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Z is for Zaria

A-Z Latin and Common names of plants.

A is for Acanthus Mollis the Latin name but this does teach us
B is for the common name we know it as bears Breaches.

C is for Campanula some are short and some of them tower
D is for the common name the pretty blue Dalmatian Bellflower

E is for Erigeron a daisy like flower not keen on the rain
F is for its common name, a strange sounding Fleabane.

G is for Galtonia its nodding head like a bowing nymph
H is for the common name the snowdrop or summer Hyacinth.

I is for Imperata Ruba not so hardy let me tell you alas
J is for the common name It’s known as Japanese Blood Grass.

K is for Kniphoria Triangularis a tall flower when unfurled
L is for the common name the pretty Light of the World.

M is for Morus nigia a stately tree with hearts shaped leaves 
N is not for the common name but NEEDS care when pruning as it bleeds 

Oenothera biennis is for an ephemeral beauty a perfume delicate on the nose 
P is for the common name, and we know it as the Evening Primrose.

Q is for Quercus Ruba a fast growing plant that looks tremendous against a wall
R is for the red leaves that this plant displays when in the fall

S is for Salvia greggii you will of heard of this I’ll will wage
T is for its common name we know it as a Texas Sage.

U is for Ugni a fruiting tree with leathery leaves that is second to none
V is for variety in fact in this tree there is only one.

W is for Wisteria that loves to ramble up wires and twist
X is for Xeranthemum the flowers are straw like and crisp

Y is for the Yucca plant a flowering beauty that last for weeks
Z is for Zantedeschia a lily, a variety of colours for you to seek.

© 27/03/2013 

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2013

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The Magical Green Forest

I was walking on a green field when a cyclone came and picked me up, He wrapped me in dark whirlwind, so I screamed that no one could ever stop; When he was annoyed, he dropped me somewhere, In front of a laughing pixie who was as big as my toy teddy bear. I stood up and cringed just like my cute Dalmatian puppy, Until I realized I’m in front of the world’s most gigantic tree; The pixie stepped into a huge trunk door and he invited me inside, My fear relented…”So, what can I do for you?” I cried. He took his pair of chopsticks and lit them like magical firecrackers, “My little girl-a green lover, come … I’ll show you the world’s best wonder” A silver silky carpet suddenly laid in front of me, And we walked along together on a long avenue of green trees. I was deeply fascinated by the splendid view zooming at my sight, In different hues of green trees with their colorful flowers so bright; Heavily laden with fruits, lauded by the triumphant songs of nesting birds, It was already the sweetest and the most beautiful music I've ever heard. As I wondered around in gape, cold breeze hugged and kissed my rosy cheeks, Suddenly, the pixie turned into a green bird preening itself with its red beak; While perching on my shoulder, we headed off to crystallized springs and waterfalls, Lovely maidens were bathing there… I heard their melodious songs and calls. I could not almost believe on what I’ve seen… A true paradise with angels’ scents and heaven’s scene; As I sat on green grasses to watch them, I still looked around, I saw a big stone in green molds, engraved : Paddy’s Day Is All Around. All insects in kaleidoscopic colors hovered above me, When one of the maidens pointed at me, I was dressed like a little fairy; She beckoned and said, “Come my sweet girl, please join us and be happy”, I smiled as I saw the sunlight dancing through the forest windows -so gaily. Oh, how wonderful to be in a magical green forest! Where undomesticated animals were even tamed in my white dress; Small creatures danced in pairs on clover leaves and on Bermuda grasses, And the monkeys and rodents ran and swung on those lively branches. I jumped and turned around with my beautiful dress in extreme joy, I wished it was real and I thanked the pixie who was as big as my toy, After a while, I felt someone shaking me, screaming, “Sissy wake up!” ‘Twas my li’l brother inviting me to plant trees while the sun was still up.
©2014by Leonora Galinta March 22,2014 10.15pm Second Place Contest: Green Judged: 3/31/2014 Sponsor: My greatest poet PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2014

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Elegy for a Duchess

Who would believe your slim elegant body would win my affection, 
when you gracelessly step on toes? Your soft doe skin of cream 

spotted brown, floppy ears I threaten to turn into gloves as a joke.
Through many chain jangle calls for walks where you race and lunge 

and bark fighting for the right to be with me, how could I turn you away?
When you almost die I am ready to give you away to death, hating the sick 

green puke, you become skinnier despite the surgery until finally
one simple shot brings you back to us alive, slurping our hands and faces. 

Busy days of science and humanities and government tucked up in a chair, 
I forgot you, but you begged let me even eat your apple. let me sit in your lap 

but you’re so big now you don’t fit and don't like apple. Chocolate chips cookies, though, a whole batch scarfed from the table and then you wiggle and wag tail,

snarl, your teeth clenched when I offer just one more. We all know who is guilty,
not you, your innocence, your steadfast defense, says it is our family who has forgot. 

Finally, it is too late. You hurt too bad, spine enflamed, barely able to walk
or eat. Tomorrow your last day. I pick up the chain, you race happy to join me

down the row of maples losing their last autumn leaves, where my brother and I lead  you plodding like an old man, stopping to breathe, and I see stars in my eyes, 

saying goodbye. Goodbye to the lady of our family, the Dalmatian Duchess 
who loved us best, walked beside us through our childhood days like a guardian.


Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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Paintin Place

Rolling, brushing and sand with fury

Does the house look lovely?

Its gone to the jury.

Spilled five gallons on the brand new rug

Scream and holler and grab the dog

Throw him in and his paws a clatter

"Lady your dog," and his prints a spatter

Joe his twin he is a plumber

"Hope she hasn't got our number!"

Goof off,gunk off and clean the carpet

"That lady was keen but not the sharpest."

Paint with beauty and fast the pace

Just paint it , paint it , but have no fear

Does it look fine,"why you gonna live here?''

House of wonder but the yards a moat

"Mam we gave your dog a second coat."

"Base of white with spots a great sensation"

"Look at him now he's a Dalmatian"

"Grab your coats and grab your hats"

"We spilled some more better grab the cat"

PS... these are true stories of events that have occurred for my friend Duke who owns a painting business in Philadelphia that I work and worked for in the past. Some are Urban legends but some I have witnessed... Patrick

Copyright © Patrick Cornwall | Year Posted 2012

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Little Girls Heidi

This day we free you from pain
Soulful companionship you gave.
Eyes of love looked over my disdain.
Tail of happiness wagged with rave.

Dalmatian your breed, with a loving creed,
Named, Heidi, in youth with innocent face,
Growing beautifully as a spotted breed,
You gave us love, we could never replace.

Mourn thee for a while, and then moved by style.
You loved me, now thee is free.
I have no denial, thou has heavenly compile.
We shall love thee, beyond eternity.

date 11-07-2013

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2013

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Sunday at the Park

dappled shadows
waltzing on winding sidewalks...
polka dot ribbons

          frisky Dalmatian
          leaping for flying Frisbee...
          dust motes in sunlight

                    freckled faced twins
                    eating rainbow Popsicles...
                    sticky park bench

                              slanted jewel tones...                            
                              sprinkled sky littered with                            
                              butterfly kisses

Inspired by "String Haiku" contest, sponsored by Charles Henderson

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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two squirrels on the fence...
our old Dalmatian
ignores my command

8/5/14 For Regina Riddle's Contest: "Haiku's Aha Moment"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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The Old Red Barn

The Old Red Barn

I look out over the field laid out before me,
The smell of fresh cut grass and dirt fill my senses. 

A white fence is running laps around the field
while the round bails of hay wait to be collected.

As I lean against the fence looking at the scene before me
I see the rolling hills like waves of green so bright I have to squint.

Trees are scattered along the landscape like spots on a Dalmatian
while creating the perfect shade for the exhausted livestock.

Off in the distance I can see a deer walking across the field
noticing each movement as it stops to feed.

The old red barn stands alone matching the beauty around it
reminding everyone that passes the beauty that comes with age.

The scene before me is a constant reminder of the changing of time
in a fast past world there will always be the memory of the old red barn to slow things down.

Copyright © Joshua Harris | Year Posted 2010

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contest suggestion

I cannot sponsor a contest but if you can and you are looking for a topic may I 
suggest a limerick contest that requires the poet to base the limerick on a word that 
begins with the first two letters of their name (first or last - sponsor's choice).  The 
Washington Post ran a similar contest 4-5 years ago and I won an HM based on this 
first poem.  I eventually submitted a limerick for every DA word in my little pocket 
dictionary.  you could ask for a certain number or just one.

Like a lamb being led to the slaughter
Or a clam in the hands of an otter
I haven’t a chance
When she gives me that glance
Yes, alas I’m a DAD with a DAUGHTER

There once was a sheerer who’d gag
When sheering the sheep who would drag
Their rear ends through dung
Until it all clung
Dung matted wool’s know as a DAG

There once was a French riot keen
To let royalty know what they mean
They just couldn’t wait
To decapitate
The king, the queen and the DAUPHIN

There once was a Roman who’d swagger
Whose enemies thought him a bragger
So they shortened his life
With a short little knife
Now known as the Et-Tu-Bru DAGGER

A ticket I can not afford
And so I have turned to the Lord
Only three inches tall
He watches it all
From his vantage point on my DASHBOARD

There has to be some fire station
Somewhere to be found in this nation
That has a DACHSHUND
They got from the pound
Instead of the usual DALMATIAN

There once was a girl I did court
But the wedding she chose to abort
When I thought myself dandy
She thought me too randy
And jumped up off our DAVENPORT

A brain freeze can sure make you scream
When eating too fast your ice-cream
I won’t let that faze me
Though the pain will sure daze me
Each time at the old DAIRY Queen

As the sweet smell came into my nose
It tickled my fancy and toes
Reminds me of you
And the sweet morning dew
It’s the fragrance of sweet DAMASK Rose

It’s a receipt I often mangle
The ingredients all twist and tangle
Its my sandwich of choosing
Though the balance I’m losing
My DAGWOOD’s at such steep an angle

I once called this guy a DAGO
His dander was ready to blow
His teeth – they did sparkle
His thoughts – they were darkle
So I quick ran away don’t you know

The Webster’s I used was quite small
The challenge to me – use them all
Not all are PC
But they’re precious to me

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2011

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Ayo, Once upon a time..
There was a absurd world we called it planet earth
The poor people in the dirt, and the rich that didn't work
What's even worse, is I don't even see our worth
Is it to be cursed, burned and have to hurt?
Or are we mere serpents upon this earths surface
Or am I the first person beyond this earths furnace?
Or do I just see my perfect purpose, and I realize I'm not a perfect person?
It's the often urges found in cold churches
Riddled with worry, and never ending nervousness
Maybe cause I've seen what true beauty is
And I've seen a true beauteous, broken and brutal, but still such a beauty miss...
But back to the realness, even if love to me is the realest
To me the trajectory of imagery is so intricately infinite
To you it's something innocently insignificant
You'd have to be an ignorant idiot, to ignore something so brilliant
I have such a diligent different difference, For an instance, I'm truly militant
And I dream of the green trees, that help us all breathe
The oxygen we need, but the trees are falling like leaves
Why can't we concede to see that this will make us weak?
Mother earth is deserving a dedication
She didn't care about the inflation that spread vast upon the nations
She's the foundation of our airs filtration, I see the frustration
Cause every earths rotation, is another days donation
But through the duration, is another dictation, we'll be endangered like the "Dalmatian"
I see the causation of our peoples starvation, and they'll run to a space station
Cause they won't take the adaptation, or the activation of mother earths decoration
Decorating and declaring she's tired of earth devastation
She's tired of the dehydration, so with a demonstration, she'll fix it all with her divination
A supernatural separation, Sustaining the earths suffocation...
It's a revelation of peoples resignation, I'm ready for the renovation and restoration
Of earths situation, it's desecration, and complications will disappear with no explanation.....

Copyright © Trent Billy | Year Posted 2014

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                                              Large dog dalmatian
                                     printed black spots on short hair
                                             God made nice design

Copyright © BL DEVNATH | Year Posted 2013

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A Dalmatian is a dog on a mission
to save lives when Alpinists are lost,
or even worse are buried underneath 
an avalanche that carried them down the valley.
Hear my bark, I am rushing to find them;
I sniff several times and warn the rescue team 
that they are still alive, but not for long.
I may hear voices calling for help,
I quickly run to that spot and start digging with my claws,
hoping that they can breathe a minute longer...
and with my breath I start melting the snow,
making a tunnel for them to get a glimpse of the bright sky;
a frozen hand reaches out to me, his feeble voice is heard,
" I am alive, come and pull me out of this icy hole! "
The helicopter arrives in minutes landing feet away;
joyful commotion fills the hearts of the rescuers,
" Hold on, young'll be okay! "
When the pale boy, barely eighteen, is pulled up,
he broadly smiles and pats me on the head;
I bark back to show my happiness,
being proud that the mission was achieved without a loss. 

July 10, 2012

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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Star Wars part 1

Captain Cleopatra was feeling very pleased today, as she stood, on the bridge of the Federation's Moonblaster 5

This was her first command after passing out of the "Universal Academy of  Feline Officers" and she held her tail high

Being in command was alien to her  but with the experienced Probate Officer  "Moon Martial Macafferty"  by her side she was feeling good and relaxed inside

Orders were clear, war had been declared on Dalmatian Galaxy U,  after intelligence reports had spotted a Special Forces Dog Unit, stealing bones from Feline Cemetery Interior 2

Now they had been tasked with this campaign and she would follow her orders through but to do it they would have to travel three thousand light years  to Cosmos Blue

Moon Martial Macafferty had issued the crew,  with extra large aniseed balls which he knew,
would tempt the Special Forces Dog Unit out of their bolt hole, on Moon Alpha Seven, next to "Mount King Cole"
Cleopatra looked out of the bridge window, at the distant sun, she put her paw to the holster,  which held her stun gun,  She thought "soon", very very soon, we will pass the twinkle line, on the dark side of the moon

Planet Atropolis looked beautiful at night,  with its seventy six,  astral fire flames, dancing in the light.  Her Mother was Resident Queen Mouse Clearer,  The highest  honour to bestow,  to rid the place of vermin mice,  she had took the vow

Macafferty with his long golden whiskers and his full length fur of  blue, whispered "your in charge girl"  it was time to go, she knew

She stepped up to a loud hailer,  "ATTENTION CREW,  GOOD DAY"   fasten all your harnesses, we are on our way

Copyright © john scott | Year Posted 2014

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Time Flies

Time Flies...
When in great conversation, perhaps of one
day ruling the nation.

Time Flies...
As one daydreams of colourful beauty within a carnation.

Time Flies...
While you enjoy playing fetch with your pet dalmatian.

Time Flies...
On the Islands delighted by a week for two vacation...

Time Flies...
As you constantly gaze into a elaborate illustration...

Time Flies...
When one has a unique brilliant maybe genius creation...

Time Flies...
While one is blindly involved in lives temptation...

So get pleasure from ones daily agendas,
Live life with No Regrets,
Take delight throughout ones journey,
Relax and explore the essence and beauty of life,
As Time Flies....

Copyright © Lakisa Battie | Year Posted 2011

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Living Angel

Her eyes spoke of love beyond any comparison.
Simple glances she could speak volumes of words.
No language spoken by voice though much power,
Intently she was observant to her surroundings.
Graciously she painted concern with attitude.
Sometimes so sternly advocating her desires,
Strong and dainty from her facial expressions,
Strong and firm her deliverance was given.
Protector of family for eighteen years she gave.
Her mind was efficient and carried life high.
Not a companion a family member so dear,
She witnessed illness, took action quickly.
Strong mind but weakened body, driving forward,
Asking in her gaze, she told of needs and desires.
Her name, Heidi, a game she played when young.
Carrying it forward to daily actions she had won.
Hiding her eyes from anyone, no one could see.
Upon her face as she gazed back, unhidden now,
Was a glory and loving smile, with sparkling eyes.
She shall be remembered with such affection true.
Lost we are now without her presence each moment,
Quietness passes our days and nights without her walk.
No “Tick Tick Tack“as her paws use to tap the floor.
Missing her yawn upon her first wakeup each day,
Her presence no more still reminded by our hearts.
Her spotted coat remembered by all our surroundings.
Dalmatian by breed, Living Angel, now Angel in Heaven,
Upon a future time, we’ll be reunited, with a living Angel.

Written in Memory, for much more than a dog,
She was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, protector, friend, buddy, pal, neighborhood 
watcher, along with so much more.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

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On the Spot

On the spot
And in spots
I make it rain
Really big drops
Almost hail,
Break the ground
Winding down
From one spot
To the next
Connect the dots
And Make
A constellation
Put it all together
And we can see
A stellar dalmatian
Wag the tail 
My Imagination
Runs on and on
An endless conveyor
Factory of thoughts
A flower for yours
A cookie for mine...

Copyright © Nestor David Armas | Year Posted 2012

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dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life

dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life 

lids black out and allow me to write
about a petty issue ye aye in vite
while eyes shut tight
bring back four legged friends sprite
and though many years passed quite
providing succor when psyche experienced a plight
just what the veterinarian doctor ordered - quite
I can remember those precious creatures who barked at night
howling at inaudible sound or invisible light
casting silhouettes that fight
punctured the air with verbal byte
where many stranger scared by ferocious sounding bark 
   which appeared stronger than their bite
and now I list long gone pets in alphabetical order – alright?
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Baron – met his demise chasing a car on level road
the advantage overtaken per vehicle with greater lode
which accidental premature death code
found him buried in underground abode.

Georgie – a mix of boxer and dalmatian - grew up as my canine brother
essentially gave up the ghost from organ failure 
of one major vital source or another.

Lady – an off white german sheppard with ears chewed by horse flies
uncertain how, when or what led to her body to collapse
perhaps while listening to snoop doggy dog raps
found on base near first stair 
when rigor mortis set deathly traps. 

Ruff – one lame leg (damaged during his puppy hood) 
lived til olde age
an alpha beast o man’s and woman’s best friend 
with moments of rage
as applicable to a dog, 
and seemed to evince an intelligence like a sage.

Schultz – he apparently vanished in thin air
without a trace, not e’en a filament of fur like hair
hopefully taken in by another smart pet lover near
but who knows where?

Shadow – pride and joy of eldest sister, whose fate jill
ted after he succumbed, whence he became terminally ill
though diminutive for a black lab hill
always leave his absence as a void quite large to fill.

Socrates  - dealt harsh mistreatment - his puppyhood about
left him stricken with distemper, whence we surmised 
that he also suffered more'n one walloping clout
he got tossed out from a moving vehicle like trash, 
mine 2 sisters nursed him with tender loving care 
from his faux paws 2 a keen snout
which maintained his longevity no doubt.

Teddy – another throw away pet found at jacobsburg – 
near Easton, Pennsylvania
thee younger sister brought him home, 
where entire life he did stay
inherently evincing intelligence 
his happiness found lucky chance 
with me pop with whom pop he did grow old and gray
provided a doting owner this way.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

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This is the story of a beautiful horse named Glory Freckled and spotted She stood but a twig Lost in a forest Of abandonment Tires and barbwire Surround her by day And at night she suffers The coyotes cries, not far away Left with no food Or water to drink She stands by a tree And hopes for relief Halter grown in And hooves overgrown Not a grain in that belly And left all alone Withering quick She stands by her tree And hopes a kind soul Will help her to see There is life still No matter how grim Things seem from beneath This horrid, old tree This halfhearted twig Awaits her relief As the days pass her by And she writhes with grief Her name is Glory All freckled with spots Like a giant Dalmatian Trapped in this spot At the end of her lead She was finally freed Not a day too soon She'll now find relief Halfhearted no longer And happy at last Whom once was a twig Knows Glory at last Halfhearted no longer And free from that mess Glory has found relief At Horse Creek Ranch* *Horse Creek Ranch is, to the best of my knowledge, a fictional name.

Copyright © Mistylove Lopez | Year Posted 2012

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The verdant leaves
of the cherry trees
rustle as a wagon
loaded with corn
rides deeper into the wide ruts
of a rustic road,
hungry ruminants wallow
by a limpid lake;
cheerful kids wave
and wagtails warble
at my unexpected arrival...
suddenly my Dalmatian barks. 

O jovial Autumn
incite my surprise,
and renew my decadent mood!
The grapevines rest
while giving off their fragrance,
and this weary steed
must rest in tranquility
to continue this journey...
before he pants-up grief;
and for mine and his sake,
let him get some sleep! 

A sanguine sky
promises the loveliest sunset
ever seen by me
in this rustic Vermont landscape;
thrushes sing with me
to embellish my harmony,
not minding the crickets that
conspire in the hickories,
or the fluttering hawks
that return to their nests.. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Our Beautiful Baby

Her skin so soft with richness of love and affection so real,
The eyes of a debutante, which speaks volumes, I understand.
Legs so firm and powerful though they have weakened some,
A smile that shows such deep wisdom and talent surreal,
Indeed very smart she desires to lend a helping hand.
An original breed, which has a reputation for being dumb
She has an even temperament; though do not be fooled.
As a guardian of our home, she takes her masters tone.
I came into her life at a midpoint of her now age.
Therefore, she was already loved, adored, and strict ruled.
Her affection given to a child she may have never known.
At her beginning before, she had been treated in rage.

I am at loss to understand why the mistreatment was given to her.
Her stance shows that she had to have been a beautiful baby.
Her eyes still show the love she desires to give everyday.
A Dalmatian, a breed that is honored with spotted fur.
She is older than 18 years with deep affection she gives to me.
Joy and laughter, she gives friendship in every way.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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Star Wars part 2

She pressed a button on the console, the Mighty engines roared, the computer monsters flickered
as Moonblaster 5 space  soared

She said,  Cat Squad Eleven of  Moonblaster 5 , its  "All Systems Go"  Good Luck & Stay Alive
You all know your duties, the bones must be returned, to Feline Cemetery Interior 2, where they will be interned.

The speed was quite frightening as Moonblaster 5 flew deep, the stars looked like streaming lines and all appeared to meet

Star System six passed quickly, they would soon approach Eleven and once they passed Majestic Nine,  they would be in Seventh Heaven

Moonblaster 5 was cruising at monostronos Mach drew, there were not that many spacecraft could attain this speed its true, but speed was so essential if the bones would be saved, for if those dogs should gnaw on them,  they will meet an early grave

Feline bones are sacred, it is in the ancient script's , which sit at the feet of  "Good king Ben" at the top of "Mount Eclipse" the bones are not for dinner, it is sacrilege  and sin, if those bones do not come back,  let the 9th  Great War begin

Now the ship is on its journey, through the capsicord of time, beyond the milky plate n dish  and fishy paste state line, it bears north towards the Frisbee and past the Planet Poo, accelerating as she storms towards,  Dalmatian Galaxy U. There is a state of tension as she sweeps the tasty treat and  
Passes through Hopocolips and through the Red Fresh Meat, the colours are symbolic of the setter of the red as  they take a short worm hole and see Moon Alpha Seven ahead

What's that in the distance adjacent to "Mount King Cole" Oh No we may be too late, its a "Special Forces" dog bowl,  you can tell by the Insignia, a criss cross and a line and if you look more closer it has DOG BOWL on the side.

Suddenly there is chaos,  enemy dog toys are unleashed, a tennis ball tied to a rope gets tangled up beneath,  Moonblaster 5 does shudder,  Cleopatra screams out No! but the engine lets out thick black smoke and the ship begins to slow. She knows her days are numbered but she knows she has one chance and pulls a lead from within a draw, then takes a final stance

She hover mows down to the floor, where the Special Dog Unit stands and bravely edges forward with the dog lead in her hand. With a trail of aniseed balls leading to a cliff, she calmly shouts out Walkies and the dogs begin to sniff, now the dogs are caught in sniffdom, it is difficult to stop and sniff there way right to the cliff and then begin to drop

Cleopatra scoops the bones up and sends a message to her crew, Beam Me Up,  Scottie dog, beam me up, please do

The journey home is pleasant as they cruise  at Five Mach Throw, they all have time to sit right back and watch the Cosmic Show, with its blue's of bright red orange and thunderous row of star with Cat mint in the distance beyond the milky bar,  The moral of the story is you cannot mess with Cats, well not the one's that live in space and that my friend's A Fact.

Copyright © john scott | Year Posted 2014

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quadraphonic XXX

Mongoose can rarely tell the time. It is relevant to in flight formation to adjust the seconds using buffalo horns. Wild driving of a boat by a dalmatian on a sunset lake. Spots are great. They talk to the clown fish. And using wind wipers in dust is just not very practical. It just causes disturbance to the passing wings of gala bugs who gather in frequency at bull parades. But always at low altitudes as attitudes can be additional structures whose ******** is often not a purpose. Poach a duck? How absurd. Tree style formation in stamping flapping grinning hooded dance. Try not to fall into a biscuit tin when spinning. It is not very interesting. Shapes are ships and ships rise so don't contact Michigan mouse as it is unhelpful and uncaring and will not pack the apples into the correct pattern. Fear not. Feed not. Fraternity with frogs no no no. Potent is portrayal but powers stem from rocks and branches. Quadratic clouds. Symbology. *** quadraphonic *** hexagons'. Haha mishpah xxxx havens. *** clap.*** done. A sub consciousness soil erupting out then gone. Whoosh. ***

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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The historical Stone Walker sings gravedigger, dearth songs. 
A warning: the End Times are approaching and almost upon us.

In a land called the Monongahela across the river and down highway 10 west to the northern part of New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains end. There in that place where midgets ride frail Dalmatian dogs and horses bray at pastel colored ghosts conjured by the hunchback mind of the historical Stone Walker the circus died. The Walker laughs skipping from stone to stone never falling, he never falls. 

Cockfights flourish here in New Mexico and in this lethal game, as in life, the cocks slash each other over and over until one dies. Somewhere in the background John Lennon’s 'Imagine' reverberates in the halls of worship.  Linda Rousey, the Champion, bloodied and battered, loses her first fight. Her soul died that night.

Jews sing prayers in unison. In the synagogue where they pray, dancers dance the 'Horah' to a Jewish dance step beguiling frogs in heat, stimulating all beasts to copulate simultaneously. Phalluses of Cro-Magnon meat meander through hairless vulvas slithering from genital to genital enticing lesser minds into libidinous fervor. 

Metal drones, on a darkened landscape, obsessed with any target do not have the spiritual values of their makers who suspended them on the swastika of hope (their cross of nails). These flying mechanical robots kill faultless people that die screaming in pain; people's perpetual state of fear.

It is said strange apparitions and false prophets will appear at the End Times; snow will fall in the desert; rains and oceans will reach far and wide to swallow many lands; deformed people will be born and Evil with many deceiving, illogical, self-serving voices will distort Nature's dire distress with promises of God leading gullible followers to their destruction. Gabriel’s silver trumpet will play the final note that the whole world will hear. 

Take heed, you who worship profits and the Golden Calf, do you think your wealth and comfort is assured forever? Are you sure there’s a tomorrow when today's tomorrow looks precarious? 

The Stone Walker flits from stone to stone inscribing the Maya warning, "Beware of Tomorrow!"   

If you detect Man's folly in all of this, then prepare; the veil is being lifted. The evil doers will be called out. The Apocalypse approaches quickly! 

Copyright © norberto franco cisneros | Year Posted 2017

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The Pleasant Racket

That cheese and apple affect,
chaotic yells for morning
by the simple cup of tea.

With smiling echo's in grim passageways
of graffiti laughs,
concrete surfs
and chewing gums dalmatian.

Rackets of rain
like falling rivers
are the singing shouts of
ambient joy.

Copyright © Jennifer Ratcliffe | Year Posted 2011

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Apt 9
Dalm 9
Cloud 9
Back 9
Train 9 
Watts 9
Star 9

Russell Sivey

*Apartment 9…Clothing line
*Dalmatian 9…Lowest number of spots on a Dalmatian
*Cloud 9…Highest point of elation
*Back 9…In golf, the back nine are the last nine holes of golf, usually hardest
*Train 9…Average number of whistles heard at an intersection
*Watts 9…Average number of watts a new light bulb has
*Star 9…Least number of stars visible when one star becomes visible (varies sometimes)

***Not all results are accurate, can't prove the results, poetic license!

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2011