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She went into the closet one day
But what a high price she did pay
Her hubby he wanted a cuddle
But this act soon burst their bubble
The door of the closet shut fast
His ardour was a thing of the past
Their claustrophobia was getting worse
So Andrea checked in her old purse
She found an old credit card
Joe picked the lock, which was hard
After 20 minutes they were free
The relief on their face plain to see
Take heed - next time you are after a ‘screw’
Make sure the door doesn’t close on you!

Written after reading her blog and posted with permission from Andrea Dietrich

20th February 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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A Grand American Tradition

Voting day at long last has arrived.
Scrambling through closet,
a cavernous space in accumulation.
In the deepest darkest corner, 
purpose achieved, 
garnering my three by five inch American flag,
glorious yet demure.

This my opportunity to come out of the closet,
unveiled, exposed,
an upstanding silent majority American patriot.

Flag of three colors in one hand,
timeless roll of duct tape in other
the symbol of freedom to be bound, 
respectfully, securely,
to the antenna of my auto.

Such a glorious noble sight, a parade of one,
yet millions in situ
as neighbors shutter their mind blinds
and lock their doors.
I stand in awe.

Engorged excitement, dressed in best suit and tie.
My faded red sixty five Subaru,
now Lincoln Continental morphed in patriotism,
rolls thirty five miles per hour.
No more, no less under rule of law,
this a day of national law compliance as no other.

The voting station strategically positioned adjacent
the county landfill, shimmers in the radiance of liberty,
or perhaps toxic landfill gas.
This a singular psychedelic acid rush vision.

Donald Trump greeted me as I entered the hallowed hall,
remarking, I was no pussy.
I thought he'd be taller,
he bid me entrance.

The Lions Club was hosting a pancake breakfast,
I declined as my stomach was bound in knots of anticipation. 

Hillary Clinton reposed behind the official card table,
smiling her trademark look of resplendent surprise,
a true Duracell Energizer Bunny moment.
Requesting my voter identification,
I offered my newest library card.
She said , “This will do fine!”
then directed to the corner of the round room.
There Mike Pence and Tim Kaine 
held an olive drab
army surplus blanket on high,
securing the area of vote and privacy.

I walked the distance in miles of quaking Jello,
quivering linoleum tiles beneath my feet.
Beaming in political grandeur 
they parted the drapery to the hallowed area within.

There on a table resplendent in national pride
rested two wicker baskets,
one of apples, one of oranges.
I made my predetermined selection
shakily, placed it reverently into
the white porcelain receptacle 
strategically occupying the table center.

Radiating patriotism, eyes aglow, 
I strode proudly as a contributing citizen,
in the land of choice and freedom,
toward the exit door.
Vladimir Putin placed an “I Voted” sticker
on my chest as a medal of honor for all to see and envy.

I drove away,
looking back to savor the moment one last time.
I glimpsed Barrack Obama
pushing a heaping wheelbarrow of fruit
into the landfill for the final tallying of the vote.

A grand American tradition fulfilled.

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

Copyright © Robert Stoner Jr | Year Posted 2016

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Cover Ups

The Cardinals Birds Will Sing

Lying to yourself about this and that
a higher power knows
About the: this and that
The makeup and the cover ups
The cardinals will sing in a
Beautiful tune, the raven never
Came back, but the dove return
He  never forgets
What he sees, so he whistles a tune

Does it matter, how long?
How intone: Clergymen
Bishops, Priests and Deacons!
Then there’s Rome: and the Nuns
Come, out of the closet
And sing, to the world.
I can’t be *****. Saintly 
Or holier than thou
Sacrilege:  remember your vows:
A Trouble, trouble
Roman Catholic Church

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2013

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The Haunting

Once I step into his room
I could smell him everywhere still
Even though he is dead now
I look into his drawer
I found pictures of me and him standing there together
He was the nicest friend of mine
I pray and pray for him to give me a sign or speak through my mind
I never thought that I would lose such a good friend
I know he's up in heaven watching down upon me
As I still look at these pictures
I realize that he is still with me
I can smell him more as I think about him
Where I had cut the lights on in his room
They had became dim
I was getting a little scared
The windows came flying open like the wind outside was out of control
But there was no wind in sight
I put the pictures back into the drawer
I took off towards the door
But it was too late
The door slammed shut
There became butterflies in my gut
Scared to death I was
I couldn't move my legs at all
I heard something coming through the walls 
It was a voice calling out my name
The drawer came open faster than I had blinked
The pictures came flying out of the drawer
Tear began to run down my face
The voice that was calling my name was my best friends voice
He was trying to tell me something but I wouldn't listen to it
I was that scared
Finally I saw something come out of the closet
It was a body
I screamed loud as I could
His throat was cut
Someone had runned upstairs where this had taken place
They had kicked the door opened and rushed to me
They had seen what I've seen
But now I see what he was trying to tell me
This wasn't no accident
He was murdered
So now this case is investigated
I reported of what all was going on in that room
I just told them, that was my friend and I just let his spirit free and now he is free
So now by telling that I am in the mental hospital
They dianognsed me with hallucinations
But to me it was real
I always will remember my friend though.

Copyright © Ashley Scott | Year Posted 2005

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You are a Mystical Person

Happily never ever after,
Said the frog to the princess,
"We have only til' midnight until this fairytale is over"
With a glide of a wand, the godmother reversed back all memories
Of stories made up of tall tales, and Disney wishing,
"Your prince has yet to come out of the closet
and admit he's been stealing your shoes... or in your case... your stepsisters
Your mother called her botox appointment has been rescheduled,
Your father is out busy doing one of the fairies
Oh! and the enchanted wonderland you live in is over due with rent,
either pay up or move out!
This concludes all the messages for you, out of spacebook
One more thing, I sent you a request; add me as your imaginary friend, and check 
out my wall of last winters "Dramatic Ball Gowns" festival"

Copyright © shane solomon | Year Posted 2011

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from the clustered closet to the benevolent bumpy roads

sharing a slice of pizza
sharing our dreams like a butterscotch milkshake
all out of napkins
bathroom paper towels as a substitute
waterfront booth vibe
barry manilow made it through the rain again
air supply is always all out of love
christopher cross does the best he can do
we prefer blessing the rains down in africa with toto
this is how we....come out of the closet and free ourselves if you will
what color....rear window definition
we just don't give a damn tonight
we are just enjoying being honest in that free spirited sort of way
we pay in starbucks....moonlight feels right as happily blow it all sky high as if we just complete the most difficult jigsaw puzzle
how long has this been going on....for as long as an ace accrues 
being that we are both the adventurous types, lets take an elongated joyride via the chicago transit authority and colour each other's world....with pleasure....of each other's company

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

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She was my best friend.

I met her in 5th grade.
After school we played.
We were inseparable back then.
When we played tag she’s always when.
She was so much shorter than me.
I filled out before she.
She was my best friend.
She was always my best friend.
My dad always hit me.
Hers tried to save me.
My dad was as drunk as he could be.
So to her house I would flee.
Then my world came apart.
Secrets came out barried in my heart.
Then there was the night I tried to take my life.
She rushed to my side.
She was my best friend. 
She was always my best friend.
Then thru the trial.
My body was so easy to defile.
I starved and purge
Almost until there was no return.
I went to a treatment center.
She always went to visit there.
She was my best friend. 
She was always my best friend.
My sister died.
Once again she came to my side.
I lost faith and consumed rage.
She tried to tell me it was only a stage.
I yelled and told her to get away.
Later I regret what I had to say.
She understood me.
She forgave me.
She was my best friend. 
She was always my best friend.
Now she has come out of the closet.
Her parents see it the way they call it.
She says she has always known it.
She was tired of hiding it.
She was gay.
For once I did not know what to say.
She has AIDS.
Eventually her life will fade.
Her parents turned there back.
I lived up to our 5th grade pack.
She was my best friend. 
She was always my best friend.
She lives her life a different way
But I love her anyway.
Thru this fight I stay
We fight it together day to day.
Because She was my best friend.
She was always my best friend.

Jeanette Hedglin
Age 25

Copyright © Jeanette Huston | Year Posted 2005

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A Coming Out Moment

All of his life he knew he was gay.
He wanted to come out, but didn't know what to say.
Finally, he approached Mom and Dad one day.
"Mother, Father," he said, "I am gay."
His parents looked at each other not at all in dismay.
"Well, DUHHHHH!!!!," is what Mom and Dad then did say.
The moral?
Come out of the closet. Don't be afraid.
Everyone knows that you're gay anyway.

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2011

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Marriage is an everlasting stage 

While *****and les merit its age 

Marriage is for guys and girls

To fill the earth with godly pearl

Hello, marriage it is restricted for man and woman 

*****and les you can repent and make Jesus your greatest fan

Marriage is God foundation 

To multiply the nation 

Man and woman can create 

While *****and les desecrate

God is good and true to formed man and woman 

While *****is making it man an man 

 While les is making it woman an woman

Disobeying God commandments

secluding the ammendments

 the one who died for us

the name is jesus

He'll delivered you from the serpent 

come out of the closet and repent.

Copyright © STANLEY JACQUES | Year Posted 2007

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The Village Queer

The Village *****

in the sunlit morning I awoke to enter the village
 a vast amount of seagulls flocked overhead
 yet my soul permeates through the duration of the walk
 an officer was assigned to watch the Lone Blue Lagoon a gay club
 as I entered i melted in my seat there were men around me swarming me like a bee
 a sip of wine and everything was so very fine
 a whole host of finger foods were on a table
 it was many years ago let the truth be told

 all the way in P Town that a fare lad named Luigi had come out of the closet
 although those many years would pass I still had every reason to grasp 
 the notion of a whisper while passing gas
 Luigi today is known as the village *****
 a Liberace of sorts with sweaters and torts
 has a coffee shop down by the beach his bagels and locks are to die for
 yes in 1975 he went to Studio 54
 a hippie of sorts always dressed up in his shorts

 very giving man let the reader understand
 until the day he got busted for heroin it was all in the news
 needles were found even in the coffee house's sofa
 now the village ***** is doing time but everything is fine
 people still come by and shine

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Today Death Walked Into A Triple A Office

Today Death Walked Into A Triple A Office

Today death walked into a triple a office
and looked around to pick someone to take home with him.
He has no preference and no bounds, 
he will pick just about anyone.
He first looked at my brother who happened to work there,
and also he is by the way sixty five
death said to himself
he looks quite busy I will not bother with him
perhaps another time.
When I am coming back soon or long im not sure
I haven't a clue, let everyone stew.
I'am death and I don't bother with trivialities 
even if they are grim realities.
Then death pointed a finger at the desk next to him and said out loud 
I pick you, 
you will do,
your time has come due.
Only fifty eight with not too many cares 
that was his last day.
Taken away at an early age no longer on the turf
he is gone for now that's for sure.
It makes everyone sad to find out and reminds us all of our mortality,
what a lousy day this has been;
we cannot live for an eternity.
Since our co-worker was picked
the next day we got the bad news. 
John was gone and his desk now empty,
but in our heart he will be remembered.
for an eternity.
People get your yearly doctor exams
it could save your life;
check your dam cholesterol often 
due come out of the closet.
Watch those dam foot stools
they are killer that for sure,
don't act like you are a beginner
It's ok if you are a bit of a sinner.
these samll footstools kill people all the time
just can balance yourself on that dime,
and then what? 
you hit the ground with a thump.
You slip and perhaps you break that hip;
It can lead to your quick demise; 
you will be the one paying the high price.
This has been a public service announcement
I know its astounding, 
I do not know the guy who passed away
I just know im reminded of death every day
someone dies, and how limited we truly are. 
Today im saying darn and holing back my good byes,
Hey death!
let's play hide and seek
You deceitful prick!

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © Marc Acrich | Year Posted 2018

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Open Spaces

Come out of the closet 
come out of the rooms 
filled with the gloom
 I'm out of the caves and jacket tombs
 cut down those trees
 on the move those condemned houses 
remove the planks from around your hearts 
raise up the blinds 
so you can see out be forgiven 
like Grace is come walk in open spaces

James Edward Lee Sr©2017

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017