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Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
"The voice of the people, is the voice of God."  

Purple mourners
Mewling . . .
Lamenting her befuddling demise

Golden victors
Trumpeting . . 
Exalting his phallic rise


Right vs Left / Vice Versa 
“Strategie de la deception” 
Every brain a serpents egg 
In vivo insemination 


Color revolutions 
So audaciously staged
Seditiously scripted
Crafted to  enrage

Rants & Chants
Aired & Amped
On opposite crests
Dug in   Encamped

Cleft tongues flick
Bray & Trumpet
Hobson's Choice
I , or nothing at all 


Ideologues fixing bayonets
Knighted legions close ranks ninefold
Spastic lurching marionettes
Numbered by color   Every heart sold
Banners flying    Purple  &  Gold


Deboned & Cold
A Visage to Behold

"Vox populi, vox Dei,"
Mindless froth in a wormwood sea
Democracy!     Democracy!
Two-headed hypocrisy
Hail to thee      O' Polycephaly
Two Diademed Crowns    One Purple!    One Gold!

gv 2.17E

“Strategie de la deception”: Reference to a work by Paul Virilio one of the most 				significant French cultural theorists writing today.  
"Hobson's choice".  The choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all
"Polycephaly".   A two-headed or multi-headed creature

Copyright © Word Hobo | Year Posted 2017

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Rondelet: Panic Stations

Panic stations
Uneasy the herds where packs rode
Panic stations
Packs close ranks when lone wolf notions
Disrupt the pecking order mode
It's the lone voice that bears the load
Panic stations

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2012

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2012

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COPLA TRES: This Bad Guy World

COPLA TRES (THREE):  This Bad Guy World

Bad guys signal to each other
In cryptic lingo and hand signs
Close ranks bind ties

Egg-white eyes of the murderer
Encroach the pupil with designs
Embryo dies

No worse enemy than the friend
Who feigns being a bosom pal:
Snake in the shoe

They know their role is to offend
Their lives but ephemeral
Do they yet rue

            (Continued from COPLA DOS)

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2013

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Dust rises from the rutted road.  Cannon laden caissons rumble slowly forward.  A red sun competing with the campfires glow. Weary troops break camp, joining the ranks of
colleagues on the move. An enemy, unseen, lays before them, waiting to exact a deadly blow.

Bellowed orders cut through the hushed encampment, bugles sound, urgency pervades.  Battle lines are drawn, men marching, resolve and fear etched upon their hearts.

Artillery from behind sing the opening anthem. Flashes on the horizon acknowledging their song.  In quickstep they press toward the waiting army, searching til they face the long gray line.

A fusillade rips through the forward soldiers, leaving death and carnage in its wake. A
row of men drop in lines of destruction, their cries of pain soon muted by the battles call.
Panicked faces seek cover as their Captains, yell and threaten, urging them on.

Deadly canister screams overhead, delivering their fingers of death,   Fragments of life left littering the field. “Close ranks” the Captain cries. “Rally round the colors.” In the
face of death the army presses onward, drummer boys beating cadence on their drums.

Smoke and bodies soon consume the landscape, fragments of lives lost, attesting to the
horrors of the day. On and on the contest rages. Giving, taking, winning, losing, dying. 
Until welcome darkness cloaks the field of battle, forcing war to take a short respite

In darkened fields, litter bearers rummage through a broken army.  Seeking those whose ravaged bodies won’t surrender, selecting those who might still have a chance.

Hot tears run down the face of hardened soldiers, gripped by a mix of anger, fear and
sorrow. Mourning for the sons and brothers taken. Respecting those that they must leave behind.

Unknown to them this is but a beginning.  A scene to be replayed so many times.  Our
nation would become a blood soaked homeland. Each side sure that they were on His side.

Time would leave its scars upon our nation.  Destroying in an effort to unite.  A terrible
price would be exacted. With the lives of many men it would be paid  

The War Between The States officially ended April 9, 1865.  The conflict cost 624000 lives.

Copyright © Bob Quigley | Year Posted 2011

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MOTHER’S DAY                                                                

Mother in the family, is a joy and light forever
Their sacrifices from infancy to adulthood,
Are all extensions of their loves
Fathers and children must jointly
Close ranks and with respect loudly say:
Happy Mother’s Day!

It is a beautiful day
When, we, all men, 
The ordinary or the greatest, the gritty, the softy, the wily and the witty
Must bow to her and kiss the greatest woman
And the most loving human being on earth,
Our mother, our ONE AND ONLY!
Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

Copyright © Dalila Agtani | Year Posted 2011

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Usins and Themins


Usins had a funeral, for a boy who’d seen enough
He hung himself on Wednesday, up in Ballyduff
Themins had a funeral, for a girl who died too soon
She’d been bullied all her life, on the streets of Lenadoon

Usins vote the same way, we’ve done it through the years
We close ranks for protection, when election fever nears
Themins vote the same way, they’re stuck in history
They do it to annoy us; it’s plain for all to see

Themins can’t be trusted and they never ever could
They’re eyes are close together and they started this whole feud
Though Usins won’t be sainted for the things done in the past
It kinda makes you wonder, how long this hate will last

Usins kinda look the same, as themins down the street
We also breathe the same air, though we kick with different feet
Usins are like Themins in a lot of different ways
Perhaps we’re not as far apart as everybody says

Copyright © Leslie Wilson | Year Posted 2018