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Perspective Alliteration Poems

These Perspective Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Perspective. These are the best examples of Alliteration Perspective poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Midnight Valentine
In mortibus corde
Latin In Death’s Heart

You breathe in the blood of the reaper
The seeker of all our sullen souls 
My diamond tears frost my ruby...

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Categories: death, feelings, heartbroken, perspective,

Premium Member Tending Tapestry's Tenter
Tending Tapestry’s Tenter

Resilience reticent reverberations receding revelations roaming
Resolving residual revolutions resentment reset reposing rest

		Puzzling perceptions poet’s perspective Peace

Agency anticipation an arrays’ arrangement alive assorted aims

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Categories: allusion,

Twilight Has Entered My Life
Twilight  has entered my life,
realizing that the aging process 
is real and not to be shelved
and put away for someone else
to contemplate about.

Twilight has...

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Categories: perspective,

Fibers, my life's nemesis

Floating free, that you may be
Until here you comemy work undone
Sticking to lacquered phalanges.
I squeal and cuss, tug and fuss,
but still, you refuse to budge.


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Categories: character, emotions, environment, hair,

Snake sneaks

        Snake sneaks


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Categories: perspective, scary,

morning rush hour
The image of morning mapping from the four cardinal points at the center of 
busy pedestrians running ups and down to the bottom of their...

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Categories: courage, perspective, remember,

A preoccupation
The United Kingdom – which direction?
Is there any detection
Of a slight hesitation
As all this political diction
Is becoming an addiction
HardBrexit, a continual affixation
A convulsive sensation
A preoccupation

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Categories: addiction, break up, perspective,

Happy New Year
The new year is here, the long awaited,
How you look at it, it’s in your eyes,
How you see it, it’s in your perspective,
How you face...

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Categories: celebration, inspiration,

I Drained Life Of Its Fullness
I drained life of its fullness...
not pricing its worthiness,
leaving nicks in the prime of youth:
deceitful tricks to ignore every truth.

I imitated parody to conceal identity,

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Categories: betrayal, emotions, heartbreak, life,

Premium Member Prerogative
Please, you have put my progress on pause and caused me prolonged poverty-Put the keys to my persona back on the dresser,need my personality back-...

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Categories: emo, growth, perspective,

The smell of sound
Ive developed a bit of a fetish, dear,
The smelling of objects of a queer kind.
"Queer", the collective perspective of a selected few
Let me address the...

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Categories: creation, freedom, perspective,


Supposing boats could swim and fish could sail—pertaining purpose would still prevail
starfish fall from the sky, twinkling planets up high, under ocean beds...

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Categories: analogy, ocean, sky, perspective,

Caesar Sees Her Alliteration
Sea Czar Caesar sees her seated on a cedar two-seater beside the East Sea Seder.  He grieves since he sees his sister, Esther Dexter,...

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Categories: humorous, love, passion, sea,

Galactic Messages
Personal purification propels people producing prestigious positive perspective…
Embrace emotions energetically engineering equilibrium entering earth’s 
Compassion cleanses criticism creating caring communities constructing centers…
Feeding famine frenzied families...

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Categories: imagination, introspection