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Double Whammy Clerihew by Manassian, Eileen

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If It Be Your Wish To Educate

In the desert of my compassion
holds two tender seeds growing fervently;
both longing for the blueness of my tears,
which possess a certain kind of purity.

---who's teaching whom
our Tomorrows yet-in-bloom--

Teach me of your ways, Little Ones,
for I could use some reassuring.
Am I human still? Or is there still more to unlearn?
A bit of wisdom lost is what I'm inferring.

"What use is spelling to me?
Will it provide food for my family?"
These were the words of a Midnight Child
still awaiting the dawn of humanity's consideration.

"What use is your prejudice;
I may be small, but I have more than enough love,
for the both of us."
These were the words of a Snowy Child
paradoxically melting your heart with his profundity

(because Adults could still use some education)

Teach me how to fish,
if it be your wish to educate.
How to hunt and how to gather,
how to build a shelter that won't break easily ...
... but most importantly      (and this is no frivolity)
teach me how to LOVE beyond my capability,
for you know we don't get enough of it currently.

How to care and how to give,
despite the whims of Life's Circumstance.
Knowing this, perhaps I can live      (or at least I can try)
To live a L-I-F-E, that's worthy of her letters, before I die.

Little children don't know the difference
between ebony and ivory.
Because smiles are a universal sentence;
to them it's all harmony!

Something's not right here -
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.
We are all People:
Some with hungry minds, some with hungry mouths.
Even children know this to be true.
Do I need to spell it out?

Using Image 4 ...

Originally written for Silent's contest, but was switched one for a different poem based off a different image. Thanks for the double whammy of inspiration, my friend!

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Government Sales Tax GST

Government Sales Tax GST
Since the introduction of GST, a sales tax newly  introduced back in April 1st last year,
GST or Government Sales Tax has wreaked untold financial miseries all thro the year.
Despite the various publicity shows and nationwide tours to dispel  citizens’ early misgivings,
What was feared and dreaded  is now an unforgiving yoke of taxation in most daily dealings.

Through the supply chain, with this  imposition of this 6% tax at each level, everyone suffers,
The debilitating effects of its cumulative nature has given rise to spiralling price increases.
From services rendered to most consumables and non edible goods, top it up, GST is a must,
And when crude oil hit USD 100 per barrel, from a sedately USD40plus a barrel, we curse.

All retailers were quick to raise prices, citing the drastic rise of petroleum to justify rising costs…
The ordinary citizens, as consumers, we can only mutter and curse  impotently at the costs.
Except for some basic consumables that are classified as essential goods, all others are taxable,
When one settles payment  at the check out counter, there  is a 6% additional payment for the government.

So to the man in the street,  there suddenly is a double whammy to the rising cost of living,
A consequential price increase in goods attributed to rising fuel costs, and a 6% tax for sales servicing.
It is just a 6% service tax, replacing the 10% service tax, so the cost of goods would be lowered,
A reputable minister, in his fervour to curry acceptance from all Malaysians, blared loudly all over.

Despite the opposition political parties and their  vehemence against this 6% GST tax,
The ruling party, with its overwhelming  majority, approved and passed this GST tax.
One year down the road, petroleum prices are down to about  USD40 or thereabouts a barrel,
Surprise, Surprise! None whatsoever any lowered prices even when petroleum dipped down to USD25 a barrel!

Today, Malaysians all over are struggling to stretch the buying power of our hard earned earnings,
If there is a corresponding rise in monetary pay, rising costs and GST would not be so demanding.
And of course, if only  there is less profiteering or greed to lower the much risen prices,
Government Sales Tax of 6%  is acceptable for it is much lower than in the other neighbouring nations.

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Double Whammy Clerihew

Pierce Brosnon is divine
Of male species so sublime
Sky blue eyes and peppered hair
Just make me want to bare

He and Russell Crow
Just make me go go go
Gladiator despite the gore
Just makes me want him more!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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the rhino and cougar conundrum

the rhino & cougar conundrum 

fair enough to say that when
s/he got into it, when she dove 
head-first into the pool of passion with
both eyes closed & arms outstretched,
that there was an inherent excitement
to be found attractive at his/her age
by someone so much younger &
all the fantasies in the head
from carnal sex to just getting to 
stroll down the street with
this young thang hangin’ off her/his
shoulder (and the whole world seems to be
run rampant, 
as the romance gets off with a bang,
banging like bunnies persists &
s/he feels reinvigorated,
for this new young person in his/her life
becomes an integral part in 
the beefing up of what had been a falling
a failing personal value, a
slave to the depreciation of age &
this culture that wants absolutely nothing
to do with.

and as time passes, s/he even begins to think
that this could become something real &
that all the doubts of his/her friends
may not be proved correct &
after convincing him/herself that these very
doubtful friends are in fact
s/he quietly, secretly, tells him/herself
that quintessential delusion…
that this person just might be
“the one.”

quick came the wandering eyes &
the insecurities came bubbling,
with an oozing jealousy of everyone around &
the double whammy stirring in the mind
that this young thang that said rhino/cougar 
had hooked, could simply leave one day
with the rest of their lives ahead of them,
having burned away “the prime of one’s life”
like the proverbial candle wick.

so in fear, the rhino/cougar begins to do things
that they never thought they would,
in order to “keep” the young thang in their lives---
in the bedroom, they bow to the will of their
young lover, in the bar, they half to at least meet
them half-way under the table & 
if need be, they must lose weight, dress in revealing
clothing, mingle with every friend, no matter 
how dirty or strung out,
so much so, that the rhino/cougar lives in eternal worry
that their days are numbered,
wondering that if they get out now,
that they’ll have enough pizzazz to hook somebody else,
or that they will have to push themselves to the
furthest limit, in order to stay in this. 

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2013

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have the natural tendency of a benign dictator

And yet Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is an arrogant bully whose disturbing sexual comments towards Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman mark him out as a man with a problematic moral compass. And did you swallow the bit where his realisation of a human connection with Superman (their mothers both share the Christian name Martha) saw Batman instantly switch from readying himself to kill Kal-El to heading off to save his opponent’s mum from certain death? And can we forgive him for nearly offing the greatest superhero in comics in time for a double whammy of Snyder-directed Justice League movies in 2017 and 2018?
Jeremy Irons: ‘I have the natural tendency of a benign dictator’

Jesse Eisenberg’s wacky weirdo Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor is a bizarrely unhinged creature, fascinating to watch and with some splendid, operatic lines of dialogue. But what is the motivation for his hatred of Superman and apparent obsession with other superhumans? I’ve read suggestions that Luthor’s determination to kill off the man of steel stems from a sense of youthful victimhood at the hands of his overbearing father. But even that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Was Eisenberg hoping to achieve the kind of radical reinvention of a classic DC supervillain that saw Heath Ledger win a posthumous Oscar for his turn as the Joker? If so, he had Batman v Superman’s screenwriters as willing accomplices to the crime.

It now seems a big ask for Eisenluthor to become the DC Comics universe’s big, bad-guy puppet master. Yet the movie’s final scenes suggest that was the fast-crumbling plan.
'There’s a lot to be worried about': a comics geek's verdict on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Ben Affleck is great and Wonder Woman nearly steals the show, but there’s plenty in Zack Snyder’s mash-up to make superfans fret. Including, film-maker’s Kryptonite!: very bad writing

Copyright © James Lennim | Year Posted 2016

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As I sit here stretching to touch my toes
I’m amazed to see how my body grows
As years pass by my height reduces
No longer producing needed juices!

My body has clumped and can no longer bend
I used to possess a great, firm, rear-end
I kneed and console and sweat the pounds
Be gone from me!  Let slimness be found!

I’ll walk and jog - I’ll run a while
But can I make it an extra half-mile?
I need to change life-long habits
But, must I eat like the local rabbit?

Grease makes food taste good, sugar is great
Frying is tasteful as up goes my weight
My pounds go up as my fanny drags down
Will I ever trip?  Can I rebound?

I watch years marching on, time does pass
As I worry about my stomach’s gas
I know I can make it – I’ll firm my bust
My desire for food I’ll dismiss as lust

I’ll continue to stretch, pull and wonder
If I’ll ever look like firm, Jane Fonda
If I get discouraged and say, “I’m too pooped,”
I’ll remember the body of Dr. Ruth

I long for courage waiting for a meal
I hear Burger Big-One has a great deal
A double-whammy on an extra large bun
I’ll diet tomorrow – Today I’ll have fun!

Copyright © Denise Hengeli | Year Posted 2010

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Where Were You?

Where were you when Farrah and Michael died?

I remembered fighting through traffic and being startled
by the news on the radio,

At first, they reported that Michael was only unconscious
and that Farrah had taken a turn for the worse,

I looked out my car window and contemplated the heat rising from the
asphalt on a sweltering Summer day,

Somehow, the heat seemed insignificant as I wondered if the radio stations
were spreading propaganda,

In the midst of going to and fro,

A double whammy happened unexpectedly,

They both died...........,

A childhood era had ended and life would never be the same
without the Breck girl flashing her mane,

The King of Pop could never be replaced,

What would happen to music?

It was all too much to embrace,

Where were you when they both died?

Probably like most people, sitting somewhere
stunned, shocked, disillusioned and crying on the inside.

Copyright © Margeret Bailey | Year Posted 2010

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Rainy Days And Mondays

Like a persistent pest
it is an uninvited guest 
it ousts me from cozy nest
only to snap my sweet rest

My Monday morning alarm
takes a slap on him with no harm
the day stares at my tantrum
after the alarm states its dictum

I pull myself out in gall
worst day with his wet pal
brings cold and chill rainfall
ever the two time it ill in call.

This double whammy that stirs
Rain and Monday take my slurs.

Rainy Days And Mondays - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Silent One

Copyright © Sathya Babu | Year Posted 2018