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Somewhat Twisted Thoughts of the Day

If love is a game I need a referee
If sex is a game I want instant re-play
I played the game of life but fouled out
Life stinks (Forgot to take a shower his morning)
Just my luck, life was but a dream and my alarm went off

Does a bear sh-t in the woods? (Don't think Polar Bears do)
When pigs fly, my windshield's in BIG trouble
The egg came before the chicken but some fool sat on it
I want to fly like an eagle but I have a fear of heights
NEVER venture outdoors when it's raining cats and dogs
Maggots began the tradition of getting married in June

She told me to go fly a kite but the take-off was rather chaotic
Two neighbors gossiped over an electric fence and were shocked at the news
If you need someone to lean on make sure they don't have Vertigo
A new cemetery employee is often assigned to the graveyard shift
A harried and harassed mother accidentally threw the bath water out with the baby
Due to inflation, every time it rains it rains, quarters from heaven
I took the money and ran but ran into an old friend...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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Go Fly A Kite

Let's get a kite and make it fly.
Catch the wind, up in the sky.

It must be bright, easy to see.
The shape, what should it be?

A butterfly, with a colorful tail?
Or a boat, that would appear to sail?

How about a bird, with enormous wings,
with a handle and sturdy strings?

We will let it go on the beach.
But slowly, at first keeping it within reach.

Hope for an island wind, ocean or bay.
Then let it go, come what may.

This was something that you wanted to do
I thought it might be fun, I wanted in on it too.

We watched as that bird took flight.
Watching it soar, but keeping it in sight.

It would, dip, spin, dance in the air.
We wanted to join in, to dance up there.

The beautiful kite in the air was a sight to see.
Our bird was flying, wild and free!

Just the two of us standing in the sand.
Two not so young women, with bird in hand.

We had fun, and a little more,
watching that kite rise above the shore.

That "freebird" had shown us what it was to be free.
So "go fly a kite,  was all we had hoped it would be.

Copyright © Sandra Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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Get It Flying

Try try with all our might
This time may we get it right
Another day does come
Still we are all thumbs
Is getting this done right
Really going to be our blight
Another chance is all we ask
Leave other tries in the past
Stop wait are we going to fast
Another let down have we cast
Oh my what a beautiful sight
Finally we learn to fly a kite
Gwendolen Rix contest Lets Go Fly A Kite Poem was written: 09/08/2006

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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Wind Sock Kite-Mare

Wind sock kites can be seen along the beach
Couldn’t afford one; always out of reach
     Until that Wednesday
     When one got away
“Please, Mom, let it be mine,” I did beseech

No other kids were in sight on the sand
I grabbed the string; the kite took off as planned
     Seagull in the way
     Tangled right away
Snarled in the jetty, I saw it crash land

*Entry for Gwendolen’s “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” contest
Dedicated to Alexa Brus who has helped me hone my writing abilities and gave me the encouragement to continue writing when my muse escaped.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2012

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Writer's block Go Fly a Kite

Stifled in this spin of bight
Tongue undone in sudden fright
cannot scream claws holding tight
To twist and stomp with all my might
What is this sorry bloody sight?
So slippery slime that yet can bite
If one could stretch to such a height
to burst though stone and see the light
It's midnight moonless clouded night
an empty graveyard sees my plight
And shudders  for this can't be right

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2010

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Unquotable quotes - V

Unquotable quotes – V

Constant dipping wears out the hardest bone.
Out of sight, out of bind.
Too many cooks spoil the school books.
Be a cuckoo and lay your eggs at the cuckold’s next door.
When lightning strikes, the fire-brigade rides.
Don’t cry over spilt tears on a tilted table.
Give a dope a long rope to escape prison and hang yourself.
Till the cows come home lone and married.
Do not teach a dog how not to bark.
A shark’s « fin » is the end of the film.
A rhinoceros’s horn makes the infidel a born again thorn. 
Early to bed, early to rise makes the wife stealthy, squelchy 
    and clock-wise.
A lawyer is a liar/Who rides a bicycle on a live wire/Smokes a 
    salmon in her office oven/Slurps noodles with poor 
    poodles/Makes fudges out of judges/Ends up selling 
    divorced wives/On the internet stock archives.
A two-timing two makes fools of fours on all fours.
Go fly a kite when you’re tight out of sight.
When the garden warbler trills on oblivious, the magpies 
         ensemble grumble.
Patients can undo all the good doctors do.
Even cars can become chronically ill.
Children need not be seen so long as the noise they make 
         reminds us of them.
Authority always provides cover for cruelty.	
The nation is always worthy of the most scurrilous crimes.
Religious service serves only the ritual’s hollow promise.
He serves God best who serves all creatures first.
God cannot be in need of help. Nor does He need adulation.
Is religion an attempt to bribe God ?

© T. Wignesan –Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Go Fly A Kite

One day I was really busy with chores as my son was sitting all around.
Not helping, he was driving me crazy as he got in the way, in leaps and bounds. 
Every few seconds he was asking what to do, and acting, oh so bored.
His whining and irritation carried on, as all my suggestions, he deplored.
In a moment of weakness, I told him to go fly a kite high up in the blue…
Well, we all know how karma has its way, and comes around so true…

He found a kite and sailed it with a kid with wilder views, outdoors.
Sure enough, trouble began as a girl in tears came running to my door.
She was begging me to save her froggy friend, the one she so adored.
For he was indeed taking a trip to worldly heights, as that kite soared.
Panicked, thoughts of a little broken froggie now sailed thru my mind.
And PETA knocking down my door was of course not far behind.

Chores forgotten, and with eyes full of horror I raced out the door.
Low and behold a kite that never could seem to get off the ground, before… 
Was soaring at 200 feet where it continued to climb and soar, some more.
I figured my sons real want, had been to get attention from his Mom, for sure.
And he had won as we were together, as we tried to get that froggy to our side.
But he kept telling me the froggy had, himself, jumped twice on the kite, to ride.

But of course I didn’t believe him as we fought for froggy’s life.
After an hour of swoops and dives while praying for the best, amid the strife.…
Finally he was settled in a tree. But was the little guy happy? Did you guess?
No siree! No way! For when the kite took off again, I must confess…
With a leap of faith… he was again riding that kite as it shot up like an arrow.
And my son told me SEEEE I told you he really wanted to go…

As I reeled him quickly in, I ate a little crow, for not believing in him, before.
As we brought the froggy back down…I explained he didn’t want to soar… 
But no matter what he wanted… he must not let him, ever sail again…
For my son was old enough to now understood the danger he’d been in.
I told him it was his responsibility to protect and pay attention to his little friend.
Instead give him love and attention, and to always be kind to him.

Dedicated to my Hubby always encouraging me on this site. PS: This is fictional.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2012

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Kites Flight

Red kite loses flight 
Bump bump bumping through the grass   
She runs to recast
     Kite snags on a jagged rock
     Rips a hole inside girl’s heart	

3/30/12 - Revised 4/2/12
for "Let's Go Fly a Kite" contest

A big thanks to Andrea for her ideas and suggestions over the past year that have made my writing better :)

Copyright © Black Eyed Susan | Year Posted 2012

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No Chance of Rain Weather Forecast

Sunny and clear with no chance of rain,
That's what the weatherman said.
Warm and breezy, a perfect day,
To get up and get out of bed.

Why stay inside on such a glorious day?
Think I'll take a walk, get some fresh air.
Better yet I'll go fly a kite or ride a bike,
Grab a friend and a picnic to share.

Uh oh! What's this? Are those clouds I see?
They don't look very friendly at all.
"What happened to no chance of rain", 
I ask as the drops begin to fall.

In an instant my bright sunny day,
Turned into an angry downpour.
My plans were all ruined, putting me in a funk.
Now, I guess I'll stay in and do chores.

For Joy Wellington's "Weather Forecast" contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2012

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Go Fly a Kite

This is the season
For flying a kite.
Succumb to the wind
And indulge in delight.

Release enough string
So it rises with ease
And watch how it dances
And dips in the breeze.

With tail all a’flutter,
It tugs at its tether
To frolic with glee
In this blustery weather.

I don’t understand
In the midst of a fight,
Why someone will tell you
To go fly a kite.

It’s meant as an insult,
To vex and annoy,
But kite-flying always
Engenders such joy.

I guess some expressions
Fall far out of style,
For flying a kite
Is a path to a smile.

For Gwendolen Rix's "Lets Go Fly a Kite" contest

Thanks to Andrea Dietrich for being an inspiration and a kindred spirit.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2012

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You chastise me continually,
At home, even in the car;
What I should do, what I should say,
Who do you think you are.

You want me to be perfect,
Do everything just right,
And if I'm not you'll tell me,
So I try with all my might.

Not that I'm a door mat,
You can't push me around,
I'll try and try and try again,
And then I'll stand my ground.

If something doesn't turn out right,
You know you're not to blame,
So you turn to me with ire,
And curse and call me names.

It matters not I'm sorry,
If indeed I'm wrong,
It matters not my innocence,
If blame does not belong,

With me in any shape or way,
The lecture will go on,
Reiterate, discuss, debate,
Till self esteem is gone.

Be perfect and you say again,
Be perfect just like you;
But I'm not and cannot be,
I'm just me through and through.

I tried to please you, yes I did,
I tried with all my might;
But that's not good enough for you,
So you go fly a kite.

(some people couldn't be pleased if you peed in their ice cream)

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2012

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Bull's eye

I once fell headfirst
for a stunning, curvy blonde
till "Go fly a kite!"
were the only words I heard...
I learned dart throwing instead.

Copyright © George Aul | Year Posted 2012

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I'll Be Waiting

I cannot go big this Valentine's Day,
no money to spend - it all went away,
so while I dig for change
my date got rearranged...
she will see me on Go Fly a Kite Day!

Copyright © George Aul | Year Posted 2017

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Like a Kite

Sometimes, in my quiet remembrance I could wish to be like a kite That flies across the blue sky and kissed the clouds that dance on a swaging of air, Like a kite that can touch the rainbow in the sky to know the secrets that hides in their glorious color. Like a kite, soaring through the wind Go higher, higher and higher Trying to reach the mountain tops We both don’t have our own wings But the wind will be with us To feel the joy that swells within And drank the air, to feel the warmth of a clear spring sky. Lets Go Fly A Kite ! Contest Gwendolen Rix.
I'm new in this site, but since then I inspired by all poetess on their great work...

Copyright © Cheryl Aldea | Year Posted 2012

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My Kite Flies High

Up, up, into the azure sky My cool kite flies higher than ever
I dedicate this poem to you Gwendolen who has encouraged me to write great poetry. Your influence to me has been greater than what you know...all those awesome comments and spiffy Soup Mail's. They all mean a lot to me, so I dedicate this crystalline poem to you. Sponsor: Gwendolen Rix Contest Name: Lets Go Fly A Kite ! Date Submitted: 3/29/2012

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

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Let's All Fly A Drone

With today's great technology,
our government is spying on everybody.
No one has a shred of privacy,
no matter where we may be,
but I say let's all get in on the fun.
Come on, join me, everyone.

Oh, oh, oh,,..

Let's All Fly A Drone,
over corrupt politicians' homes.
Let's All Fly A Drone,
and drive them crazy.
Let's all surveille all of them,
relentlessly, persistently, 24/7
Oh Let's All Fly A Drone.

Let's All Fly A Drone,
the entire U S population,
Let's All Fly A Drone,
and mercilessly surveil them.
Let's All Fly A Drone,
you can choose your own personal corrupt politician.
Oh, Let's All Fly A Drone.

When we send these drones flying up there,
surveilling corrupt politicians everywhere,
we can dance on the breeze,
over  their houses and trees,
with our remotely controlled drones,
following them to work, home, their bathrooms.

Let's All Fly A Drone,
the entire U S population,
Let's All Fly A Drone,
and mercilessly surveil them.
Let's All Fly A Drone,
you can choose your own personal corrupt politician.
Oh, Let's All Fly A Drone.

Let's all surveille all of them.
I personally want to drone my president.
Oh, Let's All Fly A Drone!


If you don't know the original song to this parody,
the YouTube web address below will bring you to it directly.

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2017

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Beary Tales Episodes 25-33, Poet's Notes

Note to Readers of Previous Versions:
There are so many new vignettes scattered throughout the poem that I hope you will reread the whole thing! There are new GEMS, improvements to previous verses and improved footnotes as well! Trust me!

25. My Lovely Tree Fort
God save my tree fort that’S high up in our elm,
There'S board seat on tree "Y" thirty feet above ground,
One IS high above roofs when he climbs to this realm,
And a foe'S in for trouble, who dares come around.
There'S crate full of clods (grader tore from dirt street), (11)
Smiling Bear high in tree IS quite hard to get down,
Distant ammo supply IS a cinch to defeat,
Throwing up'S sign you're ill, bombers all win a crown!

26. Castles in Spain
Mom's love IS a "castle" we build in backyard,
All our building material'S trash from Dad's store.
Large appliance crates saved; what IS left to discard?
After doors, windows cut, there'S playhouse to explore.

Each panel'S wood framed, so they're easy to craft,
There IS doghouse for Tippy; Bear gets private door,
Our sloped ceiling? It’S rainproofed, has vents front and aft,
And the brick laid in patio now IS our floor.

27. Go Fly A Kite!
What heart of a child IS not thrilled by a kite?
You feel part of YOU’S flying with feet on the ground!
The design ISn’t crucial, small bears get it right,
Bear Twin’s kite ISn’t great, but rag tail makes it sound!

Where’S kite that plays music? Now that would be treat!
Perhaps sound that’S a summons to ‘BATMAN’ (not light)! (12)
Bear could signal his friends, say there’S dance in the street,
(Where the music of party IS “Bear Twins” new kite.)

28. The Fourth of July
Why IS it explosions make most males see stars?
‘July Fourth’ IS so “cool” to Boy; Bear thinks it'S “hot!”
Folger’s can (13) IS in air seeking passage to Mars,
Lucky ant den'S a blast in our neighbor's back lot.

Bear watches from sidelines; he'S shy to get hurt,
Though he'd like longer legs so that speed IS a choice,
He’S excited when Cherry Bombs fill air with dirt,
But he'S sweetest on Sparklers that make kids rejoice.

29. 'Boiling Springs'
A State Park near home’S a place Bear loves to go,
There’S small pool that'S enclosed, a spring surges on whim,
Sand IS white at pool's bottom and boils with the flow,
Water feeds a small stream to a lake where kids swim.

There'S "Blue Belly" lizard to spur youthful hearts,
Rifle range cliff IS kid's dig for bullets galore,
It'S such fun to leap off, land and roll where sand starts,
Deer and turkeys "must see," this trip'S never a bore

30. "Act Your Age!"
It'S what people say, "Adult must act adult!"
One IS tempted to smile and say, "Boy, that'S a laugh!"
But if opposite'S asked and youth’S under assault,
IS the parent forgiving, or not see his gaffe?

The fact someone speaks ISn't proof that one’s heard,
The bear twins need critique, but abuse still IS fact,
It'S too easy for big folk to say youth’S absurd,
Though adult'S unaware, he provokes the child's act.

31. Firefly Magic
Spring's firefly’S ecstatic celestial bard,
For its passionate pulse IS a troubadour’s song,
And Bear Johnston IS floored by the stars in our yard,
It seems light flash IS whisper akin to birdsong. (2-6)

It’S Grandma’s idea, “Let’s catch some in jar!”,
One’S to catch them; one holds them (my, how numbers grew),
For us 'having' IS better than 'catching,' by far,
And to sleep with night sky under bed sheets IS new.

32. Putting Out the Trash (After Dark)
To put out the trash after sun's light IS gone:
Total darkness beneath elm when foliage IS full!
So I whistle a tune, IS life's lease overdrawn?
It'S "BLACK OP" through our backyard, and that IS no bull!

Bear'S left in the house for the bag needs two hands,
But my plan'S not to hurry; afraid to show fright!
IS the end of my tune, ‘FLARE’ (14) that Mom understands?
Lead-pipe cinch no boy'S free of things "bumping" at night.

33. Bear's Song
“I think I'm a bear who'S especially blessed,
For I woke up one day - THERE'S THIS BOY in my life!
It'S for sure, don't deserve him, and this truth confessed,
Nor can tell you his ‘presence’ means life'S free of strife.”

 “If ‘GOD’ IS ‘provision for life’ He exists,
While our actions may fail us, HE'S THERE! That's my song,
Though man tries to say meaning IS what he resists,
You can take this to Bank! There'S a place YOU belong!”

Poet's Notes:
(2-6) Firefly Lights – The light flashed by a firefly is a special signal used to attract a mate. So it is like the firefly is singing to his girlfriend, but the "voice" that the Firefly uses to speak to her is not sound but a flashing light.
(11) A dirt grader is a big noisy machine that is used to make a dirt street smooth again after it rains, or a road becomes rough for example.
(12) In the Batman comic books of my childhood, the police would shine a “BAT” symbol on the clouds above to signal ‘BATMAN’ that his help was needed. But what if the sun is shining or if there are no clouds. Do the criminals go free? It would be much better for the Batman Signal to be a sound that only Batman could hear!
(13) Folger’s "Coffee Can" – A Folger's "Coffee Can" was the gold standard for measuring the power of a firecracker when I was a child. You put the firecracker you want to test on the ground, light it, put the coffee can on top of it, and then RUN! The more powerful the firecracker, the higher in the air the can will go!
(14) This verse is an actual memory. Though I was afraid of the dark in my sizeable backyard, I comforted myself with the fantasy that if I whistled all the way to the garbage can and back, there was at least a chance that Mom might rescue me if something grabbed me and the whistling stopped! No more sound would be like a warning “FLARE” to tell her I was in trouble.

Poem Continues in Part V, Episoodes 34-37

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2017

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

Copyright © Anna-Marie Docherty | Year Posted 2009

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The Core

Another take-off, another landing,
Sleep can just wait.
Resting is for wimps, 
we live for the rush, which adrenalin will always bring.

Then one day, out of the blue,
It hits you – a reminder
Of who and what we really are.

You fall to the floor,
Those around you are aghast,
The Core has reminded you that,
You are not indestructible after all.

The first time it happens,
You just play through it and carry on.
The second time, you blame those around you,
for the pressure of their endless demands.

One day you stand,
On the edge of the precipice,
Looking at the scars from those late nights,
the parties, fast food and flights.

The Core has cried out,
For love, care and attention,
Act now, or waste all that you have achieved.

Nurture your Core,
Go fly a kite,
Dance with the breeze,
In harmony with Nature, to be as one.

Make it move with the trees
Swoop with the swallows
Rise up aloft, like a child set free.

Take care of your Core
Replenish it and listen
You are your Core
Your spirit, your life.

Your Core drives all that is inside you,
A gentle mother to support you,
Your heart, your empathy
and your inner most dreams.

It’s your creativity, your awareness,
Enabling you to listen, to learn 
and when is the right time to speak.

Feed it with sensations,
Like the warm sun on your face
Let it find its natural rhythm, 
Feeling the wind across your brow

Then bring it back to earth, 
Sense the sand between your toes
Let it be replenished 
with the blood rushing through your veins.

We are not invincible
We are weak cells of just flesh and blood
We are nature’s child
A simple creature amongst all.

Go fly that kite,
Embrace life and celebrate living,
But do it now, don’t wait for those warnings,
As it’s never too late to start, but the end is the end.

Copyright © Stephen Harper | Year Posted 2018

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There is strength there is power. “Mommy, look at this lovely flower!”
There is war and there is strife. “C’mon lets go fly a kite!”
There is guns and there is knives. “Look at my kite rise and rise!” There are warlords there are tyrants. “Hey Jo, can you hold the call on those Clients?” There are Officers and there are sergeants. “This silver is of the finest argent!” There is my skin, burnt ashy and gray. “But daddy, Are you coming home to stay?”

Copyright © Dylan Wilson | Year Posted 2016

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why do they call it a sneeze
when it's clearly achoo
or call you a nut 
when you have a loose screw
they say do not speak
unless spoken to
i sometimes don't
but most often do

why does a mosquito buzz
when it comes in for a bite
why does light always rhyme
with the darkness of night
if they've had enough
they say go fly a kite
why is the cut off for cats
stop at nine lives

why if the world spins so fast
we don't all fly off
why does the doctor go there
then asks you to cough
why does your age mostly show
to those but not you
why is the grass green 
why is the sky blue

are the sun and the moon
the best of good friends
do they stay up late nights
after we've long gone to bed
and who's in charge of the sugar plums
that dance in my head
that have gone to my hips
that are making me fat

just a few things
i ponder in life
the over and under
the may and just might
the good and the bad
the wrong and the write
the wondrous blunders 
as I plunder through life

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Go Fly A Kite

Once there was a young boy
He sat on the floor playing with his toys
How sad he looked in his eyes
There was nil that could relieve his sigh.

Then his eyes caught the attention of a kite
It was a grand kite and just waiting for flight
Red and blue colors favored all and its tale
How wonderful it would be to take it for a sail?

The boy got up and looked out the windowpane
He saw a scenic landscape decorated the outer pane
It was a play world waiting for kite flying that day
So the boy grabbed his colorful kite and went on his way.

Now all his kite needed was a gust of wind to take to the air
He took the string and ran swiftly forth with no care
The kite soared up in to the sky like a theatrical display
A smile painted the lads face as he continued to play.

Hours passed by as he enjoyed watching his kite
It danced around the sky like a bird soaring in flight
Then a sudden lack of wind caused his kite to sail low
So the lad ran as fast as he could so his kite couldn’t slow.

One more time the lovely kite climbed up into the sky
The wind speed swished it back and forth to fly
How, the boy never wanted to see the sight come to end
Alas, all came to a stop at the corners bend.

Slowly the breeze died and the kite fell to the ground
The boy just stood and sighed without any sound
Sadly it was time to lay the grand kite to rest for today
He was tired and had no more energy left to play.

Copyright © Monica Engeler | Year Posted 2010

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Kite flying over the river
Lofty floating yellow girl
With fluttering sail a-quiver
And her tail in a fleeting  swirl

Her paper lungs with air she’d inflate
And flitter  near the clouds with ease
Sometimes flirty, and rising taut
Then flying flat, riding the steady breeze

Flattering it with her beauty flaunted 
Seeming to flit in and out of the sunlight 
She flouted the ground, scorned it, taunted -
Oh,  it was a glorious flight !

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 

Entered in   Gwendolen Rix's  Contest   Lets Go Fly A Kite !

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
Without any doubt or hesitation, I am pleased to say that  
the most helpful and influential poet on the Soup  for me   
has been, and continues to be,  Debbie Guzzi...Thanks again Debs !

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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Go fly a kite
Take a hike
Get off my track
And don't come back
I'm moving on to a better place
I don't want you polluting my space
You thought your lying was so funny
All the time you were spending my money
You think you're God's gift to women
If you were a fruit, you'd be a lemon
Actually, a lemon is sweeter than you
So, FREELOADER here's what you do
Go fly a kite
Take a hike
Get off my track
And don't come back!!!

Copyright © Vernette Hutcherson | Year Posted 2006

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Meeting You

I saw a small photograph of you
Being intrigued I wanted to write
What would I say what would I do
To make this appealing without any hype 

What can I offer, will you think “who”?
And say out loud “go fly a kite” 
I have to think hard, this is all new
I have to be cleaver with all my might?

I’ll introduce myself…without further ado? 
Where is that bright bulb of light?
I’m nervous, my lips are turning blue
Something is happening did something ignite?

I could always take her out for a brew
I see it; I see it to my delight
Just be myself and I’ll pull through
Be clever, honest and polite

Don’t say things that aren’t true
I can't breath my face is white
Be sincere through and through
Hopefully she won’t think I’m a fright
And let me take her out for that brew.

Copyright © Deedra Ramlow | Year Posted 2010