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CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER by curtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka

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In a word So

There's a point blank 
Just south of Soulsville
where common pit desires exude 
extreme ego ratios rotating on human gutlike
socioshadow experientials. Slow slug immuno
pain gestures cloud coilshaped reason
with limited intellirespect ids--only
that lonely by product of talking to
the mime chip on your shoulder clasped
hands in a froth frame of zero quotient
personality tolerance. Socioscan the fluid
flawed internoschism and plug yourself
into those autothoughts so socioprevelant
as to walk away and call it a draw day. Never
the tweens shall resolve. Sharp footsteps
with no meaning will evercast jaded overtone half 
with tongues that bite their own limplip droppings
wag wash in cumulative deceit doings.
Drag your dill depths with an ether 
grappling hook and sociosoothe your
infection---massage your emo entrails
with an existential ease of a 
junk jolt to colon ize another
fecal space of cleansed renewal--like ripping
the tape from a well wound
dancing scales up and down
to a new brainbeating--livid at living
fax a look outside your self and erase
your exit embarassment for a beholding
chance at adding a new socioscore to your
puss life tax deduction. What a rectal return on your
individual invest mint-- *** the rich get raunchier 
the poor prey prime  evil----sign here, please.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2013

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I Am What I Am-Ode To My Son

This is a poem from me, your mam
When will you accept me for who I am?
I've always treated you well and your sister too
I’ve never played favourites with either of you

I've noticed that as you’ve got older
You have a huge chip on your shoulder
Don't be ashamed of me, you know you are
Just because I don’t have a flash car

My house is a home, no money I owe
Everything’s paid for, no H.P. you know
Respect my partner and respect me too
I’ve never tried to dictate to you

You’ve made your choices and I’ve made mine
It’s been ten years now, surely that’s a sign
That I know what I want, some happiness in my life
After years of misery, filled with remorse and strife

Accept me as I am or don’t accept me at all
But your prejudice for all this time means you’re heading for a fall
You’ll need me in the future and you know that I am right
But whatever you think of me, I know my future is bright

So take off your blinkers and you’ll see it’s true
I deserve to be happy, regardless of your view

Copyright © Jenny Linsel | Year Posted 2017

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just saying what i seeing

just saying what i seeing

baby you need to come up for air
before you despair
i look over at your flesh
you look really a mess
just saying
you should be praying
somebody needs some sun
and fun
just saying
you should be praying
its like you look as pale as a ghost
you're a pariah at most
baby you need to air out
 your pout
that chip on your shoulder
needs to smolder
and you need to come to the surface
with a different purpose
baby you moving to the dark side
as you inhabit those four walls and hide
you're insides are dark, outsides are white
paradox i see it day and night
its like your morph'in
but you're rott'in
just saying 
someone should be praying

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017

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My teacher my preacher

Hold on my dear,
Don't be afraid my friend.
I'll be okay as I fade away.

You don't have to worry,
You just carry on.
My teacher, my preacher.

It's innate, this feeling, this thing
It will soon be my time
I have no contol of this black hole

It will be worse day by day
growing ever bigger
And ever heavier and ever emptier

This evil, this pain
I'm evil, I'm pain
Sure, Ill be okay, tomorrow and today

Carry your life in your hands
flick away that chip on your shoulder
Who am to tell you what to do, I am not your glue

Feel free to speak the truth
Only after I'm gone
Allow me to play my game, I'm the one to blame.

Copyright © Stacey Brackley | Year Posted 2012

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whats with this
so much you miss
by the way you act
its a fact
there's hate on your rack
so am going to be bolder
tell you the turth
you havea

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2012

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free-style dis-association

free(style dis)association

won’t be the one you remember who does you in/for if you been watching your back you been under your own skin/you learned the hard way & time & time again/no one will be there when you fall down & hit your head/up you go to dust yourself off/to sharpen your tongue & improve on your scoff/filling your bag with your weapons of choice/the most important thing you got to pack is your own voice/what they try to squash to squeeze to strangle/is the freedom that you assert when you learn to mangle/when you are throwing fists when you are stabbing down/is it you in the mirror with the pathetic frown?/no one upon this earth has the right to pretend/that it’s you that has to follow them to the bitter end/you be better off knocking them down the stairs/on your way down your own path with nothing spared/don’t owe a thing to a god like they say you do/don’t owe a thing to a government that would sooner kill you/than try for a moment to lift you from the dirt/with universal health care, a decent job or an education system that works/it’d all be better for everybody concerned if you just lock yourself up in a cage & watch yourself burn/but you & i know that this would just not do/you got a chip on your shoulder?/you got something to prove?/for those that want to sleep all the while they’re alive/you’ll be throwing caution to the wind if you do try/stepping out of your own box/leaves nothing to be imagined by the ones holding the locks/if it is to be that you don’t drink the kool-aid n’ cyanide/then you’ll walk out of this one when all the rest die.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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No Expectations, No Exceptions

There is nothing wrong with dreaming,
But it is up to you whether to see freedom or chains.
See each insult as a gift,
See each smile as a write off.
Taking each person day by day,
With a grain of salt and a chip on your shoulder,
You’ll cut your teeth on silence and yourself on the violence of life.

Copyright © John Thomson | Year Posted 2015