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Celebration Alliteration Poems

These Celebration Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Celebration. These are the best examples of Alliteration Celebration poems written by international poets.

Premium Member RISING OF THE SON- -
Easter emphasizes the death and resurrection of Christ,
  He’s risin;
…epic Easter, eternal Easter, energetic Easter,
 He’s alive;
O' epic Easter earns exists easterly enters salvation...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, celebration, destiny,

Premium Member Cherub's Jubilee

When the ninth hour of night is cloaked in velvet
And small star kisses sprinkle the Junie-moon sky
The ambling amber moon glides with Glen Miller...

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Categories: celebration, dream, love, romantic

Origami Monogatari
Socially speaking , we are but a blank space out of place
In speech, I speak in soliloquies of solitude under an umbrella about to be...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, butterfly, celebration,

The Triumphant Tragedy
Hard to bear     and heart breaking,
The bitter sight     of the shining One,
Broken in body   ...

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Categories: celebration, christian,

Figure as much
equal more so this time
seprated in more even parts
she championed his cause doing so
and made the opputunity to allow all those
involed to gain access to...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, celebration, creation,

Premium Member A Moment's Worth of Being

Switch off mind’s clutter and swish with your soluble soul
Seize the second swirl away seizure’s silent convulsions
Sequence sequesters surpass surreptitious soliloquies


Ruminating reason and ravenous rapture...

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Categories: celebration,

Triple A
You alone are the 
Absolute and Almighty Authority
--Appoint and anoint us as agents
in your army against the antagonist
as he awaits his Avenger and the...

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Categories: celebration, easter, prayer, spiritual,

People Love a Parade
Parades prepared for pleasure and pageantry.
Phalanx of performers pound the pavement;
percussion sets the pace; piccolos lead.
Princes and princesses pass by on floats;
painted clowns pantomime, making...

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Categories: celebration, march, parents, princess,

Celebracion viene
Let's love,
Live life
Pay prices
Give gifts
Climb clefts
Feel free
Join Juveniles
Whose worth
Can Clean
Filthy flaws
From faces
Of Oceans
Tearing tears.

The time to take the
Right Round rolls right
Before best builders
Whose wits wets...

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Categories: allegory,

Merry Christmas, Carol
Let the season flow
the sweetness of love,
you know, it's Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all.   

Let's decorate, we all,
ornaments and glisten balls, 
the Christmas tree...

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Categories: celebration, christmas,


This siren sizzles from southern skies to sashay

sultry as summer’s sapphire sun, a  red of shade...

Her flamed skirt  spinning along , scenting ...

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Categories: celebration, summer,

Premium Member Christmas Alliteration

Children caroling Christmas cheers
Ever enchanting eager ears
Snowballs slung spreading scenic snow
Blushful breezy breathing breaths blow.

Sponsored by: Barry Stebbings 


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Categories: celebration, christmas,

Winter Bids Autumn Adieu
    ~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~
Russet, orange and harvest gold
Autumn is the season when colors unfold.
The trees in celebration
dancing to the wind
preparing for...

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Categories: autumn,

Stars Will Shine
Stay strong enough for me 
I'm not going anywhere !
Be sure to show you care
About life.
Shine bright like the new 
Version of the best you.

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Categories: absence, anniversary, appreciation, beauty,

The Picnic
The little pygmy named Pixie Poggly was quirky queenly quaintly and quickly, but rarely ever really did much can't you see.

Until one day, a raunchy...

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Categories: adventure, celebration, confusion, fantasy,

Nigeria prisoners
We are Nigerian prisoners,
We are not happy.
Where are our counterparts?
We are Nigerian prisoners,
Here we are,
Here we are like a cat.
We are calm and cool...

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Categories: beautiful, celebration,

Happy Anniversary My Darling
YES FOUR years of marriage today and 
YOU made me happy thru evry single one! This anniversary is very special to my heart bcz...

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Categories: anniversary, beautiful, best friend,

Premium Member PARTY

Speak succinct say
Prime poignant play

Ply party points
Jerk juicy joint

Booze bubbly bright
Set sensuous sights

Prize puzzle prompt
Rich rapture romps

Nude naughty niche
Reap roomy rich

Sonic scoop slays
Dance dizzy day


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Categories: celebration,

On feeling whole
This is where I am.
Who I am.
Not a little less
and more? Nevermore.

How is it that
 it has
come to this?
Unfathomable congruities
don't turn to
excruciating frenzies!

How is that...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, art, care,

Happy New Year
The new year is here, the long awaited,
How you look at it, it’s in your eyes,
How you see it, it’s in your perspective,
How you face...

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Categories: celebration, inspiration,