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Class Alliteration Poems

These Class Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Class. These are the best examples of Alliteration Class poems written by international poets.

Wired mortal from the English Art
Banished from his home, spotted from a distance
Noble amongst scrawling African inscriptions
First veneration of mystical minds
Take a bow, take a...

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Categories: art, class, dedication, eulogy,

Retrograde Liberty

You’re a consumer pawn on the cargo chessboard,
being merchandise moved 
by the mighty, 
free-market bellow powers-that-be:
The Babble Tower titans of industry

And the fawning, vote hopes...

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Categories: destiny, history, imagery, society,

What do you say now?
Is there anybody who want to foul?
Standing behind and knocking,
Little lady....I see this sparkle rocking,
Life is full of dream,
Can't distinguish the...

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Categories: 6th grade,

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

My golden ego soars higher than yours
I can hold my breath longer underwater
of course,
because my publican lungs are stronger than yours
I can outshout your taxing...

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Categories: allusion, corruption, political, power,

Silly Dilly Billy Lily
Jolly Folly Dolly Molly
Deli Jelly Belly Nelly
Alley Sally Halle Berry

Submitted for contest ALLITERATION sponsored by Barry Stebbings - November 27, 2017

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Categories: assonance, childhood, children, humor,

Premium Member Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, Canto 4, K35
Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, a random example: Canto 4, K35 by T. Wignesan

alukkaaru avaavekuli innaacchol naangkum
ilukkaa iyanrathu aram (refined, shorn of...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alliteration, memory, poetry, tamil,

A Little Story: The Quiz
Quick is the question.
Quiet is the quest.
Oh, yes. The quiz.
I shall do my mournful best.

A questioning look?
Not quite.
It was worse than any wonder
I had KNOWN...

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Categories: anxiety, class, morning,

I've Got Fire In My Soul
I know what it means 
To go to bed without food
To go to school without shoes
To yearn for Eqaul Education 
to free your mind
Just to...

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Categories: africa, class, courage, growth,

I am tired

I'm tired of people thinking,
they know what I'm going through,
of tête-à-tête that comes to nothing,
and that I'm doing this or that right or wrong.......

I am...

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Categories: boyfriend, brother, care, children,

Hope and faith for The masses
Recreation of. Liberty and freedom
Long life and prosperity in future
Smiling birds with songs of Praises
Clothed children with...

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Categories: abuse, age, angel, beautiful,

Dots of light dotted the dome
Displaying dismal disks
Halfhearted innuendos of harmony
Repetitive, unremarkable recordings
Minimally interesting, middle class, mediocre
Small wonder he thought, smirking, smarting
Discipline dismissed, discarded
Replaced with...

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Categories: family, father,

Fat girl the one people love to hate,
the one everyone wants to have a look in her plate,
as she walks towards her deserted corner table,

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Categories: beautiful, identity,

The man I want
Remember when I first met you,
It was in math class. 
You smiled at me and said hi.
I’ve wanted to be with you,
Ever since u wrote...

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© Angel Hale  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, me, me,

dream on
I see myself first class relaxing in my own plane
Having my own estate walking with pride down my own lane
With fields and servants working on...

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Categories: imagination,

The Honeymoon
The honey moon[Alliteration]

Tobi takes Tope to Thailand in a top class Train,
which  makes  Mike to marry Michelle
in Cynthia`s crystalline church, 
This baffles Becky...

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Categories: wedding

Alliterative Rambling
I often wondered why man-made laws fail.
They are canny compromised concoctions
Agreed to by gregarious, greedy
Souls with agendas. Agents for the rich.
These representatives repeatedly
Parrot party politics...

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Categories: political