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Morning Glory

Her face may show a rosy blush
Peering through a favorite bush.
Perhaps you'll greet with great delight
This newcomer dressed in purest white 
Miss Morning Glory, sweet and lush.

Well known as bind-weed, Nature's thug.
She sidles up with gentle hug
Then follows with a deadly squeeze
And takes her neigbor's life with ease.
She is more evil than the slug.

So if you see a pretty vine,
With lovely blossom, so benign
Beware and with your garden knife
Take this imposter's wicked life.
Let greedy slugs upon her dine.

If you should choose to let her stay,
She will not ever go away.
She'll use your favorites for suppport
And bend them in a strange contort.
With their very lives they're forced to pay.

Your helpless beauties cannot shun
This grim tormentor and can't run.
As  this anaconda steals their breath
They'll die a most distressful death.
Death by constriction isn't fun.

For "Flower" contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Zodiac Zombie

She cries comets of burning ice
rocketing through a wilderness of bleeding rubies
her constellation, Anaconda, the 13th Sign, drinker of soul wine,

Her cheeks permafrosted with white agony
the accumulation of eons without the lips of her Man's love mercy,

When the word WHY becomes an acronym
for What Have You,
When knowledge of loss is your only gain,
When questions and answers no longer serve a frantic heart
rebellion is the necessary blessing of love becoming beast,
When everything sacred seems destin to be violated
and reborn as a beautiful monster
she became, the Zodiac Zombie,
her heart a super nova explosion,
a demoness on the breath of Death's delay
hunting hearts born through her Star House,
asphyxiating the affection of all who incarnate through her system,
feeding on the veins of fresh obsession, of virgin devotion,

Legend has it that she births the great Poets and Rebels
for their passion is unparalleled in pride and sweet sacrafice,
she is the Zodiac Zombie, Queen of the Black Sea, Goddess of love bleeding -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2014

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Green Anaconda

                             Green Anaconda was the cute friend of Rhonda
                            Slippin’ and slidin’, so fast and strong like Honda
                                       They went to Hotel La Boanara
                                        Dined on caiman and capybara
                              And went to the Louvre to kiss La Gioconda

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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The Ultimate Army

Jehovah of Armies
made a count one day
of all His weapons
keeping man at bay

of non leathal weapons
He gave the skunk his stink
and a little less harmless
the octopus' ink

sometimes more is needed
to get a point across
a little pain and fear
to impress a loss

soon there will be no doubt
about how they feel
if just once they touch 
the electric eel

always beware of 
little thing with wings
some may bite 
and some may sting

one final warning
and one final note
a very harsh warning
is a bunt of a goat

but for those who are
less fearful
and bent on adventure
who challenges the snows
and suns of nature

to those that would climb
Gods invisible wall
shatter Gods ceiling
ignore Gods calls

for those who would face
the ultimate threat
the deadliest creatchers 
man has ever met

Gods final judgement
more or less

escape from these creatures
the ultimate conquest
you've made it this far
dont stop now
how much more can you defy 
Gods laws

you may escape the tigers claws
be just missed by hungry jaws
quick enough to avoid the cobras strike
smart enough not to challenge
the elephants might

witty enough to escape 
the anaconda grip
be very careful not to slip

lucky enough to avoid all fangs
with venomous and vicious names
tempting not the bull 
to gore
declairing never to stand behind
a mule once more

so far weve made it 
still living and breathing
Jehovah of Armies 
protecting and scheming

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2011

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We Have A Problem

Communication has gotten erratic,
there's a lot of outside interference
Aluminum yawning creates constant static
I can't hear you ... can you hear me?
Stonewalls separate us,
frequent bathroom stalls
breaks the mood, flushes the trust
How did this happen to us?
I'd be the first to admit, we have a problem
Calling Houston, code red: Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Our love has become stale,
left unattended for too long in the marital breadbox
Inaction is squeezing the life out of us
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox ---
Our marriage is falling at terminal velocity,
time is speeding up on the self-destruct clock
We have a serious problem, dear
Do you hear me talking, tell me you can hear
We have us a critical problem,
and we both need to try and figure it out,
time is ticking down on the self-destruct clock
We have a big problem here
Calling Houston, code red:
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
We're headed for a crash landing
Calling Houston, code red: 
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
This marriage is almost dead
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Unless we find the missing answers in the black box

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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He's Back

My insides are tight, they’re slimy and black
He’s back. 
The anaconda. 
He squeezes my insides and I can’t breathe, 
He won’t leave.
I can’t sleep, or I’ll dream of his body
While he roams my gut, up to my lungs, 
Grabbing my ribs and swinging from the rungs
And then squeezes around my throat
Takes time to gloat
Before he hisses words into my head… 
Words that can render me dead. 
He lingers, he slithers, he kills..
He’s back;
And no one’s there to hear my shrills.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2016

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The Road


  Dark stripe night-like silvery shadow,
  Bottom of an earthen pot of a kind,
  Hallowed sepia-eyes of Black Dahlia in her dying glow
  Expressway etched intaglio,
  Through miles of my crazy driving mind,
  It is dawn,
  Under  a cloud, peeps the sun,
  While morning dew is still fresh,
  On the leafy flesh,
  In front lies my life,
  The sesame yawning road doses starving,
  It is the day of my harvest moon
  And i must be home,
  To reap the corn of lonely broken hearted living,
  Embarking on a journey to build my hope,
  On the beyond stubbles of life,
  By loosely trailing on so labyrinthine along a
  strange rope,
  Where will this romance
  With the Anaconda leads?
  Maybe destined like the road to somewhere leads,
  When will this sojouner comes to the remembrance
  And comes to the crossroads,
  Of life's all unending trods?
  Helplessly! my days keep throwing up the sponge, 
  When will i plunge
  Into the mirage ocean,
  Of oblivion?
  This road leads  
  To the sleepy lull,
  This road leads 
  To the seraphic soul,
  Over the lily covered Hilly
  Down the unbeknownst far fir forested valley,
  It goes on eternally.

Copyright © Afolabi Taiwo | Year Posted 2010

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from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes  ~

through overlapping branches
laser beams of sunlight pierce 
the dense canopy   ~

worlds largest rodent
like a giant guinea pig
capybara dives  ~

painful insect sting
as painful as a gunshot
the bullet ants bite  ~

rainforest rivers  ~
home to pods of pink mammals
fresh water dolphins  ~

jesus christ lizards ~
walking across the water
miracles happen  ~

hanging upside down ~
eating green vegetation
slow moving sloths  ~

native indians  ~
rub poison on arrow tips
from the green dart frog

a very short tail  ~
long shaggy coat and red face
bald vakari swings ~

face of a lion ~
now an endangered species
lion tamarin ~

pygmy tribes food source
monkeys, pigs and antelope
hunting to survive ~

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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The Amazon River

The Amazon River

The Capybara wades the shore
A Wooly monkey climbs a vine
To search for food up on the trees 
The Amazon that I adore
Its total nature I will bind
Bromeliads have blushed with love
Blending in the waters shore

The Jaguar stalks to hunt his food
The Anaconda will digest
His conquest on the night before
Humans carefully sense the mood
The Fuana find their time to rest
Anteaters sniff upon the floor
for ants and bugs to sense for food

The Dolphins rise up then they fly
Agressively create a scene
Boats pass on by and view the sight
As a silent Caiman wades on by
The quiet of the night serene
Stars surround the forest night
The Dragonflies decide to fly

Stillness in the eerie night
Nature's forces will blend in
Insects sit on exquisite leaves
A struggle of each species plight
Resplendent as they'll all akin
Coalescing as they interweave
The Amazon and all its might 

Human Nature Contest
sponsored by Marugu Mu
Ralph Sergi January 28, 2016

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2016

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Age is a snake that takes up residence,
just a small little snake, on your shoulders,
on the day you are born. Your radiance,
your energy and strength match your blunders,
and the viper is kept at bay for a while.
Oh, it marks the mistakes, the broken leg,
mindless anger, and it grows, and with wile,
cinches up like a belt, lets lose a peg,
when it has to, when mind and body are sure
and clean and honest and uncompromising.
It waits, for those times when you are unsure
of your course, and grows, when shortcuts you are taking,
old wounds and ills ignored, when you don't correct
the harm you've done, it waits to fatally constrict.

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2010

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They called him Jumper

He preferred  Prancer

When he was happy he would prance

Giant circles of joy

And the dizziness

Too many beers and staggers

For 365 days waiting times 4

He would dress himself  outlandishly

Feathers and painting his face

He loved the Mamba and espresso

Dancing to the beat and the heat

But February 29th he could leap and pride

Gyrating crazily leaping from space to space

Time warp again

Disco fever

Never tiring

It only happens once every 4 years

Leap frog when he was a child

Monty Python taught him how to leap from tree to tree

He did the Lumberjack

His jeans had done the Hop on Bandstand

He had bell bottom genes

While in South America he did the Anaconda

Bunny Hop with children as he walked

Loved the song Fandango

While hunting his horse taught him  the Foxtrot 

Auntie Mame be proud

His favorite was Leaping

Once every 4 years



Just bored so I typed nonsense

Copyright © Patrick Cornwall | Year Posted 2012

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You tightly-jeaned fellas 
outlining your phallus
leave me amazed and a-ponder
I'm amused but bemused:
are there girls who have use
for what resembles a wee anaconda?

Do they worship your shrine
or it’s all in your mind
fed with waccies instead of good food?
It's decidedly viable
to have one more pliable
than the texture of old antique wood

Cold water well spiced
with big blocks of ice
may bring tears to your 'dmiring eyes
but your nuts in a wink
will shiver and shrink
from grotesque to a palatable size


Copyright © delysia hendricks | Year Posted 2011

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cry for Nigeria my country

I wake up every
to ask myself
'what's happening'?
God gave us oil in
the Delta,
waters in the Benue
and Niger,
mineral resources
all over.
Though we've no
natural disaster,
but we got loopholes
that need plaster.
And now we are
falling assunder,
that is making me
am even behaving
strange like an

We still survive
under the millitary
not even to mention
the oppression 
of the wild.
Our politicians are
all of pretention,
our leader are
products of greed
and discension,
when we are called
the giants of
Africa, centre of

Oct 1st 1960 was our
day of freedom,
since then, we threw
away our wisdom,
all in the name of
religion, politics,
what is this?

You will hear
rumours of fighting
in Jos,
killing one another
no remorse,
people are so much
stucked like traffic
in Lagos.
A piece of advice,
dont be suprised.
We gotta move
cos we are left
behind in the

Copyright © Francis Justice | Year Posted 2014

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Kitty Katy

Kitty Katy, bigger than holsteins
Killed a St. Bernard
Pretty Kitty scratched up my blue jeans
Left my legs all scarred.

My big kitty scares the bejabbers
Out of my sorry hide
Such loud thuds of her pitter-patters
The blood-prints of her stride.

What did she kill tonight?
Who did she rend and bite?
What did she eat?
What kind of meat?
When must I stand and fight?

Kitty wrestled an anaconda
Then ate just the head
I took off on my cherry Honda
Scared I'd next be dead.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2018

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A Vietnamese Wedding Party

a long parade of guests in pairs, longing for a chair or two,
a hundred or so, and their ice-creamed children, 
pushing through the market sounds, the glistening fish and meat,
against the dying piggy- squeals, by  the river’s flowing feet

wearing blacks and browns, some with prison- frowns, a tide against
the wedding's beach: and in amongst the throng, some young men in
bright shirts and Ray Ban shades, puzzled by the days significance, this 
coiling snake of women’s delight

and as the anaconda enters the marital hall…(like Caesar coming into Rome), 
the drunks, the pensive widows, the curious maids, their still  pert breasts and 
waists not yet destroyed by birth, dance in settled  joy, into the leery mirth.

Copyright © Peter Lewis Holmes | Year Posted 2015

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The One who Loves the Most

He is not as sensitive she is not new to the pledge he's in nap, she is too active her bed is a two way sledge on her woe, he is so creative his pet on her, has an edge ego and gap tax the motive she ask not for asunder nor any of war or thunder joy fed to Anaconda as a rat in the den hides. Why is it her to abide? her low and he, all to divide

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Green Ananconda

Tanka – Anaconda

Green Anaconda…
Wandering eyes spots dinner.
Oblivious buck
Standing by the water’s edge
Relishes his final sip.

Copyright © Valerie Staton | Year Posted 2015

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Mythology: Mendusa

Not the same races, but we can be one of a kind 
Do you realized, when I see you, I lost my mind 
Perseus, Perseus. Wherefore are we us? 
My wild snakes needs to be tamed into a puss 
You are my knight in a shining armor 
I hope my hydra hair didn't create terror 
Your eyes are petrifying me into a statue 
Charming stranger, I give myself to you 
Your chiseled jaw, rock hard and V-shaped torso 
You leave me ecstatic as Euryale and stunned as Steno  
Eros used the tip of your sword to pierce my heart 
I can predict, our meeting will be celebrate as art 
Poets will chant the day where we faced each other 
Let's date, forget the sir-pants, so much to discover 
You and me, riding a horse, flying in the sky 
I can't feel the ground, with you I feel so high 
I'm in your palm, I need your hand to hold me 
Your baritone is my chorus, your love is my harmony 
Just one kiss and my past hair would be back soon 
Did you know about my anaconda tail during a full moon?

Copyright © Loic Tran | Year Posted 2017

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Unquotable quotes - Friends - XVI

Unquotable quotes Friends – XVI

Can friends also be lovers ; not certainly under covers.
Can friends do one another harm and stay calm ; not unless they have lost their sense of alarm.
Can you make a friend do what you will not do yourself ; what’s the use of having a friend who will not. 
Can you ask a friend for a recommendation which will get you a better job than his ; if you were him, you’d check to see if the signature was his.
Can you ask the friend running the marathon race with you to keep you company until the end ; if he does, dump him before you take the last bend.
If you asked your friend to take your sick dog to the veterinarian’s and if he agrees, give him your chihuahua, your kakatua, your Siamese twin and your cochon d’Inde, for a start. Keep the anaconda for a little later.
If you have a friend who has a large family, especially of the right sex, ask him to bring his entire family to your nudist camp at the local beach for the club’s commemoration day ; if he doesn’t, he cannot be your friend, so try another ; if the fool does, make certain the battery pack for your movie camera is fully charged and within reach.  
Can friends who know one another well enough share the same dreams ; yes, if they lick on the very same vanilla-flavoured ice-creams.
Can friends you call on the phone at home after hours not hang up before you do be trusted to fork out a loan for your mortgage payment ; if yes, then go and live with him or her at once.
Can a friend who backbites and carries tales about you be trusted to give your bride away at your seventh nuptials ? Yes, he most certainly can !
Can a friend who reviles his fellow candidates in an election primary be trusted to offer a longstanding friend a cabinet post in the event of a final resounding victory ? Indubitably, otherwise they wouldn’t be friends for that long anyway.
Can you let a friend take from you to give to a sworn enemy ; of course you can if you have been trying to get rid of her for a very, very long time.
Can a friend who never ceases to talk of having saved you from your friends be counted among your enemy’s best friends ?
Wives of friends who are always alone need to take up the trombone or trumpbone.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016.   

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Have you ever seen the ants in action?
soldier ants on rampage?
They have the power to kill and destroy,
Yet,they are powerless and small,
insignificant and weak.

I am a soldier ant,a spoke ant;
and a protector of  my kind;
We work day and night to provide
for our nation,our forest,our land;
yet,the baboons enjoy it all.
They formed alliance with the
lions,tigers and snakes;
The lions rule with strong hands,
and devour the weaklings,
what can we the ants and bees do?

Another part of me is a bee;
we produce honey!,sweetness for all,
but we have little to show for it,
without us-the ants and bees,
there is no democracy or zootocracy,
yet,we are been oppressed,ridiculed
and relegated to the background,

In single unit we are nothing,
but when we move in unison and groups;
we are mightier and sharper than a two-edged sword;
No one dare to come into our midst,
when we move in hundred of thousands or 
millions,not even the Anaconda,
Anything crossing our path is consumed and destroyed,
You will use your own weapon against yourself;
The lion uses its claws and teeth;peacock its beak;
elephant its trumpet and feet;snake its venom,
Carcass they are,carcass they become...

The ground shakes and the earth quakes as
we move,
Go to Libya;visit Egypt and ask of our exploits...
Sound the drum,it is time to move;
We say' No to oppression'
'No to selfishness and  corruption'
'No to poverty and wasteful spending';
"We are soldiers,fighting for our rights with 
one unity... and we shall conquer!"
'Let us match to the capital',
"In one .. unity"
"We shall!"

*Zootocracy--Government of the animals by the animals and for the animals.

Contest:"Metaphorically Speaking" sponsored by Catie Lindsey.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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I'm a billionaire

I escaped her coil
Her incessant boil 
Back into the soil
Stronger than ever like a pole
Buried like a piece of cole
Alone and blinded like a mole
Digging for gold with my nail(s)
From life’s endless anaconda toil
And into the world I can rule
One of seven billion soul(s)
With so many hands to catch me when I fall
So many ears to hear me when I call
So many eyes to help me see my goal
I can never fail

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Inside Me

 Sweet dreams producing Ice Cream underneath satisfying sheets, seeing you through the eye's of my mind I can pull you inside me.  This Love Matrix, flexible Love Jones, happy faces and vertical joy rides, oh me... oh my! You feel so good inside my mind.  Hands clinched, sweat pouring, uncontrollable multiples, walls squeezing you like a hug, voices ( RINGING OUT LIKE THUNDER!!!).  Beautiful death take me now so I may awaken to the rising of the sun slightly!  Purples Skies... Candles still glowing on our brown skin, I can't tell where yours begin and I can't tell where mines end. New day trickery and he's asleep! My mouthy retreat to be an alarm clock, wetter then Lake Michigan.  Every lick skillfully teasing, now latched on, time for the pleasing. 
  Look at me as I feed! power in my skills, stiffness in his magic stick, I'm going deeper aiming for thirst quenching elixir. Wait... hold your escape, new route I want to taste.  Straddling your anaconda instantly my levy breaks, sweet milk all over the place! You say in dominance who said that you could release now my demand is for you to clean this up, and in submission I am eager to love his lust, as he watches me I am eager to make him BUST! Quickly turning me out, under AND over, but I like it from behind where the claps from the slaps lie, blowing my mind.  I feel like an ovation, clap clap clap, erotic potion stirring, work that that that!  Explosive Like TNT... Squirting hot like lava making you put a hurting on me!
Long back strokes like an Olympic swimmer wanting a gold medal and retire! Unbelievable enough I take you higher wanting every drip drop til it's gone. Yet the sensitivity in you got me feeling like the head beauty in the beast that I am! Inside me... these dreams got me feeling like a freak, must change the sheets.... now back to reality shaken from a dream!

Copyright © danielle lewis | Year Posted 2012

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Amazon - Trois - Par- Huit

It trickles From high in the mountains Before it makes its thunderous roar Then like an anaconda it slithers onward Dolphins can be heard laughing in its vast waters Many other species call it home the truly amazing amazon

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2014

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The astral priest saw that the time had come
To finally invoke an Aztec god,
He left his family and Friends behind
To go to Tlaxcala on the day of the wind
To call Quetzalcoatl with bone flute and drum.
Then when Venus shone through a lens
On a shattered stone ruin six hundred years old,
He stood by high columns engraved
With scenes from the lives of the gods, 
The moon glinting occultly on onyx and gold.
His feathered cape and the jaguar mask
He wore began moving all on their own,
The eagle claws strapped to his wrist
Shook with anger, with passion and pride.
The Lady of the Serpent Skirts
Howled in the bowels of limestone caves,
And in the hall of Smoking Mirrors
Tezcatlipoca took aim at the Sun.
Double-headed feathered serpents
Coiled about the calender stone,
And even the pavement ‘pon which he stood
Rang with the spells of ancient wizards.
Then to his shock a crackle of lightning
Leapt up his spine and burst in his brain,
And then the hot fire assaulting his nerves
Sent him convulsing with terror and joy.

The god was demanding, he urged the priest
To climb out of his skin and leap into flame,
To cook his heart well as a meal for the gods,
To break all his limits - surrender at once
To waste not a second, but ride the tornado,
To seize the anaconda and tame it with a glance,
To penetrate flint with his fingers and eyes
To enter volcanoes and dance on the boiling
Magma within the Earth’s orange cleft,
To be at once an atom and star,
To see all Space as the ground of Being.
And then to fall screaming into the Abyss.

From somewhere out of the silence came drumming,
The drumming of shamans invoking spirits, 
Guardian spirits of wolves and crows
Gathering round to aid the priest.
And then at last he knew whence the drumming,
Just the rain pounding the roof of his skull.

Lightning lit a fire
And drifting off to sleep the flames revealed
Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca
Fought their way through thirteen hells.
Their warriors, the Eagle and the Jaguar knights,
Exchanged obsidian butterflies.
The feathers wafting in the wind
Became the crimson clouds at dawn.

A cool scented breeze caressed his neck,
Raindrops gleamed on a spider’s web,
Sunlight filled the turquoise sky.

Copyright © Gawaine Ross | Year Posted 2015

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Ancient Constrictor

Gleaming, constricting-
   Swallowing Ancient worship
      Anaconda creeps.

* Anacondas were once, and perhaps still are, revered and worshiped as
A God figure to Amazonian tribal natives. Anacondas are also one of the 
few animals who actively seek, and ambush, human prey.

A. Green

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2010