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My Heart Will Go On

POTD 30th August 2018 

The gently swaying branches of the old oak should elicit calmness
And yet a sense of foreboding permeates the midnight air
Wild imaginings?  Or did shadows flit across the leaf strewn path?
No time to dwell ~ She must make haste
Long afore the sun breaks on the morrow 
A day surely portent of wrath?

                                                    Freedom is in her hands tonight
                                         Release from a tyrannical father
                        A personage demanding unquestioned obedience

Movements morph into shapes ~ her father’s vicious hounds
Bred to kill ~ Caesar and Brutus
                ~ A chill tingling ripple runs up her spine~   
Baying ~ salivating ~ jumping high
                ~ Raring for release from muzzles and leashes
Tugged hard by camouflaged hands they jerk back disgruntled
Ferociously they sniff at the scent of blood drawing nigh               

Dear God … He knows their plan to elope …
They wait in the shadows Julius ~ his servant ~ she has sensed him Creeping ~ Listening ~ Following Stealthily comes her lover careful not to snap the twigs in the brush Caution yet eagerness in his gazelle like stride None the less the man marked for death defies a terror inside And an overwhelming trepidation she cannot hide
She must alert him of the danger ahead
Love thinks not with logic but with the mind of impulse Caution him she must ~ her father’s hunting gun will suffice God lend her wings she prays as down the wooden stairs she flies A scheme to foil a scheme in haste ~ is never easy to devise
With hands fumbling and trembling convulsively She lifts the weighty gun off the rack Snapping back the catch taking aim she fires upward Up into the midnight sky
Ka Boom ~ They hear in the darkness The errant bullet whistling through the air Misinterprets its mission Striking metal it ricochets Ka Boom ~ Fate changes its pathway of plans well laid An exchange for saving his life finding another target It embeds in her soft white flesh Extinguishing her burning shining light instead
Only he seems to hear that heart rendering surprised note in her scream Unmistakeable in Death ~ a melancholy hopelessness through that unfulfilled cry Tapering down to the whispering echoing sigh lies the ghostly warning Turn back! Turn back or you will die! Heedless to the unshackling of the muzzles, Mindless to the release of the constraining leads Sightless to the vicious hounds that to him streak ~ and Fearless of the cowardice measured by their evil deeds
With his Heart and Soul aflame and bleeding he races Screaming to his fallen Rose ~ indifferent for his own life Directly into their line of fire
Oh vengeful Nemesis carry their last piteous cries away ~ tarry naught Naught for unrepentant men who gloat at a mission complete Ignorant yet of the tragedy that awaits in the house on the hill Leaving their hounds to stay by the lifeless prey ~
Reward for the blood of the kill
The Broken Man Weeps The sun sets an angry red The aura round the moon glows a crimson hue The Broken Man Sobs While On her Grave An unwatered Rose Flourishes and grows Atoned by his tears instead
Footnote: I have always wanted to write a tragic love story – I’ve chosen the Title of the Poem ‘My Heart will Go On’ to highlight that the heart of the Rose, albeit somewhat vengeful, still ‘goes on’ seeking atonement. The melancholy music ‘Titanic’ simply accentuates this tragedy and has no connection to this story - I trust you have enjoyed this piece. Video Clip: 2 CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2018

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Wishes and Dreams

I wish I could walk without feeling pain
I wish I could live my life again.

I dream of a time when I could run like a deer
I could jump like a gazelle with nothing to fear.

I could climb like cat and swim like fish
I can not do these things and yet I can wish.

I can dream of a day many years gone by
I could dream and pray for that bus to pass by.

I could dream my mum missed it and didn’t get on
I could dream she forgot my vaccination had not been done.

I can sit here and daydream day after day and wish that jab had gone right
I can dream I am fit, but I’m not, it went wrong, and now I have learned how 
to fight.

I can if not careful, wish and dream my whole life away
But there is no point in that, that’s what I say.

But the vaccine went wrong, and no wishes or dreams can it change
I just have to get on with my life, there is no sale or return or exchange.

Wishes are for kids and dreams are for bed
I wish I was a kid and could lay down my head.

I am tired and fed up and the wind is so cold
I wish I did not suddenly feel old.

I am reading this back and thinking boy, this isn’t me
I am going to get up and with a certainty

I am going to fix that toilet for once and for all
Even if I have to rip it off, that bloody bathroom wall.

Self Pity is over and I feel a bit of a nit
And my last dream is I am back in bed with Brad Pitt.

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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'Kisses of the Rain'

After a night of rain, the sun, its shimmer, a welcome like no other. A new day starts with such promise, an array of flora across the pasture a gazelle leaping all over the place. The kisses of the rain still visible a delight for my eyes to behold.

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

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A Cherished Memory

Rusted with memories among emerald blades the old bicycle sat silent as she reminisced youthful days From the aged old window to the hill of satin dream where freedom fell priceless she sped down the lane In sunlight and song her hair danced as she swayed she kicked her heels outward as the breeze took her away Down past the red barn and over the creek through the meadow of scarlet flowers and along the green thicket In flight her soul cried out as she circled the lane then headed on homeward to shine the dusty frame And in that mere moment contentment filled her soul just her a summer day and her Lady Gazelle of gold ~ Waking in her easy chair a glowing love touched her soul as she glanced out the window where a memory had strolled......

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2016

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What Would You Think

A Note to Kenny 
A Gifted Young Man and Student

If you saw
A caged bird without a beak
Or heard a deaf song
From a parakeet?
A gazelle that could not run
A midnight black morning 
Without the sun
A mother that refuses to hear
The sobs of her daughter saying
“Mother Dear,

It would be tragic indeed.
Only one other tragedy could compare. 
That of seeing a 
black young man
refuse to declare.
Make known to the world,
“I am here…”

Yes tragic indeed,
to see an intellect
that we couldn’t even forget
Because it was never 
to remember.
Can such a curse be forgiven?
It would be my sin
to see this wrong and remain 

So in this poem I yell!
Plead with the black young man

“Do tell!”

You with something to find


You with something to stand


You with something to say


 While there is still time
Make up your mind

And shine…

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight | Year Posted 2014

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The Black Panther

The black panther sensed its prey.
The hunt began as a graceful gazelle
Foolishly strayed in the moonless night.
With powerful strides soon the powerful panther
Gained on its intended tasty prize.
It smelled the blood almost too soon, 
The wound inflicted on its lacerated neck.
Soon it would die…..

I woke.
Sweat covered my whole body and 
I trembled with the chilly night air.
There was nothing to do but
Take a quick shower and change.
Throw my dirty night track suit
Into the washing machine and 
Go back to sleep.  A futile hope. 

The bed sheet was wet with sweat.
I had to use the other side of the bed,
The part where my wife used to sleep.
A sudden cosy warmth girdled me entirely,
I smelled the musk of the odiferous larch,
I heard the swish swash of waves of a lake
And for the first time in many nights
I slept without the hampering of ugly dreams.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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I loved you
from the first moment I saw you
running on the playground grass
I raced over and grabbed your hand,
when I saw you had tripped and fell
Then you looked up and smiled at me
And to this day, I swear,
at that very moment, I heard the school bell ring
And to this very day, you just don't know
how much joy hearing your laughter bring
When I helped you up,
you kissed me on the cheek,
and ran away so fast
Graceful and elusive
like a gazelle
You always ran so fast,
none of the other boys could beat you
You always left us panting, out of gas
But my heart never stopped chasing after you
I remember the first time you invited me to your house,
you didn't warn me that you had a twin sister too
Isabelle and Michelle
As soon as the door opened I kissed her,
when I thought I was kissing you
You and your sister laughed so hard
I later learned that was her favorite prank
And over time, I could tell who was who
I could tell, as your laughter trailed away
when you ran, when your feet flew
graceful and elusive
like a gazelle
I think deep down, you always knew how I felt about you
But you always played it off,
said that's what best friends say, that's what best friends do
Quickly changing the subject, you would run away so fast,
and I would say to myself:
Maybe one day ... who knows
Only time will tell
Maybe tomorrow, I will catch her heart,
as I toss my love down a wishing well
How does a shy, and slow-to-date
young boy catch a gazelle
When you became grown and moved away,
I was so sad
When I heard you had made a good life for yourself,
I was so glad
When I heard you were gonna get married,
I felt so bad
When I heard how he had jilted you,
I was so mad
graceful and elusive
like a gazelle
You finally stopped running from me
when you realized how I cared so much
But I have to thank my other best friend
for always letting me know about you by staying in touch
She's the one who always picked up my broken heart,
every time I chased after you and fell
She's the one who made my lovesick heart mend well
She's the one who told you
on the first day I met her,
I'm in love with him, but don't tell
she finally caught my heart with those
loving, large and lustrous eyes of a gazelle

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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Hashtagmetoo- yes, me too

hashtagmetoo-  yes me too
I see it    in nightmares-
paralyzed with fear   did I do something
wrong?    will anyone believe me?
I knew something   was very wrong     
inside me    cause
                      I was just a little girl-

a little girl    still playing    with dolls

he was a family member    about 30
beloved by all
the first time was at grandma's cottage
he invited me to go    
        out in the rowboat
to the island in the middle of the lake
we got half way   
             and I felt strange
               he was staring at me
in an odd way
when we got to the island
I refused to get out and would not look
at him     I just said
    I want to go back      
       okay baby whatever you say

the next time it was christmas day
everyone was having fun
I went to my room for a breather
and suddenly he was there
I backed up till I was at
     the wall
I was just a little girl

a little girl    still playing   with dolls

he closed the door and unzipped his pants
and took out his thingy
and walked towards me    pressing himself
against my body     your so beautiful
in a minute he was finished
and had ruined my new christmas dress
      he whispered into my hair    don't tell
anyone    I was numb    felt so ashamed
he had stolen my innocence     I never told

the last time-   was in the spring of the new year
I was reading in the backyard   
       my parents out    I saw him coming
and I jumped up like a gazelle
being chased by a lion
         running into the house 
              I locked all the doors
                  I curled up in a ball
                     on the kitchen floor . . . 
that's where my parents found me
and within their arms     I told them all of it

I heard my mom on the phone
she's just a little girl    still playing   with dolls
nothing was really done
no criminal charges
I kept this secret for years from everyone else
     the monster took what he did to his grave
and I
    as a young woman    I had to let it go
I said to me    I will get back my heart
I will find my way back from the darkness
     and I did . . . 

I had planned to spit on him at his funeral
   but didn't    though    when people thought
      I was
kneeling to pray by his coffin     (not praying)
                 I was whispering   I hope you rot
    in HADES . . .  that was years ago

there is the hashtagmetoo movement 
and women and men and kids are speaking up
about sexual assault  
             I am all for this . . .  not alone
beloved actors    news people   politicians
directors   famous people    even the 
president    priests  bosses
    in the workplace
             even beloved family members
there seems no limit              it is endless
and I support them    because metoo  metoo

I was just a little girl   still playing   with dolls

November 30, 2017

Poetry/Free Verse/Hashtagmetoo- yes, me too
Copyright Protected, ID 17-9675-20-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written Under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, Hashtagmetoo
sponsor, Debbie Guzzi

Second Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2017

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Vouch For

I am patently smitten 
With utmost contempt ,they treat any mention of its reality
The realm of the illusory is its permanent abode
Its at best transient , an ephemeral indulgence ,
A violet on a morbid pathway 
The ill-fated roadside plant whose demise is lurking in the shadows.
A facade ,an imaginary concept birthed out of delusion and denial
Disapproval and detest permiate the dense air 
whenever the subject comes up 
The thickness ,stifling the atmosphere of any remaining residues of hope
Intense apprehension carved from a litany of painful experiences
But what's the essence of life if not the defiance of history? -
The obliteration of barriers thought impervious?,
The ******** of walls long believed 
to be figments of overambitious imaginations ?,
The charting of venturesome trails in the perilous jungle?  
Don't you just love it when you see tables turn ?
Isn't it a sight to cherish when the applecart gets upset?

I am utterly smitten , 
by that penetrating ,self assured gaze -Impeccable as ever
Cascading through my being like African okra in an enamel plate
Fluid and engrossing 
The ravishing smile , aggressively addictive ,
which almost always succeeds in changing the climate in my spine 
The lips which drip unfettered mellifluousness,
A song without want of both depth and sweetness 
Something that only such a golden soul can exude
The archetype of perfection ..
Like a gazelle in the Savanna plains ,
grace and elegance attends her gait always 
This is where even the most intransigent hearts ,
are rendered malleable and ductile 
And utter patency becomes the heart's portion

Copyright © Tinashe Chipenyu | Year Posted 2017

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Noblesse Oblige?

The old King took to the battle
and leapt into the fencers fray.
“Noblesse oblige” his cronies cry.
“Our King will save the day!”

He was a bull to their gazelle
nae a fair fight, nae by half;
he'd fight just to see the thralls fall
he ‘d pierce those peacocks for a laugh!

His continence was so fearsome.
His two burly arms a rare threat.
Some would nae fight His Majesty
nor fight of his knightly get.

“How is this fair?” the Lord’s lament.
How well met can these odd match be?
“Unless, of course, ‘twas nae ‘bout fair
this was nae called noblesse oblige!

In heavy plate with blade and pole
with broadsword, He’d bested the field;
so, as the fencers broached this game
the wiser lads all chose to yield.

They would nae raise a blade to him
nor would they save for him a dance;
many a brave man whispered there
and the bolder looked on askance.

“Let Him have the day! We’ll nae play
Noblesse oblige, my fine backsides!”
And, so the fancy fencers fell
like pretty harp seals on the tide. 

There are many a way to win
and sure, many a way to loose.
Yet ‘tis the metal of the man 
shows in the way that he chooses.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

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Go ahead and tell
Hide in your shell
Or run away like a gazelle
Don't like your intent and what you try to sell
Catch an L
Rot away and smell
Then burn in hell
On my mind, it will not dwell

Throwing shade
On my name
It's nothing new or strange
What some will do for clout and fame
Is beyond a shame

I'm going to turn into the ace of spades
And a jack of all trades
Bury what remains in a legitimate grave
Then carryout another day, while still feeling the same

A new century
Another enemy
Out to get me due to jealousy
I can only imagine how it is, when you're a celebrity

Your not going to shorten my life expectancy
Or any chance of longevity
Due to me thinking sensibly
My own integrity
And a sudden surge of adrenaline and energy
No R. I. P. for you, or memory

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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The Animal Trade

On Africa's Great Plains the animals roam free
And you can see them close up when on safari
Rhino, elephant, giraffe and gazelle
Lions, hippos and monkeys as well.

But they're all in danger from a predator called man
Who goes out his way to kill as many as he can
From a mile away under the African sun
He shoots them dead with a high powered gun.

Big business to some, there is money to be made
One that springs to mind is the ivory trade
Some people will pay handsomely
To have piano keys made out of ivory.

Some cultures believe horns hold some kind of magic
But that's medieval thinking and so very tragic
It's upsetting to see these great creatures fall
Just so the rich can display their horns on a wall.

Their young are left orphaned to struggle and die
So very upsetting it would make you cry
And the King of beasts are considered a trophy
Are tracked down and hunted mercilessly.

Some species of these animals are dwindling fast
And if the slaughter continues they will not last
Sometime in the future, don't bother to look
The only place you'll find them will be in a book.

But you can help to end this cruel trade
Before you buy goods,  check how they are made
If they contain animal parts then do walk away
Together we can ensure that this vile trade doesn't pay.

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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A Dream Died A Dreadful Death

Lightning and thunder did clash
In ventricles within my heart
Vying whether to lash
At every part

That feels emotions
In hearts of dames
Whose love motions and portions
Laid claims

To the indifference my heart felt
When Hazel Fidelia ended our engagement
In July nineteen seventy seven to melt
The betrothal arrangement

I thought made in Heaven
Until my polychrome 
World came undone
In a moment of total madness and sadness whose home

I ransacked painting all women black
Cos their kind acted irrationally in spirit
As Fidelia in a rubbish pack
Dumped the love writ
We’d so carefully crafted over several years spanning back to college
Days where I first spied the svelte gazelle
I desired in marriage
But of course a spell

Cast by an invisible hand
Made sure I ate humble pie
Of the most humiliating brand
Giving my heart no space to sigh as though I was condemned alive to die

Empty handed
Loveless landed

Fearing for the heart torn into
Whose emotional system though frail
Determined to go on without breaking into two
Or going off the love rail

Or separating body from mind
In a scenario thrown into disarray
Wondering if as legend has it love truly blind couldn’t find
Room in my aching heart to shine a beam of limpid light without further delay. 

Copyright © john sensele | Year Posted 2018

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The Negative and Positive Absolutes of Life

– |Life| + I recall how I had surveyed you, guardedly from a rocky peak, And why I left the shelter of the mountains, for you. How we wandered on those plains together, Endless long days and shorter nights. You a gazelle and I an eagle. Horned and barbed, we; Leaping from earth; Soaring heights; Left behind; – |Life| + Right ahead; Plunging depths; Chaining us to earth; To leap and soar no more; My gazelle, your eagle, less we; Each day numbered, uncounted nights. Trudging thru mired fields planted with seeds, Someone else chose for us and we unwittingly accepted, Until the mystery of these once sweet green steppes withered. Copyright 2013

Copyright © Michael Dom | Year Posted 2014

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The Tigers Eye

My Canon SLR, is set, night light on, but it’s only still dusk
Positioned waiting hoping for the promised elephant with tusk
Crouching low a rustling in the hot scrub grass close by
I turn slowly hoping, but look straight into a tigers golden eye…

An overpowering smell my nostrils do detect
A deathly smell of blood, on my life I do reflect
The eye of the tiger with its golden hue
He seems so neat, almost manicured too…

The white stripes round his wide open eyes
The crackle of dry grass, the buzz of the flies
The sweat does drip, down my nose
My heart beats fast, the shutter won’t close.

His small ears on such a large head do mesmerise me
The long, long whiskers twitch, so I believe it is a he.
Do I move? Do I breathe? What am I to do?
A tiger with black pupils, why didn't I bring a crew.

Looking through my lens, I see his nose twitch a little bit
I am on his menu it was then the shutter did click
I’m drenched in sweat; he lowers to pounce, this will be goodbye
My prayers are said, my life relived, I know it’s time to die…

Straight through the lens, but what I really did not see
He’s looking to my side, my prayers are answered it isn't me
A sigh escapes, I dare to breathe, I turn as slowly as I dare…
That’s when I spot a flock of gazelle; one of them will be his fare

© 26/11/2012 ~GG~

  Contest Entry for: Viewing Life Through A Lens

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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Among Solomon’s first love commands in the book of his Song of Songs,

He adjures the young maidens by the gazelle, and how charm makes them strong.

For the gazelle is a gorgeous creature with  beauty and unequalled grace.

She moves with elan and fleetness of foot, darting here and there leaving no trace.

Her sensuous body, caressed by the gentle breeze,  trots about almost unseen,

Making the wildflower to blush and the envious grasses to turn a vivid green.

Eyes sparkling, she darts lightly about the meadow with all of her senses alert.

Seeming to be rolling and gliding, she can disappear and  reappear in a spurt.  

In the beauty of the length of savannah, she has no noticeable match.

Prancing from one thicket to the next, she stays too smart to catch.

Knowing well her environs, she blends with the hues of the scene.

By dieting lightly and steadily moving, she keeps her figure lovely and lean.

The photogenic bounty of every cameraman’s trained eye,

Her graceful hurdles and jumps can literally touch the sky.

The beauty of her eyes are a legend, their sharpness is a must.

Such a marvel of lightness and grace, there are few that she can trust.

Throughout two of the largest continents, she has reigned as a goddess;

Yet being a figure of poise and glamor, she remains demure and modest. 

Copyright © Albert Price | Year Posted 2012

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Welcome To Paradise

I was so looking forward to my trip to Tahiti this was to be my panacea, a sure cure for all my ails. For once there I could forget the dregs of big city life and swim the opal sheen of a chatoyant sea, in tranquil peace. Arriving in my loudest vacation garb, I felt at ease in my role of cynosure, strutting like a movie star. All to soon I was whisked the glamour and opulence that awaited me at my ineffable, unbelievably posh hotel/palace. There I was royally greeted, by a true ingénue beauty the epitome of grace, she exuded a gentle demure and friendly manner. She was like a gazelle...swift and yet lissome with an indelible smile that seemed sempiternal, and omnipresent. And in the sweetest, mellifluous song like voice she softly whispered...“welcome to paradise.”

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Unfettered lightning lash through the fury of the rain,
Sizzle mouths dry with shock of glory. 
Athlete that made our jubilee golden, mighty Usain
Inciting the petrified blend each new victory
Nested within love of hope and love of glory.

Bridge us through the overbrimming and the pride
Olympian, orbit history like a carpet before 
Love's lesson cannot be spelt again. Be strongly sure
Thunder will not break the pact between possibility and dream.

Usain Bolt, do you know what limit is in our flesh
Surfing on opponents wind strainless to the end
African panting away from the hard invisible mesh
Inflicting us with pain - memories with me contend
Naturally, for the Negro rises as human again.

Bold man of grace, runner with the panther's ease
Ovations rise from within and without the race
Laurels for the worth that we may not grovel on our knees
Triumph has many friends where love secures its place.

Understanding only a form of speed tells nothing still
Simpler in the hearts denied a brighter beacon burns
A worth within the breadth and scope of human will
Insistent above the error of history, respect now earns
Nation and Negro a voice to speak in all the cause of man.

Bridge me then delight into the glory of your jubilee
Omit me not to light a princely tribute for your deeds
Lovelier than the loveliest of gazelle in raptured glee
Thundering in hostile skies where only lightning succeeds.


Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2012

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Natures Way

Gazelle leaps high
crocodiles' jaw snaps shut
hunger beckons.

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2016

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To live a day safely

To live a day safely in a city
where citizens must be echoes
and human rights are a fairy tale
but you want your mouth not pinched
your ears not pulled by anyone
or coconut not to hit your head;
a lemur you should be,
the big eyes not to miss coming danger
Live as a donkey-
the long ears to detect dangerous footsteps
Live as a giraffe -
the long neck to enable you see horizon
live as a tortoise
the hard shell to safeguard you
from falling debris
Live as starfish, colored, without brain-
brainless to avoid reasoning,
as this is a taboo
Live as turkey- dumb, foolish-
drinking water only when it rains
with no heavy demands for rights
Live as a gazelle-
take off fast when things are unbearable 
But do not exist as mosquito-
you will annoy brain-workers there and,
you’ll be hunted down with  clubs
Do not live as a dog- 
always foolishly present in waiting,
loyally carrying out dirty errands 
your back will be broken with kicks
Like mother Pandas, brain-workers in the city
care about feeding only on bamboos,
can kill offspring by rolling
on them without care!
A bamboo be not, a child panda be not,
a mosquito be not at any moment
Galvanize wisdom and courage with
alloys of foolishness and weakness
if longevity is to build shelter,
in your courtyard.

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2016

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The Dinner Party

The elephants were feeling down
As pachyderms oft do.
The cockatiels were quite depressed
The chimpanzees were too.

The mood among the jungle crowd
Was in short quite low,
When a young Hyena yelled,
“I’ve got guys, I know!”

We should throw a dinner Party
To stop us feeling dismal,
But please don’t ask the vultures round
Their manners are abysmal.

“Splendid!” called the warthog,
Very much excited,
“How will we let the others know 
That they’ve been invited?”

“Easy!” cried a young gazelle,
Getting rather heated.
“Tell the parrot who should come,
He’ll find them and repeat it.”

“What shall we eat?” exclaimed giraffe,
“I tell you, that’s the question.
‘Cos if I have the tigers grub
Then I’ll get indigestion!”

“Who’s invited needs more thought.”
The wildebeest all said.
If we ask the lions round
They’ll eat us up instead.”

“What ssshall I wear I asssk you all?”
They heard a grass snake cry.
“The monkeysss might all fit in ssssuits,
But how on earth will I?”

“We’ll never find the table cloth.”
“And who will do the dishes?”
“We’re running short of cutlery.”
“Where will we sit the fishes?”

They argued on all through the night,
But came to no conclusion,
And in the end forgot their plans
Amidst all their confusion.

Copyright © Rufus Reed | Year Posted 2011

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Drink at the table of men the wine
Tapped from the palm tree so divine
Release the ashimu inside of you
Let your body vibrate to the secret rhythm of Odu
Egu the gallant one in the land
Vibrating furiously yet lovely as the white sand
Move by the sea shore in gait
Hip twisting and acting like a hunters bait
The wind acknowledges his movement
For a pattern of life it represents at that moment

Let the owl blow his sacred trumpet
That shakens the heart and weakens the knee like a trinket
Let the forest come alive in the dead night
The animals’ eyes guiding them like a torchlight
Fire is come from beneath the earth
Illuminating the trees and casting shadows like death
The feeble in mind is left at home
For to go you must contain only bone

Hear the sound of the drums
The gay shouts of the flute in forms
The backing of the kacha-kacha
The wonderful melody of the skirt of rafter
Idu the greatest paces up and down
His muscle twitching upsetting his flowing gown
His toes digging the sands ready to pounce
Pounce he did but in a bounce 

The spirits are ascended from the bowels
The ryhtm have increased in tempo
The shaking of sweaty skins has created wells
Ground dug with foot but like a hoe
Omachile the great surpasses all
His steps gazelle like and his shoulder tall
The earth bows to his frame
And yes…. He lives with the fame

Copyright © Joey Success | Year Posted 2012

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To a - Zebra

You're a horse with an idiot paint job,
all zig-zaggy blacketty-white
you stand out when you're in a snowdrift
and can't even hide in the night.
Outrunning a Cheetah you canna
not graceful like any Gazelle
for living out on the Savanna
your life must be probably hell.
I once tried your flesh on Safari
at a camp where we had barbecue
so to add insult to injury
ugly Warthog tastes better than you.

For contest 'To a …... ' sponsored by David Lindsay

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2016

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Desert Memory

Desert Memory

Wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle,
      Such a wonderful sight to see.
         Lions, hippos, and elephants;
            Like tiny toys appeared to me.

Above the desert, 'neath blue sky,
      My memory recalls the flights,
         Aloft in those hot air balloons,
             Thrilled by the Serengeti sights.

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~
Contest: Old or New 8 line MAX
Sponsor: Rick Parise
Judged: 10/08/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Somewhere in Africa

(Tribute to the movie “Out of Africa”)

I gave my heart to Africa…
There, on a farm,
In those vast green plains,
With coffee perfume in 
The crispy air…
I had a farm in Africa…
Where the gazelle dance
In the sweaty breeze,
Grazing and jumping and kicking
Right into the lions’ claws…
I lived in the very soul of Africa…
Where the giraffes reach 
High above the stars
And the moon lay
Carelessly on her back,
Watching over the savannah. 
I had a farm in Africa…
Where the jungle would
Sing its song for the 
Prudent bush-hunters.
Where buffalo and wildebeests
 Cross the blue
Into the waters, giving themselves
To the ancient crocks…
I left my heart in Africa…
And now she sings a song of me,
The air shivers with the colors 
That I had on,
And children play in the fields,
Looked over by the eagles
That once soared for me…

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila

Copyright © Stefania Carmen Misaila | Year Posted 2009