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the economy

The Economy

Burning bed, the mattress, afire; under it I had two thousand Euro,
as banks can go belly up any time bolt their doors and call the law
to keep the screaming multitude at bay.

Too late, my poor man´s saving burnt to ashes. I shall not cry, soon
the euro will be quite valueless when 10.000 is worth ten pence,
and for that I can´t even buy an ice-cream.

 I do regret I wasn´t a good consumer didn´t help the economy
by not using credit cards to buy stuff I didn´t need, I have failed
in my duty as citizen and now harvest devastation.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2011

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Easter Island Goes Belly Up

Easter Islanders Go Belly-Up

By Elton Camp

It’s the most remote inhabited place around
In the far past, with residents it did abound
Then some catastrophe the natives did befall
And death then overtook them, just about all

Nobody knows what trouble brought demise
Some think they didn’t treat their island wise
Perhaps its natural resources they misused
Or one another, the natives may have abused

A work of no worth the islanders did for years
It must have required blood, sweat and tears
Huge stone heads with visages horribly grim
Their entire island the sculptors came to rim

Were they intended to frighten invaders away?
What was their purpose nobody really can say
Perhaps, due to the energy the natives did waste,
The collapse of their civilization came in haste

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2011

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Humoring me part 1

Oh muffin they say
suck it up princess
not knowing I'm a drama queen
they tell me happily 
Life isnt fair

Gag me with a spoon already
look at your sense of humor i get attacked with
at dirst caked with love
and then if i protest a fetish
and not interested in having
some weirdo have his way with me
the comedians i want to see go belly up
break a leg and go on
and i pray for the curtain to fall
and the sweat beads
then pour
and the tears
of rage and anger
and confusion 
will later fall from my face 
with a sad realisation

Here it is funny man
witness your joke
I'm actually dressed up in suicide
I'm actually on antipsychotics and antidepressants that aren't working
and that ledge you think is funny for me to be on
your pushing me off of
sarcastic loud slow laugh in youre face
its not funny unless you meatphorically draw blood
and someone hysterically ends up in tyhe emergency room
its not amusing unless your better than me
even if behind close doors you admit to all sorts of insanity
and thats the sad reason I've spent thousands of salty teras with my head in my 
saying god is cruel

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Moronic Tonic

We've assembled together for your perusal
the creme de le creme in our think tank
The government would surely go belly up
without the "contributions" of Big Pharma
n' each major bank
Don't get too disheveled in your multiple choice
'cause the right answer's not too clear
even if it is the one ya pick
Take my advice you'd fare best to kick back
on the hammock guzzlin' copious amounts of-
Moronic tonic

We've prissed n' preened in mirror mirror
for a vain show so many number
of our living days
The crows've come to land in the corner
of our eyes
as we wander through the headstones
of our creme graveyard maze
Don't get your feathers too ruffled
'cause it'll have you laid up 
before your time's due 
from bein' worried sick
Most of us've been there done that
so if ignorance is bliss I'd suggest
just keep splashin' on a bit of-
Moronic tonic

We've pondered how the other half lives
n' doesn't take a microscope to see
the divorces substances n' ill gratitude
The establishment n' media'd
have ya believe their outlandish behavior's
to be celebrated n' isn't all that lewd
'Til one fateful twist n' they're deep up
tho' maybe still got a paddle
in certain kind of creek without a crick
Somehow despite all odds
with their smooth kempt bods
they keep sippin' 'round poolside of-
Moronic tonic.
10-23-2016 Duncan R.M.Ferguson

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2016