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Prayer Alliteration Poems

These Prayer Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Alliteration Prayer poems written by international poets.

Propped and upheld
Propelled while pushed…
…Privileged am I to
perform by faith midst Providence power
Prioritizing God and His kingdom-pursuits
Persevering patiently
Preparing, planning with prayer
Presenting myself as a living...

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Categories: character, christian, devotion, faith,

Father’s fervent faith*
...fortified by the Forever Faithful Father
…fueled by God’s truth-fire
…freed from falsehood’s fits
…fixed against frustrations, falls, failures
…framed to falter not midst flames of fame...

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Categories: christian, faith, father, god,

Faith-prodded, freedom-propelled…
Fervent pursuit for my Lord I fulfill with prayer
…focusing on precept-propped purpose
…facing the problem---failed plan
…familiarizing myself with God-fueled prudence
…finding the product of flowing peace...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Recuse Me
The feeling is deep inside 
Calling as a helpless innocent guilt
It has become too much for me
Falling down like a cracking mountain
I imagine it as...

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Categories: africa,

Faith’s fervency
Fueled by God’s fortitude
Fails not to fulfill prayer-functions
For fruitful, freedom-fired festive fellowships 
midst fiery trials*.

*1Peter 1:7 That the trial of your faith, being much...

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Categories: blessing, character, christian, faith,

Premium Member Midnight Valentine
In mortibus corde
Latin In Death’s Heart

You breathe in the blood of the reaper
The seeker of all our sullen souls 
My diamond tears frost my ruby...

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Categories: death, feelings, heartbroken, perspective,

Premium Member Doorbell of Death
Has already rung this year
as fear's fingers
crawl through my consciousness
universal love lives unconditionally
I beg death for a bribe
for my lamenting loved ones
with physical prayer and...

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Categories: death, death of a

thin skinned
a small child
eyes taken
curious sight
brow creases
in question
it a new thing
these pink shapes
on earthy brown
backs of hands
half covered
the same
patterned dress

she child
soft traces
on toes
tops of feet

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Categories: child, community, humanity,

Love praying for my students at community colleges
Midterm exams are here, and I want to pause
O no, can't do that, unless I pause to pray
They are young and retired folks, too, studying

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, books, business, career,

I Love Praying With Those Who Trust Jesus and People
Prayer for Recovery and strength for Carmelo & Family:

Christ, in Hebrew, Messiah, is Mighty in Anointing
Christ and Carmelo begin with C; a Sea of Living

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, analogy, appreciation, gospel,

Triple A
You alone are the 
Absolute and Almighty Authority
--Appoint and anoint us as agents
in your army against the antagonist
as he awaits his Avenger and the...

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Categories: celebration, easter, prayer, spiritual,

Sometimes and Always
Sometimes, it’s just a whispered prayer;
In times of desperation
You intercede, you meet my need
And loving kindness flows.

Sometimes, it’s when I speak your name;
Like times of...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bible, christian, engagement, faith,

The way out
The way out, 
The way out,
The way out is,
The way out is not,
The way out is not parade height,...

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Categories: beauty, blessing,

Human bein
Human beings are like the white horse,
They are as strong as Orji tree,
They moves like,
The elephant and the moon,
They shines like the,
Sun and the...

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Categories: beauty,

Infants, infants, 
Infants are like Ngwuor. 
They intoxicates like, 
White hot. 
Some are as whites as firmament 
While some are as black as charcoal. 

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Categories: beautiful,

Premium Member ANGEL

Fragile form feels
Wise welcome will

Mindful man meets
Grand glimpses greet

Apt angel aid
Prompt prayer paid

Taste telling tale
Voice vibrant vale

Faith faces fear
Dream dazzles dear

Fine fancy frames
Nurture nice name


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Categories: beauty,

Premium Member AMPLE

Sign succinct say
Dance dreamy day

Live lasting light
Set simple sight

Laughter lives loud
Prize prayer proud

Sip sparkling spring
Feel funny flings

Be blessing bright
Frame fragrant flight

Heed healthy heart
Splurge sanguine start


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Categories: blessing,

Premium Member PRAYER

Bright blessings bloom
Rich rapture rooms

Sensuous sights see
Feel fragrance free

Live lovely lines
Frame feelings fine

Wise ways work well
Taste truth's taut tell

Fashion fond feel
Touch tensile thrill

Apt ample ask

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Categories: change,

A bad feeling
I had this feeling that something was about to happen,
What it was I wasn't sure ,good or bad  I wasn't going to ignore,
With the...

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Categories: confusion, death, sad,

Premium Member RESOLUTIONS

Live lovely light
See sparkling sights

Move motive mind
Keep kindred kind

Seek simple store
Mindful mulls more

Cheer clever choice
Prize peaceful poise

Thrill timeless thought
Live laughter's lot

Taste touching trip
Glimpse good grace...

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Categories: blessing,