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Dad Alliteration Poems

These Dad Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Dad. These are the best examples of Alliteration Dad poems written by international poets.

It was different back then
As a child, morals are all about black and white,
Will this hurt them or give them a fright?
It was simple back then when everything was...

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Categories: analogy, change, childhood, confusion,

Guard yourself against bad women
arts walls, NLT wall
to the left
to the right
a passage
beautiful, Turkish 
a lady looking up 
a poet looking down
momish,childish, beautiful

head brain, brain working
to the left to...

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Categories: betrayal, bible, books, character,


Summer sand soft and sultry,
Salty sweat, sweet and wet.
Wistless wind, waveless water,
Bathers baking, basking burning
Seagull scavenger of shiny sea
Searching, scurrying squabling over scraps.
Wandering women walk...

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Categories: beach, beauty,

Forgiveness For Ridiculous Reader
He had a darn, decent education
Though given to a prehistoric passion
So, when it came to reading prose
He thought he simply smelled like a rose

Now, he...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, allah, brother, dad,

Premium Member Eddy

I try to see 
back before 
to who Eddy once was
just barely before when
the bending began
Eddy was after all
a cute child 
wide eyed
hugging kissing and...

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Categories: angst, cute,

A Beau for Brenda
Birthing a bio-novel, Brenda
writes with a buoyant agenda -
basing her book on Bart Barbour,
the best boatman in Boston’s Harbor.

He’s  big, brave and belligerent
and like...

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Categories: adventure, books, longing,


Brenda from Brighton Falls
Writes best sellers,
Beloved by all her fans,
Brightens up at the sight of Bob.

Barricaded in a room with him,
And Bess...

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Categories: character, love,

Dear Father
I remember him wen I was seven
And now he watches me from heaven
Blessing me from up there
Spiritually giving me all the care
I miss him when...

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© Lax Malz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence,

Premium Member Speak No Evil Ten Word Challenge
Exuberant emotions abound as I pack siutcases...
Suddenly, the sonorous of my phone and doorbell sings.
Posh police stand outside with opulent badges. 
Father? Suicide? I disengage...

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Categories: body, dad, death, father

son I'm sorry
Son I'm sorry for what happened
My dream just ended
I'm sorry I bended 

I used to sit on the Back
where I didn't even open my Bag...

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Categories: america, dad, emotions,


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Categories: absence, betrayal, child, dad,

Droned to death
In this last strike, how many did you lose? We lost four....oh wait it’s you? You don't know and they don't show, they showed two...

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Categories: violence,

African Allliteration
#What we want#

Dear Dada,

What we want is worth

Let love live, 

Peace perfect praise...

...Let long lasting law

rule round reign....

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Categories: courage, dad, devotion, grandfather,

The New Arrival
The little man,
Curled in a ball,
Short time span,
Checkups to stall.

It's a boy,
All others cheer,
Forming the joy,
To hold him dear.

The day is here,
To go into shock,

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Categories: baby, son,

Who Cares
Who cares if I live or die
Or if I eat or not
Who cares what happens
When I miss my parents

Who cares if I hate or love

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Categories: absence, care, dad, death,

Her blood
She sits in her room. 
Thinking she has no purpose in the world. 
She has no one to hold. 

Her mom drinks. 
Her dad died....

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Categories: sad, mom, mom,

I Wish
I wish fatherhood could be written into words.
Let daddisms be put into pages.
Papaness be published in poetry for people without.

Let little surprises that the old...

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Categories: father, inspirational, philosophy, teen,