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A Rispetto is a type of poem that is made up of two rhyming quatrains that follow a strict meter. This complete poem is structured with a meter that typically looks like the following: abab ccdd, although there are, of course, other variations that can be had as well. A rispetto often tells a tale or theme of Tuscan folklore, and can be considered a type of lyric within poetry; This can also be known as a variation of strambotto, which is also derivative of Italian verse within literature

As eluded to previously, this type of poetry originated in Italian culture, reaching its peak of popularity during the 14th and 15th centuries. This form of literature also proved to have quite a significant artistic effect on society at this point in time as well. In fact, many great Italian writers and poets composed rispetti throughout their lifetime. These include the work of Politian, who wrote somewhere around 200 different rispetti, as well as the work of Lorenzo de' Medici. 

rispetto, (Italian:: “respect,” ) plural rispetti, a Tuscan folk verse form, a version of strambotto. The rispetto lyric is generally composed of eight hendecasyllabic (11-syllable) lines. In its earliest form the rhyme scheme was usually abababcc. Later, the scheme ababccdd became more prominent, and other variations can also be found. from theEncyclopædia Britannica

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