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Best Catfish Poems

Below are the all-time best Catfish poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of catfish poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Catfished
His hair online
Looked divine, so
To dine, she went.

She’d been misled
And with dread, saw
His head was bald.

What a bad dish.
Her fond wish was
Catfish instead!

*catfished (a fairly...

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Categories: catfish, angst,

Premium Member A Lovely Little Daydream
I'm drifting along in a boat
In the shade of bald cypress trees
They're covered in gray Spanish moss
Hanging down to their cypress knees

With the swipe of...

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Categories: catfish, dream, nature,

Premium Member The Cat and the Fish
A cat jumped in the river
to meet a fellow fish,
he wanted to be like them
it was his only wish.

He figured he could do it
he had...

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Categories: catfish, allegory, animal, cat, fate,

A possum of worldly descent Oh my
There was a possum
of worldly descent
Gathering diamonds
and things it had spent

Chasing a catfish
down dragonfly row
Wanting to see if
it was someone to know

Laughed at an aardvark...

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Categories: catfish, fun,


Animals or humans, who is the giant of them all?
Bearing a two sheathed wings, the Hercules Beetles
crash the Titans...

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Categories: catfish, animal, character, imagery, nature,

Premium Member A Fish Named Ben

     There once swam a catfish named Ben
     hadn't eaten since who knows when

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Categories: catfish, fishing, humor,

Premium Member Fishy Tale
A pond sits in the glen
bright fish dashing about
casting silvery shadows
ducks chasing after them
eels making their way to sea
flying birds circling back and forth
green frogs...

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Categories: catfish, fish,

Kids Love For Animals
       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that...

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Categories: catfish, adventure, animal, children, cute

Sacred Lake Titicaca
Sacred Lake Titicaca

High atop the Andes, between Bolivia and Peru,
sits the birthplace of the Incas, sacred Lake Titicaca.
A powerhouse of nature through and through,
it was...

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Categories: catfish, beauty, mountains, nature, water,

Premium Member Cool Waters
Deep is the water of the lagoon
filled with many kinds of things
the more you look the more you see
reflected clouds floating in the water

A host...

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Categories: catfish, nature, water,

Premium Member An Alliteration of the Summer Season
Soaking up sunshine on sandy warm shores;
   sipping sangria while sampling smores.
Under umbrellas we’re putting to use;
   utterly euphoric as the...

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Categories: catfish, summer,

Rolling Thunder (in my chest)
I hear the willows weeping

in the corners of my mind,

I feel the sand go slipping

through the hourglass of time.

I see the catfish whiskers,

more like tentacles,...

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Categories: catfish, allegory, angst, time


Computer catfish anglers
Are out phising every second, day and night
Trawling the world wide web with baited hook
For innocent victims to catch
Internet sites such as Facebook...

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Categories: catfish, computer, dark, evil, internet,

Cousin Tallie
My cousin Tallie
was a real-life
award winning
beauty queen
from age six to eighteen

The kind who seems
a cardboard cut-out
Southern stereotype
all big hair and hype
manicured nails and
well arranged...
but in...

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Categories: catfish, abuse, community, family, growing

Been Fishing
Fresh cornmeal battered catfish
Deep fried with corn and
Smoked potato and wheels of
Tomato’s served up
With sweet tea and mint

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Categories: catfish, appreciation, drink, fish, food,

Premium Member My Christmas Pets
Each of my cats, my heart does adore;
yes, lovingly, I adore all four.
Raja, Mati, Walter and Lacy
all love Christmas messes like crazy.
For their gifts, I...

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Categories: catfish, cat, character, christmas, cute,

Dad was a fisherman
Dad was a fisherman, he loved to fish.
But sadly, last year in July he perished.
He caught different kinds of fish, including catfish and bluegill.
Dad was...

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Categories: catfish, dad, fish, fishing,

The Race
Pistols shoot
and rifles unload
thunderous banters
initiate the race
she dives
into the Mekong River
stealth head start
she leads amongst the pack
of four boys and three girls
paddles faster than catfish


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Categories: catfish, america, family, fear, hero,

Hook, Line and Sinker
Hook, Line and Sinker
I went fishing by myself today
It is not something I normally do
I like to sit by the water’s edge
Watching the light reflect...

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Categories: catfish, fishing,

Premium Member Trot Lines
4:00 AM time to check the trot-lines.
Catfish and turtles strung out deep in the muddy waters
We would string the lines from cypress trees across a...

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Categories: catfish, life,

Premium Member Sweet River Man
Let's wait for the sunset one summer's day
down by the river where I always liked to play
we can kick off our shoes and bury our...

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Categories: catfish, adventure, fantasy, health, love,

Premium Member Red Beans
Changes in 3/4 time. 
Can't split a dime. 
But you can sure waltz out the door. 
Sound of your combat boots on the floor. 

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Categories: catfish, beautiful, boyfriend, desire, missing,

The Deep South
The deep South has a lot of swamp creatures. The South's got alligators, some frogs, live catfish, bugs (flies, e.g.), and stuff. These here parts...

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Categories: catfish, nature, on writing and

Premium Member Bless these Creatures
Hurricane’s torrent forced the river to rise high
Bursting dam left catfish laying on rocks now dry
Writhing and gasping for breath in arid air warm
Lord, bless...

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Categories: catfish, animal, storm,

Premium Member Small Gifts: Contributing To Other's Happiness
For each gift that you make to a man’s spirit,
Servant gift, not the kind that dishonor brings,
There’s a peace that comes soft. (Can your ears...

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Categories: catfish, giving, memory,