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Best Bigotry Poems

Below are the all-time best Bigotry poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of bigotry poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member People of Mystery
Should doomsday prophesies prove true
     and our planet’s life cycles renew

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Categories: bigotry, future, introspection,

Premium Member Mankind's Greatest Mystery (inspired by Chris Higgins)
If 2012 prophesies prove true
And Earth’s life cycles again renew
Mysteries of man will be more than a few

Challenges may await future life forms
With intellects far...

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Categories: bigotry, dedication, inspirational, mysterylife, may,

You tell me that my love is not real
You tell me that my love needs to be more concrete
More box that I should fit into

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Categories: bigotry, pride, slam,

Premium Member A Divided Nation
Confined in one boundary, living together
showing different reactions in changing weather.

Stabbing each other, hoping to reach same destiny
creating a stumbling block as the way, what...

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Categories: bigotry, africa, patriotic, peace, people,

Way back when I was ten
A canopy of innocence, invisible to me
hung over playful joy shielding all that would come to be.
The world was mud and grass and trees, oh,...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bigotry, childhood,

Joan of Arc, For God and Country
Joan of Arc – For God and Country

On the feast of the Three Kings was born,
a baby girl, in 1412, under the sign of Capricorn....

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Categories: bigotry, christian, courage, destiny, hero,

America, Why Did You Stray?
America, why did you stray from the old way.
A constitution put forth, the foundation of our land,
barely recognizable what was originally Jefferson's hand.
Tarnished and smudged...

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Categories: bigotry, depression, devotion, education, history,

I Don't Need You
Know that you can sleep well if I’m not right
Grabbing anything to brace my border
Instead of this time fixed to pick a fight
Getting lost in...

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Categories: bigotry, anti bullying, courage, farewell,

The View From Where I Stand
I’ve an anger which cannot be hidden!
A burning passion that comes unbidden!
My Soul desolated with grievous rage,
reacts with furious justified outrage!

Occasioned by the offences of...

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Categories: bigotry, anger,

Premium Member CONSIDER THEN

News flash
Paris attacks;
Violence strikes


Innocent deaths
Terror unveils;
Death delivers


Madness conspires
Human debris;
Bigotry unleashed


Evil men scheme
Distorted agendas;
Self-destruct roams


Good people die
Bloodbath escalates;
Terror unleashed


Signs of our times
Deceptive turbulence;
Mortal casualties


Moods swayed
Fear catapults;

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Categories: bigotry, change,

Premium Member Absolute Truth, Judgment and Lies
The Damnable Sin of Self-righteousness.
All of our leaders have their different views of human rights.

Our leader has repeatedly resisted calls to assume the moral leadership...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bigotry, america, children, emotions, immigration,

What is love?

The North Star guiding
a lost seafarer home
or the Siren’s song luring
him to the rocky shores?
Is it frolicking in the moonlit 
nights in a...

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Categories: bigotry, love,

Premium Member A True American Hero for the Ages
A True American Hero for the Ages

I thought it would be most appropriate to take a moment to
reflect on the life and public service of...

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Categories: bigotry, america, celebration, character, inspiration,

Premium Member Sheltered
We stood hand over heart as the flag was unfurled
We were sheltered from the real world
All men are created equal is what they did teach

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Categories: bigotry, hope, peace, people, visionarypeople,

Another Slice Please

A slice of Americana
love their Mar-a-Lago cream cheese pastry
immorality a lot
They crave their leadership cake ...
spin-sugar batter laced, 
full of vulgarities and obscenities
in a profanity...

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Categories: bigotry, character, political, satire, truth,

A Mistake At The Pearly Gates
If by some technical error I get to Heaven,
I don't think I'll be there long.
The powers that be, God's helpers, 
would soon realise I'd slipped...

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Categories: bigotry, education,

Premium Member Dinner Is Served
Your cup is filled with 
anger. Always a bitter 
brew to be swallowed 

Revenge will be your 
soup de jour. It is a soup 

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Categories: bigotry, philosophy

Premium Member White fades to Black
White fades to Black ~Stroke or Heart attack 

Techno Color Schemes ~ At end of a Dream

Differences unveiled ~ Spectators and Parade

Costumes galore ~ No...

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Categories: bigotry, color, racism, war,

The Poet from the East
It's true that I was in town
When the trumpet sound
And soldiers came down
Spilling like ants on the ground:
Heralding the royal feast!
The Gods have had their...

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Categories: bigotry, celebration, destiny, poets, pride,

Premium Member He Fears The Bogeyman

There's so much love within the heart of Man
yet His insecurities hide its glow.
And fear and bigotry visibly show
although His soul interjects when it can,

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Categories: bigotry, anxiety, deep, emotions, fate,

A Witch's Plight
Take away this negativity.

Banish it with my Goddesses light. 

Protect this witch's family.

Heal them with your aura tonight.

End a troll's bigotry.

May the laws of karma...

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Categories: bigotry, angst, anti bullying, anxiety,

Love's Power
Love has no boundaries...
Like magic, it has its own energies.
Healing sickness & ending sadness.
Saving someone on the brink of madness.
It gives us the power to...

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Categories: bigotry, analogy, appreciation, desire, emotions,

Skin Bigot
It seems these days, across the land,
that the Klan has somehow got a tan.
Somehow, instead of being free,
folk now take pride in their bigotry.

They say...

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Categories: bigotry, evil, how i feel,

Too Hard To Love
We should love our neighbors as we do ourselves 
because this is what God truly expects 
but some people makes this very hard to do...

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Categories: bigotry, how i feel, life,

Premium Member What Kind of People Are We
What Kind of People Are We

In a Shakespearean sense of tragedy and doubt the well-used
“To Be or Not To Be” from Hamlet is not the...

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Categories: bigotry, conflict, fear, humanity, immigration,