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Acuity Poems

Acuity Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acuity poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acuity.

New Poems

The Parking Problem

I swear, the way some people park,
it may as well be in the dark!

Two yellow stripes on either side
mark a space sufficiently wide.

And yet, as often as I’ve seen,
few drivers park exactly in between?

Is it a lack of visual acuity
or...Read More
Categories: acuity, humor,
Form: Light Verse

Ignorance By Osmosis
Standing next to stupid,
pale tone idiocy 
can’t even proximity spell
moral illiteracy

Ignorant feelings blinded by color;
stunted neural moles moving backwards
behind a non-lucid, Luddite veil

Vacuous thoughts unruly did
beta wave at the cloth
Amidst the mindless mob mentality,
moronic orations ran amok —  ...Read More
Categories: acuity, allegory, hate, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Lady of Labyrinth
In light of locution 
dance delicately off her lips
"Lux Vitae"

Tree of Life, 
tribal councils conferred 
the coffers, re-offers
enriched and enhanced
three times three

smoke rises from the ash
and anew you glow
a river of gold
the body to the soul

blue of sky 
the...Read More
Categories: acuity, love,
Form: Romanticism
When The Storms Came
When the storms came it was catastrophic
They came with cattle bashing hammers
Winds whipped up in ferocious tornado action
They came with the giant cyclops on their backs  
Angry because of the extra visual acuity missing
They were wielding axes too to...Read More
Categories: acuity, abuse, animal, discrimination, judgement,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Beginning of Men
At the center of a turmoiled earth _ stood the last 4 men
None knew the tongue of the other whether thick or thin
None knew the face of him, or the soul that lurks within
None knew the lives of he, whomever,...Read More
Categories: acuity, 2nd grade, cry, earth, forgiveness, prayer, voice,
Form: Free verse

Nuttin boot mieskeit goyim
Nuttin boot mieskeit goyim...
lives among this nebbish atheist of Jewish ancestry

Tongue in cheek Yiddish
humor to playfully scold
often time sounds
like a compliment
yours truly, (a run
of the mill Shlimazel) behold

only knows a smidgen,
yet grew up within household
where foter and muter
kibitzing did unwittingly...Read More
Categories: acuity, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Hindsight always equals 20 20
Hindsight always equals 20/20

Acuity absent amidst domestic turmoil,
passage of time nsync with diminished
pitched family emotional battles relieves
blinded insight allowing, enabling, and
providing painful awareness incumbent

to mourn the absent paternal maturity, I
reach out with genuine non petty heart
ache aware impact loosed mismanaging
attentive...Read More
Categories: acuity, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Your Best Shot
"It" came out of nowhere and stood before me glaring with green eyes~ 
because I had a purpose, a meaning in my life, a reason to survive. 
There was nothing I had asked of "It"... only to "step aside" ~...Read More
Categories: acuity, bullying, character, encouraging, endurance, imagery, success, symbolism,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Circus night
leaves rustling against the shutters
moon shadows dance upon the beaten window panes
erie objects loom beneath the willows
while the night transcends into darkness. 

imagination falls upon visions of misconceptions
silhouettes set the stage of illusions
reality is obscured, sights are taken from acuity
the...Read More
Categories: acuity, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Merto's flight
Enthusiasm sustained while anticipation intrigues 
To capture a glimpse of a Cooper’s hawk
Hours pass by, keeping patience as a virtue 
I span the sky and tree tops each step of my walk. 

Oh my gosh, those powerful wings suddenly appear
My...Read More
Categories: acuity, adventure,
Form: Rhyme


Patience said:
"Whatever my old man says."
I saw the wise, bald, old man
In his thatched mud hut
Loin cloth knotted 
Around his shoulders 
The whiff of utaba (snuff)
Saturating the atmosphere

He googled me
Between the rims 
Of his spectacles
"You Rike Patience,...Read More
Categories: acuity, pride,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Avaricious

A vista ...
Swallowed whole
By the haunting wilderness

Merciless cold and endless night
The thankless and starkly barren spine of nature
Found trembling, in a half-frozen world of darkness
Blood and bone, the battered remnants of harsh reality

Pack and pup, the incestuous casualty of survival
Bright...Read More
Categories: acuity, analogy, animal, nature, snow,
Form: Free verse
None keeps its inventory
But it creeps into a story
A story of a modern society
Which is plural in nature;
Partly of a rural nurture
Partly of an urban stature
Yet must remain together
Lest it falls a part 
For unity is strength. 

For  peace.

To...Read More
Categories: acuity, africa, betrayal, community, conflict, patriotic, peace, political,
Form: Narrative
Enlightenment on the Wane

A cosmic gulf of enormity besets thee,
as intellectual relevancy re-entry
splash down in a vast sea of ignorance

The empirical wherewithal to muse observe, 
with keen, hydrogen-based acuity,
is nary an airy given oxygen insurance

Doth not the face of the southern sky
tans thy...Read More
Categories: acuity, symbolism, truth, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Tristich
Upon The Firmament Of Hindsight
No rocket surgeon,
     nor brain scientist called upon
but only Rudolf the red nose reindeer
solicited as psychological mentor
yes...undoubtedly countless
     decades removed since queer  
(not very gay at all!)
    ...Read More
Categories: acuity, 10th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
from a word miner non-trumpeting
Beatle browed quarry man.

One emailing digital commoner bemoans assiduous, 
zealously yearning xing worthy values undergirding 
the storied renown quintessential peaceable operation 
nations marvel lately kindling justice,
institutionalizing hope, gentility, freedom, equality. 

Dummkopf Donald Count Drake
Hula iz destroying...Read More
Categories: acuity, bullying, environment, fear, grave, hope, hyperbole, rights,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Glass Memories
Glass  Memories

How fragile are the things we see so clear?
With passing time, there is no dim of view.
Its frank acuity often fraught with fear,
these mind photos of faces we once knew.

The looking glass of memory’s crystalline.
Translucent veil from there...Read More
Categories: acuity, age, image, memory,
Form: Sonnet
Moral Ambiguity and Perpetuity
Moral Ambiguity and Perpetuity 

Trump has turned into a terrible tactician
Trails he will take leave us with suspicion,
Due to what is now his poor visual acuity
Along with moral ambiguity and perpetuity;
In White House started another stupid tradition.

James Thesarious Nefarious Horn
Retired...Read More
Categories: acuity, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Nostril damn mess
The putrid, malodorous and fowl nauseating smell 
   can still be conjured nearly fifty years later wracked
I never forget ineradicable tangy, sulfurous 
   acrid odor rankled olfaction tract
entire sinus cavity, yet amazingly enough isolate 
 ...Read More
Categories: acuity, angst, anxiety, conflict, creation, horror, humorous, student,
Form: Light Verse
Lessons From Nature
Upon His soul leaving the body it once rested in,
a storm of atramentous clouds formed over the mountain top
that we once stood upon like kings.
Loss caused the quaking thunder
to shake the foundation of my heart,
and in the midst,
lightning struck and...Read More
Categories: acuity, absence, death, father, god, life, nature, tribute,
Form: Romanticism

we sip our pink panacea
in coral reefs of serenity
blushing sea horses float by
ignoring foreign media

 peachy and peacefully dim
inside perceptions acuity 
feelings numbed restored to
 observations in pseudonym

 we sit inscrutable and grand
split seconds of time pass by
 poems...Read More
Categories: acuity, friendship, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
New Frontiers
With mental acuity to be aware
Forgone the beauty of your looks
A daring life ahead you fare
But nothing you could find in books.

Blush I will abide, active and aware
Even if life seems long and bare.
At last inside my ears a golden...Read More
Categories: acuity, change, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Becoming
The years have rolled by
Hours into days; days into months
Continuous rotation from soft sunrises
To brilliant sunsets on the western horizon
On and on year upon year
Until this tall, slender, white female
Has become an elder, a senior citizen
Or, an old woman; I...Read More
Categories: acuity, age, growth, inspiration, introspection, thanksgiving,
Form: Free verse
Valley Life
dirt twirls and dances between the rows 
in slow curly q archs 
with the same meandering intensity of a lazy summer afternoon as the sun beats down leaving 
shimmering specks like a great photo voltaic pond 
slightly bending visual acuity...Read More
Categories: acuity, community, home, tribute,
Form: Free verse
I knew I loved you    the very day we met

our God and Father showed me            a heart I’ll not forget

it doesn’t matter   how far...Read More
Categories: acuity, desire, devotion, introspection, longing, lost love, love,
Form: Quatrain