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Below are the all-time best Easter Monday poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of easter monday poems written by PoetrySoup members

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I sigh my song of loss
Profound sense of frustration
At your hair now brittle and coarse
Which fuels my sense of desolation

You’ve been old my whole life
But strong in belief – and mind
Never guessed it could come to this
Or that I’d possess thoughts this unkind

Horrified by suffering
Amazed by the little things
Your paper-thin delicate skin
Each revelation acts like bee stings

Malignant emotions
Swollen with a sense of shame
Loved ones try to absorb your pain
Yet I’m searching for someone to blame

Ocean frost in my heart
I clutch to such small details
Firm grip or large blue eyes open
Former comfort of my hometown fails

May 5 you turned 95
Autumn has moved to winter
When did I last see my Grandma?
Easter Monday: for that I’m bitter

Church associations
Are hard for me to accept
Just like cellular atrophy
It represents what I wish to reject

Copyright © Debbie Lee | Year Posted 2010

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New Year 366 Page 21

Peter Andre

Our daughter is Peter Andre mad
 She's really got it rather bad
 A card board cut out on the bedroom floor
 Large as life couldn't ask for more
 Except to get her hands on the real thing
 Which she did at a concert as he did sing
 Grabbed her Peter round the waist did she
 Security had to get him free
 But seriously Peter is her passion it's true
 So carry on daughter you’re a fan through and through

Easter Bunny

Exactly what would we do?
An excellent bunny are you
So exciting yet never seen
The execution of delivery you've been
Easter without you not the same
Renowned by only your name

Bouncing around as you try
Under an egg yolk sun in the sky
No child shall be exempt 
Never miss any egg delivery attempt
Yes Easter bunny you are excellent

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny did say
It is my favourite day
I've got eggs to share
With children everywhere
For free they don't have to pay


Barbaric or a sport
One more has been caught
X certificate the fight game
Is any sport meant to maim 
Naturally not but some take lives
Gone fathers leaving children and wives

Easter Monday

Eggs to be eaten before they melt
A prayer to be said while you are knelt
Sitting together to have a meal
Together a family that loves a great deal
Easter a time for loving and sharing
Rather than fighting we should be caring 

More over this day is one for the lord
Open his message you will not be bored
Now is the time to reach out for peace
Demand that we have it let it release
After an age of terrorism and fear
Yes Easter Monday let love reappear

Easter Monday

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead
The stone rolled away an empty grave instead
So he could sit at his father’s right hand
As it had always been planned
Welcoming all who wish to believe
In the holy trinity
The father, son and Holy Ghost
In heaven with the heavenly host
Waiting for us all to reach out
Forgiving all our sins no doubt

Rhythmic Beating

Hold your hand upon your heart
Feel that rhythmic beating start
Underneath the rib cage wall
Heart will rise and heart will fall
Then your lover comes in the room
Your heart beat races to sonic boom
I know this feeling every day
When my lady wife kisses me that way
When we hold each other tight
My heart it races day and night


Blackwell Nick I wish you well
Out of the ring you fell
X-rays and scans show a bleed in the brain
In the ring you suffered the pain
Not knowing this would happen to you
God speed your recovery from injury to


Does it matter what country
Where death and destruction fly free
Does it matter what colour, race or creed
Murder is murder and to stop it is a need
Taliban or Isis it's all the same to me
When will they stop their killing spree?
They even kill their own in an act of atrocity
When will they smell the coffee from them we must be free
To all those who died in Pakistan I offer up one prayer
May heaven open its gates to you and peace may you find the

Lady Linda

Happy birthday to Lady Linda Yeates
A beautiful lady not from the states
An English rose from Warwickshire
There is no praise that could be higher
A blessed birthday she is due
With love from me and all of you

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2016

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Easter Exodus

Every spring, I remember the Exodus story.
How the twelve tribes became free from slavery, 
Escaping across the wind parted Red Sea, is a mystery. 
Easter in Italy, "Pasqua" is an echo of Passover history.

In England, Easter is the modern Exodus.
Good Friday through to Easter Monday.
It's a good long weekend holiday for us,
To be spent driving on a jammed motorway.

Hurrah! At last we see the sea at the seaside.
Saturday starts with "Full English Breakfast".
Then, promenading on Brighton Pier with pride.
Easter Monday evening, time to go home at last!

Romans demolished Jerusalem's Temple for all to see.
The twelve tribes became slaves in the diaspora.
In Rome these captured slaves eventually became free
To sing the "Song of the (Red) Sea" at Pasqua.

Copyright © Michael Sender | Year Posted 2018

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Easter Monday

Easter Monday 

A day of rest
like a bird in its nest
having fun
until it's done
there is no hurry
nor worry
we eat nice food
for us to feel good
we are joyful
it's so cool
good mood
no need to be rude
we sing
with a smile we bring
with wholeheart we give
love to live
in unity
as a united community
on an Easter season
with a reason
of love
from above
from the Divine
Father, Son, Holy Spirit One.


Copyright © Drencho POET | Year Posted 2017

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New Beginning Page 21a

Each Heart

On this Good Friday let us recall
The Lords Compassion for us all
Redemption we can all receive
The Lords Compassion will not deceive
Purified Souls rise up forever
Descending Into Hades never
Let the Lords Light shine in each heart
Take the Lords Passion given from the start

Holy Law

When you walk God's narrow path
Surely love you seek not wrath
If you live by his holy law
His kingdom you'll see that's for sure
If you take the bread and wine
His body his blood so divine 
If you believe in the father, son and Holy Ghost
Your life will be blessed by the heavenly host
If you believe in angels then hear them sing 
For in their song God's love they'll bring
So follow God's light every single day
Then kneel before him on judgement day

His Son

The Resurrection is Easters Apotheosis
Christ’s Glorification we must not miss
Our Souls Redemption his son died for
So we reach the Divine Kingdom for sure
Let Blessed Souls shine in the night
Bathed In God‘s most Divine Light

Let Us Pray

Let us pray for an end to war
It has no use what is it for?
Let us pray for food for all
So famine will not kill the small
Let us pray for love to last
So hate can be left in the past
Let us pray to God above
So we all may live in love

Easter Egg

Tell me just what did you do
Was I alone or did you do it to
On Easter Monday our eggs we'd roll
In Forge Valley on a grassy knoll
It symbolized the rolling of the stone
From Jesus's tomb risen to his father’s throne
Did you roll your Easter egg like me?
To symbolize Jesus rising free

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2017

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Easter Monday at Hahndorf, South Australia 2 April 2018

A bright sunny azure blue sky above fills
Me with happiness and a leisurely drive into the Adelaide Hills
The Hahndorf Main Street full of shops 
With soaps and hand made goods between the hops

A lunch of German fare of schnitzel or bratwurst with beer
All washed down in heartiness and cheer
Then to Melba’s chocolate factory for all you eat sweets
Or the Beerenberg farm for chutneys and jam so complete 
Then fresh apples off the farm
And a sleepy trip home full of small town charm.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2018