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The Lay of The Best Man - Part 1

The Lay of The Best Man - Part One

I’ve seen men ‘good’, and surely, I’ve seen men ‘bad’
So jealous and so envious, I’ve seen men ….sad
Twisted, fuming with anger, and consumed with rage
Callous and cruel to an extreme - with evil engage
Bitter and nasty, with the vilest contempt
The meanest of these, have never even wept.

I’ve seen men hopeless, forlorn and distressed
Some raging with hatred, oppress the oppressed.
I’ve seen men loathe - as well as lie under oath
Sceptic and septic, they hurt mate - and child; both.
I’ve heard men cuss and curse with outrageous repulse
And spit with venom - on a pathetic corpse.

I’ve seen men twisted with bile so vile, they even smile
Some are so bloated with spite, they gloat, with style.
Bumbling Perjiggityflumps and Groinks (Yes, Greedy pigs)
Bumptious buffoons with bellicose barbs and hurtful digs.
Insidious corruption has overrun their souls, it stinks
Incessant wickedness has nulled their hearts. It sinks.

Am I being unfair? Are not the majority of men ‘good’?
Tarnishing all men with the ‘bad brush’ because of a mood?
Am I being unjustly harsh? Men not fallible? Give credit.
And what of women…are they too not subject to demerit?
Maybe it is best to look for the best in each of mankind
Or is it you, with hope forsaken, preferring to remain blind?

I have seen a ‘Good Samaritan’ pilfer goods of an injured man; lain prostrate.
I have seen men revel in the misfortune of others - or gleefully spectate
I have seen them excited harbouring horrid Schadenfreude
I have seen Carers/Helpers abuse the invalid and defraud
I have seen the man filled with fun and laughter, but thereafter…..
I have seen him, oblivious as he treads, crush Aunty Ant! … great character!

I have seen bad men ‘change’, contrite: truly seen The Light
And there are those, that fight with might - defending one’s Right
But mostly, all I see is a decay of morals and ill-discipline
With lack of empathy, sympathy for fellow man: all is sin.
Soon I realise where we are heading, by and by - and wonder ‘why, oh why?’
But my answer lies in the Good Book; and be sure: that Book does not lie!

What hope is there for mankind when man is so unkind?
They choose not to make choices, sadly, that’s the ‘choice of the mind’.
When heart choices are reserved for one’s elect; selective
What you are left with is a compromised intellect; defective.
You stoutly defend family/community/country/humanity - from all foes
Next thing, ‘humanity’ is not your family(?!?!) - you contribute to their woes?!?!

Listen carefully to the cry of the mind that’s small  [to which he is in thrall]
Not very wise proudly trills: ‘united we stand, divided we fall’
Whether it be for family, country, or religion, (never humanity) his call,….
It is still none other than the divisive ‘them and us’ division install.
’This is mine - that is yours’ shall NEVER unite: no doubt an appall...
Put the Devil to shame; and hail: ‘all for one ….and one for all’!!!

Was it not from start of time that brother did brother kill?
Have we not seen the blood they spill to alter the  father’s Will.
Is not the greatest pain of all, deception by one’s own kin?
And could that stranger not yet met be closer than one’s own twin?
Blood is thicker than water, but water is still part of blood
That same water unites us all - to form one great big flood!

The greatest handicap to man is the capacity to think …or perhaps not.
Any man can ‘think’, but why should he bother to reason? Very bad thought.
To do unto others as will to self, a motto abandoned, the least sought.
To 'look after number one' and ‘it’s every man for himself’, so starts the rot.
‘The Selfish Gene’ ,  ‘Things Fall Apart’; simply implies ‘we’ve lost the plot’.
Sadly, very little will change. ‘Choice’ and ‘Chance’, that’s all we’ve got!!!

Copyright © Robert Amure | Year Posted 2015

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When the bubble bursts

Buoyed over waves of elation
Marvel at favourable sights of creation

Prospect for attainment visible
Within glossy bastion, even trials seems agreeable

Mollusk of endearing devotion, grumbling for denied favours seem so easy
How progenitors of our existence purse their frustrations makes one feel lousy

Reeking of corrupted souls, makes tastebuds sour to elixir
Grafted as second skin blends to exude a new color

Aversion so easily discerned when everything awash
How chameleon spirit avulsed everything from one in a stroke of whiplash

Hooters perched on the demise of accrued inheritance
Consternation that needs to be shackled for their malefactor dance

When plunder acknowledged for their vantage
Stipends bequeathed as morsels to owner of the heritage

When the bubble finally bursts
Lesson that even if one's dominion life is not always just

Monitoring in anticipation stranger's and dear ones alike by holter
Affirms the old adage that blood is thicker than water

Copyright © samiha zubair | Year Posted 2015

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A little fun is good

 When down San Fernando
 See my cousin on Coffee Street
 I said “hey what’s up cousin
 Been a long time we haven’t meet

“Man you change your number
 tell me How have you been?
 The last time I saw you
 Was at rianna and Mackie wedding

 Then we take a bus ride
 Going to maracas beach
 Drink out a six pack
 By the time we reach

 Under a coconut tree
 We watching girls passing by
 try to talk to one
 She said “don’t even try

 We know Sometimes 
 A little communication is good
 Time and distance
 Can be misunderstood

 Went to see my brother
 Down penal at powergen
 Hey”long time no see brother”
How is the wife and children?

 Soon after lunch
 We went to shoot some pool
 Then hang out in the gallery
 Until the kids come from school

 Time to leave now
 Walking out of the gate
 My sister in law gives me some food
 To take home in a plate

 We know Sometimes 
 You got to go see your family
 Because blood is thicker than water
 We all are leaves from the same tree

 Me and my brothers
 We all get in Rogers car
 and Visit the families
 From Indian trail to marabella

 And in the evening 
 We gone to lime in la romaine
 with bobby ,teddy and daughter
 Next week we plan to do it again

 We know sometimes 
 A little fun is good
 Because time and distance
 Between families can be misunderstood

 Sunday morning in 2nd street
 Playing cricket and football
 Shirley cooking lunch 
 and Send riad to give us a call

 Curry duck and bush up shut
 Black label rum and cold beers
 Eating drinking and laughing
 Sugar boy” says let make a cheer

 We know Sometimes 
 Having a good time is good
 This is what we need
 Life can be misunderstood

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2013

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My Brother's Keeper

Am I my brother's keeper?  I'm suppose to be.
But you continuously dig deeper in misery.
A sad state you put our love in.
You can be my brother but not my friend?!

Blood is thicker than water, so they tell me.
But my heart is left for the slaughter unfortunately.
I wonder how a brother could turn his back on his own?
I ponder if you'll even care when I'm dead and gone.

When I call on you, where you at?
You leave the world to walk over me like the bottom of a doormat!
I'm your brother 'til the end, that's reality.
You allowed your pride to destroy your spirituality.

Am I my brother's keeper?  I am, and I will always be!
It's a guarantee we will forever remain family!!!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

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Formula, the mass

Once there was a man called Formula, the mass
his great formula "Blood is thicker than water"
Blood on right side
water on left side
bloody symbol "less than" at the mean.

Copyright © POET. UNDERTAKER | Year Posted 2013

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A song of love to all ALBINOS, a song I will sing till my last day.

Let every lung help out in singing 
Let every mouth breath the song I air
Let everyone blessed with muscles flex
For this is a war we must win
Blood must be shed in combat
And we have shed enough blood already
They have cut our hair
They have mutilated our genitals
I cry because I have no nails
For they have chopped them off
 Please join hands with me in this battle
I can’t win it without your help
For I know you love me

All the way from Tanzania to Gabon
Through Kenya to Nigeria
For we are all vulnerable
They are killing us

I am a seven years old boy from Embu
I have provoked no one to deserve this
My beloved uncle can do this
When we share the same blood
Blood is thicker than water
My teacher said so
But not any more when am who I am
I am not safe even at home
Sing the song too laud for everyone to hear
Because even the police do nothing to help
I am an isolated molecule
Watching over my shoulders every time someone whispers
For this is a war we must win

I am a young girl
Suffering from the incurable disease
I wasn’t born with it
I haven’t sinned to get it 
I got it because I am an Albino
Superstitions led him to me
He raped me because he believed I’d bring him luck
Those are stereotypes
How can I heal you if I can’t heal myself?
You can’t cure me now
But you can give me humble time to live with my dilemma
And I will forgive him for what he did
And love you for that
For this is a war we must win

Am just a kid, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother
Love me for I love you
Like it or not we are stuck in this planet together
I fear no death for you have killed me many times
I have bled in my heart severely
For I need you hand and mouth in this battle

I am a loving ALBINO
With so many tales to tell my kids
Don’t take that away from me
Protect me because I always gat your back
In twitter, facebook, blog, news papers, radio, TV
For this is a war we must win

For I am the blessed one
Sure you don’t want my extinction
For your kids will hate you in years to come


Copyright © Tobias Musyoka | Year Posted 2014

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Blood is thicker than water -farewell

Blood is thicker than water (farewell)

Burdened and scarred by DNA
Passed on to us without our say yet
Blood is thicker than water you say?
Characteristically speaking at least 
Yes this much is true

Blood coagulates, dries up at such a rate
Impermanent - given certain conditions -  
As flaking paint on the family portrait
Carries unknown diseases causing delicate hearts 
Quite literally to break

Water the poor relation oh so giving
Life force indeed of all things living
Cleanses, refreshes, vitality brings
Enriches life prompting hale hearts
Passionately to sing

Crimson blood dripping oozing  
Pure water flowing clear and soothing
I know now which is my choosing

Blood is thicker than water they say
This I will dispute 
Till my last drop has bled away

Copyright © Fiona Callaghan | Year Posted 2016

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Survival Of The Fittest

Dropped out of school
At an early age
Lived on the streets 
Because, I disgusted my mother
She thought I was a poor example
Of true Christian beliefs
At an early age 
She religiously drummed into me
‘blood is thicker than water’
And yet, 
Here I am today confused, lonely and hungry
No one protecting me
No friends
No family
No home to go too
Just, peoples eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth mentality
Praying for the sun to shine
To feel some warmth again!
Sun rays of hope, lighting me up
To live through this darkness without fear
With a heart full of faith
No matter what happens to me, now!
If only I could drink my salty tears
It would sustain me for a lifetime
Your tears are worth nothing, around here
You’re classed as weak and venerable
Only attracting death
Your life worth nothing!
Save me from myself
I am my best friend
I am my worst enemy
My prayers and dreams
Lost in the wind
Blowing around like autumn leaves
The rain washing them away
Down the drain into the sewage
Rolling with the seasons
Year after year
Survival for the fittest!
Surviving on the love
Hidden, inside me
Being my strength and guide
My personal lifeline
In surviving this crazy world 
We all live in

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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To have the power of the gods doesn’t mean you should play God
Some things are better left the way they are; don’t wake the sleeping dog
He wanted a body evidence and dug into a murder case that murdered him
The Judge said that the case should have been left to be since the chances are slim.

The day incessantly keeps creeping into the night
The creatures of the night are tired of having surprise daylight
This is halting their business; they sought on a planned surprise attack
The day ignorantly creeped in as usual; darkness swallowed its light like a shark.

Blood is thicker than water
The ingrate bastard thought knowing his biological father could make life better
He persistently sought to know that he disregarded his ever known father
Could life be so horror? The man whose daughter he raped is his biological father.

Some things are better left undone than ever done
Man feels that concerning himself with what concerns him is never enough
He got too busy with another man’s matter; enough got more than enough
He opened the Pandora’s Box; it was far too late to blame himself for attempting.

									October, 2013.

Copyright © Victor Alexander | Year Posted 2014

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tiger stripes

I used to call them brave, the people who would misbehave
but it was destiny one day I would become like these kids
broken and alone, not feeling loved or happy

the bond between those youngsters was unbreakable
blood is thicker than water is what the old people say
but it in their case the water had won

some people call them tiger stripes
others choose words like battle wounds
you always called it beautiful
but for me it was a curse

something I could never stop
demons whispering in my ear

the devil loves pretending
he always seems to care

and for me that was enough.

Copyright © Belle Victoria Stone | Year Posted 2015

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Abuse runs in families

As I lay here wondering, Why you did all those horrible things to me, I slowly begin to realize, That these things tend to run in family's, I'm sorry that your parents did this to you. That still does not make this right, So please face your own demons, Without forcing them to become mine. Blood is thicker than water, Yes that is true, As is hate a stronger emotion, Than love that I thought I had been learning from you. I have found that trusting people is all too hard, I blame that much on all of you, Because the people I thought I could trust, When it came to my innocence and safety, Turned out to be deceit, horror, and corruption. So thanks for opening my eyes, To how crooked the world can be, Just know this in solace, That I will not continue this corrupt legacy.

Copyright © Bianca VanValkenburg | Year Posted 2015

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Guilty as sin
Because sin is past tense
The deed has been done
And not far hence

What measure of you now
Have been newly made
To what pleasure did you bow
Where vanity was paid

How shall men see you
For what you have done
Can time someday heal
What was seen by the sun

Or is there someone waiting
Who will remember the truth
Is there someone hating
Who would set your secret loose

Guilt is an emotion
Difficult to explain 
We name those two emotions
Sometimes fear and sometimes shame

Can you desire repentance 
Just for fear of God
Has shame touched your conscious
With feelings that are odd

A soul that runs from justice
Haunted by a past
Always checking your shoulders
Tell the lie told last

Many years may pass
Before the string in your labyrinth is found
Those that matter will find the truth
That your inextricably bound

Will guilt and shame clear your name
Or evil face appear 
When truth and facts finally attach
After so many years

We blame fate for so many things
Especially our human flaws
But still when things really matter
We ignore our own laws

Secrets, we should keep them
For sometimes truth brings death
Because blood is thicker than water
And all that we have left

We may give time all our secrets
And wonder if time will forgive
But time knows all our secrets
And the fateful time to reveal

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2012

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I Can't Tell Of Myself

I can't tell of myself
Only you can tell me
Wither am good or bad 
For am not bragging of self
Neither am i having
A foolish pride within me
Only you can tell me
The sweet things 
We did together
Hope you could remember
Flying on the wings of the birds
We flew higher
Proved to you that 
Blood is thicker than water

Copyright © Matt Ancient | Year Posted 2013

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Blood son

Blood is thicker than water
Sometimes love is thicker than blood
Sometimes dad is the brother from another mother
From another bloodline
Not family or friend
A man who the family questions

Who is he
Why is he in this boy’s life
Why is he here at all

The boy’s bio
But not logical
Father forfeits his rights
Because he is not in his son’s life

Like a bee cross pollinates
And crisscross the meadows
In the fields to bring forth growth and life
No one questions
Its mission
But the boy’s hearts knows that
Blood is thicker than water
Sometimes love is thicker than blood

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2014

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Tears are out of place

Pushed aside...

Like day abandons night...

Like night abandons day...

I reach inside restore...

Inner strength...
Inner pride... pain...

Cast out painful words...
Slice deep, Slash chore...

Truth revealed...
...blood is thicker than water...

Shadows surface...Soul in tears...

...Into the night this heart falls...

...Injustice falls within...

...Where is my strength...
...I clamber toward your trace step...

...My courage turns to you now...

...Deep within another lesson learned...

...Tears are out of place...

...Somewhere my sun is shining...

...Into this silence I hide...

...retreat all feelings displaced...

...My heart abandoned...

...This hurt...self repent...

With unknown limit...

Mighty wisdom grace...

...Tears are out of place...
...Tears are out of place...
...Tears are out of place...

Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2012

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Twisted Diablo Helex

I remember Mickey Mouse when he was magical
Sweet dreams, T.V. screens, and Winky Dinks
Now it's Mickey Mouse
M.*O.*E.  M*O*G*U*L

Blood is thicker than water
But it's not as sticky as sex
Great expectations unrequited and thrown away
A mother drowns her two toddlers in the lake

He pretends to be your friend
The hero with a nurturing soul
Only if there's a f**k 
At the end of the end of the rainbow

There's not a pedophile alive
Who will admit their crime
They can't be reformed or made to understand
Moms hide your head in the sand at Disneyland

Copyright © Dymytryk Argyl | Year Posted 2015

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Spare Button

You pierced my heart a fraction, 
But I didn’t bleed,
Blood is thicker than water, yet my pillow’s soaked,
Tattoed tears, Future fears, I see your cloak,
The hidden cloak, I couldn’t see, I was deceived.
You saw warnings, forecasting the future, still you wouldn’t leave,
Did you, did you really feel the need,
To keep me as the spare button on your sleeve.

You pierced my heart a fraction, 
But I didn’t bruise,
Scars are there for a lifetime, yet you left no mark,
Twisted lies and faint cries, shared with the dark,
The dark my friend, and your ally, I lay confused,
Betrayed by love, but now redeemed by His blood,
What a waste of time, a waste of need,
For I’ll never be the spare button on your sleeve.

Copyright © REGINA OLADIPO | Year Posted 2013

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Words to the Wise from a Depression Era Grandmother

Always look down –
You might find something - maybe even money
Never a borrower nor lender be-
You might not get something back that is dear to you 
Or it could come back with dents

Always have a little side money in a bunghole
What’s a bunghole you ask – look it up!
Keep a dried ham hock bone on your key chain
This will bring you money

If the government is offering you butter and cheese
Be sure to take it
The Meals on Wheels’ meatloaf is quite delicious
Make friends with your postman and your bank teller

Blood is thicker than water  
Things always happen in threes
And you can make a great fuzzy navel with Tang
You don’t need some outrageously expensive orange juice!

Copyright © Laura McCadden | Year Posted 2017

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Blood is Thicker Than Water

My childhood friend, my blood brother
We did a lot of fun things together
Playing carom, table tennis and skating
You were the dull school boy
My eyes were always pained 
To see you struggle through school
The painting on the wall of the little boy in tears
Always reminded me of you
And so I kept a close watch 
To give your dull mind a spark 
Now and then teaching you, stoking your inner fire
What a fine eagle you turned out 
Life’s battle you have won
Whereas I have lost one and all
We have now parted ways
You are now  wrapped up with another
And I in my lonely mansion with father and mother.

Copyright © Venetia Crasta | Year Posted 2017

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Blood is thicker than water
They say this much is true
And I guess I can attest to this
Anytime I'm around you
You are my confidant
My friend til the end
No other can dissuade 
Problems that fall away like petals
You provide a comfort like no one
A shelter in a homeless life
Tears that might have been shed
If not for your love and might
There's not enough time or space to say
How much I cherish all your ways
My wonderful friend you are an angel
Simply put I love you for all of my days

Copyright © Matt Hunt | Year Posted 2011

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We pledged our vows before God and man,
But to have and to control was your only plan.
you wanted a mother certainly not a wife ,
Your verbal abuse nearly destroyed my life.
You wanted to be a father but only in name ,
This was all part of your devious game.
An uncaring parent that's what you were ,
Blood is thicker than water don't you know?
Whenever you sow your seeds,
You nuture them and ensure that they grow.
Marriage is not a fairy tale,
Where dreams just come true,
It's a lot of hard work and committment  
you have to put in too.
So ponder on that before you answer the Lord,
Because as you know, he'ii always detect a fraud.

Copyright © Althea Pierre Lee Look | Year Posted 2006

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Soul brother

I have jumped off waterfalls,
And swam with dolphins in the deepest,
I have trekked the steepest mountains,
And tranversed the savannah,
My life seemed to its fullest but it was empty,
Because it was all about me.

First time we met, we were nemeses,
Probably because what was likely to bind us,
Was way stronger than the differences,
So we fought it, until it prevailed.

You are an answer to a prayer I never said,
You came around perfectly timed,
They say blood is thicker than water,
You proved that blood could be made of stardust,
You stayed, you got my blood.
Thanks for being even more than a brother.

Copyright © Lincoln Tentena | Year Posted 2016

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Ireland's Ode

There's nothing much I'd die for,
for nothing much I'd cry,
but for dear old Ireland
I would prepare to lie
dying upon the fields of green.

Never have I seen it, though tales 
I have been told, of heros, legends
and battles, the glory days of old.
Eire's isle I have sprung and die for 
it I would; before all gold and riches 
here, for give me this land never could.
For has it given me my language, my lineage,
my looks?
Blood is thicker than water or so it has
been said...and here alas the water runs
when in Ireland clan's blood is shed.
The Protestant against the Catholic,
the Nationlist against them all...the Unionist's,
and their parties and those English dogs.
And fight for the cause I would have I been back in 1916
when the Easter rising was fighting and dying like
slaughtered sheep.
Oppression, slavery and killings, those casualties of war,
they only fought for vengence for the millions who starved.
The truth of England's cruelty has shown throughout the years
and even as half-bred Englishman I sweat of Ireland's tears.
Erin go braugh I shout to all who may be passing by,
Erin go braugh, I'll ne'er shy away for that ancient Isle is
mine. Erin go braugh I love you and home I wish I'd
be...but there I am whenever I dream, whenever I'm
in peaceful sleep.

Copyright © Aime Ailean | Year Posted 2010

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a mother's heart

Blood is thicker than water, that's true....i'm uncertain what that means.
I'm assured love for friends is good, but love for sisters surpasses everything.
You've been there since I remember, you'll be there til the end.
That's more than anyone could ask for, from any sort of friend.

It's strange now to think about, looking into your face, that the two of us together 
now, came from the same place.
To mom it wasn't long ago that the two of us, separately, were thought of.
Two insignificant embryos, yet she thought of us with love.
There was quite a process from then to the time that we were named.
Even more of a contrast now, but yet we are the same.
Even though there are friends out there who will never be torn apart,
There's something they'll never share that we did, the beating of our mother's 

Copyright © joy bohland | Year Posted 2008

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Original blood

it has often been said
blood is thicker than water
your blood born relates
are what counts
they are stuck with you

not in this day and age
at least not always

and yet,
aren't we all related by blood
sharing the original blood
of the earth

how have we lost the way of life
in which all things are a part

help me out here
what has happened

Copyright © Beverly King | Year Posted 2012