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I Shall Testify of the Lord's Goodness

I Shall Testify Of the Lord’s Goodness!

I think about the many things, Christ brought me through.
There were many times, I just didn’t know what to do.

I tried to read his word and still put my faith in him.
But I had doubts as to whether I could trust him.

Then one day, it just seemed like the “bottom fell out.”
I learned what losing so much was really all about.

There were things in life that were important to me.
But my life began to fill with doubt and uncertainty.

I reached “rock bottom.”  About as far as one could go.
Where my life was heading…  I really didn’t seem to know.

Then one night I cried to God in a moment of desperation.
It seemed like my prayer life had encountered a “separation.”

I called on Jesus’ name and asked him for a Godly direction.
He touched my life by his power.  I felt like a new “resurrection.”

My life wasn’t the same the moment Jesus touched me!
He assured me by his word, how much he truly loves me!

He picked up the pieces of my life that were broken and shattered.
And put the things in my life that he knew really mattered!

He gave me a love, peace and joy that I had never known.
And brought his peace and comfort, to my heart and home.

I hereby testify of my Lord’s goodness and what he’s done!
All glory to God the father, the spirit and the son!

I bless you my Lord for your goodness and grace within me!
Wherever I go, I know that you’ll always be with me!

You’re so wonderful and beautiful!  I enjoy being with you!
I shall forever be thankful and will tell others of you!

You’re my savior, my lord, and soon coming king!
In you, I have a new life!  I have everything!

By Jim Pemberton   05/20/15

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2015

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Elections in Oz

Listen to poem:
by Robert (Bob) Moore (C) 2016

We’ve got elections coming up, don’t know what to do
Cement Block Bill or Malc the Mouth, neither seems true blue
both parties full of backstabbers, don’t get the man we choose
the backroom boys will do their job, and we’re the ones who lose

First we had our Kevin, then Julia came along
stabbed him and took over, things already going wrong
she complained of sexism, and spent all our dough
then before we knew it, Kevin had another go

Labor promised everything, from Gonsky to N.I.S
paid Gonsky for the first term, no money for the rest
all in forward estimates, from selling all our steel
bottom fell out of the market, those promises were not real

Then Tony Abbott came along, 
said that he would right the wrong
which Labor and the Greens had done
but he could not, it was too far gone

He stopped the boats, and the Carbon Tax
but people didn’t want the facts
no money for Gonsky, N.S.I. and other things
but Labor had promised them, and Tony felt the sting

They did not want to listen, and did not want to know
he’d broken promises they said, and so he had to go
Malcom had been waiting, just for this very time
stabbed Tony in the back, and started his own climb

So here we are again, heading for a new election
with no one we can trust, when we make our selection
Bill or Malcom, no good pick, neither has much voice
and polies do not listen, when the people make their choice

We need a PM just for once, who will bring it all together
and a Cabinet to back him, through good, or stormy weather
and after his three years are up, if things have not improved
then let the people vote him out, we’ll have him removed

Copyright © Bob Moore | Year Posted 2016

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Died in 2014 - Part 1

Joe Cocker: Born: 1944-05-20 - Died: 2014-12-22
A Woodstock discover
While singing a cover
With a Little Help from My Friends
And it was a shocker
To find that Joe Cocker
Gravelly voice finally ends

Ken Weatherwax: Born 1955-9-29Died:2014-12-7
Pugsley Adams was my kind of kid
I wanted to do all the things that he did
But Ken Weatherwax was a whole ‘nother game
The Adams’s fat kid was his sole claim to fame

Marion Barry: Born:1936-03-06 Died: 2014-11-23
Karma’s a ***** and that ***** set him up
But blessed is Barry, nunneth over his cup
Elected as mayor time and again
There wasn’t a election this man couldn’t win
But Karma’s a ***** just like I said before
And Marion Barry won’t be running no more

Mike Nichols:Born:1931/11//6-Died: 2014-11-19
I loved the scene
Where the star could be seen
Framed in the crook of a knee
Seduce me he did
Like she did the kid
Mike Nichols – the best there could be

Carol Ann Susi: Born:1952-2-2 Died: 2014-11-11
Carol Ann Susi, you won’t know her face
But the voice of Mom Wolowitz you can’t erase
It will grate on your nerves, it will sure make you wince
It’s like nothing you’ve heard of before or so since
But Howard and Bernadette’s headaches will cease
Now that his mother can just rest in peace  

Jack Bruce: Born: 1943-05-14 - Died: 2014-10-25
Jack Bruce was living loose
Back when he played with Cream. 
That he lived this long, has got to be wrong
With the drugs that he took I mean

Marcia Strassman:Born:4/28/48 – 10/25/15
Poor Mrs. Kotter
The angels now got her
She now is a heavenly spouse and
We will miss her I sure
She was so sweet and pure
I’m talking about Marcia Strassman

Nelson Bunker Hunt: Born: 1926-02-22 - Died: 2014-10-21
Let’s corner the market
Buy up silver and park it
Until the price goes through the roof
But the bottom fell out
Bunker Hunt knew no doubt
His billionaire status went poof 

Oscar de la Renta: Born:1932-7-22 Died: 2014-10-20
One day he lent a
de la Renta 
to a movie star
and from that day
we’d have to say
he was the best by far
Gerard Parkes: Born: 1924-10-16 - Died: 2014-10-19
Do you remember Fraggle Rock 
And the guy that played the “Doc” 
That was Gerard Parkes my friend
It’s sad to say he met his end

Skip E. Lowe: Born: 1929-06-05 - Died: 2014-09-22
Skip E. Lowe
A name you won’t know
But a character you might know well
Jiminy Glick
Martin Short’s well known shtick
Was based on this guy so they tell

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2015

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"Leaned on a Heart"

I glared out from my window and found a different place...
Where I once ran too before I fell from grace...
My eyes saw something that blinded my decisions...
I leaned on a heart that was not purely inspirations...
All at once the bottom fell out and my cries began to sing...
I walked lightly through a mind field like a butterfly's wing...
Still my steps hit a few and my heart drained on the floor...
This shiny apple's beauty showed the bruises from the core...
The breeze shoots through my window like cold water on my face...
And then these thoughts scatter away leaving a nothing but a trace...
Trust was tested and faith was taken on a ride...
Looks from my window are now clear from the inside...
There is only one place to lean my heart and know it won't break...
Its here at home with my love in a place where there are no stakes...

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2010

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Thank You

The bottom fell out of my soul last night under the stars
And the big back nothingness that surrounds them
Shoved itself inside 
Where a smile use to be.
My world, so carefully arrange, did a summersault and spun backwards on its head,
Then settled in the pit of my stomach, in
The place that dark things crawl from;
The screams and the tears would have come if I hadn’t held everything in with all I was—
I was once again alone
With myself, against the world and all it stood for.
Everyone in it was a hater,
As the demons took up their chanting.
But you:
You yanked me back to my senses,
And put the bottom back in.

Copyright © Caitlin Essenburg | Year Posted 2011