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Corpus Christi

Survey the hands that do good deeds
the feet that stamp out weeds of sin,
the ears that hearken to the needs
and loving hearts that pray to win.

A Christian offers help - esprit,
a warming breath, you will agree.
One censure free, one new reborn
receives support in lieu of scorn…

bags of clean clothes or groceries
and toys for kids to please with such
a friend, a crutch for wannabes,
a note to one who works too much.

Observe the ones who bear Christ's name,
see corpus Christi without shame.
They're His, aflame and all forgiv'n;
the church at work and Spirit driv'n.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2011

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Corpus Christi Twister

A powerful Super Tornado Slammed down in my home town of Corpus Christi, Texas Several Summers back, or So Swirled and Slashed through town like Satan himself was Spewin’ and Slingin’ Sweet Texas farm Sod at anything Standing. The Silver Sand of South Padre Island Sparkled in the Sky while it stripped paint to bare metal. Our little Farm House Started Shaking and Sliding and Spinning and Spinning and Spinning and more Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Spinning and Spinning, Still Spinning and Spinning and Spinning and Spinning and Spinning, Spin, and Still Spinning, Spin, Spin, Spinning and Spinning, Spinning, Spin and Still Spinning and Spinning and Spinning and Spinning and Spin, Spin, Spin and Still Spinning and Spinning Still Spinning would we ever Stop Spinning and Spinning and Spinning, Spin, Spin and Spinning Still Spinning and Spin Some more, Still more Spinning, and then more Spinning and Spinning. Then BOOM! STOP! Whoa, Still Spinning, I’m dizzy, So dizzy everything Spinning, I’m So dizzy I can’t Stop Spinning. It’s been Seven years, Six months and Seventeen days Since the 2006 Corpus Christi Twister and my head Still Spins. Good news is, I got a new job, and I love it. What is it you ask? Name’s Spencer, Sign Spinner For Spinet Piano S

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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soundtrack of my literary career

Heresy...spell of the gods and the angelically demonic last temptation and passion of jesus christ superstar of montreal corpus christi and paris....
Or....the Writings Of Lewis Findley

Lucilla invictus sings her song and opens her door
A bright chartreuce caboose as she waltzes cross the floor/?
Or maybe one of rising sun happy and mellow
Beware for the clockwork is bright orange o that fellow
Red alert. And rockets fired across the entire earth
Soon I am marooned and teran to give birth
 Zero hour nuclear night ...grandeose of sorrow
Two days have is the first day past. The morrow
Now the truce is called , it was all retrospect...somewhat scary
The next generation tahes the reins as I go to sanctuary

Copyright © LEWIS FINDLEY | Year Posted 2015

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The promised deliverer

The hearth of God speaks inwardly 
to our hearts and soul when we accept 
the house of bread is spoken of in our Holy book
In the place of the skull balance holding truth
from the watchtower of strength you grew Almighty 

As One Star You remain the brightest lit 
when you stood at the porch in our church 

In the place where the olives are pressed 
the word made flesh became King 

Corpus Christi Amen

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2018

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Stoking The Dream Machine

Stoking The Dream Machine

by Gabriel Magno

the rocking horse stood idle, the tricycle had rusted,
the grown up children had their share, and now are well adjusted.

Virginia mountains’ hollows, filled with dirt poor children playing,
in blue jeans stained with red mud, as grandmas sat crocheting.

the knock-kneed mailman suffers, as he walks through Winter’s blizzards,
the hobos near the railroad track, place bets and race their lizards.

the last train passing through, arrived at noon from Corpus Christi,
with sailors who had made a run, to barrooms serving whisky.  

and me I’m passing time, as I try hard in understanding,
how crows atop the mayor’s car, did such a perfect landing.

here comes the ice cream truck, the silver bell is ringing,
the children playing in the park, drag feet to stop their swinging. 

In droves the town folks came, to see the tiny tight rope walker,
the ticket seller smiles, as ladies swoon to this fast talker.
the bluebird circles in the air, to gather monarch butterflies,
If this a dream I’m floating in, I hope and pray it never dies.

Copyright © Gabriel Magno | Year Posted 2015

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The Jelly Fish and Me

I had an experience when I was six,
That scarred me for all time;
Something that is in my mind, transfixed,
I was victim of a horrible crime;

While walking along the beach that day,
I spotted a pretty shell;
I made a beeline towards the spray,
Where that pretty shell did dwell;

Giggling and skipping towards my prize,
I wasn’t watching where I put my feet;
I took a jelly fish by surprise,
And he couldn’t make his retreat;

He was startled by the tiny child
That trod on top of him;
Scared, shocked, afraid and riled,
He threw his tentacles around my limbs;

I screamed like I had been stabbed,
But I couldn’t break his grip;
He was holding tight to what he’d grabbed,
And that was when I tripped;

I went down hard still dragging him,
He put up one heck of a fight;
Screaming and crying, my prospects look grim,
Till Mom came and made it alright;

This wasn’t the first time that I’d been told,
To watch out where I put down my feet;
But I guarantee that low and behold,
That lesson was learned in complete;

To this day I watch where I walk,
Whether on the beach or not;
Cause that one time was so much of a shock,
It’s something I never forgot!

~I was in Corpus Christi-I dont' think that Jelly Fish
 ever forgot me either~

~1st Place in the "Jelly Fish" Contest~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Hurricane Harvey's Fury

     FLOODING EMERGENCY IN HOUSTON.  HURRICANE HARVEY dumping 25 inches rain on Houston and other cities like Rockport, Corpus Christi, Victoria and HARVEY won't leave till Thursday, so storms not over. NEWS NOW shows people stranded, highway is flooded and motorists are stuck.  Live video shows many cars under water and motorists walking knee-deep in water on highway. STUCK STUCK STUCK. People out wading in water and CAN'T go forward and can't back up. Power lines down, buildings, homes churches blown apart and electricity off; people in the dark. Hundreds of people bundled together in shelters.
     NEWS said many people have  climbed onto their roofs because their homes are under water with living area insided house flooded like victims did in New Orleans in Katrina Hurricane. Looks like Katrina all over again, and looks like Hurricane Harvey skipped Louisiana and East coast this time and struck TEXAS. 
     Roads, streets, highways turned into rivers and we see women, men and children being rescued in boats pulled toward safety by rescuers with water up to their chests. Helicopters flying around trying to lift people to safety, if they can reach individuals without rescuers placing their lives in danger.  People need to watch out for snakes that swim in water, and possibly, alligators and other animals.
      READ how to survive Mother Nature disasters like thunder lightening storms, earthquakes, horrific hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. NEWS says "Turn around don't drown."  BUY NOW life-saving tips are suspenseful,  and shocking! WHAT A MESS.  
     This means people can't go to work, schools, churches, stores or their homes for, perhaps weeks; therefore, will lose income.  Many homeowners don't have home and flood insurance and have lost their home being torn up, their pets, and everything they own in this world!
     VIEW Adventures of the Heart, a book of short stories sold on and Soothing Words Spoken from the Heart, a book of poetry  sold on

Copyright © Liberty Justice | Year Posted 2017

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Holy of holies.....
My quest in my way.....for 
The Holy Grail.....
Easter 2004-Easter 2013

With such Passion the quest started......
Unbridled.....yet so well disguised....
2005....the mask started to come off.
And the quest started in earnest....
The next year.....the quest nearly ended....
But inspiration anew for this was reborn.....
The following year....ALL....masks fully removed.
Then 2008....the truce and the main war ended...
Yet the quest continued......
Angelically demonic was the spell of the gods....
Yet even over the servant of THE ONE YAHWEH...
was His Mercy given....
Easter 2013.....sanctuary at last.....
The presence of God risen as a Phoenix from a funeral pyre.
The living dead collapsed...and was reborn...

And the faith that the old knight knew as a boy was reborn a glorious new


Inspired by holy of holies touched by an angels

And by my own career at the satellite cafe

Which I call

Heresy, the spell if the gods, and the last temptation and passion of jesus Christ superstar of montreal corpus Christi and the davinci code

Copyright © LEWIS FINDLEY | Year Posted 2015

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Not Too Far From The Tree

Hopped up on a literary frenzy 
Popped CEL but forged on 
my lens opague and fuzzy 
Dash gauges unraged spilled 
leaking sordid thick onto the ground 
Stash inspiration or allow rash to expand
until my rigamortal corpus reached portal
undeterred by what corpus Christi 
bloodhounds found
Mia Farrow her eyes never narrow 
hovered over crib housing 
of son of the jackal
Gregory Peck stiffened his neck
unwilling to accept destiny of the child
born not to cover
but deceive devour and blood spackle 
Seemed only journalist got the gist
of prophesied promise of entry
onto the world's stage
of the man of perdition 
Finally in unison they banded together 
in a pact the intent to thwart the evil one's
diabolical mission
But the fact is was all written 
and planned after fall of the first Adam 
for The Second One to Come 
setting aside His Glory The Almighty 
rolled up the sleeve of His unshortened Arm
for there was work to be done
The life is in the blood but more so
than bulls goats and bullocks sacrifice 
could not appease The Holy One
That I tremble at The Word 
and my spirit is ignited 
a fiery undampered hearth within
that I ponder in awed wonder
how a mere five pints of His Blood
sufficed to propitiate the iniquity of all
and my own which are many
whether being apparent omission 
or commission-
my disparaging inherent sin.
4-11-2017 Duncan R.M Ferguson

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2017

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Bob's Little Misty

A neighbor was on his way to Corpus Christi,
He saw a little girl who is Bob's little Misty.
You know me I am your neighbor down the street,
Come with me and we'll get a bite to eat. 
I won't hurt you so please come with me, 
And we will get to mommy you will see.
So toward home they surely did go,
They traveled pass her home you know. 
She knows trouble is just ahead,
His mercy she began to search she said.
The man had no mercy in sight,
All she could do was scream and bite.
She open the door and ran screaming the word "stranger",
She hoped someone would hear and know there is danger.
Bob's little Misty knew to run as fast as she can,
And always tell daddy or mommy before getting in a car, truck, or van.

Copyright © Alberta Casteel | Year Posted 2006