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Fathers Day

Fathers Day

He began throwing me around I remember it quite well 
Against a hard wall but he told people I fell 
When all the abuse began I think I was barely five 
By the time I was 18 I hated to be alive

The first memory of my step dad is when I called him by name 
I already had a dad so calling him dad wasn't the same 
I went up to hug him something me and my real dad had done 
He told me "never to hug him real men don't hug son"

Sometimes he would hit me with his belt or a hand 
I was being beaten so harshly by a very big man 
I counted over 50 smacks with the belt the bruises you could see 
But there was no one out there willing to help a child like me

He would scream at me for hours sometimes it wasn't quite fair 
Then he would get mad at me more because I had a blank stare 
Nothing I did was ever good enough for this man 
Simple things like coloring, or speaking, or cleaning a pan

I was scared for my life because I knew when he got home 
I was going to be hit or yelled at with a very loud tone 
This man was a dictator you almost had to ask him to breathe 
But I was only 7 years old and he knew I couldn't leave

My brother was born and he was the best thing since sliced bread 
I was just a punching bag to dad that kept getting hit in the head 
He stole my innocence something I'll never get back 
My whole life’s been scarred from all the attacks

I was told over and over I wasn't worth a dime 
So I was wanting to die I was just biding for time 
I was forced to grow up with the help of a stick 
Even now when we talk I almost get sick

My mom let this happen so she is as much to blame 
What they did to a Childs spirit that has never been the same 
Many times as a child growing up I dreamed of killing this man 
But I was so scared of this guy and I couldn't come up with a plan

The hatred I feel from what I had lost as a child 
Still haunts me this day and when he suffers I smile 
God please help me and take away the pain from my past 
Because it's killing me slowly and I know I won't last

The pain in my gut when I'm around him is great 
That's probably why I stay so busy and put so much on my plate 
My story goes on and I probably should close 
Oh yeah I forget the SOB almost broke my nose

Copyright © David Moore | Year Posted 2012

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fade to white

 the brutality of the beasts on their trodden paths,

trudging angrily towards their guided goals.

and i would think, "to be like them"

because i greatly admired their self-control.

so i mulled 

and i moved 

and i acted 

out of a belief system based on denying thyself.

i played the role,

i followed cues,

and i acted 

out the part, but was never myself.

futility. all hope escaped me.

i became embittered with the yoke i was adorned with.

destiny. all dreams forsake me.

suffering under misconceptions and the heavy spirit.

i began to consider this plot

and the planks that burrowed into my shoulders.

i pondered my views on love, on life,

on sleepers and on soldiers.

and then i met a man-

a human man.

not like the ox where i had been.

he stood upright,

and he began to speak,

and he spoke my language;

through beautiful teeth,

with the very same tongue.

then he spoke through me, to me,

and i knew every word.

enveloped in 'of course' because nothing's absurd.

we are 

and we always were 

and we always will be-


i will raise this yoke; deadweight lifted from my back.

i will spit out the bit and the bridle.

i will distance myself from this hopeless plantation

to live and be enlightened instead of entitled.

you formed me in my cacoon.

you made a home for my room.

you extracted the light inside me that had been broken and bruised

and brought me forth into my new creation.

you set their eyes upon me.

you let me live the dream.

when fantasy is reality, you have everything.

and i am contented in all things, in you.

the whole lump was leavened

and now we have a freshly baked loaf

to eat our meat and cheese on.

because we are literally the best thing since sliced bread.

Copyright © jamfox rock | Year Posted 2014

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Six-word Couplet Series

Having a field day:
        My joy immense
        At your expense

Immune to crocodile tears:
        The old judge
        Will not budge	 

Best thing since sliced bread:
	Produced an innovation
	Without any hesitation

Head above water:
	Averting with persuasion
	Bad financial situation

Child’s play:
	Brand new toy
	Jump for joy

Winter blues:
	Right on cue
	Down with flu

	Stuck on reef 
        Oh good grief!

	A hot potato
	Tackled by Plato

Call it a day:
	Do not commit
	Time to quit

Play it by ear:
	My only advice
	Is to improvise 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 	

A Six-word Couplet Series
contest hosted by Mark Toney
© 24th September 2018

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2018