond what it does
In its rhythm it says:
The present boundless
The past hopeless
The future does not exist
But all come together in one place
A place that makes them whole
This is it, the present
This is home.

Copyright © aida melesse | Year Posted 2010

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race

There is no greater feeling than to be alive and free Spending our lives on God's green earth Reveling in the warmth of yet another sun filled day The rainy days are sent to us only to remind us How much we appreciate dear old Mr. Sol It's what keeps us alive in anticipation of his return The sun is the source of everything we have here on Earth We revel in it's ray but also cover up When we get too much of a good thing It can be extremely harmful Which also applies to us here on earth Everything in moderation should be our motto It's evident every where we wander The trick is not to go overboard When you discover something exhilarating Just remember, “slow and steady wins the race!” That shouldn't stop us from enjoying life We just need to step back every once in a while Take stock and appreciate everything we have... NOT what we don't have! This may sound like a lecture from this old geezer But there's one thing I do have... That's a lifetime of experience © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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A Green Christmas

Looks like we could have a green Christmas this year Which is great as long as it snows on that day, d'ya hear Just that special day Then melt all away Let's not go overboard, can't wait for spring to appear © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Haiku 27

This haiku has been deleted due to possible publication.

NOTE: I know I don't typically go artsy-fartsy with my haiku (wax eloquent as Eileen Ghali would call it). But in this case the sky was being too beautiful to NOT go overboard with the descriptions...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Past to Present

So many roles have changed over the years,
Went from being a child to a man dressed up in tears,
I wasn’t scared of nothing but now living in fear,
Visited bars rolling high in jacked cars,
Single now looking up at stars,
Went from throwing rocks at windows to violating laws,
There was a point in time my life was forced to take a pause,
For a better cause,
I don’t know why my pain infected like Sars.

Seen so many sharks couldn’t tell which one was Jaws,
Plenty times I dreamt I resided in Oz,
With a Dorothy type all up in my arms,
In the real world I lost but in Oz I found my charm,
Couldn’t hack it always stood against the norm,
Now I’m bleeding, suffering and seeing myself mourn,
It feels like being pricked by a million and one thorns,
Or getting raped where you have all of your clothes torn.

Ok, maybe that was a bit extreme,
Sometimes I have a tendency to go overboard with what I mean,
So back to my reality, back to may agony,
Unable to distinguish what’s worse mistrust
Or a machete hacking me,
All the lies only proved you lacked the tact to carry me,
It’s time for me to go and recharge my battery,
And rethink our camaraderie,
I’m gaining too many calories,
I can’t afford to twist up or even affect my salary,
I guess that’s life
and I’m not one to ever pretend that I’m living happily

Copyright © Remi Stan | Year Posted 2014

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The Tourist Attraction of Intimacy

Midnight rays to all, no selection from the moon brief hospitality served by this erotic tycoon. Emotion bargained without a glimpse of a soul the comfort is so bare for the physical act to roll. A fishing net generally made for the entire town fathers, boyfriends, lovers; all can go down. One manure upgrading a garden of grass a hundred images reflected through one glass. Attractively reveals all, claiming there’s nothing to hide showing off this deception for the serviced to abide. A short term companion and a short period of being a wife feeding her beloved to eat the meal with a lovely knife. Her touches and seduction, new sensation they induced bedroom tricks far from the regular, a deep taste is introduced. The tension and the stress, she's a good professional to crack at the end of the pocket’s worth, the pleasure faces a sack. On every session’s conclusion comes the rain of vocal awards only for economic purposes, no reason to go overboard. To modern settlements, this venture is already integral especially in those so open, fresh and liberal.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Sitting there nice and still slowly sinking
you smile as the strangers smile back confused and unaware
you were just drowning in your tears
one by one the words rip through your skin tearing you apart
limb by limb you try to stay up but the weights keep you down 
your slowly drowning and nobody can help you now,
people think that the scars on your wrist has no meaning but
to you it means help, help us escape this water before 
you go overboard and drown... drown form the blood and tears,
drown form the pain inside but nobody notices a thing
maybe that's how it's supposed to be, maybe I am supposed to be drowning
maybe I should just let go and sink. And nobody would notice a thing.

Copyright © Emily the band geek | Year Posted 2015

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Little Harry

                    Little Harry was a born coward with life he was bored
                          Went to Montevideo to kiss Elizabeth Ford 
                                     She gifted him with a car
                                      Took him to a tango bar
                  Dined him on a toad when he refused to go overboard

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2016

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My Bi-Polar Disorder part 1

I need to relax for a change
One last time, I'm giving it all of my might to fight the good fight
It's eccentric how time flies; I guess it's about time to rearrange...
I don't have a clue if I can build up confidence tonight...
I need energy to move on to brighter dusks and less dark days
I need the lonely ghosts that linger around me to subside from my side and go their own outlandish ways
Maybe I can be the witness to God's sun-drenched sight 
But, for now, I will handle things on my own terms...I will wistfully soar in the river-blue sky like a kid's kreative kite 
I won't worry about a thang
Don't worry about a thang and do your thang
The phone rang, but I ignored it as if it meant nothing to me
I hear a BANG, but I just shrug it off my shoulders and live happy-go-lucky...frankly...
I watch people chat and hang out 
I guess you can say that that is my sport
I begin to make out words that bring me hope or doubt
I crunch on the ice of isolation and I'm alone in my fort 
Fortify me by your flavorful faith and fruitful flight
For, I'm the secluded bear in his cave...I must be brave and stop cowering from the light
The light that brought meaning in my life, I thought it was a beloved dream
The delight it doused upon me was amazing in its highest extreme 
Elevating my self-esteem and making me wanna happily scream,
But, for serenity's sake, I build self-control and instead, I silently beam
For I'm on His team...
So I won't worry about a thang
Don't worry about a thang and do your thang
Believe in me and mirror my merry spirits...
This sudden cheeriness deep inside scared me out of my wits...
But, in a good way!
I want this moment to last for a lifetime, not for a day
You shown me your jubilant, friendly side
Stay by my side and say no more, for we're going on a bumpy ride
Hold my shivering hands 
We were once two lonely, barren lands 
Are we on the same page?
We will be released from our crystal clear cage 
Express your bold rage 
You're still my sweet-smelling sage
No matter what, don't your own your thang...
I heard you, grazing in your own naturally sang in the pouring rain
So beautifully, it had a unique ring to it... It was so heartfelt and I could feel your pangs of pleasure and pain 
I'm stuck in place while you're free in space
I am a disgrace and you're amazing grace 
I need to be a shining sun to light up the grief-tainted sky...
It needs brief relief I can't deny...feeling kind of low after my natural high...
I need to be optimistic like I used I'm fragile and wasting away 
Why do I not try anymore? I don't know exactly why I have the urge to cry...I will fight the urge to cry; I won't lie - I did try
I need your support and sympathy to get me through
The pain...that I feel inside, though it does show in the outside 
The rain...that I shed on the side when I notice that you and I jaded our golden pride
Angry and surprised...
When I do my thang, thangs don't work out the way I want them to
Jolly and mesmerized...
Because when we work together, we do what we're supposed to's our duty to avoid distractions too
I have a hard time doing that unfortunately 
Don't we all have something to work on honestly?
Once again, my happiness won't grow 
Why is that so? I don't know...
Who knows where the wind do blow
Do your thang and reap what you sow 
Yet, I can't help but envy you as you are all aglow 
I feel for the guilty, the distraught souls that reduce to shame
I am a prisoner inside of my own home - how keep losing the being accepted game 
Friends come and go, don't you know? 
My head is spinning madly to and fro
And yet you watch my tears flow, so dumbfounded and if I'm a televised show 
Come on, audience, sit down on the comfy couch and watch the not-so-lovely show
Excuse me, let me do what I want to do, for I'm super bored
Just look after me, Lord, so I won't go overboard...I've committed sins that have consequences I cannot afford

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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In Her Inexperience

"That girl's eyes loved gazing into water,
in her doubly delightful vision,
but he was still learning the liquid language,
and there's danger and there's damage,
there's envy and derision,
when you love the ocean's daughter.

So he told this girl that of course he had
been in love once, but that girl had
turned out to be a mermaid and he couldn't
swim or even go overboard and sink
down to where her eggs were lying like
multitudinous, enticing pearls slowly drifting
away on the luminous white sand at the
bottom of the blue lagoon...

He didn't really like the water very much,
I guess... so anyway what this girl told me
was that after that he always, ironically, had
the blues, like a deep glinting reflection in
his eyes, like the distant echo of a soprano
saxophone in his ears...

The first time this girl met him, apparently,
he turned to her and said, "What did you
say?" and forced a smile politely to his lips,
his lips that would never kiss an earth-woman
or taste the flower-sweet air that floats through
her, although she may have any number of
his wistful, wondering children clinging to her
skirts while her tears flow endlessly back to
the sea."

Copyright © Nancy Ames | Year Posted 2008

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In All Things, GOD

Anchor your faith on God's Word,
For many fail to interpret,
Many still will go overboard
Adding to what God had set.

His Word has Power and is complete
And He sent His Spirit to teach,
All our seeking will not forfeit
Our hearts' yearning, our God to reach.

In all things He works to fulfill
His good plans for us to unfold-
And there we find His perfect will
His purpose as His Word has told.

All rights reserved ~~~ Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~11.04.13

Copyright © Cynthia Buhain-Baello | Year Posted 2014

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Lord, I want to write a poem about my thoughts
Random thoughts
Isn’t that funny?
I think about how people still don’t know 
That they don’t have to ask you for things
You already know
I think about how my mood can change with just a word from You
I think about love and whether I have been in love
Ha, that is a mystery
I think about how you have changed me
And why you still haven’t given me an answer as to whether I should go
You know what I am asking you!
I wonder what you have in store for me
I think about what else you would do for me
You seem to have done everything already
I wonder what caused one to go overboard
And go to the other side and be angry at society
I wonder if there is anything one can do to help
To prevent at least
Maybe somewhere someone has done something to them
I don’t know
I marvel at how each of us is so different in how we view our world
And how you are at the center of it
Instigate it all 
Yes Lord I said instigate
You are the master of it
You cause it all and I know it
You are, Lord - the center of it
It all comes back to you
What are you up to now?
I wish you would let me in
I would help you
Haha as if you need any help
Lord you are just unbelievable
And I just don’t know what to say about you
As there is no word to say
Of how magnificent You are Lord
You do something everyday
And I never know what you do one day to the next
You keep me guessing
You change everything from day to day
No days are the same
Each day is different
Hallelujah God
I thought about my friend, Jack
How he thought about how he has slowed down
And think about that certain day
Lord I want to run until I can run no more
And just drop 
Okay Lord?
Well enough of that
I think about my friends
Ahh that is a different story
I think I will think about them some other time
I’ll get something to eat now

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2014

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My Knees Don't Like Me

My knees don't like me very much
Right now I don't like them.
They use to be much friendlier
When I stayed fit and trim.

You don't give up on friends because
They've maybe gained some weight
But mercy me , if I was a three
They'd take me on a date.

I want them to remember
To think real long and hard
Replacement's in the future
So I'd not go overboard.

Reta Pruitt
August 25,2018

Copyright © Reta Pruitt | Year Posted 2018