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Fairytale in my heart

Into the deep woods cheerfully I walked
Following the path of a lone shining star
Hosting a magical fairytale in my heart
Beholding sweet visions of who you are.

Sights and sounds symbolized the dark
Resonating nocturnal bird's wailing call
Alarmed by the whining of porcupines
Breaking silence of a formative night fall.

Gentle winds blew carrying ardent vibes
As your beautiful sight graced my eyes
Being a regal princess in heavenly attire
Delighting the province of moonlit skies.

Flashing mythic smile in lyrical vocabulary
Attuned to the cadence of musical strings
You whispered to voices of sensual wishes 
Arousing passions seductive dream brings.

As you then kissed me I became a prince
Adding a new chapter to ancient allegory
Until the bird songs rudely awakened me
Alerting you to vanish before end my story.

January 8, 2019
Into the woods poetry contest by Silent One
Poem of the day on January 10, 2019

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2019

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Flowers Emerge

            Flowers Emerge

Impose your will on the pretty flowers as you may
Trans-formative wonderment of nature 
Entrenched, defiled, they pop up any way in clusters
Vivacious are the colors above the solid stem
Cut cold to death, decay and pain, to follow winters grip    
Excellence defined in the ability to survive
Dangerous are the forces that persist to derogate them    
Yet they prevail against all odds
Death comes but they regenerate
Grass is their shield.  Dirt is their pillow there
Negative winds carry with them ice
Reds and yellows grow on below the sun
Visceral, strangled roots, fragile faces, petal soft, grow cold
Ingenious species, green with envy on the leaf, rise again
A Cacophony of nature’s birds and bees disturbs the peace  
Flowers come in abundance, remain, friendly on the green
Distinguished in divine fashion, exquisite, generous to the last 
Elevated smiles on pollen grains contain the seed of life
Flowers emerge, aware of life

11/22/14 Poetry Contest - "Encounters With Flowers"

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Earth Angel

"Oh my God how beautiful!"
   exclaimed my four year old
Granddaughter as we drove over
     a small bridge and she saw 
the wash with muddy flowing water.
     I was reminded at that very 
moment how my prayers for an
     enlightened teacher were evident.

Her love spreads out like ripples in
     a lake as her vibrations expand.
The colors in her aura radiate a 
     wisdom from many lifetimes.
An Indigo child filled with compassion,
     when she speaks I listen and learn.
She sees a beauty in me I don't see.
     I see in her an amazing reverent glow.

As we journey through her formative
     years together, far faster than I desire,
I watch her contentment grow along with
     her uninhibited vivid imagination.
It is indiscernible who is raising whom.
    Her joy of living predicates why she's here,
why she has returned to another earthlife.
     She is an earth angel and my blessing!

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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Reverse Creation

The Principle of Reversion
grows post-millennial metasystemic decomposition
reverse creation
organic time and memory moving backward toward rebirth
of a ParadisePlanet.

Reversion is the Yin-action of Tao.
Decomposing is the reimagination of effective/causal Time 
within organic space and sacred story place.
Gentleness is the flow-function of Tao.
Compassionate contentment is the fullness of HereNow Time.

The things of this world come from interdependent Being,
and YangBeing comes from YinNon-being
not yet becoming.
Information comes from deductive absorption into co-relational Presence,
and TrustPresence emerges from enthymematic pre-formational function,
notnot in-between imagining inductions, descriptive
deductively prescriptive
retelling iconic stories.

Time moves in both directions,
forward resilient and human-imaged resonant backward,
through intergenerational consciousness of regeneration's hope and promise,
evolution and revolutions of ecological seasons
and reasons
for natural systemic informating.

Spirit is to YinTime
as Nature is to YangSpace.
To understand spiritual optimization economies
we do better to comprehend permacultural synergetic functions,
ecological nutritional catch and exchange wild multicultural
and wicked theological wisdom,
binomial economic fractal decomposition, Yin-Zeroism
within regeneration, Yang-Bayesian-BiLateral
formative polypathic reverse-trend analysis.

Decomposition implicates radical form of healing regeneration.
Degeneration predicates mutual lowering of immune aversions
back toward symbiosis,
neither one being absorbed by other,
while both morph through climaxing macaronic production
of a new binomial creolizing event,
binary formative balanced structure,
bicamerally confluent content,
hypostatizing form,
co-identity redeveloping,
retaining biological memory of unweaving former
DNA enscribing Trees of Regenerational HomeRoot Systems.

is to regeneration,
immersion of grace through cooperative evolution,
as mutual consumption is to past production,
as past folds toward future time
co-fertile kosmic-karmic solidarity;
interdependently dependable
transparent mutability
creolic mutation
ego toward eco-centric mutuality of becoming reborn
in EarthSoul axial transubstantiation.

Enthymematic potential information
evolves our ionically balancing background
understory of matriotic-macaronic content 
and ergodic contention,
becoming Yin noticed and fully Yang appreciated
for what we spiritually stew and naturally weave together,
together again
speaking inside outside voices
regathering iconic stories
of where Earth's love began.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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If Only We Had More Time

I’d have whispered “you're daddy's little boy,”
snuggled in my arms, filling me with joy.
We'd of explored mountain caves, parks and glades,
snapping pictures when you first stood on blades.
And we'd have gazed up at the stars above,
feeling secure in the bond of our love.
And together we'd have journeyed the earth,
embracing the miracle of your birth.

If only we had more time...

I would have told you of the golden rule,
teaching subtle lessens, not taught in school.
And during your early, formative years,
I would've eased your hurts, and wiped your tears.
You'd have entered your teens chasing your dreams,
standing defiant in your torn blue jeans.
And we would have discussed the birds and bees,
learning about life, as we skinned our knees.

If only we had more time...

My heart would have filled with a father's pride,
as you knelt at the altar with your bride.
Gentle tears saved to bless your wedding day,
are unable to wash my grief away.
Less than a year among those who love you, 
we’re gathered today to wish you adieu. 
I think of the many things we'd have done,
and how very much I love you my son.

If only we had more time...

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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The Caregiver

The Caregiver

“Stop baby girl”, cried my daddy
be careful lest you get yourself hurt
and more often than not foolish words I would utter
and spew forth out of my mouth in one big blurt.

As a child, I saw into the heart of this daddy caregiver
when he had to paddle me with an otherwise gentle hand, 
and I would see the tears that would well up in his eyes
when afterwards I was told to stand.

And momma would warn, choose your friends and close associates wisely
it was the lesson all of us would nightly be taught,
Lest you learn their ways only to find
your feet in the same snare will certainly be caught.

Oh, yes, you try your wings out to see if you can fly
before your chosen time, 
only to learn hard lessons were to be gained
which brought you absolutely no peace of mind.

During our formative years these same parents with some
old and new teachers would bring wise teachings into our sheltered life,
trying to help and spare you from hurts 
they had had that caused them much pain and dreadful strife. 

For we have a Caregiver Whose watchful eyes
will always and ever see,
and such loving arms have then and ever
were always tenderly hold up you and me.

For you see a caregiver now and then has to take a strong stand
not giving in to his charge’s will,
knowing it is for their good and not evil
if they will not run from the correction but obey and stand still.

And, then one day it seems we see
the full picture and reason for it all,
for our God is our Ultimate Caregiver Who gave Himself 
to and for us only once but totally now and for all.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings December 2011

Copyright © Marilyn S Jennings | Year Posted 2015

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The eraser belonged to me; it was saved by my mother and returned along with many other 
childhood items when I became middle aged. I was curious as to why she would save a 
stubby old eraser from the primary grades, so she reminded me of its’ one and only use. My 
faded memory of that time suddenly became crystal clear, as my mother recounted for me a 
watershed episode from my formative years. 

I had, as they say these days “acted out in school once again,” this time by writing 
unspeakable words in a textbook. Without any hesitation or forethought, I chose as my 
repository the teachers’ edition of our English composition book. Quite frankly, at the time, I 
thought they were literary gems worthy of publication. That’s why I knowingly inscribed them 
there for all to see. Upon further review by more knowledgeable minds, it was determined 
corrective guidance and a phone call home was in order.
I was to spend several hours after school that day sweating in contemplative silence as I 
erased the teachers’ edition and many other similarly defaced books. It was during this time 
of reflection that I ground that eraser down to the stub as it remains today. The last visible 
vestiges of my bad expositions disappeared forever that hot afternoon, along with more than 
half of the eraser.

Mother then reminded me of what she overheard the Superintendent tell me, as she sat 
mortally ashamed and waiting for hours in the hallway outside that sweltering classroom. I 
can still visualize her ample adult size, trying in vain to get comfortable, in a sticky one 
armed desk made for a 5th grader.

“ John, I want you to try and remember this:
WHAT YOU SAY to others might last with them until THEY DIE.
But regretful WORDS YOU WRITE, the residue of which, will last long after YOU DIE. 
So you keep what’s left of this eraser and I hope you never need to use it again.”

*For the "Rub it out" contest, i still have the eraser.

Copyright © John Trusty | Year Posted 2010

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PsychoTripic Theory of Everything

Consciousness co-arises nondually internal-external.

Today I want to talk about possibilities
for permacultural dynamics,
which are natural systemic
between Left-brain deductive consciousness,
Right-brain inductive ecoconsciousness,
and a double boundary between these bicameral landscapes,
which we call unconsciousness.

The feasibility,
much less value,
of recognizing this phrase, "unconscious mind,"
as an oxymoron
may have optimally Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) implications
for polypathic potential to develop comprehensive consciousness
of both our Left-deductive cognitive confluence,
and our Right-intuitive cognitive dissonance as negentropic,
or negative, appositional correlation.

But first a note about the "correlation" of information
as calculable datum.

Try, if you would be so kind,
to imagine that a positive correlation of information,
like the association of winter with cold,
and summer with warmth and maturation of plant and animal life,
is functionally analogous to:

Correlation: Coincidental energy trends of association,
mutual giveness,
cooperative relationship,
polycultural intention;
implied mutual attraction of any gravitational bilaterality.

And, these coincidental correlations can be positive or negative trending
across time
as experienced through bilateral consciousness.

But, when correlations of deductive consciousness are positive trending,
our Right-brain "eco"conscious awareness
of coincidental self/other proportion
and function
responds to this same data set
of informating energy
with a "not-not" cognitive dissonance screen.

That is, when the Left brain sees opportunity
to invest in correlative information,
the Right brain decomposes risks of investing
where double-negative ecologic remainders are dissonant
with Left-brain's languaged deductive resolution.

When our Left brains compare positive and negative correlations
from the past
with current experiential research data,
this means
our balancing Right brains coincidentally correlate
with double-bind autonomic memory loops,
using DNA lexicon,
fractally self-regenerative
permaculturally self-balancing,
and equi-proportionately feminist, or matriarchal,
development syntax.

This coincidental correlation responds to Left-brain's question
"What is a revolution of life?"
"What is a universal evolution of not-not death?"
Right-brain translates Left-brain's "Closed System" lexicon
as "Open Thermodynamic Balanced System."

Our conscious mind responds to cognitive dissonance
by dismissing current information
proposed by our receptive neural sensors
which may be what we call "unconscious mind"--
one that lacks optimally comprehensive consciousness
because of this unresolved,
distorted information boundary
between Left and Right hemispheric balance.

Meanwhile, coincidentally,
Right brain intuitive awareness
seems to be how we have culturally marginalized,
oppressed and suppressed
permacultural cognitive confluent consciousness;
how Western and Male and Right-hand dominant cultures
disempowered our Yin-Yin,
tipping point,
TrimTab potential
by dismissing intuitional awareness to the merely "sub"conscious
netherworld of mythological icons
and over-active spiritual crystal-gazing.

As our correlative and coincidental consciousness
moves toward Right with Left balance,
harmonic 4-dimensional spacetime
as permaculturally comprehensive consciousness
unveils Right-brain's
"Eternal Universally Open Moment"
as poly-consciously
optimizing DNA lexicon's potential information,
with enthymematic form
and positive OVER negative function
and flow and flux
perhaps David Bohm's "Implicate Order,"
but also Buckminster Fuller's comprehensive systemic consciousness
of Explicate OVER Implicate
as (0) Core Vertex OVER Dark Hole Vortexial
Alpha through (0)Mega Point.

As comprehensive consciousness evolves,
permeating human nature's future
deductive-inductive balancing potential,
this boundary term "unconscious mind"
will evaporate,
as we learn to see what was not conscious
as what is coincidentally,
dynamic as cognitive,
affective normative,
and potentially effective "eco" conscious Right-brain awareness
of heuristic dissonance between what has impacted
one or more of our senses
and our double-binding memory of Elder experience.

Comprehensive consciousness compares to
a fully enlightened neural-cellular system,
a diastatic heart,
fully-encultured lungs,
as entropic unconscious chaotic exforming carnation
compares to dissonance within our disembodied dismay
and fear of death.

Freud's tripartite decomposition of consciousness,
with Id as a disturbingly primal unconscious "self"
lurking behind Ego's consciousness,
lording over the sometimes bitchy Superego's
poly-ionic subconscious mind,
might have appeared psycho-dynamically normative to Freud
because of his research and analysis focus
on people experiencing significant dipolar Left-Right dissonance.

Probably more helpful
on this journey toward permaculturally comprehensive consciousness
is to reconceptualize consciousness
as a Left-Right bicameral conversation
through DNA/RNA's language roots,
where Positive Polynomial Information
tries to retain thermodynamic balance
with Negative Not-Not Polynomial
double-bound Right-brain
fractal-octave root frequencies
and functions of communication
and community
and economic
and ecological development;
which we also experience as evolution
toward regenerative CQI standards
for fully-balanced healthy consciousness.

A correlative observation:
notice that positive teleological correlations,
which we think of as indicators of life's evolutionary
and regeneratively omniscient trend
toward our hoped for future time
of beloved climaxing diversity,
follows a Right-Left cooperative balancing
economic investment profile,
by logically following a Win-Win Gaming strategy.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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She used to think she was too thin. 
Probably because everyone referred 
to her as skinny. Her older brother 
called her bony butt, to her chagrin.
If.......if only the curves would come.
At sixteen they surreptitiously arrived.
Curves on curves that brought too
much unwanted and embarrassing 
attention from the male population
to a shy young woman who was just
discovering how to ascertain who 
she was and how she fit into the world.
While walking down the street, she 
nearly jumped out of her skin, as a car 
came up behind loudly honking at her.
Sometimes they even wildly leaned 
out the window making lewd remarks.
Her brother finally had to cease calling
her bony butt. He changed it to Miss Priss.
Now looking back on those pure formative
years through a seasoned nostalgic glow,
a smile crosses aged lips when a horn honks.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2015

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- Natural And Real -

Breathe it in ~ fill up your lungs

Their tones muted as the moving crystals

Hummingbird singing a melodious song

Provides you with an opportunity to understand

Nature's powerful formative influences

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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behind the sins

no one has the saddle over the wild horse by the name fate
Jose as I had known him, had a life twisted by untamed forces
gifted and talented, we were the best of buddies, our lives flagged together
the terrain trans-formative, as we crested into our teens
Sundays were the days when our spirit were humbled
four boys at the alter, hands folded like the portrait of the Madonna
I knew him like the back of my hand, I heard he had a father
a father I had never seen since kinder
yet life moved on, we the sailors displayed our masts
hoping that the winds were channeling us, to a place our souls would please

He woke up to a heard walk, he and his mum weren't playing a game of chase
yet life had him on checkmate
discovering the significance of the two sides of a quarter, you had to employ a plan B and yet keep your plan A on the cricket bat
he led a double life, keeping his closest friends behind the scenes
dropping out of high school was tradition in our hood,only that it marked
a reincarnation, from the faint- hearted Jose to a classical James Bond
the night intruded by slight mourns from carnivores
lighting sparks and thunder shakes, a grant entry for comic villains
till gunshots, lasting long enough to wipe an army of a thousand
an ambush that "ceased"- captive, the lives of six teens short six times each
one of them a girl, recently dropped out, not even her mum knew where she cribbed
clinging to a heard earned home made short gun, which she innocently giggled like "the machineries" ,the title of a Holy Wood Action Flick
Jose briefly called to inform me of the slaughter, didn't mention he was part only that God had given him an avenue for self evaluation
I wasn't into the Chicky gossips, that flew fast than the dailies but this one caught my ears
she came, gasping for breath, thanks to her size she looked like a raged elephant
her gang of hooters awaited  the bombshell, till her eyes pinned me
"your little friend is dead"...... I left
I left running to the church next to the sewer, there wasn't anyone but me
quickly pressing Jose's contacts, to the sound of server personnel
"the mobile subscriber cannot be reached"

Copyright © Kizito Mbai | Year Posted 2014

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Continuous Quality Improvement

"It [Communion] is the liberating experience of the Authentic Self recognizing itself in others--the many coming together as One in egoless freedom and the mutual conscious intention to evolve."...

"It [Evolutionary Enlightenment] is a new and evolving expression of nonduality in which self and other seamlessly merge, and yet miraculously do not become indistinct. And then consciousness delights in pursuing its own creative potential in ecstatic collaboration with itself."    (Andrew Cohen, p. 193, "Evolutionary Enlightenment")

EcoCommunion inclusive of EgoAutonomy liberates EcoTherapeutically Balanced Self as a holonic-reverse mirror within all (0)-souled other life-systems--reconnecting into Zero's ego-timeless freedom from fear and anger and the co-arising ego/eco individuating-incarnating conscious intention to eco-centrically,
evolve withbyandforof zero-zen interest political econormics.

Communion is a permaculturally renewing
revolving expression of co-arising nonduality
within Self as Other
seamlessly emerging
becoming divine Being
and yet this co-arising integrative individuation
into co-messianic mentorship miraculously
does not exform randomize
non-polynomialize indistinction,
lacking comprehension of universal existence
through cognitive dissonance outcomes.

as eco-cognitive confluence optimization,
shines full bright
timelessly pursuing autonomous/communal creative co-potential
through ecstatic RNA co-intelligent collaboration
of timeless primal relationship itself,
EarthHome Exterior Universe
as bilaterally nesting (0)-soul
EcoSelf Interior Bicameral Landscape.
of mythic logos autonomically inductive wisdom;
EcoTherapeutic Communion.

Once upon Time's beginning
His rich-wise Goddess Gaia
planted one Tree of Life and Death,
regenerating cycles of RNA, then DNA, intelligence.

RNA was in and of this Tree of Time
searching for what might rhyme
and rhythm as DNA,
time-squared collateral,
deductive/reductive of Time's languaged Form
from Past toward oft-feared Future,
memory storage straining temporal eco-function
of pattern and rhythm and symmetry,
relationships of beauty and goodness,
rationality with justice;

Sun God impregnated RNA's Tree
Time of methylation Regeneration
sprouting DNA's thy-is-mine bicameral disposition
as if this Tree of Life and Death
had itself transformed
into our universally inclusive Tree of Knowledge of future Good
and past Evils
as Ego-Life and EcoLogical Death dipolarity,
ego's left-brain deductive transposition
of eco's right-brain Yang v. Yin
yet co-arising disposition
of universalist monopolistic Anthro-Yang
cohabiting with the more cooperatively communitarian,
co-gravitational polycultured,
metasystemic Mythic YinYin
morphs as WinWin mutual cooperative gaming,
through regeneratively systemic structure
of Prime Relationship,
comprehensive bilateral
and, eventually,
in this Third Millennium,
binary-digital Third Millennial
echo-after shock wave
co-reflecting both LeftRight Trees of InFormation
through each others' co-arising.

Bionic human natural evolutionary re-union
of Right-Left First Millennial Right-brain 
oppressively wilting
of political,
health and nutrition anemia
toward suboptimizing outcomes
while remaining outside normative P = N(NP),
translates as Yang/+1Yin/(-,-)0-Yin EchoBalance
reiteratively communicating
balancing (0) Prime Primary ReLateralship
Co-Intelligence seeding bits
through Open-Systemic root systems
with bicamerally cytosine-comprehensive consciousness systems
of information polynomious
as Exterior Landscape Map
not-not self-perpetuating polynomial exformation
as "death" = Lose-Lose Gaming Logos,
Dark Hole ergodic pregenitive root compost source
of dense diastatic fractal;
4 equivalent spacetime dimensional co-systemic
reverse-hierarchical "Tree" information co-operative structure
+/(-,-) stretching competition
centrifugal mutual balancing
universe-perpetuating co-gravitational force,
ergodic flow patterns
of "cognitive dissonant" "un"consciousness,
bilaterally neutral 
as Special Case PrecessiveUniverse
"sub"conscious ReCessive (Fuller's Concave and Bohm's Implicate Order)
pre-language right-brained cultural consciousness
of N(NP) double-binding spacetime proportion,
"artistic sensitivity,"
inductive Right-temporal love
CORE +/(-,-) 0 tap root,
ribonucleic acid-fractal encrypted
form with perpetually co-gravitational 4-Prime
mutually hoonic dimensions
temporally un"fold"ing/re"fold"ing boundary
of logical bilateral spiraling universe
of Prime ReLationship.

If gravity is primally wavilinear reality
and solar systemic "dual-dark holes"
emerge Open Emergent Universal EcoSystems
of perpetually regenerative energy,
oscillating from positive toward double-negatives as
double-binary boundary of balance,
depending on cognitive DNA/RNA-eco-formative dialectical
prime temporal apposition
as researched by multisystemic,
and genetic scientists,
defining logically-metric
universally unitarian self-perpetuating multisystemic
WinWin heuristically deducted resonance of function
as resolution of Time's Tao-Form.

Or, notnot.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Contenting Tree of Life

Futility of Contention
absorbs into Utility of Contentment.

To preserve wholeness, mutually accommodate;
    yielding preserves whole.
To become straight, you must begin bent;
    bent potentiates straight.
To become filled, its best to begin hollow;
    hollow optimizes full.
To become renewed, notice your tattered being,
    dissonance resolves toward renewed confluence.
To become possessive, notice what you want,
    possessions double-bind prehension.
To become confused, notice your exhaustive riches,
    hoarders grow confused, dis-eased.

Therefore the Sage embraces the One Positive Polynomial;
    Midway PositivelyNegative Zero,
And becomes the polyculturing model of the world.
She does not reveal herself,
    And he is therefore luminous.
She does not justify herself,
    And he is therefore far-famed.
She does not boast of herself,
    And therefore people give him credit.
She does not pride herself,
    And is therefore the chief among bicamerally balancing men.

It is because we do not compete
That no one in the world can discontent,
    un-cooperate us.

Yin yield preserves Yang wholeness health.

We might most abundantly,
comprehend Yang as optimizing ergodic community economic developer,
    of structure-forms-plans-strategies-logistics-logic,
while also prehending Yin as revolutionarily ionic communication's functional designer,
    implicating regeneration through intuitive comprehension,
    of each moment's,
    each Life's,
    each paradigm's,
    each revolution's nondually-manifest destiny.

Primal original intent of ionic-ergodic function
to sustain Prime Relationship balance:
of Plan A with Plan B Harmony (B. Fuller),
Yang with Yin balance,
Polynomial with NotNotPolynomial Informating Eco-normics,
Brahman with WombWe, wu-wei chi becoming.

It's not so much that most of us have mental health issues,
its more like mental dis-ease is our issue;
    primary functional concern.
Body decay and loss,
abuse and neglect,
are our more fundamentally optimal opportunity
    to respond to formative issues,
    human natured development.
Mental health is more of an aesthetic-intuitive,
    symmetric and proportional,
    design challenge
    between SuperEco integrity and independent Ego's Self-IdEntity,
while body health is our coincidental peace with justice challenge,
    content of polycultural development.

We are improved well-being prospects, projects,
    comprehending ourselves,
listeners to dissonance between Ego's Left hemisphere
    and our SuperEco right-brained
    full color
    full scale octaves,
    fractal frequencies and functions,
both metaphysical-metasystemic polynomial-polypathic within,
and physical polycultural SuperEco Uniting-Universe without.

We could do better
were we to understand "permaculture" paradigm,
    not only as an organic frame for designing,
    but also an inclusive development through harvest feedback process
    to mutually develop polycultural environments
    and polypathic regenerative co-redeeming economies
    of natural health systems
    with Manifest NonDual-Destiny,
Dark Holistic Elders past
shooting stars through future's primal light.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Feminist EcoPolitics Greets The Donald

Where do we think all this economic and politically empowering
organically luscious imagination
and ecologically exegetical orthopraxis

George Lakoff speaks of strictly straight stern paternalistic God the Universalist Fathers,
vertically Winning over an otherwise Loser, yet highly competitive, ecopolitical world
and ecologically survivalist-separatist
human parasite-divine supremacist
nature-spirit dualist Western-Dominant straight-way
of seeing our origins
and ourselves,
or at least our father-figures,
ProGenitors of victorious Yang-Health Win/Lose
Left over RightBrain WinWin Dominant enculturation.

I may have added a few gaming elements,
paradigmatic essences which Lakoff
speaks of as if they may be associated with some other economically and politically normative and important words like
healthy v pathological climate,
natural chemistry,
changing yet traditional ecological networking relationships.

In describing what I call LeftBrain ecopolitical Dominance,
and he describes as patriarchal straight-stern Father Knows Healthy Competitive Best 1950's Republicanism,
"Absolute categorization requires essences,
properties that define absolute categories."
Patriarchs tend to be Win/Lose Universalists,
as nurturing Matriarchs therapeutically trend toward WinWin Unitarian-Integrationists,
polycultural nondual co-arising nature-spirit enrichment
over monocultural BadBoy too-competitive ecopolitics.

Strict Father evolutionary ecopolitical models,
also LeftBrain Enculturation-Language Dominant,
are more drawn to spiritual fundamentalist belief systems
while their Nurturing Matriarchal Networking RightBrain
looks toward root systems of natural-radical regenerative fertility,
requiring some fortunate/unfortunate ambiguity about the nature-spirit compete/cooperate essences
of ecopolitical gender categories.

RightBrain radical spiritual experiences may be suppressed,
but MotherEarth's cooperative regenesis is not yet dead.

Because of my own Strict Father evangelical Christian Republican,
post-adolescent USA formative years,
I have a renewing appreciation for growing up damaged,
but still RightBrain basically healthy-balancing,
in an ecopolitical LeftBrain Patriarchal EgoDominant conservationist Republican-agrarian 
and yet healthy nature-spirit Matriarchal understory family,
where I was part of the dominant 
separatist rural Michigan culture,
and also secretly ***** as a two-dollar bill,
as we used to say
back in the anti-feminist day.

This combination eventually led me away from Fundamentally-Dualist God the Condemning Father
toward the Radical-NonDualist Goddess the Nurturing Nature-Spirit
LeftEgo-Right ElderSacred EcoPolitical Wisdom Literature
of Taoism,
and Universal-Unitarianism,
where the hyphen itself
tells the entire permacultural history
between pre-millennial Tao as (0)-sum balancing ecopolitical SpaceTime
spoken in bilateral dialects of Patriarch/Matriarch Yang/Yin CoOperative Enthymematic Communication,
to fill in my nondual natural-spiritual matriarchal feminist side,
which is much more fun
and a whole lot wiser
than without.

From this still-maturing vantage
I can see
that we can all bicamerally see
that ecopolitical-ecological fusion is to regenerative complexity (M. Csikszentmilhalyi)
as cooperative-comparative ecopolitical blurring is to chaos theory,
or Creolizing Political Theory, in Jane Anna Gordon's vocabulary,
or Feminist EcoPolitical Theory.

Here I enjoy a more cooperative networking and balancing culture
of extended polypathic bicameral family values,
while still aesthetically appreciating Patriarchal Forms
of CoMessianic Nurturing Daddies
as also Bodhisattva Matriarchal MercyWarriors of Peace and Climate Justice,
at their nurturing wise Solomonic best,
where we all began,
in RightMind ecopolitical prodigal potential Mommy's Wombs,
living within Sacred MotherEarth's climate
of Beloved CoOperative Left/Right contenting Health;
anonymous pre-embryonic Taoists.

LeftBrain ecopolitical and familial dominance
is more deeply etched in 'nonEastern' languaged
and nonverbally communicating/dissonating cultures,

(I dare not speak the LeftBrain WesternCapitalist Patriarchal Name
of strict means straight and stern Calvinist truth 
more than also spiraling, 
thermodynamically balancing,
double-binding fractal (0)-sum polypathic octave frequencies 
of enlightnment,
CoOperative Nature's Divinely Sacred Symmetric BiLateral Beauty)

Both verbally and nonverbally,
both familially and extended socially,
both economically and extended politically invested,
both competitively and cooperatively,
both authoritatively regenerative and nurturing-health responsibly,
it seems to me
these are the appositional polarities
around which each of our economic and political narratives
find their most nutritiously enlightening root systems
of ecological climate health as ego/eco-centric wealth.

The Donald looks more like the Court Jester
than the Court Messiah.
now the BadBoy logical conclusion 
of LeftBrain Dominant USA adolescently competitive ecopolitics
has even more power of the purse
and nuclear ballistics.
It's like letting your kids
play with fire
while investing in more gasoline.
It just doesn't feel healthy 
or like wise wealth investment planning
to me;
more kind of LeftBrain Dominatrix-Delusional terrifying.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Heaven's Branches

My childhood elm of outgrowth stout
Nourished His formative buds about
While holding me during youthful sprout
Yet far I fell from Him.

For thoughtless Time forgives forgot
He waited for his puerile tot
My seasons passed far from his plot
And further I fell from Him.

Upon my adolescent spark
He let me stab his bleeding bark
With foolish whim, a lover’s mark
Still further I fell from Him. 

While seasons passed with nature’s grace
And changed the lines upon my face
He kept my sacred vernal place
Still further I fell from Him.

Soon I was met with fortune’s snide
And chilling winter did preside
His thickened limbs He did provide
Still further I fell from Him.

When life bestowed my last defeat
For years of folly and conceit
My eyes beheld His sad retreat
How far I fell from Him!

That tree that held my girlish jump
And greenery once rich and plump
Was now a sickly blackened stump
How far I fell from Him!

I wept upon His tattered rings
For all the comfort He did bring
Throughout my vain and endless sting
I'd not ascend to Him!

Somehow He felt my tears abreast
And cleansed the faults I had possessed
He offered me His stump for rest
I did ascend to Him.

Copyright © Michele Nold-Godleske | Year Posted 2005

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A picture of a sub-division-w

My sub-division is called the place of old people                     
There’re no young people in their formative age                 
With no kids but only single mom or dad in ample              
Known as the place of aged people of suffrage.                     

There’re no young people in their formative age           
To regenerate returning to their homes in picture                        
Known as the place of aged people of suffrage                                 
With no ambitions of the present or the future.                    

To regenerate returning to their homes in picture                        
No grown-ups with fervent hope and ambition                 
With no ambitions of the present or the future                    
But it’s place the with self-obsessed bohemian.                    

No grown-ups with fervent hope and ambition                   
Bothering no more for diapers no happy mother                        
But it is the place with self-obsessed bohemian.                   
To take children around to play no happy father.                      

Bothering no more for diapers no happy mother                        
With no kids but only single mom or dad ample                  
To take children around to play no happy father.                      
My sub-division is called a place of old people.  

Seventh place winner
Dr. Ram Mehta

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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The Making of Scars: Part I

Faster than a speeding bullet & 
into the world she came,

                                                              popped from the cannon, faster
                                                              than a spinning weather vane &

in the midst of the madness, the
hysteria of it all, she

                                                              had a mother whose brother snapped &
                                                              dropped the ball,

this is how the story of the scarring 

                                                              quick as a whistle, without reason 
                                                              or the illusion of “sin”

& the formative years came just as 
quickly as they went,

                                                              the pet cat was found smothered in a  
                                                              hot ceiling vent,

a child in her kindergarten was threatened 
with a fork &

                                                              the teacher who witnessed it wouldn’t 
                                                              blame it on the stork,

and the counselors moaned in tandem &
so it was agreed,

                                                              off to the mhu for sweet Emily,

there, like any prisoner, she learned worse 
stories than her own,

                                                              she learned that there were plenty amongst her 
                                                             who’d she simply couldn’t know,

she saw the fragility & the damage, the
irresponsibility of humankind,

                                                             she saw the early garbage bin where we get placed                  
                                                             before we end up incarcerated or fried,

she grew sadder, not better, she found no 
consolation prize,

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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Contentious Kindness

Anger and kindness reach for richly polar opposition.
So, can I have any more perfect anger
than I have perfect kindness?
Rumi claims that anger reposes during kindness,
but sleep is not death,
while kindness anxiously awaits
during times of quick vexation,
deeply entrenched resentment and hurt
and fear of pathological repetition
of loss and pain.

Suffering wrestles between these two.
Suffering with grows kindness,
while suffering against grows angry.

Most of life plays out somewhere between
our competitive and cooperative intent
and suffering
mentoring co-redemptive intent,
regenerative practices,
comprehensive polycultural and multisystemic karmic grace 
of ecojustice,
therapeutic co-arising diapraxis.

No pain, no gain;
No gain, restrain,

We redeem as we harvest
what we plant
in fertile compost
and toxic salt of dispossessive tears
and laughter at those we've left behind and out;
those and that nature we thought we could possess,
own, enslave, use, abuse, victimize, ignore, neglect,

Sowing life with Self,
and Other,
in and on Earth's cooperative kindness
and challenging unkindness,
or planting angry monocultural competitive weeds,
and usually some of both,
self-righteous flashy egojustice
and ecotherapeutically peaceful mindfulness
within Beloved Polycultural EarthTribe's formative
normative co-intelligence,
reasons for all four seasons.

Kindness intends to suffer with,
and not against,
to reconnect our DNA memory--
we are a regeneratively co-evolving
deep-ecorooting bicultural Tree of Life,
growing both up and out Yang,
and down and internally landscaping
Yin-Yin ecologic
as Win-Win ecojustice Cooperative Gaming Theory,
rooting our reverse-hierarchical cooperative
and information network
all the way in and through our (0)-soul double-elliptical
Universal Synergetics Prime ReGenesis Project System
of fractal-holonic Design, Community and Communication Development,
Economic Development as Eco-logical and Environ-mental
Continuous Well-Being Improvement.

Kindness suffers with eco-injustice anger;
anger suffers against ecotherapeutic justice.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Scotland the Brave

 This is an interesting question
 born in city of Glasgow
 moved at 6 weeks to Ayrshire
 then 1990 to Renfrew I go

 So where is my home?
 being brought up in Ayrshire
 my formative years are there
 so memories are ever on fire

 Now based in Renfrew
 a small quiet town
 once home to a airport
 now no planes come down

 So Scotland is my nation
 born and brought up in this land
 here the covenanters braved the foe
 till death they did stand


Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2013

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A Perfect Company

A Perfect Company
By: Noel N. Villarosa

They are the big fish in a small pond
They received kudos and power widely
With their bunch of fives used as their wand
They dominate while sitting idly

Been tasked in carrying coals to Newcastle
Never saw them as cool as a cucumber
The atmosphere of the office is in a chronical hassle
Mobility and formative years, they are there to encumber

World-weary, so he indulged into stargazing
That he was working in a peculiar place
Where people work with eternal bliss
Where no one to make shudder and no egotist displaying

Everyone is happy to comply with buoyant spirits
You feel as no stranger but as a longtime friend
Where giving recognition and importance have no limits
Different origins and cultures do blend

There were no rush works and pressures
No deadline to meet and sanction
All work harmoniously with pleasures
And get involved in another function

They were wearing a white uniform
No shoes, all are barefooted
No pains to bear and no hurting words thrown
A feeling of living in your own homestead

The place is boundless in its beauty
Where children play with other creatures
No darkness, only eternal light and free from enmity
That you can rest in the placidity of its seashore

Then a meeting was called and everyone gathered in the garden
He was introduced by the man sitting on the throne
He saw the man’s face as magnanimous, charmingly simple and serene
A soothing voice and said, my son, there is no contract signing that you can hold your own
Only love will bind us as one

Written and posted also in poetry site: 4 January 2010

Copyright © Noel Villarosa | Year Posted 2010

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Cosmic Climax

It's much too close in here
for loneliness,
or companionship.

Either way,
I grow too small
undervalued domesticity with insufficient commodity,
just another over-populating parasite
underneath Earth's glamorous backside;

Suppressed incubator within a more integrating place
of language
and full-octaned relationship toward outside 
somewhere, marginally surfing
flowing symbiotic omni-nutritional fluid
umbilical corded string
for receiving ever more formative function
energetic unction
massive combustion
rebirthing my new Elder synergetic IdEntity
through diastolic Ego-recession,
contracting unrhymed rhythm
of fear of fear of fear...
Double-Binding negative threshold
toward diastatic Eco-Love prehension;
echoing across echo-developing hemispheres,
inter-wombed regenetic too slow and tight economy
creating EarthTribe's Beloved Ecology
of paradise boundaried with pain,
longing reconnected within universal belonging,
being primally related through
RNA's coincidental Hollow Womb Presence,
Earth's self-optimizing cornucopian abundance
revolutioning joyful grace,
redemptive polycoloring place,
regenerate revolving Memory time
as love-drenched Mother's space.

Ambidextrous-ionic amniotic fluid,
Janus-faced dual destined 

to internally bring forth new life
by purge erupting each metamorphic fertile sac,

draining past generations
into future's new-born hope,

to emerge a womb with sufficient empathic communication
to compassion Earth's warm-wombed community;

reconnecting humane nature's transactional economics
with sacred nature's transcendent ecologics--

Great Transition deducing permacultured functions
inducing  biologic forms of regenetic polyculture.

We're much too close for racing loneliness,
at loooong sloooow last,
our time to become Beloved CoElational together.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Preston Graham - Bio

I was born in the dusk of March.
There was a blizzard, I’m told.
But I don’t remember it that way.
So much for “out like a lamb,”
and at an ounce over ten pounds,
my mother likely shares the sentiment.
I was a baby elephant.

My formative years were electric blues and neon pinks.
Chester Cheetah, He Man and Max Hedrum.
Our family was teetering on poverty, probably.
We lived on the west side of a dead-end street
with limitless possibilities.
Three sisters and four brothers aside,
I was an only child.

Awkwardly, I attempted my teens,
But oh, those glasses…
They probably had potential,
had I been a decade or seven older.
My prized possession was a saxophone
and I couldn’t gain weight if I tried.
I was a six foot something 2x4.

Somewhere along the way, I can’t say why,
The U.S. Air Force took me in.
They introduced me to avionics and a girl,
a doe eyed product of the dust bowl.
She danced from the hip and into my heart.
She became my first and last kiss. 
I was a blushing bridegroom.

Now I’m a two-year veteran of fatherhood,
and an over-qualified desk clerk.
I’m the type who would sooner memorize pi
one or two decimal points past useful
than find it by an infinite series expansion.
I cherish creative outlets, so today,
I am a poet.


Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Bucky's Wealth of Information

Universal information,
form emerging from multisystemic diastasis,
is composed of fractal syntax,
primally illustrated by looking at RNA,
then DNA,
binomially re-cognizing bilateral temporal memory
as formative id-entity.

Polynomials are to in-form-ionization
as polycultural outcomes are to universal

Not-Not Polynomial unitarianism,
double-bound nondual integrity,
is both entropic and fractal bilateral Time frequency.

Not-Polynomial is neutronic-entropic.

While Double-Negative-Binding Polynomial ex-form-bionization
re-connects double-transparently gravitational ergodic
with ionic/bionic balancing primal syntropic relationship.

Neutronic dipolar information exerts, exforms, exhumes, exhales
a bicameral negative-correlational balancing influence
within our neural systems,
seeking Left-Right dual-transparent-equivalent confluence,
deductive with inductive,
known without as felt within,
both positively and negatively,
and ecologically midway double-binding temporal-neural RNA/DNA 
co-arising nondual = dipolar bicameral temporal poli-eco-normativity
SuperEgo function.

In absence of this abundant neutral Win-Win
neural system normativity,
Ego-Left deductive
remains in diverse stages
of critical-event cognitive/affective/uneffective dissonance,
which can lead to autistic chronic dissonant patterns
of disharmonic chaos
between Left's deductive sensory receptors
and Right's inductive Elder-RNA Zero-Commons Centric
fractal syntaxed memory storage
and eco-identity patterns,
seasonal as reasonal rhythms
of permacultural optimization regenesis
and co-operative exegetical development of Whole Earth P2P organics.

Why do we fear,
self-immunizing subsistence,
mutual resistance?

Why do we love
eco-centric co-arising surrender,
tending spacetime's brilliantly fractal-syntactic
synaptic burning bushes of divine humane genius,
natural-spiritual pilot lights,
unveiling polypathic intuition of abundant consciousness?

This HereNow Transmillennial ReGeneration
BeLonging CoRedeemers Global Commune,
with economic Zero-Sum Commons values,
engage positive Zero-Centric ecopsychological practice,
humor's common sense of permacultural
self-perpetuating redesign
of double-knotting naughty negatives
to produce reproductive positives,
reconnecting what could not not become,
both more and less than already is co-relationally unbalanced.

Co-Revolutionary Bodhisattva Mentors:
breathe in with out
our polynomially double-binding universal fractals
of EcoLogic,
tri-metric seasonal spacetimes of logically compassionate redevelopment
unfolding outstretched universally emergent uniting breath
of time with eco-depth,
re-creation through double-negation
of Winter's bilateral-temporal discontenting
reverse facing regenerative eco-open analogical systems.

What did we think could not be co-incidental
about rhythms of dissonance
and epicentering patterns
of ecology's Zero-Balancing
as P=NNP
as Yang=YinYin,
Win-Win co-operative economics?

Nondual co-arising revolution,
building ecological and economic cooperative networks
for positive ecopsychological
polycultural peer2peer investment,
to cool our post-climatic brow
trending toward flat-line deadly endo/ectosymbiotic trends
of devolving
decomposing competition
between AllEarth's Health
and HumaneNatured Wealth.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Moose Medicine

If love is a metaphysical word
for physical synergy,
and synergy is
prime binomial integrating TransParency,
ProGenitor Time of Tao's
nondual co-arising gravity,
merging and emerging in-formation
into this continuing
yet culminating
Great Transition Evolution
of Left-Right bicameral eco-consciousness,
co-empathic ecopolitical trust,

to nuance Joanna Macy,
"Active hope is not wishful thinking...
Active Hope is a readiness to engage"
Moose Medicine,
co-arises most optimally
climatically predicted
decomposing self/other composting
fertile eco-Moosive Embryo,
an EcoChild of Earth's ReGenetic Lusty Love.

In this TransMillennial era
guided by emerging Moose Medicine,
we not only discern
wilting political and economic and ecosystemic
multi-paradigmatic despair,
we also recover
emerging TransParent double-bonding shades
of Moosive bicameral balancing
steamy self/other eco-esteem
non-dually co-gravitating through
every cell of RNA/DNA,
thermodynamically balancing
YangPower with YinYin Flow
of binomially balancing
In-Formative Time for EveryBody
for co-operative co-arising resonant
inclusive pro-creation.

Those who stop to count the costs of love
look for ways to divest of co-intelligent co-opportunity,
to continue investing in loneliness
and separation
and suffering,
ignoring Earth's mentoring photosynthetic co-operative economy
of light's comprehensive eco-self consciousness,
Her own dream-shadow,
of neutral's dark Jungian unconsciousness,
a fog bank
evaporating as double-binding time
and rhythms
and double-negative returns and investments
reiteratively pattern RNA's free fractal love connection.

If Time's eternal unfolding love is Zero-dimensionally balancing,
and love, like synergy,
is nondual-fractal equidimensional co-arising gravity,
and human nature's bicameral perception
is primally two-dimensional:

PositiveForm Ectosymbiotic
DoubleNegativeFunction Endosymbiotic
[co-arise inhale
co-harvest exhale],
Ego with Eco,
Yang deducing seducing YinYintuition,
reiterative communicant co-processors

Hunt/Haunt RNA's decomposing 3SpatialSeasons=1Prime Bilateral Time,
Winterish Equinox of ego-purgating dissonance,
equivalent fractal seasons,
shy winterish Uracil
of Universal freely decomposing loving light
greets cytosine's full summer formed regeneration,
as great transitional objectives
greet their fear of past
and hope for future
subjects as positive outcomes;
while adenine springs West renewing co-redemptive messianic faith
in guanine's full composted
integrative Tao of ecoEastern-harvest,

TransParent Time as relational verb's 
Light fractal recycling form

ing nouns-before-after-now nomials,
dipolar conscientific logos revolutions of co-memeing paradigms,
relearning Earth's String
of disorganic ignorance.

If love is synergetic integrity,
co-arising gravity,
and creation is co-passion's regenerative transgeneration,
how could Moose love cost less than free?

How could co-mentoring redemption
not invest everything
in learning how to co-operatively Be,
free of enslaving domesticated becoming
something of utility,
free to come together
as eco-We's Mutual Moose Medicine.

Moose Evolving Medicine,
Eco-Lust Meditation of Guiltless
Free as EgoZero
Ecstatic Joy.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Distinctions without Difference

This sun-warmed March morning
while slowly stretching
in my sedate senior way,
I wondered how I might blame myself
for religious teachers
forgetting most often
that healthy minds are also healthy bodies,
living on and in healthy relationships
and neighborhoods,
enculturing planet.

Who could I blame
for secular science and arts
and health-nutrition teachers
forgetting most often
that healthy bodies are also multiculturally well-fed minds?

Differences of mind and body
are merely in our nondual mindbodies.

While I can discern distinction
I find no functional difference
between natural bio-harmonic functions, frequencies, and formative outcomes,
and ecosystemic mind-balance integrative acquisition.
Isn't this the reverse corollary
of survival of the fittest?
Thrival of the most cooperativists?

Healthl of the most confluently balancing mindbodies
is also survival of the least dissonant inside with outside.
Just, even more so,
like Yang-face with Yin-grace.

Perhaps it would help
if I stretch just a bit longer,
if we could learn to stretch-see together,
dipolar AND nondual co-arising
Yang is with Yin
as Body is with Mind
as Left-Dominant Bodymind is with Right-DiPolar-Reverse Mindbody
as Universal is with Unitarian-Integral
as Energy is with cooperative Spirit
as Nature is to (0)-soul Spirit
as Speed of EnLightenment is to Nurturing Healthy ReGeneration 
of and for all EarthTribes.

Speed of light is about the amount of time
we still have to complete this anthro-vocation
with all Earth's Tribes.

ReGenerate Earth is to Yin's inside co-mentoring SunGod
bilateral dipolar revolving
4-season of temporal perennial healthy revolutions,
rather like RNA and DNA,
fractal-functionally speaking.

Prime Relationship distinctions
with dipolar 
negative correlational tensegritive
appositional differences,
where two LoseLose wrong notnots
make one WinWin MidWay healthier right=left ecopolitical balance.

I wonder if I ever finished those stretches.
I must be losing my polypathic nondual eco-not-so-much-arising mindbody....

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016