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The Best Big As Life Poems

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OMG, That's So Cliche

It's raining cats and dogs on a dark and stormy night -
with such a stroke of genius, a poet starts to write.
Inane clichés he's banging out to beat the band,
a booby trap as big as life to bite the poet's hand.

It opens up a can of worms to catch the early birds
but with no bird in hand he'll have to eat his words.
The tropes are fresh as daisies, with infinite supplies
of broken-hearted lovers, and rainbow butterflies.

Garbage in and garbage out, it's fun and games for all,
to sell you down the river and drive you up the wall.
For if it's true a pen is more mighty than a sword,
then we're as good as dead, for to death we will be bored.

Copyright © Roy Jerden | Year Posted 2016

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Ridin' Down the Slide

Ridin' Down The Slide

Now I'm not wild as cowboys go -
I drink some now an' then.
I play poker come Friday night
But that's about the end.

So how was I to know back then
The Devil'd come see me?
It came about in '32
I'm shore as I can be.

It happened at our brandin' camp
As we was burnin' hide
Here come the Devil big as life
Just ridin' down the slide

Now I'd heard 'bout the Devil's tricks,
His trades to win yore soul -
I was ready when he rode up
An' walked up to him bold.

He smelt like sulfur an' cow pies
An' looked like he was mad
Well, he'd been ridin' down that slide
An' slippery stuff is bad.

I said, "Howdy do, you ol' goat.
You lookin' fer a trade?"
He said, "I'll promise you a lot -
Let's sit there in that shade."

I said, "Now lookey here, ol' man,
Yore in the cowboy world.
You ain't gettin' my respect 'til
You give that bronc a whirl."

I pointed to that black mustang
That never has been rode.
The meanest hoss I ever saw,
He just won't tote no load.

Well the Devil laughed, spit some fire,
An' said , “Child's play, my son.
Saddle him up and step away
Your soul's as good as won."

He swung up in the saddle just
As easy as could be
He gave a grin an' touched his horns
An' turned the mustang free.

Hoss blew up like he always does
An' gave a mighty spin
Then he bucked hard just like he knew
He was carryin' Sin

Weren't very long at all it seems
Devil was on his back
Ol' hoss jumped up an' down on him
Like some potato sack

We drug him out an' piled him on
The hoss that he came on
He headed back across the slide

His fire was out an' barely smoked
We heard him mumblin' well
"Damn cowboys sure ain’t welcome
Down in my burnin' Hell"

Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2016

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Adam and Wife

God viewed the work that He had done
In six short days and it was good.
But there was no one there to see
The beauty and the magnitude.
He said I need to make a man 
In my own image, one who will
Enjoy the wonders I have made.
Such beauty cannot help but thrill.

He took some dust and formed it and
Before Him the man Adam stood,
Who gazed at all the beauty round.
He looked and saw that it was good.
All of the beasts were there in pairs,
But the first man was all alone.
God said, "I'll make a helpmeet too,
This garden shall be theirs to own."

He took a rib from Adam's side,
And fashioned Eve as big as life.
And Adam saw, said. "This is good."
As God pronounced them man and wife.
A wedding gift He gave to them,
A lovely garden free and clear,
Permission too, to eat the fruit,
Except one tree they were to fear.

They were a disobedient pair
And hadn't learned of gratitude.
They tasted the forbidden fruit.
Then ate some more for it was good.
They tried to hide their sin from God,
For not obeying as they should.
God drove them out into the world.
They looked and saw it wasn't good.

And that is how sin came to be,
All starting with that wicked pair.
Are we so sure that we might not
Have tasted too, had we been there?
They left the garden and they lost
The fellowship they had with God.
It is the same unto this day,
We choose the path that Adam trod.

But God has given us a chance
To change before our final days.
He sent His beloved Son to die
And bring us from our sinful ways.
Much greater than the garden fair,
Our gift of life, if we believe.
We call upon dear Jesus' name
And God's forgivness we'll receive.

The Garden still awaits us there,
If we are living as we should.
When welcomed to that Holy Place,
We'll look and know that it is good.

By Joyce Johnson 11/2/01

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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On The Weekends

We flee
Away from city life
To ancient trees
Forgetting our daily strife.
Where brownies, dwarves, gnomes, and
Fairies befriend tall ones with a jeweled 
This place is so neat.
There among the trees as big as life
Is a white unicorn. They're not obsolete.
This was such a treat.
Then we were led to the banquette
Where the king of the fairies said. Please
Take your seats so we can begin to eat.
Don't be loose with your drink remember
We have guests use your etiquette.

Copyright © Bette Bavington | Year Posted 2018