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Bermudian Shoreline by Hinshaw, Robert L.

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Bermudian Shoreline

Strolling 'long Bermuda's shoreline,
Waves caressing our toes.
Whence they come and whither they go,
No mortal really knows!

We stroll 'neath the moon's mellow glow,
To a secluded cove.
Though age hath taken its toll, we,
Relive our youthful love!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 29 March 2015 All Rights Reserved

Entry for nette onclaud's "Let Me Feel Your Lines" Contest

No. 2 - Shoreline

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2015

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Bermuda Shorts

airy, cool, authentic Bermuda Shorts
born of a once British heritage
 long ago expired, 

a Bermudian tradition of late spring, 
mid-summer and early fall, 
inescapably required,

with a matching navy-blue blazer 
a pressed short sleeve shirt 
and tie, if you please, 

and pressed knee-length socks 
offering peak-a-boo glimpses 
of pale, ashy, bony knees,

and while they may inspire a giggle, 
or a chuckle, a belly laugh, 
or even a light smile,
these expertly tailored half-length 
men’s trouser wan-na-bees
are a favored style,

bold pastel colored pleated pants
real Bermuda shorts, worn by 
locals and expats alike,

seen walking along busy streets 
or traveling on mopeds
or swift motorbike,

for Bermuda is truly another world
where businessmen in shorts 
are readily found,

just be sure when you try on a pair 
you do not hear an unexpected 
ripping sound,

for life is wonderful, living your dream
on a sub-tropical island paradise 
warmed by the Gulf Stream,

till your much loved Bermuda Shorts 
worn three inches above the knees
suddenly splits at the seam,

because in the Bermuda Triangle
you will find this special place 
under the sun,

is a golfer’s paradise like no other 
where you just may score 
a hole in one.

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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Hooked On Bermujan

Dyu need to get dyu a copy
Of de Bermujan Vurds dicshunairy
de Rocks, translator of choice,
de primary “slanguage’ of all
dem Bermewjan children dat 
speak in de flat saun of my woice.

Is British Standard English 
or de "Queen's English"
or de Bermudian dialect,
required to past de test?,
Vitch one conserves de
Bermujan’s truly unique
cultural identity at its best?

Dem Byes on de Rock say
“Jus de locals, have de right
each born Bermys arryvun, 
to Bermuda status, for dey
alone are de peoples of dis
hur Islands of de Beribbean.

Is it de distinct vey of speaking
dat attracts de tourist to dese isles’
and businessmen from far avay,
Or de friendliness of ve mujans
only, dat make dem all 
come hur to work and play.

Shaped like a fish hook
de island’s natural beauty 
and crystal clear vawda 
catches dem good and tight,
Maybe dey come hur to stay
on der extended work permits
to claim de Bermujan birthright.

Only time vill tell if deez 
immigrant paper Bermujans, 
vill displace all de locals 
arryvun young and old,
Splitizens all of distant shores 
dat vill one dey change dese 
Islands of the Beribbean 
into “Anower Vurld”

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2012