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Bleed for Me

Bleed for me

	Why what she says?
Why do you cut, why do you bleed yourself?
	Why do birds fly, how the heck should I know?
Ah but you are so beautiful, soft and sweet
	You see only as you wish, no one looks closer
	At the inside of me
	No one sees the mirror I see
Tiss not true, I see through your eyes
	Come then take a good look, stare into my emptiness
	You see nothing ok?

I remain quiet, somewhat stunned at the rebuke
We both stare out the window, a broken neon sign
Singing with the wind

She whispers
	If I cut myself, to pieces
	I will slowly disappear and float away	
	Inside will be outside
	The emptiness in my eyes will be everywhere
	The Ferris-Wheel ride will end

I slowly gathered up some rather random thoughts
	My life was sunny
	Then one day it rained
	Then sunny
	Rain and sun, rain and sun
	Then the rain came again
	And again…
	Dark clouds hovered
	The days all became nights		
	Until there was daylight no more
	A ghost taunted… I no longer mattered
	Until I became the ghost
	So you see, I have nothing left to cut

She shyly looked over at me, confused it seemed
	You, you… you have money			
	You look handsome
	I dare say you seem well off
	You have it all, and want for nothing

The neon sign, the crickets, the bedside clock
A symphony of sound in a room of silence, tick tock. Tick tock.
Slowly, I discovered words, softly I dared repeat them

	You said I see nothing
	In this, is true, I did look into your eyes, I saw
	Inside of you nothing as you say
	I saw a poverty of wanton desire, lost to this world
	In this you are also wrong		
	For as I stared you refused to avert my curiosity		
	Our eyes locked
	The emptiness inside of you
	You see
	Is me

Time continued its journey
Tick Tock went the clock
Silence crept towards a comfort

Imperceptible, a few of their fingers interlaced

The neon sign stop flickering
And cried

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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                                          I often wonder 
                                       what make's
                                            the world go around 
                                            why my eyes see 
                                          and my skin turns brown

                                         why my hair curls 
                                          and why do birds fly 
                                        and if i quit breathing 
                                          why should I die


Copyright © james Stevenson | Year Posted 2011

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Some for the road

Okay I am going to write some funny poems
Did you see the road ahead?
Why there are some road kills?
Talk about believing
I believe for some rain
Now it rains everyday
Not that kind of rain!
Lol.  Munch it.
I see some birds making nest on my tree
What? This is not a hotel
I am gonna charge you some fees
Do birds fly south for the winter?
Not my birds 
They are all up in there making music
Ahh I forgot
Could have fooled me
Thought it was the winter
Gas is back up again
Hey, why don't they make a thing where they stop the prices?
They made one when the tank is full
Why don't they make one when we are full?
Full of it - lol if you know what I mean
I have to go out of town this weekend
A friend of mine is going with me
Where is your fun and adventure?
Not - if I have to entertain you
Just kidding
I am looking forward to the day 
where I can do everything
What is everything?
I feel sorry for the people who work at the restaurants this weekend
It's gonna be crowded
You know how fathers like to eat
It's chow time
Bring on the steaks, will ya?
Talking about fathers
Let me poke fun at fathers
Did you know you did that all wrong?
Where did you have your training?
Not from us - gals
Yeah you don't do things like that
Do it the right way
Okay you heard enough
Your kids are calling you
I am going to go the movie
Be right back 
And the house'd better not burnt down
I am just kidding
You are more than sufficient, efficient, proficient
And you are good at everything
Happy Father's Day, Dads
When you are coming?

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Why, why, why

Why, why, why?

Why do birds fly?
Why do babies cry?
Why is the desert dry?

Why, why, why?

Why are mountains high?
Why is there a blue sky?

My oh my, why do we ask why?

I am not shy, to ask why,
I am not shy, to tell you why, 

If only I knew the reason why,
The reason why I ever asked why?

Copyright © Sheree Schoeman | Year Posted 2016

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I often wonder what makes the world go around ,why my eye's see and my skin turns 
brown , why my hair curls ,and why do birds fly ,and when I quit breathing ,                         
why will I die .??????????????????  
                                               James Stevenson

Copyright © james Stevenson | Year Posted 2009

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Hawking and Dawkins

The visible world 
And the Universe,
- (Little as we know of it)
Have the indefinable stamp
Of personality on them.

That is clear - even to fools.

Meanwhile in our world,
Hawking and Dawkins –
Dr. Woe and Dr. No 
Sam Harris and all the rest
Stumble about
In tiny circles 
And shout -
“We have no doubt
Physics exist and scientific method too,
The rest of it is an irrational zoo
Of superstitious nonsense!
God does not exist,
Nor do I,
It is all a dream,
Pie in the sky.”

Then Dawkins says he’s hungry
And Hawking says he’s thirsty
And Sam Harris, sitting
On the fence, smartly dressed, says:
“Chocolate fudge for me.”
Only the restaurant doesn’t exist!
No Dunkin’ Donuts
No McDonalds
No TGIFs or Ruby Tuesdays.

“We shall wait a trillion years,” concludes Dawkins,
“No, a trillion, trillion, years,” says Hawking,
“And then what?” asks Sam Harris?
“Then you will get fudge,” says Hawking, smirking.
“By the law of random numbers,
Chocolate fudge will be reconstituted
Out of atoms.”
“But, says Sam, logical to the last,
“I cannot wait 100 trillion years for my sundae!”
“In the case,” says Dawkins, “you’ll have to die.”
“Why? – Have you gone mad?
- You know that you can’t ask “why”, 
  It is an illegitimate question.
It’s like asking, “Why do birds fly?”
“Well, why do they?” asks Sam Harris.
“I can give you the equations,” says Hawking

Just then there is a boom, like thunder.

“What was that?” say Dawkins and Hawking.”
“Wait!” says, Sam Harris – who suddenly goes pale:
“That was God, fellas.” 
“So what is the scientific answer?” says Hawking.
Sam goes red.

“Well, actually fellows, she said: 
“Tell Hawking to answer the question why birds fly
In plain language, not by equations.”
“Here is a pot of glue Hawking,” says Dawkins.
“What for?” says Hawking.
“Because now you are stuck!” says Dawkins, 
Laughing his head off..

Copyright © Jonathan Sion | Year Posted 2013

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Never much do birds fly south;
I wonder-
if they have stronger legs now.

Copyright © Chris Patton | Year Posted 2008

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Beautifully a tear feel down my check

An over whelming feeling I could not speak

Why do birds fly as high as they can

Why do dolphins never feel the warmth of the sand

Why do things find sorrow with in

Another’s joy and love and smiles

What makes them fall in to sadness

And walk the heartache miles

Why are the colors that matter black and white

Why do people forget life’s grate sight

What is life with out love why are the stars only up above

Why is a heart that gives us life

Always cut us down and stab us like a knife

Why is my heart full of this wonder

Why is it even a question and forgotten and covered

Why is this life the way it should not be

And why do I feel like the only one asking

What in my power could change a life so dark

And form it to the life it was at the start

What would one do to heal the ears of mankind

Into hearing me scream out that it’s 

Love they need to find

Why am I sitting lonely in the dark

When all I want is the New World to start

Copyright © Susan Covington | Year Posted 2007

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when do birds fly toward...
toward the golden gates heaven
fly towards heaven


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr, © 2018

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018