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Back Seat Drivers

I had a back seat driver.
How I wished he'd just shut up!
"Take the wheel!" I said one day,
When I'd had quite enough.

God slid behind the wheel,
and quickly shifted gears.
Then in a different direction we went.
Now, He's the only one that steers!

Sometimes that back seat driver,
can be your closest friend.
If you'll let Him do the driving,
on His directions you can depend.

So won't you let Him do the driving,
and guide you around each bend?
In spite of life's bumps and boulders,
you'll arrive at your journey's end.

So with an angel on your shoulder,
and God behind the wheel,
welcome to the back seat,
safe in His seat belt you'll feel.

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2014

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Don't Grab the Steering Wheel While God Is Driving

don't grab the steering wheel while God is driving the car
just put your trust in Him that you will travel very far
we have a tendency to pray on things but of them we won't let go
we keep worrying about the problems and won't let God run the show
instead of looking at the Lord we keep looking at the load
we need to keep our eyes on God and not on the road
so don't grab the steering wheel while God is in the driver's seat
just be prepared to remain a passenger until the journey is complete

there's no person too insignificant and there's no problem that's too great
God's always on time, He's seldom early but He never arrives late
so just sit back and enjoy the road trip that is your life
and place all in the hands of your mechanic Jesus the Christ
don't worry if you get a flat Father God has a spare in the back
and don't worry if you run out of gas the Holy Ghost has a full spiritual flask
and don't fret if you happen to a make a wrong turn
just consider it a lesson in life that you've learned

don't grab the steering wheel while God is driving the SUV
just make sure you have on your seat belt for the road of life tends to be bumpy
you won't need a navigational system nor a GPS
just trust in God to steer you safely through all of your mess
don't worry about the insurance and you've already passed inspection
just don't try to be a back seat driver and give God any directions
the road of life may twist and turn down some valleys and over some dales
but as long as you stay prayerful you might miss that exit going to hell
and if you get stuck in traffic there's no need to feel overwhelmed
be anxious over nothing remember God is at the helm

so hand over the keys to your life and let God take the wheel
and believe He will guide you towards those eternal Elysian Fields
so don't grab the steering wheel while Father God is driving the van
He'll get you to your final destination according to His master plans

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

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The Ride

When someone else is at the wheel,
There’s not much you can say
‘Cause no one likes a back-seat driver
Getting in the way.

A passenger cannot control
The route or time or speed
And so restraint and patience
Are the virtues that you’ll need.

You may be in a bus or cab
Or van or car or train
Or anyplace where someone is
In charge of the terrain.

If you are not the captain,
Keep your censuring inside;
Just take a breath, sit back, relax
And tolerate the ride.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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Back Seat Driver

Back Seat Driver

Up front and hidden from the rear view mirror my rational emotion takes
                   a back seat from suggestions of behind when looking forward and beyond

Built in a chip on the hard shoulder of the pathway calls out ‘be careful slow
                    speed up’ ‘break do not break’ ‘watch the police’ internalised surveillance

Highway signs and low way warnings ever so smoothly stipulate escape
                      from chaos lost bearings baring truths exposed and rolling forward past

The course lobbies concourse’s constrictions of wide open spaces traffic jams
                               congestion when all I wish is move ahead but the the rat race rat
Mental rodents on the road gnaw through the fabric of my mind where is
                     no want for stabbings in the back when need surpasses constant chatter

My pilot light on auto - forward seeks transmission manually and steady step by step
               progression roundabout traffic islands four way stops diversions parking lots

I suppose with all that panoply of trappings I do not benefit from a back seat remote
             controlling driver when all I need is lean back enjoy and contemplate the ride

24th November 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016