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Nuts In The Soup

"Nuts are in the soup!" 
That's what I've heard: not so absurd
Some add a pinch of spice now and then,
from wit and the sharpened nib of a pen.
Nutty little writers who like to fill
the soup with limericks about 'poop.'
But have other poetic skills.

An almond releases pain and sorrow in their heart.
Somewhere in their past they've been torn apart.
Of a delicate nature with words and expressions,
they bleed from pens with woes and confessions.
Honor their heartbreaks and the courage they unfold
for what may have been hidden can now be told.

Cashew writers are lightly roasted and salty.
I never find their poems faulty.
Cashew poets are artists, painting like Descartes.
Palettes laden with deep colorful thoughts,
not simply amusing, but often are confusing
I satirize in pun of those who hide in pretense,
But admire cashews and come to their defense.

Pecans are hard nuts but worth the time to crack.
Some turned rancid, their hulls molded black.
I take no pleasure of any measure from those
whose words are transparent and overly exposed.
But I drop in to read poems that are sweetmeats,
and every once in a while I'll leave a poem behind.
If you don't read my simple words, I don't mind.

What kind of nut is it, who always seems to think
other poets here are just wasting time and ink.
They feel their poems should be crowned "the best."
PLEASE, you haughty boasters, give it a rest.
There are poets here who could eat your scrawls for dinner,
leaving you in tears, because you think you're the winner.
You really are the PS peanuts, nigglers of the lot.
Use your poetry when you visit the poopy pot.

Now I've learned there are naughty trolls
jumping in blogs to take control.
Nuts who lurk behind the woodwork,
but never posting poetry. Isn't this a poetry site?
They rush to blogs to incite 
with their 'good ol' boy' fun. 
Not so brave when alone. Bullies I can't condone.
In a pack they'll feed off each other forever
with quips and taunts they think they're clever.
Male and female...both carry an obnoxious scent.
What do you heckling nuts gain in this fashion?
Why don't you write a poem of passion?

My opinion doesn't count for much
since I seldom paper the PS halls with poems of my own.
Simply stating observations without reservation.
Call me a nut, and I'll smile and say,
"Thank you. You just made my day."
Shake your fingers at me in derision, 
nod your head in agreement. It's subjective vision.
I'm saying what sometimes needs to be said,
"I don't feed the egos of those who want to be fed."

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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Letter to a Young Rap Artist

Look, anyone can stick two words together and rhyme,
But you gotta have rhythm and you gotta have time,
And you gotta have the guts to put it all on the line
And stand up to whole world though it might make you blind

You gotta bleed out your heart, you gotta pour out your soul,
You gotta speak with every single syllable that you know,
And there’s moments you’ll think that you’re apart from the rest,
Still trying and dying, giving it all of your best,

Until you’re out-hustled, out-muscled, and you’re up to your neck,
Until you’re thinking you should stop and maybe give it a rest,
But don’t give up yet, no this is only a test
To dig deep inside and until you out-rhyme the best

You gotta write ‘til you’re sick, you gotta write like He wills it,
Gotta take all of your anger to paper and spill it,
You gotta gather your emotion like and ocean and let it go,
There’s no stopping your hustle and there’s no stopping your flow

So get out there and show all the people that dissed you,
And remind them of the time that they’re all gonna miss you,
When you’re up flying high and looking down to see
All the haters wishing that they were you but can’t be

So you gotta keep on going, holding onto this thing,
And don’t you dare let go no matter how hard it seems,
Just set it up in your mind and you can do anything,
Because it's all in your heart, boy, now just follow your dream.

Copyright © Nick Ruff | Year Posted 2010

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Sandman's Con Game

The mischievous Sandman runs a con game each night
After all the youngsters are safely tucked away
He dances into my room like an elfin sprite
He seizes my hand, tries to lure me outside to play

Then he’s bored on my shoulder at the computer
Threatens to throw pixie dust into sleepy eyes
Quells my muse like a discourteous intruder
I’ve attempted to handle him with a compromise

Just let my muse roam free for a couple of hours
For at this time of night, fantasies flow smoothly
But he feels the need to boast of superpowers
And when I ask for time, he glares gloomily

It’s three in the morning and I should be asleep
This nightly visitor has grown to be a pest
Distaste continues to grow for this pesky creep
And the sandman scowls when I say, “Give it a rest!”

*Entry for Deb’s Fantasy Land Contest
April 29, 2011

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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I have here an old solution
For conflict resolution
Not to mention domestic pollution 
I say 'Yes Dear!'

When the situation is tense
And The subject is pounds and pence
To a void sitting on the fence
I say 'Yes Dear!'

Though I sometimes feel sure I'm right
And would argue my point all night
That would really seal my plight
I confess Dear!

So winning my point I'll eschew
Won't debate 'til my face turns blue
I'll admit what you say is true
- More or less Dear

Famous men throughout world history 
Could have escaped conjugal misery
If they'd just given in to Her plea
And said 'Yes Dear!'

Julius Caesar would have stayed serene
In the senate missed a nasty scene
When his wife said 'your chariot needs a clean'
He'd said 'Yes Dear!'

Harold might have continued as king
Sent William home without a thing
But he paused to give his wife a ring -
Said: 'I'm a bit pressed Dear!

MacBeth would avoid so much strife
Live out a peaceful life
If he'd put off his ambitious wife
With :'Give it a rest Dear!'

Prince Albert made a good consort
Gave Victoria his full support
And nine children - a major export
Said 'Jawohl I do mein best Dear!'

Louis 16th got everything wrong
Made his exit quite short, not so long
Told his wife in a touching swan song
'Must get it off my chest Dear!'

The Iron Duke was in no mood for dallies
'Let's give those French a pain in their bellies'
But replied when his wife said:'You'd better wear your wellies' 
'By God! Yes Dear'

For myself, to fight would be absurd
I think conflict is just for the birds
And I know I'll always get the last words
Those being 'Yes Dear!'

Copyright © Geoffrey Brewer | Year Posted 2017

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Life is full of twist and turns they start from the day we are born. When we are born 
there is a lot we don’t know. But the older we get the more are knowledge grows. Life 
is full of twist and turns so many I don’t know what to do but let’s hope we learn from 
our mistakes. Life is full of twist and turns we never know what tomorrow will bring. Life 
is full of twist and turns I can’t answer all the whys in life but if we worry about that it 
might bring are demise. Life is full of twist and turns you cut your wrist because at life 
you got pissed it can really put you to the test. So let’s give it a rest instead of 
spending all of our life competing with the rest. Life is full of twist and turns some will 
never understand what their purpose is here in this world. Life is full of twist and turns 
happy you may seem but deep down inside you want to scream. Life is full of twist and 
turns you go to sleep and have a dream then wake up and see nothing. Life is full of 
twist and turns you go to lunch and want chicken but are served stake. Life is full of 
twist and turns you get ready for a date and they don’t show. You call them up to ask 
them why but it hurts so bad you just want to cry. Life is full of twist and turns I hope 
by now that you have learned if not you will get burned because life is full of many twist 
and turns and unexpected things.

Copyright © craig schaber | Year Posted 2011

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Oops in the Garden

For the love of God Evie,
Please give it a rest,
After last night you should know,
That I love you the best.

That Lilith thing I had,
Was ages ago
And no apples got eaten,
As I'm sure you must know.

Because you bit it first,
Then you gave me a bite,
And Then I jumped your bones,
For the rest of the night.

That evil old Snake,
Guess he wasn't so bad,
Though it's his fault we did it,
I feel kinda glad.

'Cause here in the garden,
It's really been swell,
But to be loved by you,
Was worth risking Hell.

So quit weeping old girl,
For your virginity's loss,
We both gotta Figure,
What we'll tell the Boss.

Now another day's dawning,
Please Honey don't cry,
Let me lay here and admire,
The curve of your thigh.

What's been done is done,
Our Sin can't be reversed,
Our prayers and apologies,
All sound rehearsed.

But if we're to be punished,
By our Master above,
I'll face it enraptured,
To have tasted your love.

Copyright © William Kershaw | Year Posted 2010

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There you are you sweetie pie.
You are the apple of my eye.

Such insight you have, you know the score,
'Cause you've been there and done that, whatever before.

You are so smart, much more so than most,
And you'll let us all know it but you never boast.

You're a master of every conversation,
Economy, Religion, Education,

Politics your area of expertise,
You regale us for hours and hours with ease.

No one need offer to give a conjecture,
No matter the topic, you are the director.

You'll push your opinion down everyone's throat.
Sometimes I wish you had a remote,

So I could at least turn you off now and then,
To disagree with you you think is a sin.

Sweetie you need to relax, take a breath.
Chill out for a moment and give it a rest.

Folks are more wont to listen to you,
When you don't give a lecture, let them speak too.

You aren't the only one with thoughts in your head,
And others have things that need to be said.

Light conversation is good and should be,
And we don't want to fight if we just disagree.

So say what you want and just let it be.
Don't rant, rave and preach, drive me out of my tree.

You have your opinions and I have mine,
And to disallow my opinions is most unkind.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2016

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Poetus Interruptus

There are few things so inspirational
As my morning caffeine and constitutional

Pushing chlorinated water or pavement behind
Puts a golden charge straight into my mind

That talk to text feature is my salvation
To throw down verse while in motion

Write it down, oh yes I’d better
Before it gets eaten by the Forgetter

Yet every day, to my frustration
Responsibilities loom, to block expression

See, it turns out my family likes to live indoors
And not eat crumbs of old food off the floor

So it’s a race through the shower, off to work
Without a moment to hesitate or shirk

Work in temporary order, brief reprieve
Put more verse on paper before it leaves

If only the pager would give it a rest
I’d have the time to throw down my best

But I won’t be retiring for a decade or three
So this is how inspiration works for me


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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economic crisis - finding a way


They asked: who do we turn to
When the politicians no longer care?
And the word  change is flying in the air.
Every country, every island, every nation
Is feeling this devastation.
Only 10% of the world-are well to do
But they’ve forgotten about me and you.

90% of the world population
Are the only ones who care
But the other 10% their power and wealth 
They do not want to share.

No one wants their countries torn apart
They love it - soul and heart.
They are tired of being the victims
In this unjust world, and it affects
Every person- down to our boys and girls.

We know the politicians can not
help every one in distress
But stop lining your pockets
Give it a rest.

All the public wants is a fair share
Give them that - show them you care.
If the public was to stop buying
For a day or a week
The ripple affect would reach its peak.

Unfortunately this will affect the small people
Who are trying to earn a living.
They know this, and that’s the reason 
They’re not giving.
What is the solution to this world crisis
I can not say- but billions of minds
working together - they can find a way.

Copyright © louis rams | Year Posted 2011

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Jeeze You Have Reached Your Limit

Jeeze You've Reached Your Limit Jeeze You've reached your limit Quit your insane bellyaching! Before you explode ~ You can't spring a swing Not unless you're in a ring When you fling your fist Like Muhammad Ali's hissed “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” ~ They'll tell you to bring it on and you'll miss Put you in a bear hug if you persist Give you a big kiss And go away laughing and singing their heads off ~ Be a smart cookie Stop being crazy and Give it a rest Float away like a butterfly Let the bees make their honey So they won't give you a sting By: Eve Roper 8/7/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Generations Having Situations
Ending Up In Secret Love Affairs
Quite Nicely, You Want Me To Be Wifey
I Cant Believe You Want To Take It There

You Will Be The Loser
You Will Be Miserable
It Dont Matter What You Do
Cause Karma Remarkable
Generations Having Situations
Ending Up In Secret Love Affairs
Quite Nicely, You Want Me To Be Wifey
I Cant Believe You Want To Take It There

Your Unsleeping Brain
Why Dont You Give It A Rest
Large Hallways And Airplanes
Ima Put You To The Test
You Want To Be Tamed
Whip You With Flames
Tie You With Chains.....

Generations Having Situations
Ending Up In Secret Love Affairs
Quite Nicely, You Want Me To Be Wifey
I Cant Believe You Want To Take It There

Copyright © Michelle Edwards | Year Posted 2014

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Sauntered into the chat-room site
looking for conversational delight;
But what I found, depressingly,
was no one much interested in me;
first room in, what happened there?
It quickly emptied into silent air;
second one was not much different,
it turned into time not well spent;
several tries and none was better,
made me wonder, then to fretter;
decided to give it a rest for while,
next time won’t post my pic profile.

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2015

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Darn you!!
Darn you AND 
Your I need money so darn you attitude
How bout someone take your life out of your hands

Forget oxygen, 
Money is THE ESSENTIAL key building block of life
Black, Mexican
Marijuana, Opium
Stir Fry, Burritos
Propane, Gas
For everything else money can't buy
There's stress. 
Keeps people on drugs
Common gentlemen
Lets give it a rest

Warp minds
Fiddle the strings
That green overrides the fact
We are all human beings

We've never cared about your health
Play with rattles while we stack wealth
hahahaa, fools. Works every time
You'd think they'd learn, 
but at the drop of a dime......

Copyright © Lynn Dolly | Year Posted 2015

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Long Playing Record

You’re like a long playing record
You go on and on and on
Why don’t you give it a rest
You’re playing the same old song

Let me tell you something
I know you’re never change
You're like a long playing record
Your put me an early grave

Do I have to listen to this
Every single day
You sure know how to give it out
But won’t take it back, no way

So I’ll, just sit here and listen
Silence is now my vow
Why don’t you give a rest
You're scratching the record now

Please don’t tell me to shut up
I can’t take this any more
Why don’t you give it a rest
Else, I’m heading for that door

You say that I don’t listen
But you just irritate
Why don’t you give it a rest
Else the records' gonna break

How’ I need a blimmin break
Yes’ I need a blimmin break

© Copyright KC.Leake
13th April 2015
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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The Tongue

Such a curious creature you are!
Darting around stirring up trouble.
Saying things to bring others down all the while elevating yourself to ecstasy.
You get a ride out of insulting others!
Can you keep your barnyard shut?
Urges overtake you and wildness consumes you like a smoldering fire on the edge of a mighty forest.
When will you ever learn your lesson and be calm like a still stream?
When will you make it through a single day without hurting someone's feelings?
I wish to put a chain on you or seal your movements with super glue.
The less you operate, the better off others will be.
Tongue, when will you learn your lesson?
Will you ever keep your trap shut long enough to hear what others have to say?
Try and give it a rest! 
Will ya?
Rest a while so others can be elevated---esteemed.
Go on vacation so a little love can be received.
The tongue.

Gwendolen Rix

The Word of God has many wonderful references on how to tame the tongue. A great passage to read is James chapter 3.

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2015

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Try Nothing

There are some people, who think they have room to complain. 
Because they are their own reapers, who want to take their lives away. 
Well give it a rest! Atleast you have a life to live. 
Live with nothing to look at, see how long you last then. 
Try being so sick, of watching yourself breathe. 
Only because this, is the only thing you ever ****ing see. 
Try having day after day, clear skies turn into the night. 
Needless to say, expressing the nothingness of your life. 
Try being so alone, and its the only thing you'll ever know.
Oh, but she thinks she's hurt, because her boyfriend broke up with her. 
He thinks he's alone, cause he was grounded for not coming home. 
She thinks she should end it, cause she's 15 and got pregnant. 
He thinks he's a victim, cause he didnt get the world for Christmas. 
She thinks she should end it all, cause her boyfriend didnt call. 
He says "Theres no point for me", cause he doesn't money for his weed. 
She cuts away her wrists, because she didnt get her birthday wish. 
He thinks his lifes over, cause he cant remain sober. 
She thinks theres no point anymore, cause her "friends" call her a whore. 
He's decomposing in his bed...........DEAD 
because he had no one to keep him fed. 
As some just want food, or to once embrace their family. 
no matter what they do, their FORCED to live in agony. 
And all some want,is to open thier eyes and see that they have a life to live. 
Maybe even without purpose, but something to fill their minds with. 
Lord forbid they get their help, or someone hear their pleeds.
Catered angels think they live in hell, "trapped" in a "dark reality" 

Copyright © Charles Jefferson | Year Posted 2012

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 I am sitting here with my pen
 Wondering what to write
 Don’t want to think of the topic
 Or the subject of love tonight
 Some say I write about love to much
 It’s in most of my poems
 Some thinks it’s my own emotions
 And I pure my feelings into them

 Yes some times to write a poem
 You have to put your heart into it
 And then fiction and reality blends 
 Like a colorful sweater being knit

 When any one read my poems
 I like to leave them thinking after
 So I write from many sides of life
 Fill with tears, love and laughter

 So today I won’t write about love
 I think I will give it a rest
 There are a lot more important topics
 Maybe I can try to address

 But the only thing that comes to mind
 Is the woman that I’m crazy about?
 Her beautiful smile, her starry eyes
 And sweet voice from her cute mouth

 My heart melts every time I see her
 And like a wave she swept me away
 And she glows brighter than the moon
 Over the beautiful maracas bay

 Oh sorry, I’m writing about love again
 It’s just so hard to not think of her
 But Let me stop this poem now
 And get a next sheet of paper

 Maybe I will write a song
 With a nice melody to get you hook
 And look for some pictures for it
 And later post on face book

 Or I could write about la romaine 
 By my cousins teddy, bobby and daughter
 Hanging out, playing cricket and football
 And helping my aunt sell by the cinema

 Or about our times in Indian trail
 Going in the bush for grapefruit to eat
 Or when all the kids come to marabella
 To spend holidays on ramsamooj street

 Or write about learning tailoring
 By ram mohess tailoring on Lord Street
 And when ram send me by takoor, s
 To buy bake and beef for the workers to eat

 And its where I meet my best friends 
 Derek, jacks, Carl, gangadeen
 Then Derek stop going to parties
 Join Hare Krishna and shave his head clean

 But I can’t stop thinking of her
 And I just want to write of the love I feel
 And I will blend in fiction with reality
 So no one can tell which part is real

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2013

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My Shadow

I am your match down to a T
You may move quick but I can follow
Put me to test and then you’ll see
Once we start I'll show you what I mean

That left was fast don’t make me laugh
That right, right after was a synch!
You jump so high but so can I
What a spin but I think I’ll win

Don’t forget you have got to breath
Judging that glare you’re mad at me
What can I say you tried your best
Do me a favor and give it a rest

Here we go for a second time 
You making me think what to do
Be careful there you nearly fell 
I tried to stop but you did not

We’re on our way to get you fixed
By the looks of it, it won’t be quick
And yet again you choose to glare
If only you’d have seen the stairs.

Copyright © Timothy Mullins | Year Posted 2012

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Love at last

Love had no part in my life as a kid,
If it did then it kept itself well hid.
For years and years I longed for it to show,
If there was a God , He must have said no.
Then through all my army days I felt,
So alone as in the church where I knelt.
It never happened as far as I could see,
If love was around , it would pass by me.
Until one day at a friends, a door opened,
A face appeared for but a fleeting second.
Hi , I'm Fran she said, and I'm in a hurry,
She needed to change so off she did scurry.
I felt my heart leap, high in my breast,
This woman I saw had so much zest.
I swear, in my mind I heard my heart say,
This is the woman I will marry some day.
To her I became obsessed, a persistent pest,
She said, I don't need a man so give it a rest.
My mind told me that this would always be so,
Yet my heart also told me, no, never let go.
It took many more weeks for her to come round
Her unwillingness I began to slowly grind down,
Until that day to my sheer delight,
She said,OK, OK, I love you , alright !
For 46 years we have been bound by love,
That special bond made by our Father above.

©  Dave Timperley 11 August 2016

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2016

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Acute-on-Chronic Bumper Sticker Deficiency

Politics season
Sans rhyme and reason
Never-ending blitz
Constant News Network
Won’t give it a rest

Traffic today
Bumper stickers’
Noted absence
Relief, not grief

Is absent
Root against

Trump chump
Hill pill



Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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wake up and die

Death and destruction, evil and hate,
Its not a horror movie, it’s the great debate.
Doing dope or not , such a simple quest
Vary simple in theory, just give it a rest.

But as easy as it is and simple as it seems, 
There is no easy solution , just a vary nice dream 
It starts all innocent but it leads to death, 
Weather you start with pot or go straight to meth.

There are all kinds of decisions that you have to make,
Watch your back, think real hard,  to which road you will take.

You can always change to truth and never lie, 
If you look at drugs, as a sentence to die!
Trust no one, stay sober, its easy you see
Be strong, stay truthful, just livings the key!

You can take life or death, say good buy, or just stay
the option you have , your choice for today,
you need to be clean and really take control, and give thanks to the life
that you know you stole.

For me I am living , ill be seeing you soon, always 
Reach for the stars, but hope for the moon, 
For it’s a little to late, and a lot more at stake
When you close the casket, and leave the wake.

Copyright © April Ingalls | Year Posted 2017

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The Heart that bleeds

A small boy lies motionless on a seashore
thousands left homeless due to a pointless war
Aircraft drop death from ten thousand feet .
Politicians talk nonsense as  mothers weep.
Religion preaches peace put turns into hate. 
Borders are closed and the minds follows suit.
Common decency waits patiently for the world to awake
To the crimes of the few and the deeds that they do
just for the sake of a flag and patriotic pride, innocent people have to die
Is it too much to ask to put humanity first .
The first world make the poorest nations pay back the debt
Used by corrupt Politian's to feather their own nests
bombs and missiles just keep raining down, at the cost of millions of pounds.
Which all helps to keep the share holders rich. 
As these are the things that make my heart bleed 
so come on humanity let's give it a rest .

comp entry 19022015

Copyright © stephen pennell | Year Posted 2016

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All hail, praise to the powerful sun
It has commanded: the day has begun
Powerful streams of energy begin to flow
The once obscured, begin now to glow
The myriad of hues no longer hidden
Exposed to view, blindness forbidden

Powerful streams of energy take over the show
Steam rises from the jungles, a continuos flow
Displacing passive air, causing currents to grow
Movements now circulating, this side’s on the go
The opposite side, hundred and eighty degrees away
Exhausted from the pounding has called it a day

The ever constant sun, now puts on a display
Dew evaporates, leaves open, flowers ballet
Grasses are swaying, clouds eschew the gray
Animals are stirring, birds chirping away
The day has started , commencing interaction
The human contingent now swings into action

The bartering begins, let the trading commence
Exchanging goods n services for dollars n cents
Time out for a repast, as we encounter noon
Restaurants and cafes cater. And not to soon
Action continues, coins exchanging hands
Closing hour approaches across the land

Its been a successful day at all the stores
Stock market hit a new high, investors roar
There’s covert business conducted out of sight
Sordid transactions: under the cover of night
The light has faded, the powerful sun heads west
Bathe in tranquility, give it a rest.



Copyright © John Arribas | Year Posted 2017

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Lacking inspiration

I woke up this morning and knew what I'd do,
I'd write me a poem, or I'd maybe write two
So pen at the ready and coffee on tap,
I waited for something to fall in my lap.
I waited, I waited, and waited some more
I stared at the ceiling, I stared at the floor,
I stared at the window, I stared at the wall
but nothing inspired me, nothing at all.
I'm sure one day I'll be seeing the light,
my head will be oozing with things I can write
But today it appears that I'm losing my zest
and maybe for now I should give it a rest
and come back tomorrow, all raring to go
and write something special when I'm in full flow.

Copyright © John Wilkinson | Year Posted 2014

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Is This Real Life

I try to work the pain away
I go to the gym everyday
Maybe I’ll sweat you out
Find out what true love is really all about
And then I’ll go away
I pray to the gods I don’t believe in to make it stop
Tell the voices to give it a rest,
My time is ticking on the clock
Can’t stop thinking about the ticking from my watch
Is this what life is like?
If it is than I will fight 
With all of my might 
For something more of a delight

Copyright © Sami LaRose | Year Posted 2013