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Ball Is In Your Court by Asuncion, Bernard F.
The ball is in your Court by Aggarwal, Nitesh

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Supply and Demand

If you’ll trade me for the one that I want I’ll give this one to you,
Then we can both finally end our hunt and find better things to do.

But if you decide to keep that one and leave me in the lurch,
Then our days of dealing are done and I’ll continue with my search.

Because I know that if I wait long enough I can find another one
And it really shouldn’t be all that tough and a new deal can be done.

It’s all up to you about how to proceed, the ball is in your court,
It all comes down to a matter of need, this deal is your last resort.

So you can take my final offer or put it down and walk away,
I don’t really need to add to my coffer I don’t need this deal today.

Oh you’re not going to take my final deal but it’s the best that I can do,
Well I can certainly see how you feel let me get my manager to talk to you.

My manager can make a deal that’s great and then I’ll be back to close,
In his hands lies my ultimate fate so I’ll just be patient I suppose.

Garage sales used to be a simple event but now they’re cut throat as can be,
A few extra dollars can be heaven sent especially in this economy.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

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Bumble-bee on fruits

Bumble-bee on fruits

The silly me
The silly bumble-bee
Bumble-bee buzz in ears
Bumble-bee hovers on flowers
Flowers in Ikebana
Flowers spread fragrance
Fragrance of petrichor
Fragrance of coffee
Coffee with cream
Coffee with beloved
Beloved sent a greeting card
Beloved left to work
Work is worship
Work in a team
Team spirit wonderful
Team of hockey
Hockey is India's national game
Hockey stick is not a bat
Bat is a mammal
Bat and cricket ball
Ball is in your court
Ball room dance so captivating
Captivating sense of humour
Captivating talent show
Show your skill
Show of bike
Bike ride jolly
Bike with great capacity
Capacity to climb a mountain
Capacity to convince people
People make democracy possible
People gather to protest
Protest against atrocities on women
Protest in a peaceful way
Way to enlightenment
Way to waterfall
Waterfall largest is Victoria
Waterfall amidst nature
Nature so enchanting
Nature has answers
Answers so spontaneous
Answers witty and brief
Brief legal statement
Brief summer holiday
Holiday in a beach resort
Holiday tasting tropical fruits
Fruits of hard-work is success
Fruits so tasty and pulpy sweet

©Anulaxmi Nayak, 2015

Copyright © Anulaxmi Nayak | Year Posted 2015

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The ball is in your Court

Summers a plenty passed away, years later, father fate makes us meet again.
How different you are? I have changed too; yet the bond is still maintained.
'Winnie Cooper' you were, in my childhood; while I pretended to be 'Kevin'. 
Eons later now, I feel it once more; but alas! The gods had a different view.
Two paths ahead which one to choose, a dilemma it is for you to chew
All I can do - is to confess my love, and pass the ball along to you, to cue. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2006

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The Power of Mercy

A full calm Moon arises subtlety, and so starts the new day
Cloud silhouettes above me yet allowing a gentle light spray
A rush as every nerve is aware but not of the simple things
Knowing precisely that God is there and the Glory He brings

It's kind of like that joke, the one that you had to be there
I know not your yoke, but I know that of this He is aware
I could tell story upon story, and day upon Glorious Day
But you won't know His Glory through what I have to say

Everything I've spoken herein, every line that I've said
I was never free from sin, but my soul was never dead
As in tossing over a rope thinking surely you'd grab hold
In Him there is always hope, come in from out in the cold

Bare forth your own witness in the praising of His Name
Only the Lord can Bless in taking on our sin and shame
The ball is in your court, perhaps time to return serve
By so not meaning to distort as do none of us deserve

Titus 3:5	 
Not by works of righteousness which we have done,
but according to his mercy he saved us,
by the washing of regeneration, 
and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2016

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A lot of expectations as you grow older
Some of them you see coming
While most are jaw-dropping
And without permission walk into you

It is ironic the way people now see you
Can you do it? Is now a thing of the past
The words “no” is now very pesky
So you can’t help but say yes

When you are pushed against the wall
You have nothing but the wall at your face
So tall and sturdy, you just keep looking up
But surprisingly you always get to the top

Copyright © Okunsebor Williams | Year Posted 2012

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Love's Company

People constantly worry about dying alone,
That in centuries their remains will be pressed into stone,
By the time they’re discovered they would already have rotten,
A fossil they’ll become and be forever forgotten,

Take a risk or two it’ll do you good,
Live life as spontaneous as everyone should,
Don’t fear to love for love is but a universal language,
use desire, romance, compassion as your advantage,

Life to you can be cut short,
From here on the ball is in your court,
The moments that last are those that are meaningful,
Be yourself by letting loose of everything stressful,

Make it your duty so that by the time you die,
You'd have given it your best try,
In time that love will blossom and grow,
To love is to be reluctant to let go...

Copyright © Maria Kyriacou | Year Posted 2014

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Have YOU Cut Someone Out Of Your LIfe

Have You “Cut” Someone Out Of Your Life? Many people are walking down a dangerous path. By “letting the sun set on their wrath.” They say; “I’m not angry.” “I just don’t talk to him anymore.” “I don’t have anything to do with him or let him in my door.” Is this what it means, when Christ says we must forgive? To completely “cut someone off” out of the lives we live? I’m confused here… Can you tell me the difference? It’s unforgiveness. No matter how you try to change the appearance. Why not explain to God, why you decided to “cut someone out.” Perhaps read his word on what being his example is all about. This choice you made… It’s been made by many others before. When it comes to forgiveness. We all need so much more! The “ball is in your court now.” What are you going to do? Remember… In spite of your faults. Christ says; “I love you!” May God stir your spirit to be humble and broken… And bless those who’ve hurt you in what is done and spoken! By Jim Pemberton 11/02/11

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2011

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Isn't The Same Old Spiel


Be careful what you ask for
Next thing you know it wasn't all that great, or you want even more

This isn't the same old spiel
I'll tell you something real
Everyone has an 'Achilles heel'

Speaking the truth, life is rather short
Don't be a poor sport
The ball is in your court

You are really barking up the wrong tree
If you think you're godly
Compared to everybody

Only here once
No ifs ands or buts
All eventually bite the dust

It's not all make believe
From A to Z

Others will always meddle
I don't care if you believe in god or the devil
Better grasp the nettle
Instead of trying to always settle
If you want to reach a higher level

I'll hit the nail on the head
Don't get misled
We all wind up dead

I'm going to call it a day
But not going to throw it all away

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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Hon, let me discribe for you education
First we begin with registration
It's the first step according
to regulations.
Identifying yourself with the 
and rectifying your goal of graduation.
Of course in between there will be classes
and examinations.
But every class is a step twards
Of course there will be some failures
and menstrations 
that cause your frustrations.
But keep on striving for the day 
when they say
And we'll give you,
a standing ovation

( OK Gang, school is about to start and here's a new theme. Back to school poetry. this is the 
first but i'm kicking it to a worthy cause. a mother trying to educate her children lets see how 
she does with this. Aleera De La Keur the ball is in your court.)ps it could also be about 
leaving a high school sweetheart.

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2009

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Real or Not

I don't know if your real or not

But my attention you have got

Today there really isn't much to do

I start the bike and think about you

There is no way to call

Or even contact you at all

So I ride down the street

Still hoping that some time we will meet

Through out those word there's nothing to sort

As always the ball is in your court

In the chase I am really no good

To rush is something that we never should

It's a waste of time some would say

But you did calm me on those needed days

I know your shy and have some fear

Yet from you I'd still hope to hear

With nothing more that I can do

It's all completely up to you

Then again it could be no big deal

I am not even sure if you are real

Or in the end will I be surprised

And find you as the wolf in disguise

No matter how it should end

If your real you have a friend!

An Uncle Charlie original

© 2011 unclecharlie

Copyright © Bill Ryan | Year Posted 2011

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remain in play

as one “grows up”
the hands of an environment accepted by most
come at your neck
gripping tight & digging those
nails in,
stealing your breath
stealing your life
stealing your ability to
if you swim with the stream
the frustrations that come with age
may present themselves in a more
comfortable light
because you have so much company 
amidst those who have
decided to swim that way.

remembering how to play
may in fact bring you out of the death
which captivates the comfortable
igniting a new way to live
where the little changes magnify 
those depths of life which can smother if you let them.

just what will it take to make you enjoy life the way you 

dancing in the early morning to the rising of the sun?
a swim in the coldest winter water despite all those that might
frown upon it?
putting that pair of pants on with the other leg first, 
driving a different path to work, having a different hot beverage
while you slave away or 
maybe just not going in at all---taking a well deserved day off
to break up the monotony?

the ball is in your court.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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16 year old talkin to the television
your bad day would never have happened
had you not stole my empire
and then tried to kill me
I can't help but find it funny
hands full with the good guy taking his stand against your harsh injustice upon me
glad your making friends
im guessing they will keep you fairly busy
too busy to bother the supposed terrorist who had enough
He will not forever be lonely
the truth will eventually surface
i should know
it drove me crazy
and then you tried to kill me

Living my dreams you have stolen
every day of my life has been a nightmare
everyone biding their time
waiting for me to bring it up
and give you a chance at being freed by the truth
You stole my empire when i was 16
and then you tried to kill me
close to home?
remember me?

16 year old child
with a lost empire
big loss
lots of time on my hands since then
to talk circles around doctors paid to overmedicate me
close to home?
care for the truth to set you free

I will get whats mine
what is owed to me
16 year old kid talking to his television
interesting shows no longer on 
just the stolen dreams of your reality

You can't fight this war
you will not win
doing what is ohnourable and right might be all you need to do
but instead you sell the lie
to keep my stolen empire
and then kill the people you have blamed
for being upset with a harsh injustice
16 year old kid talking to his television
and just like i said
you like to sing and dance and play house
the ball is in your court
fair is fair
i know im right
and it would be a shame to have to force you
to give something that doesn't belong to you
back to me out of survival
but chances are you are gonna be a really busy gumshoe
everything you had done to me
you are being served
one day the truth will set you free

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Ball Is In Your Court

B-all is in your court, 
I-t's time to make decision; 
A-nother step is up to you, 
N-ever ignore new action. 
C-hoose the one right move, making no mistake; 
A-fter deeply thinking that the vow you won't break.

L-ive up to your promise, 
O-n the thirtieth of July; 
Q-uest for the sacred truth, 
U-sing not the devil's lie.
I-t's your opportunity, 
N-ever turn the ball over; 
A-im to do what is best, 
R-eaching the final buzzer.
I-t's your call to select between fret and comfort; 
O-pen your mind to solace, the ball is in your court.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017