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The Best Back Stabber Poems

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Back Stabber

I can't help but laugh, because you thought you could get over.
You followed me down the path through the garden of the four leaf clover.

You kept a bag of tricks, and hid your true feelings well.
I raised my crucifix, and rebuked you back to hell!

See, I keep my enemies close, and I don't expose my hand.
Just like a wilted rose, I avoided you through our desolate land.

You kept up at a steady pace, and I allowed you to slowly follow.
I recognized the mask on your face, and the taste of defeat, I refused to swallow!

I should've expected, when you watched every move I made.
My goals were unaffected, I just dusted myself off, and put on a band-aid!

It is you who looks back at the situation, seeing the friendship you lost.
Your treachery is an abomination, and your back stabbing came at a helluva cost!

Ears are for hearing, I heard you whispering to a friend or two.
I emerged from the clearing, and I never imagined the back stabber was you!!!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Noisy Little Monkey

Noisy Little monkey

Techno junkie, clever monkey
Habilis in magic mist
Little Lucy's dream

Swingers in city sky
*****erectus being
sunlit opposing thumbs
sad bipedal thing...

Flint knapper back stabber
rapping dancer man 
tippers, dark skin tappers
ancient mountain clans

Neanderthal folk dying oak
river crashing sounds 
rumbling in that stormy pass
above ancestral ground
Searching warming grass
Silent monkeys dared 
Invented gods of love and fear
hung them in the stars

Remember fingers in winter corn
Oh warriors of the plain long lost
Sapient kings of a dying earth
just shadows in approaching dusk


Copyright © Declan Molloy | Year Posted 2016

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back stabber

Rage of biblical proportion
I think like God
when I think of the notion
Love as deep as an ocean
you can mess with my head
but don't mess with my emotions
Poisoned and there is no antidote
My forgiveness is an anvil
trying hard not to float
Drowning with the weight of disaster
Love turn to hate I can't think of nothing faster
Beauty, that's what you were to me
the biggest part of this curse
is what I have to leave
Insecurity is not my mistake
Trust was so fragile so easy to break
Impurity for love or just a date
To live with jealousy is to live with hate

Copyright © John Loving III | Year Posted 2012

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Lawyer Envy

(The writing exercise was to choose three poetry cliches and make them fresh)
(back stabber, after my own heart; and a soul of discretion; maybe more...)

He was a back stabber
After my own heart
Meek and sleek and sneaky
He wormed his way in
And 'innocently' uncovered
State secrets
Private tales
Skeletons in closets
They were all fair game

He was a back stabber
Not to be trusted
But had 
Such a sweet smile
That promised a soul of discretion
It was too easy to believe him
It felt good to trust him

He pulled his victims in
And it wasn’t until the court case
Was over
And the jury voted for him
That you realized he was a back stabber

He pulled it off with such panache
And charm
You had to admire the guy
Even while you staunched your blood

I wish – oh I wish
I had his skills
He was a back stabber
After my own heart

Copyright © KJ Hooten | Year Posted 2011

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Blue-Eyed Boy

I am crying
The little blue-eyed boy
With bright red hands
Freezing in the pram
Whimpering, squirming
While mummy
Texts on her mobile
Ignoring him
Freezing inside a gaping plastic bubble
On a windy wet station platform

Not one word of comfort
Left her lips
Not one eye contact
Did the babe
Of her vagina
Nurtured in

What right do you have
Call yourself mother
An ape
On a leash
Would serve

Disgusting woman
Benefit grabber
Disposable shopper
Resentful back stabber
Made the child
Give it your best
Whoever said
You can detest
A miracle
Seed by your passion divided
A trillion times and more
Yet you

Give something back
You spiteful taker
A pair of mittens
You heart breaker
Purchase disposables
At your peril
Wash some napkins
You lazy devil.

No mother you
No church pew
Has seen your shadow
Let alone you
Your distain
For your own flesh
Will with you forever rest
And when he is older
You will regret
The object of
His detest.

Copyright © Judith Palmer | Year Posted 2010

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Public Back Stabber

   Public Back Stabber

You gave me life and breath, Yes thank you,
You feed me and house me, Yes thank you,
You educated me and tutored me, Ye thank you,
You loved me as some hated me,Yes thank you,
You smiled at me as they scowled, Yes thank you,
You treated me as they shown me back,Yes thank you,
You gave me joy as they rob it, Yes thank you,
You aligned me when i disarranged my poles, Yes thank you,
You tossed me when i was thirsty, Yes thank you.


Was that an authentication to stab me? No i don't think so!
Was that a sacrament to tarnish me? No thank you,
Was that sauciness to serve yourself with sauce of brag? No i don't think so!
Was it a rubric to talk ill of me? No thank you,
Was it an impudence to majestic-ate yourself to me? No i don't think so!
Was it an intrepidity to maul me down from those i love? No thank you,
Was it an ordinance for you to grill me to thrash? No thank you

A clone of stout  backstabber stamped itself from you,
Let your giventh left hand not seen by your receiventh right hand,
Stop backstabbing me!

Copyright © Sabion Osore | Year Posted 2015

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Loved and Hated

Lonesome indeed am i in this cell
As I remembered how my life turned from heaven to hell
She was my wife;
Was she beautiful... was she adorable... so noble
But how quickly it all changed and fell.

Venice is where I met her,
The ring, the promise all i remember
She was my wife;
was she lovable... was she perfect.. in every prospect
But nor was i aware what she would deliver.

ED was my friend; that was in fact his pretence
Little did i know that he was a back stabber in my absence 
She was my wife;
Was she graceful... was she attractive.. so festive
And not a sniff of betrayal did i sense.


Half past eight the usual time i arrive
Merry was i like a bee returning to its hive
And there was my wife;
Was she frightened... was she troubled.. and she mumbled
Crying was she as the clock struck five.

Troubled... I looked... and there was he
My friend.. my foe.. and couldn't i believe what i see
She was my wife;
Was she at all? Was she the right call? Damn you all!
When every angel was fast asleep.. demons within controlled the scene.

Ed and my wife lay there passive
Murder is unpardonable... a crime so massive
Dead was my wife;
Was she disgraceful... was she vain.. so insane;
The result was so destructive.

Love is a great feeling - Only if you start not playing
Vain was she - Ed too as it was he
He was my friend -  later was my foe
Treason was better - The ending was so low
Death was inevitable - as they broke the sacred lore.

( this is my first poem so please comment about it... so that i can improve )

 Thank you..


Copyright © Charmal Dasanth | Year Posted 2010

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The real you

You think your gods gift
You’re so precious 
So emotional 
No one is suppose to upset you 
God for bid someone tells you the truth
You pretend to be heaven sent
You suppose to be perfect
Well guess what...
I am the one that is going to tear you down
I know who you really are
You a snake,
A liar,
Back stabber,
And your faker than the jewelry I wear
Ever time I see you I get sick to my suck
I can see threw you
I know who you really are 
You can't live with yourself so you try and ruin everyone else
I will tell you straight to the point 
I am not going to hold it back
Sorry I am not you 
I am better than you 
I know who I truly am
Live in your little fake fantasy world
I will bring you down
I will make you hate yourself even more 
I will let everyone know who you really are
The horrible person you are 
I will keep on moving threw life knowing who you are 
You can keep pretending 
Someday your world will come crashing down
I will sit back and laugh
And just be like 
I told you so with a huge smirk on my face
Take your mask off 
And show the world who you really are
Because I know the real you!

Copyright © Crystal Pires | Year Posted 2010

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2 Faced

I think to myself; not out of choice, but a choice to keep what I have.
I'm so hurt on the inside, but on the
Hold me, keep me. 
But you caused this!
You 2 faced, back-stabber!
Keep calm...breathe...
You 2 faced, NO YOU! YOU!

Copyright © Danielle Knox | Year Posted 2013

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Back stabber

Back Stabber

Do you know what you are?
Do I even need to tell you?
You should be able to tell by now.
I mean… you are “you”
You are a BACK STABBER!!
Turn around,
Watch your back,
Back Stabber!!
You have lost my trust
And you told all my secrets you have gathered.
Friends do not hurt “friends”.
Not usually anyways.
But for you…
It will be no surprise 
when you have no friends.
I just cant wait for that day.
Because you will know
That you did me wrong.
And pushed yourself
Out to where you belong.

Copyright © Ashley Silmser | Year Posted 2010

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How come the world is filled with so many haters?
With not enough courage on which we cater.
They harass your thoughts and defy your character.
Trying to mock your image, into things that don’t matter.
Hopping from place to face to make a scene.
Only to get noticed so you can tell everything.
Laugh in my face, smile behind my back.
Sneaky snake, cold-blooded now that’s a fact.
An entertainer on stage, yes you should be.
Thinking I don’t know you, thinking I don’t see.
I wish you only the best, with what you can confess.
Kindness kills all, so let the truth do the rest.

Copyright © Quendralyn Gooden-Talley | Year Posted 2007

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Back Stabber


You are not the girl I knew before
We used to walk that road together
Now you're just cost me pain for more
And the cuts are going deeper

You knew it well I love him deep
You never mentioned you want him near
You become nightmare in my sleep
I want you leave with all my fear

Copyright © Dinda Minardi | Year Posted 2011

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the abyss stands alone...

Liquid disdain runs cold, cleaning the surface.
Disinfecting the wounds that lay deep within.
Feels good to be on both sides of the fence.
Scandalous, back stabber, betrayal, charlatan.
These are the words spoken towards the darkness
These people stand at the edge of the abyss.
They stare into it, and stare hard they do.
All claiming to know exactly what is down there.
But in the end the creators carry that knowledge.
In the end, not even the abyss knows what it holds.
In the end the abyss never wishes it was made.
It wishes it never chose to become an abyss.

Copyright © Joseph Silva | Year Posted 2006