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December Alliteration Poems

These December Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about December. These are the best examples of Alliteration December poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SETTING

Warm wise whole
Spice still soul

Joy juice jumps
Set sure sums

Last light leaps
Strip sure sleep

Words wind well
Craft crisp cell

Just joy jests
Frame fond fest

Trust taut take
Meet mind make


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SACRED SPACE

Walk winding way
Dance dreamy day

Sense sacred space
Feed funny face

Space succinct spice
Note nurture nice

Prize puzzle price
Note naughty nice

Piece profound proud
Lift laughter loud

Sacred space speaks
Primal poise peaks


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member LAST LOOKS

Last looks line
Mull moods mine

Rich rhymes room
Glimpse grand gloom

Words weep well
Daze drift dwell

Sense sweet space
Feel fond face

Set sure streams
Drench deep dream

Craft clear chest
Bright boasts best


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Cat Mass
I Past Paws

My tuxedo charm…
Echoes of purrs and meows linger in my lamenting longing heart.
Floating my fingers upon her feather fur…I now trace her feline...

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Categories: cat, christmas, death,

Premium Member Secrets of Concealment
Drums of doom boom in sunset, demanding their commanding presence of marching cancer. 
A haunting horror heartbeat begins.
The brutality of duality of secret fiction versus...

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Categories: bereavement, cancer, death,

Premium Member Flute Tune of the Jeweled Moon
Rising at twinkling twilight, oh what a serendipity sight!
Laughing lapis rays play with settling setting sun
Trees breeze, reaching with their seeking bold boughs
Moody mist twists...

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Categories: moon, music, nature,

Premium Member MYSTIC

Mystic moves magic
Knock knows kinetic

Living laughter leaps
Steady streamy seep

Touchy telling treats
Groovy glimpses greet

Primal posture peace
Lavish lasting lease

Dazzle dreamy dance
Cosmic changing chance

Wonder whispers write
Cheery charming cite


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Diamond Light Diamond
Lighthouse gleams from full moon pearly beams,
rising as regal hope from lapis lilies lapping the luxury sands.
Ships sail through nighttime gales as wood burned hearts

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Categories: bird, light, metaphor, moon,

Premium Member Truth Trinity
Stalwart integrity truth speaks of sunshine communication, slicing through occluded hearts, where the ruby ringing bells pump cells of blood that builds with righteousness auric...

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Categories: introspection, philosophy,

Premium Member ERE HERE WHERE


Heart heaps here
Choice creams clear

Calm cheer cites
Warm wit writes

Dance deep dream 
Sense sweet streams

Hurts hurl here
Charm crafts cheer

Dance deep daze
Meet mind maze

Dust dream...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Feather Flame Firecracker
Feather Flame Firecracker

Sparkler to Suncatcher
I opened a soul treasure box 
She glowed as a sparkler that transformed into firecracker
Where her light did not dissipate
Instead became...

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Categories: appreciation, confidence, dedication, fire,

Premium Member MYOPIA

Sense sight see
Buzz blooms be

Meet mauve moves
Glimpse grand grooves

Lift laughs loud
Pierce pick proud

Joy juice jests
Feel fun fest

Loud lines leap
Dance dream deep

Meet mind mood
Gift great good


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Categories: allusion,

Settled in the Saviour’s 
      saved by God from sin’s wages; 

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Categories: christian, courage, dedication, faith,

Premium Member MADNESS

Drench dream daze
Craft cuts craze

Sense surge start
Please piece parts

Boost blush break
Sort sleek stakes

Etch each end
Brisk breaks blend

Such splice strokes
Prompt parts poke

Spread spoils spice
Gloom gloats guise


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Categories: allusion,

Sweet Christmas
Oh the sweet, oh the cheery, oh that sweet tasting Christmas Sherry.
Oh the green, oh the red, oh the lights all happy and merry. 


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Categories: chocolate, christmas, december,

Premium Member BEDTIME

Sleepy slumber slips
Touchy timeless trip

Truly telling time
Ripples rousing rhymes

Sliding slumber shows
Floating fancy flows

Drooping dreamy drip
Fleeting falling flip

Crazy crumbling chimes
Muddy murky mime

Happy hurling heap
Resting rapture reaps


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member FANCY

Feel fancy feed
Dream dazzles deed

Bright bounty blooms
Rich rapture room

Fine floral feel
Wise wonder wills

Seed simple stuff
Etch ends enough

Feed fancy feel
Touch treasures thrill

Leon Enriquez
29 December 2017


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MOIST MORNING

Rich roaring rain
Plough pretty plain

Mind morning mimes
Reap rapture’s rhymes

Feel festive flair
Art ample air

Join jazzy jet
Sign simple set

Bright balloons boom
Zap zesty zoom

Grand gracious grooves
Meet misty moves


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member KNOWING

Warm words work
Joy juice jerks

Feel fond feel
Heart hurts heal

Know keen keep
Spice sound sleep

Meet meek mind
Face fine finds

Jazz joins juice
Null mute muse

Reap rich rhymes
Craft crisp chimes


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member TEARS

Plain pain
Still stains

Glimpse gain
Prize pain

Sweet sour
Heap hours

Grief grips
Taut trips

Rich rest
Blooms best

Gall gripes
Wet wipes

Drip dear
Trite tears

Meet more
Sad spores

Leon Enriquez
23 December 2017

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Categories: allusion,