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Admirations Poems

Admirations Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admirations poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admirations.

New Poems

Domus hereticorum
To you my quondam friend!
I made myself a heretic through the sacrament 
                           ...Read More
Categories: admirations, inspiration,
Form: Free verse

Express I warm approval or admiration of, HIM
We can’t praise HIM enough, burning is my emotions for HIM
My body moves in HIS breath
Admiration I applaud pay tribute to HIM
Speaking to the surroundings, toward the skies as I
I rave, I rant,...Read More
Categories: admirations, analogy, appreciation, dedication, deep, devotion, god, jesus,
Form: Qawwali
Hey Fake Flyers You Can't Stop Me Now
I found my passion where 
I started shining there 
Got admirations from everywhere
& I stopped for a moment 
In a deep well I plummet
Then I learned a precious lesson 
Poeple, praises & admirations
Are the shinotactic flyers 
(movement in the direction...Read More
Categories: admirations, career, change, confidence, depression, society, uplifting, youth,
Form: Free verse
leaves of green. rose in red.
this star, twinkling white.
you are nature's rainbow who
paints her children with the colours of life.

paint me red. paint me green.
In a nutshell, paint me with the pigment
of your skin for on its shell is Africa:
black,...Read More
Categories: admirations, love,
Form: Blank verse
My story goes on as you're still living,
It walks through tunnels,...troting on rails,
This is just how life is made;
Stealing dreams,enslaving humanity and shuttering desires, 
Striking with mischief and disrespect against fallen trees, 
Life is ruling with contempt, 
Yeah,it's teaching a...Read More
Categories: admirations, adventure,
Form: Classicism

Who wrote the poem
"Who wrote the poem?"

It was a pen and a paper that I have,
the envy and hatreds that I wear,
accompanied by my heartaches and stiches,
plus my incapacity of doing things right,

They wrote every single word and stanzas,
they weave each rhyme per...Read More
Categories: admirations, art, confusion, desire, emotions, poetry, poets, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member O' The Deep Wisdom That Man Fails To Seek
O' The Deep Wisdom That Man Fails To Seek

Dark world's scar, sad clown in dancing despair,
Lively in sewers of forbidden thought,
Gambling in darkness for a wasted share,
Content with errors so easily bought.

What of the world's sweeter admirations?
Or family's great clear...Read More
Categories: admirations, art, deep, inspiration, journey, meaningful, symbolism, wisdom,
Form: Sonnet
which comes first
Which comes first?
The poet or the poem?
Should i love you for your words
Should i follow you for your words
Should i adore you for the picture on your profile
Or your biography that leaves me in amazement

Should i respect you for your...Read More
Categories: admirations, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, writing,
Form: Free verse
Divine hand
Happy birthday jake
All shall thee have for takes
Protection from Him your fate
Prayers and love from a friend
Years and more in your name

By this a star was given
Indeed a balance to all as even
Rich a hero so befits
To be a divine...Read More
Categories: admirations, celebration, december, mentor,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Lighthouse Muse
Soft graceful effortless magnificence
From sweeping preambles omnipresence
O’er marine moistening proclamations
Tides flowing distanced admirations
Warm simple potency unprotected
Leads ancient seafarers disconcerted
To destine improvements phenomenon
Place complete peacefulness comprehension
©2014 by Regina Riddle
 THE LIGHTHOUSE - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: nette onclaud
September 23, 2014...Read More
Categories: admirations, muse,
Form: Verse

Ode to a Father
Homage to a man like you.
Thanks for making our life in blue.
A man of great honor.
One of life's greatest donors.

One day may come that I'll be on your shoes.
Still I know you are one of my crews.
Guiding me on my...Read More
Categories: admirations, father
Form: Ode
Deep Down Inside
In my heart, there's a tune dying to come out 
The solitude makes me feel so carefree and you don't talk trash about me like some
I feel like I've been taken advantage of...what's that all about? 
This song needs to...Read More
Categories: admirations, anger, betrayal, confusion, courage, deep, fear, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Riding on Ellison's Qua-Train
It is on this day
Into his elegant horizons
Where cirrus clouds are sprayed from sunrises and sunsets
Attuned within throat of violins

An example of his concave humanity
Preaching fond memories in baritone clefs
An embrace of admirations’ core within exhaled stanzas
Forcing trembled knees to...Read More
Categories: admirations, dedication, friendship,
Form: Quatrain

Young people find identity in a Pro-athletes and “A” teams
others idolize, emulating their rock or beloved film stars
adults, more subtle-- identify with careers , family roles-
hobbies, trends—celebrities—alluring images duplicated

Enthusiastically we akin to people and ideals appealing
conforming easily—desired images—accomplishments...Read More
Categories: admirations, christian, introspection,
Form: Free verse

To be absorbed by it is losing your mind,
 no longer aware of, space, shape, or time.
To have it surround you is being untied,
 no longer afraid to let go and just ride.
To let it...Read More
Categories: admirations, loss, child, child,
Form: Free verse
Dreams of a Thousand Nights
The covenant was crafted with the marrows of celestial flames
That blazed from iridescent clouds above the bundled bits
And cuddled by pearly palms that engrafted inimitable names
The perfect mould was sought from the spectra of holy beats
Voiced above sinking skulls to...Read More
Categories: admirations, life,
Form: Rhyme
The love life of a poet
Man and poet? Bet you know it
Tender verse can get you girls
Plain or – whoopee! – eager groupie
Matching your poetic pearls

Just how much you get to touch, you
Can ascertain easily
You’re a freshman? Write for trash can?
Or a man of fame...Read More
Categories: admirations, funny, love, words, me, love, me,
Form: Rhyme
Now How About That
Vibrant swirls, searching a canvass of black
Creating a world of colures, 
Taken from a gunnysack…
The mind explores all it observes,
There is no turning back~
Admirations, full of life deserved;
The portrait is complete, all concur,
Now how about that…
...Read More
Categories: admirations, art
Form: Free verse
Now How About That
Vibrant swirls, searching a canvass of black
Creating a world of colures, 
Taken from a gunnysack…
The mind explores all it observes,
There is no turning back~
Admirations, full of life deserved;
The portrait is complete, all concur,
Now how about that…

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Categories: admirations, art, happiness, life, passion, peace, people, social,
Form: Free verse
My Parting
 A vision came to me as in a dream.
For me the sun would set and rise no more.
Gone all my admirations and esteem.
My spirit fell and sunk into its core.

No sun, no warmth, no inner-peace. Ah no!
Within a constant...Read More
Categories: admirations, death, devotion, faith, me, me,
Form: Quatrain
Ten Seconds

Time is of the essence,
Every tick of the clock measures your accomplishments.
It's not clear what you will yet become,
Your destine for greatness.
With hopes and admirations looming,
A cloud of misfortune and disbelief appear.
Over the horizon,
As the clock loudly strikes twelve,
Dreams...Read More
Categories: admirations, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
She sat quietly across from the brightly lit room 
I paused briefly to engulf the sweet scent of her perfume
Her smile sent emotions running through my body 
The skin that seemed to allure all my attentions was light- brown mahogany
Words...Read More
Categories: admirations, happiness, hope, imagination, love, passion, life, me,
Form: Rhyme
Secret emotions
Hidden deep beneath the crest of my open desires
Untrustworthy feelings like killers, thieves, and liars
Quick glances proceeded by muted words
My head floating high, gliding with the angelic birds
Constant sniffs of the aroma that is her scent
Many thoughts about if one...Read More
Categories: admirations, love, feelings,
Form: Rhyme