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My Favorite Doll

Ordinary dolls for me
weren’t too exciting.
Dolls I wanted had to be
sure-fire delighting!

Dolls like Chatty Cathy or
ones with tapes to play. .  .
Speak, and a devise would store
what your doll would say.

These dear Santa never brought
as a gift for me.
Barbie, though, and trolls I got
underneath my tree.

Tiny Thumbelina was
one doll that I raved
to my mom about because
she’s the doll I craved!

Crank her knob, she’d move her head
sweetly to and fro
like a real child on my bed.
How I loved her so!

Inspired by Linda-Marie Bariana's 
Contest: "Toyland"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Toothless Ruth Revisited

Forgive me, just some silly nonsense... You can have your Chatty Cathy Or Annie with the big Fanny But you can't have Tom Terrific You don't get it? That's uncanny! They gotta rhyme like Sarah Tiara Or Tammy who loves Salami There's the famous Roger Dodger And little old Hammie Sammy There's more, there's Skinny Minnie Or sweet li'l ole Flirty Gerty There's Amy who smells quite Gamey And how about Gurgling Bertie Have you heard of Picky Vicky Or tasty sweet Hannah Banana There's Mona Lisa Teresa And cute little Andy Panda Jerry at times can be Scary How about little Betsy Wetsy Buck who drives a great big Truck And Bessie who's extremely Messy So I've come to the end of my verses Oops! Forgot about Bob the Snob Bruce is saying my Goose is cooked And I'm trying hard not to sob! © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Nature Knows

Two shadows collide with passion
Under the watch of a luminous eye
Trees sway back and forth to hide their voyeurism 
The wind whispers to the sky of this affair 
Chatty Cathy crickets gossip to the stars
The earth is listening
Nature knows a new life will soon begin

Copyright © Angelica Grier | Year Posted 2012

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Birthday parties with all my friends
Barbie dolls, Chatty Cathy, never to be bored
Dress up with the girls on the corner
What child could ask for more?

Climbing the tree in our front yard
To watch the fireworks at Disneyland
Dressing in our finest for Easter
My childhood it was so grand.

Loving, caring, giving parents
Our happiness seemed their priority
Would go without to give us everything
Now a days that would be a minority.

I would not trade my childhood
Bike riding, hide n seek, street ball
Not for Nintendo, aol or cable
What I had was the best of all.

Copyright © Marion Smith | Year Posted 2006

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Boxes and Cartons

Forever our little girls - Leanna and Leslie!

When the kids were toddlers and a little beyond,
And birthdays, Christmas and special days came along,
We always strived to provide the very best we could,
Presents that would bring great joy to their childhood!

We bought the latest toys for their particular age.
Once each got Chatty Cathy dolls which was then all the rage.
Expensive dolls were cast aside almost right away;
They preferred the boxes in which they came to play!

Assembling a tricycle, bicycle or cute dinette set,
Always caused me some frustration and not a little sweat!
Invariably they asked, "Daddy, where's the box it came in?"
They'd rather play with the box, much to my chagrin!

We thought Barbie dolls would be the greatest thing.
Mother and I exclaimed, "What joy these will bring!"
But the novelty wore off in just a little while.
They were searching for the cartons in the rubbish pile!

Even though toys today are not quite the same.
(I understand the latest rage to be a video game.)
Nevertheless, the grandkids still enjoy the simplest thing,
The simple pleasure that playing with an old carton can bring!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired (© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010