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Come Hell Or High Water by Ogletree, Dalton
Come Hell Or High Water by Ashe, Walter T.
Come Hell or High Water by Williams, Scott

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Come Hell or High Water

She looks out the window and sees him in the distance. 
So much fear inside leaves no room for resistance. 
If she ran right now she might be able to get away. 
With every broken rib she's nothing more than a cliche. 
She was once a strong woman, and could stand on her own. 
Now he's broken her will and more than one bone. 
Run, run, run her mind screams in shear terror. 
She unlocks the door without so much as a prayer. 
Maybe this time will be different and he won't be mad. 
Somehow she has to tell him he's about to be a dad. 
She should have taken that card and called the hot line. 
Her whole world changed as soon as she got the plus sign. 
If she can make it thru the night she'll pack up and leave. 
Somewhere deep inside she knows that's only make believe. 
She's his till the end, come hell or high water. 
There's nothing anyone can do about the oncoming slaughter.

                    The National Domestic Violence 
                          Hot Line 1-800-799-7233  

Copyright © Scott Williams | Year Posted 2016

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Now they say that girls are made of sugar
And spice, but good girls finish last my friend.
For there is one truth for all women kind,
Come hell or high water we will fight
For our right to indulge ourselves in 
The need for perfections greatest
Confections, COOKIES!!!
Yes we will take down that cookie
Puppet clown, dressed in blue,
For there is no fiercer monster known
To man, then a women who’s cookie
Faddish is left unsatisfied.
Peanut butter to chocolate chip,
Just pass the milk and watch out dude,
For women shall be the first to dip.
Call us the two fisted women of the 
Raw dough generation, we don’t 
Really care, just pass grandma’s old 
Cookie jar.
Roll me down the bakery sweet, 
No fragrance smells finer then freshly
Baked what ladies, COOKIES.
Sugar me sweet it’s the ladies favorite
Treat, by the bucket or truck load it can’t
Be beat, frosted or plain, it matters not,
But without Milk its sacrilege that is
No doubt!!
Now chocolate maybe the vise five to
Seven days a month, but cookies rule
As the male race drools, because honey
There is no doubt women will take you
Don’t for what, lets all say it ladies around
The world, all together now, SAY WHAT
By the way did I tell you my favorite
Food in the world, of course it’s very
Obvious, COOKIES!!

And to all women

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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I was told about your retrospect, after that scene, I burst into tears. I learned they came to genuflect like angels and took away your possessions. They dehumanized your progeny like animals. They dragged them as if they wanted to tear. Your progeny toiled just for us to cheer. They (the visitors) hypocritically played the drum expecting your progeny to dance. Your progeny suffered for my emancipation especially when the visitors wanted their nod consolidated. Your bold progeny tried come hell or high water to get it emasculated, but the more they tried, the more it got devastated. They fed your progeny and told them to regurgitate. They forced them with the rod anytime they tried to hesitate. They (the visitors) searched the brave among your progeny and escorted them to the grave. Wherever the deceased are, I pray the creator keeps their souls. You suffered but the battle ended. We thank those who toiled their blood and passed through all holes. We live confidently because of their fight. I couldn't stand the sight when I watched pictographic scenes of the battle. We were discarded but have been found. Today is your day for you were freed this day. Although I am happy, I am sad and I hope you know why. You were freed long ago but as if we have reached an impasse, we can't go. Anytime I think about it, I have no option than to sigh. Your present progeny need to wake up and work relentlessly, for your name should climb higher than I can see. You deserve the world's priority for you suffered immensely. It is unequivocal that your womb is blessed. We see bloody things in your neighbor's houses but we live happily on your compound. Awake present progeny and make your mother proud. You have tried but looking at your mother's grief, it is very minimal............HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL GHANIANS 

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2015

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Being Lazy

Being lazy today is the name of the game.
I have no remorse, I have no shame.
I’m watching Hallmark movies to my heart’s content.
This Saturday afternoon will be well spent.

Come hell or high water, I won’t leave the couch.
This is what the doctor ordered for being a grouch.
The housework can wait, this requires my attention.
Being lazy today is the mother of invention!

Contest No 217 Any Form, Any Topic Max of 10 Lines
Sponsor: Brian Strand
Awarded 9th Place

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Marriage is Sacred and Binding

If I knew then what I know now
My marriage would be bliss. 
What I’m about to say you won’t 
Want to miss. Marriage is for life,
Till death each will part, through 
Sickness health, and adversities,
Think twice before you make a start.

Marriage is sacred and binding
It is God’s plan from the start.
No longer me nor I, we both share
The pie. Ordained by the father the
Almighty on high.

We are unique, a work of art, yet not perfect
 Just a work in progress. Follow it through
And in the process, taste victories stand the test.
Don’t throw in the towel, when things don’t
Seem right, stand up to the challenge and don’t
Give up the fight.

Show love and affection, communicate 
Just to name a few. Once part of my experience
And the essentials I failed to do. Tell her that 
You love her, even if said a hundred times before,
Stop the enemy in his tracks, don’t leave an open door.

Teeth and tongue will bite an old phrase and 
So very true. Again I’m not perfect I don’t 
Know about you? Now it’s paramount that my 
Marriage, last come hell or high water,
I’m in for the journey, the long haul, no
Time to falter.   

Please note: I do believe there are great marriages
And individuals who are very happily married, but
Let’s face reality; sadly some do not always blossom
for whatever reasons. My poetry are based on my life 
experiences, and not geared at any one.

Copyright © Abraham L | Year Posted 2009

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THE PIG There was an old farmer who raised a fat pig He took it to market in a fine wooden rig He needed to sell it come hell or high water 'Cause he couldn't afford the cost of the fodder He sold that fine rig - what became of the pig? © ELR 2013

Copyright © Miss Wattle | Year Posted 2013

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John biscuit, the faith

Once there was a man called John biscuit, the faith
“What you believe you are, you are” biscuit’s great faith
Come hell or high water
Shame, redicule no matter
Bloody biscuit what do you believe? Tell the truth.

Copyright © POET. UNDERTAKER | Year Posted 2013

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Decide part

What do you want, my friend?
Do you know what you want?
What is important to you?
What perks your interest?
Makes you stand straight up like a recruit in the Army
What brings you to attention like you wouldn’t believe?
Ahh knowing what you want is a working process
You don’t know what you want overnight
You may have to think about it
Usually we discover it
We may come to know what we deem important to us
It comes over time
So if you say you already know what you want
Chances are you don’t really know what you want
As you will discover that it is a discarding process 
Discard what you deem not important along the way
Only then will you come to a conclusion that yes that is what you want
Because only when you determine that that is exactly what you want
Will you be able to go after it
And at that point you feel like you already have it
It is just like that
Because you already will it to you
You can never get what you don’t really want
Chances are you either discard it
Bored with it
And/or give up
But if that is what you really want
Ha come hell or high water you are gonna get it
So determine what you really want okay?
And see

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2014

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Ever Wonder What's For Din-Din

In the heat of a passionate encounter Do you ever stop and think “Wonder what's for din-din?” Seems all our thoughts and energy Are devoted to the task at hand, so to speak So much so that it feels like our head will explode Then that indescribable moment When the trumpets blow And a band of angels start singing, “Hallelujah!” Are we interested in who won the big game last night Or the political situation in Kazakhstan Well I can surely tell you here and now Because at that indescribably moment of joy I REALLY don't give a poop! The building could come collapsing down around me I'm intent on finishing what I started Come hell or high water Did you ever stop and wonder What's for din-din tonight? © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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2006 Fifa World Cup, ah jump and celebrate Trinidad in it
But yuh know de saying, after joy is sorrow sh…..t
Yeah boy, all skin teeth eh laugh
Trinidadians like too much bacchanal

Band yuh belly or just eat a food nah
Behind back is dog’, before face is Mr. Dog ha!
Geographically behind God back is Switzerland
Shush! Bush have ears, corruption in Fifa and other far away land

Well there is something brewing, something cooking up
Come hell or high water America aim for control, headquarters swoop
Yuh hear comess
Corbeau doh eat sponge cake or wear dress

Ey, cut eye doh kill
Dis corruption thing is ah skill
De mark buss
De gloves are off who come fuss

Boy beat the Iron while it hot
Yuh ‘WARNER’ retire to be free ah what
Well de mango doh fall far from the tree nah
Yuh either a Havelange, a Blatter or ah ice Glazer

Doh drink tea too sweet for nobody fever
Doh cut off yuh nose tuh spoil yuh face forever
Fifa put de cart before the horse
Scandal and corruption investigation enforced

Empty vessels make de most noise
Whether partnership or independent every bread have he cheese
Remember goat doh make sheep 
So whichever leader ent going to care
He/she doh eat nice de say causing fear

I dey with dem jus come attitude about de same old stuff
Doh like tuh wok and jus loll off
I am just a simple storyteller

©Copyright June 9, 2015 by Brian PierreNasia Alexander

Copyright © Brian Pierre-Alexander | Year Posted 2015

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A Technicolor Christmas Tree

Long ago and way up north Further than you can ever believe Joey, a jaunty little fellow appeared Folks wondered what was up his sleeve Joey was unusual to say the least Had lotsa neat things on his mind No building forts or throwing snowballs Was a kid of a different kind Went straight to visit Santa one day Brought him happy holiday joy When Joey showed him his unique treasure Santa hugged this unusual little boy For what little Joey brought with him Made Santa's heart dance with glee The magnificent sight in front of Santa Was a Technicolor Christmas Tree They placed it in the centre of town Folks sang and all joined hands As they danced around this colourful tree Bells rang out all o'er the land There's a moral to this charming tale Don't brush these wee kiddies aside They're our future come hell or high water So treat these young people with pride © Jack Ellison 2012
A wee bit early...

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Come Hell Or High Water

     "Come Hell Or High Water"

"Come Hell Or High Water!"
    I don't want either coming my way!
One's the unquenchable Fire
    that will burn for eternity and a day!

The other's Water so high
    that it literally kisses the sky!
Neither one is a good thing
    I don't want either one stopping by!

"Come Hell Or High Water!"
    Now that's a phrase that commands attention!
It's indicative of determination
    with focused intention!

It most definitely implies 
    that nothing is going to stand in the way,
and something, without a doubt,
    will be said or will be done today!

It's a vow to make and take a stand,
    and no matter what may take place,
let Spirit, Wisdom, Faith and Courage
    stand with you if this is what you face!

For each is a force to be reckoned with,
    possessing great Power and Might,
Knowing if they struck singly or combined,
    there'd be nothing left in sight!

May nothing of that nature 
    ever come this way,
but If I must stand up against them both,
    HE will guide my way!

With this I have completed my vow.
    I did exactly what earlier I did say!....
"Come Hell Or High Water!"
    I am writing.....
"Come Hell Or High Water!" 


Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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Speech of Freedom

Through experience, we find knowledge, wisdom, and patience. Think carefully about each step you take, for each 
movement is vital not only to your own path, but to the universal duality of action and reaction. Though these vital 
progressions often consist of mistakes that cannot be undone, they can certainly be countered and redeemed by 
future acts. With this in mind, go- and don't fret over past mistakes. Instead, embrace these mistakes; for it is 
through these mistakes that we gain mother earths most valuable lessons; lessons of:
Far and wide, the human eye denies the lies of our logic, and this ill sense of pride we feel is leading us further from 
the light of truth. Those of us that still feel this truth- the dreamers- must fight for justice, and win back the future of 
our blinded tribe. Seek truth, question authority, and never give up on yourself. Come hell or high water, we will 
fight through the end, and we will fight not for prides sake, but rather for our morals sake- for the sake of future 
generations, not these opposing blind obligations. For the sake of humanity and all that it has fought for, we will not 
allow any more. The human spirit must marry peace, and remain with it until death do us part. 

Copyright © Dylan Montoya | Year Posted 2011

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Youve got the Power

Well how many times has
he broken your heart
haven’t you learned by now
a leopard doesn't change
his spots....
how many more times are you
going to take him back after all
the times he's cheated on you
Does he have something on
you or do you feel like you've
done something to deserve
this hell he's putting you 
Well You've Got to break away
if it's the last thing you do
come hell or high water
nobody and I mean nobody
deserves to be treated the
way he's treated you...
believe it or not You've Got
The Power to change your
life no matter what he says
you can do much, much better
believe it, believe it or not
You've Got The Power not
to suffer his insanity any longer
just put your heart in motion
and you will find yourself again
dare to dream the dreams you
used to dream and listen to your
intuition 'cuz if there's a will 
there's always a way now so 
here's throwing all caution to the
'Cuz You've Got the Power, You’ve
got the Power deep down within
You've Got the Power to begin 

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2015

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Come Hell Or High Water


From here to over yonder
Come hell or high water

Before, during and after the dog days of summer
Standing out like no other
Showing my true colors

No one I need to convince
I drink like a fish
Not a myth
Been hit
And miss
Holy s***

Good intent
Was always meant
So please excuse my french

Too many
Showing envy
Involved in a feeding frenzy

Going for broke
Be looked at as a joke

With my own style
Going to go the extra mile
In order to make it more worthwhile

A lot of people high on the hog
It's rather odd
Just like the concept of god

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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The Hand Shake

His hand were old and strong, rough from the weather
Fingers were long and lean. all ten
With a vice grip, that you could feel
Scars were many, like worn leather
Like a map, of where he had been
Without a word, the world knew he was real

Soil under his finger nails, from his brow wiping the sweat
Calloused hands and years of elbow grease
Said what he meant, look you straight in the eye
His word was his bond, it was a sure bet
Live and let live, he tried to live in peace
Those were his rules, do or die

Did not need a contract or sign on the dotted line
Or barrow glasses to read the fine print
Was still around when the ink was dry
He kept his word and everything was fine
Around the world and where ever he went
Did not have to hire a lawyer to figure out why

They say this old world has changed, but this is still understood
There are some of us that still think it stand strong
Like a vow, he would not break
If he said he would do it, come Hell or high water he would
And being honest he would not go to far wrong
Knowing that one could always depend on his hand shake


Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2009

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Footprints in the Sand

As I walked along the beach,
Under the moonlit sky,
I wasn’t aware you were watching me,
I didn’t know you’d seen me cry!
You put your hand on my shoulder,
Then wrapped me in your loving arms,
You kissed me so tenderly,
Under the myriad of stars!
You said you’d always be there for me,
Come rain or shine,
I knew right from that moment on,
You would always be mine!
So come hell or high water,
And whatever life has in store,
No one but me could want you,
Or ever Love You more!
We’ll begin our journey together,
Walking hand in hand,
Only looking forwards,
We’ll leave our footprints in the sand!

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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Flying the recently of fell                                                                                               
snow in apiece
A crazy sigh seemly without
Of course—
So easily flying–so enjoying
Puller by wind
And come hell or high water
From the roofs or trees
And while the wind stopped
A clear an empty space
By effects remain.
Or while by any come-back 
The winter around
In sort or strongly strike—
Again, flying the snow 
Apiece, without of course—
Again flying the snow potted
Fill over streets—over roofs
Over the trees…
And may be snow-less indeed
The terrain.


Copyright © CIRO TOLEDO | Year Posted 2006

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Broken Promise

As i waved you goodbye the day that i left

A loving embrace and the tears that were wept

To the poppyfields of france we answered the call

So many young lives lost and its here that i fall

My mind wanders back to when i last saw you

My promise to you that this we would get through

The crossing of my heart to our young son and daughter

That daddy would be back home come hell or high water

Remember me.......

Forgive me my loved ones for a promise spoken

Im sorry i wont be coming home i lie here bleeding and broken

Forgive me.........

To the left and the right of me my comrades lie still

But never to see my family again though is the bitterest pill

I see in my minds eye the life i am leaving

I see the pain of my loved ones there crying there grieving

But be still my love for you have no more tears to weep

My pain will soon be over then eternal sleep

So think of me warmly and this price i have paid

And when your time comes my love do not be afraid

For i shall be waiting here to take you by the hand

To kiss you embrace you and lead you to gods golden land

Together again in eternity.......Forever

Copyright © stan bridge | Year Posted 2011

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No Mercy

She sees the fire flash in his eyes,
A familiar sight of rage about to begin.
She wonders how long this time it will last,
For a vicious beating was about to set in.

He strikes her hard across her face,
The familiar sting is what she feels.
Her body already black and blue,
For he beats her before the scars heal.

He use to beat her for no reason at all,
She would cry out and ask what she had done.
He would reply with another crack to the jaw,
But now she knew why, she was taking it for someone.

That someone came only three years ago,
Unplanned she had a daughter.
She loved that little girl,
And would not let him harm her come hell or high water.

The little girl had spilt her glass of milk,
He became enraged when she began wailing.
He began to raise his hand to come down on her,
She jumped in front to take the impaling.

He showed no mercy on her body,
He had not for over 8 years.
After he was done beating her he raped her,
She only let out one whimper and a few tears.

She would not ever let him touch their daughter,
That little girl was the only reason for her life.
She would kill him before he lay a hand on the girl,
For in her mind she was only a mother and no longer a wife.

Copyright © Jessica Tippin | Year Posted 2006